One Possibility Pt. 05

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Even though he was over 10 years her senior, when she called herself mommy, his head began to swim. He went in his mind to a place he’d only ever gone to when he was alone. He felt her toes wiggling in his mouth and he pulled out her foot and continued her foot massage. He pulled some aloe vera from the bedside table and began working it into her feet.

“You are very good at this,” she said. She felt his strong hands rubbing aloe into her already soft and pedicured feet. “I’ve had foot rubs, but I never got “aroused” sexually from them, it never occurred to me.”

“I know,” he agreed. “I know people have foot fetishes, but this is different than what I’ve seen depicted in porn. Most foot fetishes involve the woman using her feet on the man’s cock, I like it for the pleasure it gives my partner. I don’t have a thing for getting my cock rubbed. I think I like it so much because I “discovered” this little trick on my own. I didn’t see it in porn, or magazines, or read about it on Literotica, I stumbled upon it on my own.”

He repositioned himself on the bed, sitting up against the headboard for support, and he motioned her to lay in front of him, on her back, with her feet in his lap and her head at the base of the bed, so their bodies were in line. He wanted to get her body in position so he could give her a massage. Right now, he remained lazily but purposefully rubbing her feet, toes, and ankles.

“I have given women foot rubs my whole life. I used to give my mom and sister foot rubs.”

“Really,” she was surprised. “Did it arouse you?”

“No, I was just a kid. When I got my first girlfriend in high school, I rubbed her feet before I even kissed her,” he said. He laughed.

“What?” she wanted to know.

“Just that, her name was Janet, I was so nervous but wanted to make out with her so badly. I must have been 15 or 16, she was my first real girlfriend. All my friends had had sex, I hadn’t even made out with a girl. We were in her bedroom and I told her I’m good at giving foot rubs. She took off her socks and put her feet in my lap. About a half-hour later we were making out. I still had no idea the power of a good foot job.”

“No shit,” she laughed. “Look, if she took off her socks and put them in your lap, I’m pretty sure you could have been making out with her even if you hadn’t given her a foot rub.”

“Are you enjoying your foot rub?” he asked.

She smiled, sighed, and closed her eyes. “Yes honey,” she said lovingly. “Rub mommy’s feet.”

“I’m good at giving massages,” he said. “Can I give you a massage, mommy?” He whispered it. He heard himself call her mommy. He looked at her face for signs of repulsion or objection. She was smiling softly, eyes closed, her chest breathing slow, but long up and down breaths.

“Of course sweety,” she sounded like a mother talking to her child who’d just asked her for a kiss goodnight.

“I think you’ll enjoy it more if you take off your dress mommy. I wouldn’t want to ruin it. You look so good in it.”

She sat up and pulled her whispy dress up over her shoulders and off. She sat upright with her breasts exposed and he watched as she began rubbing them for him. She used her palms and pushed them up against her, then tweaked her nipples in between her fingertips until they were fully erect. She was watching him, watching her.

“This is between us, right sweety,” she said. She felt herself crossing some line she’d never let herself even consider let alone role play. She would never, ever, under no uncertain terms, even think of mother/son role play. She somehow slipped into it. She decided it was purely fantasy and she let herself experience it. She pushed herself to consider what sort of mom would engage in this kind of tomfoolery with her actual son. A mom who would do it in secret. She imagined a mom who would do this, would not want anyone to find out. She would expect and ensure total loyalty and utter discretion from her son. She would need to ensure he would never tell his father, her husband, nor any of his friends, or the internet. She would need to know 100 percent that this little secret would never elvankent escort get out.

“Never, I will never tell anyone mom,” he promised. “And that includes this fantasy, I would never betray your trust in that way.”

“Lay down on your stomach,” he said.

She felt the aloe vera draw random patterns on her shoulders, back, ass, thighs and calves. She felt his hands firmly grasp around her ankles and then she felt him slowly travel up the backs of her calves pushing the gathering oil into a small, slowly moving wave up to the backs of her knees and thighs, stopping at the bottom of her ass.

He gathered the small pools of oil and slid his oily, firm hands back down her legs to her ankles and then back up again.

“This is just between us mommy,” he said. “No one will ever know. Any time you want me to give you a massage, all we have to do is make sure no one is going to be home and I’ll help you feel good.”

She was feeling his hands, listening to what he was saying, and she reflected on the feelings these things conjured. Did he mean their affair? Was he role-playing? She felt heat and strange. She felt motherly toward him in this moment, protective. She began to realize that she had total control over him. She would never betray his trust and love.

“You’re very good to mommy, sweety,” she said. “You won’t tell anyone, not your father, not your friends, not even online?”

“Never mommy,” he said.

“If the house is empty, and we’ve got some time, you’ll give me pleasure?” she asked.

