One Wrong Word

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Author’s note:-

I have never been to the good ol’ US of A, and the only thing I know about hill billies is what I have read in cheap comics, so please don’t judge me too harshly.

The following very short story is a tongue in cheek parody of what I have read, and I wrote it primarily because I liked the twist at the end.

It’s only one word, so if you are a stereotypical hill billy, you might not get it, but hey, don’t tell anyone. You might find yourself starring in another comic!



One Wrong Word

Me an’ my twin brother Jimmy-Bob ain’t had much schoolin’ in our eighteen and a half years, cuz we was too busy helpin’ Maw an’ Paw scratch out a livin’ on the truck patch we call home. We can do our numbers an’ read a bit, but readin’ ain’t much use when there ain’t nothin’ to read but ol’ mail order catalogs Maw picked up when she went into town, so anythin’ we needed to know, we asked Maw, but she usually jes’ told us to ask Paw.

We was at the fishin’ hole, watchin’ the dragonflies an’ skeeters skimmin’ over the water, when I asked paw something. I weren’t at all shore that he knowed whut I was meanin’ when I asked him, but he’s the smartest man I knows, so I din’t argue when he tol’ me to take my clothes off. He’s saw me there nekkid lots of times when we was skinny dippin’, so it weren’t of no real account for me to slip out o’ my shift dress, in case he jes’ wanted to skinny dip agin. Besides, week ‘fore last at the fishin’ hole Jimmy-Bob asked Maw the same thing as I asked Paw, and when she done tol’ him to take his things off, I guessed she gaziantep rus escort was fixin’ to skinny dip with him.

I thought it was a bit odd when Paw started playin’ with my titties, but I liked it and I let him do it some more. I liked it even better when he said I had better titties than Maw, because according to Jimmy-Bob, Maw had the best boobies he ever sucked. I told Paw what Jimmy-Bob said about Maw’s titties, an’ he said he when he was done playin’ with them, he was figgerin’ on suckin’ mine while he feeled my pussy.

I din’t reckon none o’ this had nothin’ to do with what I asked him, but like I said, Paw’s real smart so I figgered he knowed whut he was about. Anyways it din’t take him long afore I was breathin’ real heavy, an’ his mouth was all over my titties like he was licking a popsicle. Jimmy-Bob sucked them one time when we was standin’ outside their room listenin’ to Paw givin’ it to Maw, but it weren’t near as good as this, an’ when Paw put his hand down I jes’ nacherly opened my legs so he could get at my pussy.

Even Jimmy-Bob never tetched me there, so I was surprised how good it was, an’ afore long I was getting’ wetter an’ wetter, an’ the more Paw tetched me the more I wanted him to tetch me. I don’t know how long I jes’ stood there while he sucked my titties an’ fingered me, but my legs started shakin’ so much I was glad when he tol’ me to lie down. I din’t exackly know what he meant when he tol’ me he was gonna lick my clitty an’ make me cum, but I found out real quick when he put his tongue on the lil’ button gaziantep swinger escort I sometimes liked playin’ with.

He licked and slurped away until I was twistin’ an’ turnin’, pushin’ my pussy into his face, an’ when my juices started pourin’ out I knowed he was makin’ me cum, jes’ like he said.

When he stopped I made to get up, but he pushed me down again. “Stay there Beulah-Mae. We ain’t through yet.” he ordered me, pullin’ his clothes off an’ showin’ me his hard pecker. “Yore Daddy fixin’ to fuck yo real good ’til yo cum some more.”

It looked too big to go in, but I thought how Maw is near half a foot shorter than me. He was always stickin’ it in her an’ she couldn’t git enuff, so I figgered it’d be worth tryin’, an’ opened my legs real wide. It hurt a bit at fust, but then that big ol’ pecker was in as far as he could shove it, an’ it was making me feel better already.

He fucked me like there was no tomorrer, rammin’ it in an’ out real fast, an’ I knew fer shore now that this weren’t what I asked him about, but I was havin’ too much fun to care, an’ I started pushin’ up at him as my cum poured out of me agin. Paw fuckin’ me with his pecker was so good I din’t want him to ever stop, but then he started gruntin’ like he did with Maw, an’ I knowed he was gonna blow any second.

My pussy was fit t’ bust with all the cum Paw was pumpin’ into me, an I put my mouth next to his ear, hollerin’ fo’ him to give me more an’ more, but he said his balls was empty, an’ pulled his pecker out. I got skeered when I saw the blood on gaziantep travesti escort it, but he said it were natchral fer a gal to bleed when her cherry popped, an’ he took me in to the fishin’ hole, an’ we skinny dipped fer a while ’til we was cleaned up some.

When we was outa the water, Paw tol’ me to lie down so he could see my pussy an titties. After a couple minits his pecker got hard agin. I asked him if’n he was gonna fuck me some more, but he jes’ grinned. “No, Beulah-Mae, ever’ gal has to learn to suck a pecker, an’ this is yore lucky day. Purty soon yore gonna love it as much as yore Maw. Ain’t no one kin suck better than her.”

I din’t really want to, but Paw bein’ so smart an’ all, I figgered he knowed best, so even though I was skeered I would choke, I sat up an’ opened my mouth. He pushed it about halfway in, then pulled it nearly out, an’ stopped. “Watch yore teeth, an’ be shore to swaller ever’ drop, yo hear? Ain’t nothin’ worse than a gal whut don’t swaller.”

He stuck it halfway in agin, and now I knowed he weren’t gonna shove it too far an’ choke me, it weren’t so bad so I started suckin’. It din’t take me long to git the hang of it, an’ purty soon I was slidin’ my lips and tongue along his pecker, tryin’ to make him cum. That took a while, cuz it weren’t long since he emptied his balls in my pussy, and my jaw was hurtin’ by the time he spurted in my mouth. Rememberin’ whut he tol’ me, I clamped my lips tight an’ swallered ever’ drop of his cum as fast as I could.

He pulled out an’ grinned again. “How did yo like that, Beulah-Mae?”

“Well, Paw,” I said, lickin’ my lips to make shore I din’t miss none of his cum. “I liked yo lickin’ me, an’ I shore ’nuff loved how yo fucked me. I s’pose that ‘tween yo an’ Jimmy-Bob I kin larn to be as good a pecker sucker as Maw, but yo needs to get yo ears checked.” I looked across the fishin’ hole at the skeeters an’ dragonflies an’ all the other bugs.

“I asked yo to larn me ’bout INSECTS!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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