One Sunny Morning

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One late Saturday night Leslie got an instant message from a man named Mike. There conversation started out like normal. “Hi, a/s/l? I’m 20/m/Indiana.” Leslie replies “21/f/same”. It turns out that they are from the same town and attend the same university. The play a question game online then continue it on the phone. Their conversation starts getting into adult contents. Mike asks Leslie “Have you ever masturbated while you were on the phone?” Leslie responds “Of course, in fact I think I am addicted to it.” Needless to say a little later they both are pleasuring themselves while listening to each moan and breathe.

A few weeks later the meet again online. Leslie and Mike again continue the conversation on the phone. Same thing anadolu yakası escort again, pleasuring themselves. They decide never to meet because this would be to weird. So after a good night’s sleep Leslie wakes is picking out her outfit for the long school day ahead and the phone rings. It’s Mike he says “care to break our rule of not meeting, today?” Leslie gladly says “O.K.” She gives him directions to her house and he’s on his way.

The doorbell rings, Leslie walks to the door, nervous as can be. The door opens and there was Mike. He was so sexy. Leslie lets him and doesn’t say a word. Mike looks into her eyes and begins to lightly kiss her. He starts caressing her breasts ataşehir escort as she put her arms around him. She takes his hand and leads him to her room. They start to remove each others close. Mike lays down on the bed. Leslie leans over him and starts kissing his chest down, down, down to his hard cock. She playfully kisses all around his manhood teasing him. As soon as she puts the tip of his cock into her mouth Mike begins to moan. She keeps sucking on his long hard cock until he his about to cum. Then she stops and says “Your turn.”

Leslie lays on the edge of the bed. Mike kneels in front of her. He can smell her sweet sent. He spreads her legs and begins to like up down her slit. Finally ümraniye escort centering himself right on her clit licking and gently biting on it. Leslie cums hard. Screaming out Mike’s name and moaning loudly.

Mike joins Leslie on the bed gets on top of her and sticks his hard cock into her very wet and wanting pussy. He fucks her with such aggression, but she loves it. She pushes him away he rolls over and she gets on top. She is ready to please him. She starts out slow at first gradually increasing speed. Mike reaches up and caresses her breasts. This drives her wild making her grind faster and harder now. Mike grabs onto the sheets and squeezes moaning while man juice rushes out of him into Leslie. Leslie climaxes at the same. This has been an excellent experience.

After recovering and catching their breath they kiss and Mike says “Aren’t you glad you skipped class today?”

Every once in a while they see each other around campus, but they never stop to talk. They smile at each other and then they think about their morning rendezvous.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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