Orion and His Girls

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Finally, after a lot of hardships my company was set to launch. All that late-night planning and creativity finally paid off. 5 years of my life without any socialization, friends, parties and enjoyment and there I was standing with the company documents that were finally legal and guaranteeing me a luxurious life. I was just above the moon and to celebrate I decided to go on a luxury vacation to Bali.

I had my secretary make all the bookings for me for a week of vacation and leisure and rest. My flight tickets were booked, and I made sure that a villa that was scheduled was booked so that there was no one to disturb me while I rested. It was Friday evening when I got a confirmation call from my secretary about my vacation and was glad that it was finally happening.

I was born in a middle-class family, completed my education and after my engineering I wanted to open my own business, just a last bencher listening to his heart. After years and years of trying I was finally able to get and collect the required resources to form my company and run it. Luckily the very first project I got was a game-changer for me. The company wanted me to look after their marketing and website for a whopping 1 million dollars which really boosted me.

I set up my office and my trustworthy team, filled with experienced colleagues so that everyone was accountable to themselves and it wasn’t needed to look after them. After six months on the project the company was so impressed that they extended our contract and also gave every employee a bonus to start off and as an appreciation. My colleagues were my only known family.

Finally, I got set on Sunday morning, took my bags and was off to the airport for my vacation. After a long flight, I finally landed in Mauritius and was taken to my hotel, checked in and as I entered my room Avrupa yakası escort I just sinked myself on the soft bed and dozed off to sleep. Once I was awake I made my way to the mini bar and grabbed a beer and made my way toward the patio to have a view of the scenery.

It was a blissful evening, the sun was setting in the ocean, birds were flying and the sound of nature just was giving a very cinematic feeling. I had a whole yard to myself, complete privacy, no intruder, just me and my beer. After a refreshing shower I got dressed and texted my secretary, ” Hi, Aisha, I have reached the hotel. It was very thoughtful of you to make sure that everything was perfect for me. I am really enjoying it. I will be going for dinner now. Once again thank you for your efforts. P.s. Orion”. And I made my way towards the restaurant on my bicycle for dinner.

The dinner served was delicious, and the dessert was just cherry on the cake. I made my way towards the bar to have a drink. I order a Jack Daniels as that has been my go to drink in times of enjoyment and stress. 5 pegs later, I glance through the counter and recognise a familiar face. At first I wasn’t sure if it was whom I saw but later after confirming I was sure I hadn’t mistaken.

It was one of my family friend named Mrs. Paulina. I had a huge crush on her when I had seen her, when I was just entering adulthood. She always made sure to give me a hard-on whenever around. She was of average height and beautiful. Round face and her hair just made her more beautiful. Firms boobs and voluptuous body with a sexy ass just made her the perfect milf to have anytime.

I made my way towards her and went and hid her eyes from behind and asked her to guess me, ” Ummm, I’m sorry but I don’t know” and she just pushed me away and Ataköy escort bayan turned to look at me. Initially she didn’t recognise me, but after a little help we finally got acquainted and went into a tight hug. And the hug is where it all began, as we hugged I could feel her boobs into my chest and her pussy touching my dick. My hands almost made way toward her ass but I controlled and we broke the hug after a few minutes.

After getting to know about our whereabouts, I finally got to know that she was there to blow off some steam. Even after a marriage of 22 years she didn’t feel complete with her husband, and she needed some time to rethink and was there on a week’s vacation. Surprisingly she had arrived the same day and was going to leave the same day as I was.

We exchanged our room numbers and decided to spend the week together and enjoy to the fullest. I asked her if she would want to come to my room to continue or talk, after a thought she agreed and we went to my room. I poured us two glasses of whiskey and we retired to the living room sofa. She was looking sexy in the one piece that she had worn, if it wasn’t for her consent I would have just torn her off that dress and made love right away. But I decided looking at her situation, to take it slow as I knew she would end up in my bed.

Finally she opened up to me about her husband not being able to make love to her as he would cum within a few minutes of penetration and she would have to finish herself. She even told me that after she caught her daughter masturbating they both helped each other getting satisfied. I used to date her daughter, which when she found out had to be called off. When I told her that I had a crush on her and always dreamt of her, and to get her through her daughter she gave me an angry Escort Şirinevler look. I was afraid of what would happen next.

At that moment she asked me where the washroom was, I led her to the washroom. I was afraid and thought that I had just blow a chance to have a fuck after so many years. Clearly my flirting skills had deteriorated and I was just a nerd.

After a couple of minutes I finally heard the washroom door open, I was shocked with the sight in front of me, there she was Mrs. Paulina standing in front of me completely naked in her full glory. I was awestruck looking at I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, he perfect body 36 boobs, hard nipples just begging to be suck moving down her belly button and her hips with the right amount of sweat dripping from the tension between us and the glory hole her pussy clean just asking to be licked, sucked, fingered and fucked and made love too. Her legs as I remember sexy and long.

She looked in my eyes and said, “Take me Orion, I have longed enough to be taken, and do as you wish, you have won me.” Those words brought me back to my senses. I walked towards her and maintained our eye contact, went towards her and kissed her. Holding her face and kissing her lips and sucking them, our salivas mixed our tongues tangled together. After 10-15 minutes of kissing we finally broke apart and she took off my shirt and pants and led me towards the bedroom.

On entering the bedroom, I was happy that I asked for a king size bed so now we had plenty of place to fuck around. We lied on the bed and kissed and our hand were roaming all over our bodies, my hands then found her boobs and I pressed them lightly and gave a small moan and encouraged me to press them more, I started to make my way down through her neck, kissing her neck a few times then her chest. I arrived at her boobs

I made sure to spend enough time on each boob so that she was completely satisfied. I had made up my mind to have her in bed every single night that we were there for that I had to satisfy her. After her boobs I kissed her stomach while pressing her left boobs she was continuously moaning and enjoying.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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