“Yes, yes, a thousand times yes,” he said. He was believing all of this in his mind. He was his mommy’s sex toy. Any time she wanted, he would be there for her.

He was rubbing her ass, pressing his hands and fingers into her flesh. He leaned his weight onto her so his hands pressed into her muscles. He felt her flex up against his efforts but he pushed back with slow deliberation. He moved around her ass, into her crevasse, brushing her asshole lightly, but completely avoiding her pussy despite her efforts to urge him in that direction.

“Will you lick and kiss mommy’s pussy and asshole,” she asked. Even though she’d never done anything with her ass, never even fantasized about it, not even during masturbation, she found herself letting go when she felt his warm, slippery fingers graze her asshole. She found herself pushing her asshole up toward his fingers.

“Oh god yes,” he said. “I can do whatever you want mommy. I can take as long as you want. I can kiss and use my tongue on any part of your beautiful and sexy body.”

He spread his hands and gripped her waist, the tips of his thumbs met on her spine at the small of her back, and his fingers spread and extended around her torso and gripped her stomach. He slid his hands up her waist to the bottom of her rib cage. His thumbs pressed against her spine and she felt his hands press into her flesh and muscles in a slow up and down deep massage that pushed her breath in and out of her lungs.

She spread her legs open for him.

“Look at mommy sweety,” she said. She spread open wide and pushed her ass up so he could see her.

“Your so smooth and clean mommy. Your pussy looks so wet,” he said.

“Put your finger in mommy’s pussy,” she said. “Just the tips, rub them up and down inside mommy, then put your fingers in your mouth and taste mommy.”

He did what she said. There was no hesitation.

“When you touch mommy, it’s important to put yourself in her shoes, imagine mommy’s pussy is your pussy. Do you understand what I’m talking about?” she asked.

He did know, but he didn’t try to explain how he knew. “Can you show me mommy?” he asked. “I promise I won’t tell anyone. I’ll do whatever you show me, I want to know how to touch my pussy.” He called her pussy his pussy. He felt his fingertips gliding along the inside of his wet pussy and he felt her twitch and sigh. She turned over on her back, and sitting against the headboard, she took hold of his wrist.

“Close your eyes and let the muscles rest in your hand, I’m going to show you how to touch your pussy,” emek escort she said. “You must never tell anyone about this,” she reminded him as much as she reminded herself. “You must never tell anyone mommy is fingering you. You must never tell anyone, not even the internet, that you and mommy touch each other’s cocks and pussies, this is our secret, right?”

“Oh never mommy, never, I’ll never tell anyone. Show me mommy please show me how to make my pussy feel good.” She was moving his fingertips deeper and deeper inside his pussy. He could feel the slick inner flesh of his pussy, wet and warm.

“Now stiffen your first two fingers, mommy’s going to finger you. I’m going to start slow and as I begin to fingerbang you, as I speed up, stiffen your fingers and open your legs wider so I can really work on your pussy,” she rattled off instructions. He intuitively responded. He felt her guiding his hand, using it like he’d used vibrators to fuck himself, and he felt his fingers plunge deep inside his pussy.

“You’re making mommy feel so good sweety. We can do this any time you like. We can play all sorts of fun games. Just you and mommy. Oh god yes sweety fuck mommy’s pussy with your hand. Open your eyes sweety. Watch how I’m using your hand. Look at mommy’s pussy. Feel how I’m using your hand. Curl your fingers and reach up inside me. Use another finger, four, use all four of your stiffened fingers and fuck mommy.”

He was hunched over her, eyes wide open staring at her pussy, staring at his hand as if it wasn’t his own hand and he felt her warm wet pussy. He glanced back and forth between her pussy and beautiful face, her heaving chest, her fleshy white thighs spread open. “Oh mommy, you are so sexy. I love that we can do this. It’s like our own private secret that no one can take from us.”

“Yes, yes, yes, you are mommy’s good little sissy gurl,” she was desperate. She was all in on this, she felt sexual urges driven on by her maternal instincts, she wanted him to know it was ok. He is her sissy gurl and she is his mommy. She gripped his wrist and began really fucking herself and she moaned, “mommy’s good sissy gurl,” over and over.

He leaned up and began kissing and licking her mouth and lips. He kissed her the way he’d seen desperate lesbians kiss each other. He nuzzled her neck and kissed her there, he rubbed his face in her long soft hair and ran his tongue, mouth opened heaving hot breath, behind her ears and down her neck.

“Kiss mommy sweet sissy,” she had her mouth open. She let him invade her mouth with his tongue. She opened her mouth wider and their soft wet mouths soaked each other with expression. She felt him use her mouth like a sex organ, she felt him fill her mouth with his.

“We’re kissing mommy, your lips and mouth taste so good. I’ll never tell anyone mommy, just please please never take this away from me,” he was pleading like a whore.

