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Driving up the motorway to meet her I’m bristling with anticipation. It’s been five years since we first spoke over the Internet over which time our conversations have turned from gentle flirting to innuendo and now to outright red hot explicit text sex, punctuating our working days with incredible, wonderful filthiness.

Ever since the eventual mutual agreement to meet up after all this time came about it’s not been far from my mind. There’s absolutely no pretence about what today is all about – we want each other – badly.

As I continue to drive towards where we plan to meet through the driving rain I cast my mind to to her also driving to our rendezvous. I imagine her having the same level of excitement and anticipation and it causes a stirring in my trousers. My hand drops down for a few moments and begins to stroke my growing package before I stop myself – this is no time for self pleasure, I need to save it all for her.

Turning into the hotel car park I wonder which of us has arrived first, I don’t even know what her car looks like! The receptionist confirms that our room has already been checked in and gives me the other key to the room. Before I go up I send her a quick text to confirm her location, we plan to meet in the bar like in so many films, so I can’t go up to the room if she’s still getting ready. We considered two rooms for this purpose, but really we’re only going to need one room tonight.

Her reply says she’s already in the bar. I need to get up there, a quick change and be down, can’t keep the lady waiting! I take the world’s fastest shower to be sure I’m ready for anything, my hard on bouncing around in front of me, teasing me. “Not yet” I whisper to myself, “but soon”. A splash of aftershave and I suit up, wanting to look my best.

Taking the lift back down my anticipation reaches a crescendo – I’m about to meet her face to face for the first time!

I stroll into the bar, empty except for one girl sitting on a stool at the bar. She looks divine in a deep red, shoulder less, full length evening dress – the satin hugging every gorgeous curve of her body. She turns and looks at me, her dark hair flowing down to her shoulders and her beautiful, lightly freckled face smiling – she says one word – “Hi”.

I put one hand on her waist and kiss her hello on her cheek. We both feel the sparks fly from even such a brief contact.

We order some drinks and move away from the bar to a secluded table. It’s got 4 seats but we deliberately sit next to each other rather than opposite. We kiss properly for the first time, five years of tension going into one explosive kiss.

We bakırköy escort sit and talk about our lead up to meeting her, our five years of communication and what’s happened in that time. All the time our minds are less on the conversation and more on what’s going to happen when we leave that bar. The flirting hits overdrive as our light touches (a finger on the cheek, a hand on a knee) become more deliberate and sexually charged until she leans forward and whispers in my ear “So what have you brought for me here?” as she lightly squeezes my erection, which is straining against the material of my trousers.

We finish our drinks and head over to the lift, both of us burning with passion. Once the lift doors close we grab each other like animals. I push her against the wall of the lift kissing her deeply and running my hands over her sexy body as she grinds it against mine.

All too soon the lift doors slide open and we have to get out on our floor, barley making it before the doors start to close once more. I take her by the hand and lead her down the corridor to our room. As we walk she squeezes my bum and with a wink and a naughty smile says “Hi, sexy ass”.

We burst through the room door in a frenzy of passion, hands everywhere and crash onto the bed as my jacket hits the floor and we embrace in a horny kiss, squeezing and stroking each others bodies. As the kiss subsides we take a moment to regain our breath and I begin to run my hand from her cheek, down over her shoulder to her breasts squeezing them slowly and then running my hand down to her beautiful bottom – stoking and caressing it. She responds by running her hands up and down my chest and running her hand lightly over my groin with a naughty look in her eye.

She leans over and starts to unbutton my shirt, slowly kissing her way down my chest as she goes until she stops at the top of my trousers. We stand up next to the bed so she can finish removing my shirt and then I run my hand up her back and look at her with burning desire as I slowly, teasingly pull down the zip of her dress, inch by tantalising inch kissing her back as I go from her neck to the small of her back.

As her dress falls away I stand behind her kissing the side of her neck as I run my hand round her sides and taking her breasts in my hands, slowly squeezing and massaging them and rubbing her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. She leans her head back against me as she relaxes into the moment.

When she turns and steps out of her dress which is now sitting on the floor I can take in the wonderful sight of her standing beşiktaş escort in front of me in just sexy knickers and heels. This is going to be a good night!