She felt so absolutely naughty and sexy and excited, unlike she’d ever experienced. She remembered when she and her two younger brothers were growing up. When she was old enough to babysit them, they played games like doctor, dress-up, and strip poker. She was always the doctor or the pretend father figure when they pretended. Her brothers were so willing to participate. They were all so curious about everything, they liked being naked and playing games. She would undress and put on her doctor’s stethoscope and mirrored head-piece and give both her brothers checkups. These memories came to her while she was spread wide open using his hand like a sex toy and referring to herself as mommy. She felt that kind of control she had over her brothers with him now. She began to hump his hand. She was whispering over and over, “fuck mommy’s hand honey,” while he used his tongue like a paintbrush on her open mouth. She gave herself over to the feelings. The fact that she was with a man dressed up as a slutty pornstar only added to the sensations. She felt in total control of him/her.

“Rub my sperm on your penis,” she said. “Rub your pussy and asshole, get yourself nice and wet.”

He was smearing her eryaman escort sperm over every slippery surface of his pussy and asshole.

“Mommy wants to suck your cock sweety,” she said. “I know you’re ashamed of your little cock, so we’re going to play a little game. Is that ok sweety?”

He listened to her. She sounded so motherly and nurturing. He was so very curious about this game and hoped for something good and dramatic.

“Mommy needs your cock to be soft and limp honey,” she said. “Girls have soft, squishy vaginas that get wet when they’re aroused. Go limp for mommy. I’ll put you in my mouth. All of your pussy, your little soft cock and smoothly shaved balls. I’ll hold your soft, limp, cock and balls in my warm wet mouth. Would you like that sissy?”

Oh god, how was he to approach this? It seemed an impossible paradox. He slowed his thinking and focused on his cock, which at the moment was really hard, and he spoke aloud the following: “I want mommy to put her mouth on my pussy and balls. Arousal is a limp, wet, squishy pussy, not a hard, stiff cock. I am your sex toy my queen, use me. I’ll never tell anyone anything about us mommy, I’m your sex toy.”

He felt himself losing his erection. Impossibly, he was still aroused. He caught the swing of things and was able to squelch his erection and remain fully subservient, fully obedient, and fully aroused.

He felt her squeeze a jetstream of aloe vera on his limp clit and pussy. Surprisingly when she began squishing and squeezing his hairless clit and pussy with her slickened hands and fingers, he didn’t get hard, but emotionally he responded as if it was making him hard. He humped her hand back and opened his legs. He bent his knees and humped her hand as if it was a mouth.

“Oh god mommy, finger me mommy finger me,” he was moaning and speaking like a total whore.

She worked his pussy and clit until the heavy dose of aloe vera had begun to dissipate and then she took his limp cock into her mouth. He felt the buzzing sensation as she moaned a deep guttural moan while she suckled his limp penis. She stared up into his eyes. He felt her tongue on the underside of his balls, and then he watched as she opened her mouth and took his balls and penis into her warm, wet mouth.

He humped her face. “Oh mommy, yes, yes, yes, mommy! Use your mouth on me, mommy.”

She was turned on. She held this man, woman, sissy’s flaccid cock, and smoothly shaved and swollen balls in her mouth. She moaned so as to send shivers up his spine. She felt his response, so much like a woman’s. She marveled at her accomplishment. Because of her, he has been able to suppress his erection and yet remain, or at least appear to remain aroused. She began believing he’d actually mastered what it means to be a woman, and she laughed. She felt his limp cock squirming around in her mouth and she could feel the balls shifting positions depending on how she pressed on them with her tongue. She made her mouth wet. She made her mouth as soft and wet as she could and she just languished it upon his soft, wet, squishy penis and scrotum.

She was thinking about how much control she had over him. She wanted to put it to the test.

Without thinking too far ahead, she got off his limp cock and sat up, remembering to keep rubbing him, she said, “I’m going to finger your asshole sissy.” She paused for effect, “You can let your cock get hard. Mommy needs her little sissy hard.”

He watched as she shot three consecutive streams from the aloe vera onto his pussy. He immediately started getting hard. He felt her warm wet fingers diddling his smooth, slick balls and within 3 seconds he was standing straight.

She watched his cock respond and stuck her slickened index finger slowly but deliberately into his asshole.

“Fuck mommy’s cock honey,” she presumed the role expertly. “Make mommy’s cock feel good with your sweet asshole.”

He fucked her finger and begged for another finger, then three, then four. He fucked her. “Oh mommy your cock is gorgeous. I love your cock mommy, I love your cock.”

“Grab your cock honey,” she said and he complied. “Stroke your cock for mommy. Stroke for mommy sweet sissy boy. Mommy’s good boy, with your smooth shaved cock, balls and asshole, like a prepubescent boy, mommy’s good sissy boy. Stroke sissy boy, stroke for mommy, show mommy what you do when you know there’s nobody watching. Show mommy.”

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