She steps towards me and we kiss as her hands fall down to the fastening on my trousers. Kneeling in front of me she undoes the button and then pulls down the zip in one sweeping motion. Letting my trousers fall to the floor she remains eye level with the pronounced bump in my tight black boxers. Sucking her bottom lip hungrily she runs one finger over my package and raises her hands to the waistband of my boxers, pulling them down over my erection so that upon it’s release it stands to attention right in front of her. Leaning forward she takes the head of my erection in her mouth, running her tongue over it hungrily causing me to moan out load involuntarily.

After a couple of minutes of the most divine blow job it takes all the willpower I have to stop her and say “Come here, we need to even the terms”. I lay her on the bed and position us for a 69. The amazing cock sucking continues but now I get to pull the crotch of her sexy knickers aside and caress her wet clitoris with my tongue. I slide my finger into her pussy for the first time – it’s divine! Tight, hot and sticky. When I withdraw my finger I suck it clean to get the full taste of her sexy pussy. As she continues to fuck her mouth with my big cock I return the attention of my tongue to her hot clit and at the same time begin giving her a slow yet firm double finger fuck causing her to spread her legs wider and grind her pussy against my face, causing my hard on to get even bigger!

We rearrange ourselves to be the same way round again and with my fingers still covered in her juices I rub them over her breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples, and then proceed to lick them clean – devouring every last drop of juice. As I suck, nibble and kiss her now very erect nipples I slide a hand down her front into her knickers and slowly circle her clit with a finger causing her to close her eyes, tilt her head back and moan softly.

I kneel next to her on the bed and slide her wet knickers off her legs and throw them on the floor. She spreads her legs invitingly showing me her delicious pussy and wiggling her hips sexily. There is only so long I can resist such teasing and position myself between her legs as she takes my cock in her hand and places the head at her entrance. Even with just the tip touching her I can feel how hot she is. We look into each others eyes as I move my hips towards hers, parting her pussy lips as my hard cock slides into her beylikdüzü escort inch by satisfying inch until she’s completely filled by my hard shaft, her pussy stretching to accommodate it. I stay there still for a few moments before sliding it almost all the way out, just leaving the head between her lips. Then I push it back inside her, more firmly this time, causing her to gasp in surprise as I fill her up once again. As I repeat this I can feel her pussy juices lubricating each movement as I slowly fuck her.

Soon enough slowly starts to speed up as I hold her hips pulling her towards me as I plunge inside her, faster and harder. I look into her eyes with hot passion as she moans with each thrust. Her moans only encourage me as I increase the speed and force and end up really going for it, hard and fast! She wraps her legs round me and kicks my bum with her heels as she moans “Oh yeah, that’s it, fuck me hard!”. I pound her pussy as fast and hard as I can to satisfy this insatiable demand until she screams out loud and I feel her pussy grip my cock tight as she comes in an amazing looking orgasm.

My hard cock still insider he she kisses me and whispers “more” in my ear. I know what we need. Thinking back to our fantasies of my taking her bent over my desk only doggy will do. I flip her over onto her hands and knees on the edge of the bed as I stand on the floor. I slowly push my cock between her lips into her pussy, revelling in the extra depth that this position allows. All she can say is “whoah!”.

I start sliding my cock in and out of her pussy once more, looking down and seeing her hot sticky juices glistening on it. I tell her how much this turns me on and she starts to push back against my thrusts, like she’s begging for it harder and harder. It’s rude not to deny the lady such a request and soon we’re again fucking each other deep and hard, panting with each thrust. I reach down to grab her breasts, rubbing her nipples as I continue to hammer her pussy.

I know I’m getting really horny as I start spanking her bottom between thrusts to remind her what a naughty girl she is. Soon after I start talking dirty. “Come on you filthy minx, fuck me with that tight wet pussy! Do you love that big hard cock inside you? I can see it disappearing deep inside you with every thrust, what a view!”. I’m always amazed how foul mouthed I can get when I’m completely turned on.

The dirty talk clearly works as she moans louder and louder as he second orgasm builds in her pussy. I give her a final smack on the bum and really go for it slamming it into her as hard and fast as I can manage before we both explode into orgasm as she screams with pleasure and I pump her hot pussy with spurt after spurt of cum while she shudders with pleasure. The heat of my juice only serves to elongate her climax!

We collapse onto the bed both grinning massively. That was better than either of us could have imagined!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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