Our Casual Encounter Together

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You might visit me one star-filled evening. I’d have you park around back and I’d meet you out on the deck. I’d offer a big hug, and tell you how happy I was to meet you. We come in and we’d chat…mostly small talk. I’d come over to you to kiss you while I ran my fingers across your face, and through your hair. I hope you’d like kissing…as I surely do.

I’d take by the hand and lead you into the bedroom…then I’d start kissing you some more while I undressed you. Button by button, snap by snap, telling you how beautiful you are…leaving your panties on, if you were wearing any. I would love to start by kissing you all over. You’d feel my lips touch yours then brush across your cheeks and ears. Same with my tongue. I’d love to put my mouth on yours and feel the warmth from your mouth intertwine with mine. Our tongues would meet and swirl around one another. My hands would be exploring other parts of your body.

Then I would move down to that neck of yours. Slowly kissing up and down and all around. You’d have to be patient. You’d feel the tip of my tongue roaming from your shoulder across to your neck then up one side of your neck to under your chin and down the other, because I think you’d like that. I want you to feel every sensation. You’d feel my hot breath move down further and kiss lower and lower on your chest until my lips just lightly brushed across your nipples. You’d feel my tongue just flick across each nipple, one after the other. I’d circle each nipple with my tongue as well. When they were both hard and erect I would take each one in my mouth and just enjoy sucking on them. You’d feel my hot tongue circling them in my mouth, and my teeth gently scraping across them. I’d enjoy listening to your moans.

As my face moves farther down my fingers caress your tits and nipples. My tongue moves down across your stomach, and you feel my hot breath right at your panty line. I know you want me to rip them off and make you cum…but that doesn’t happen yet. Patience. I come back up and kiss you some more on your lips and neck as I enjoy that so.

I turn you over on your stomach. You see me reach for some oil and hear some squirt out of the bottle. You so enjoy the feel of the soothing oil on your neck and back. My hands are strong kadıköy escort and you feel every bit of tension in your muscles being massaged away. I am not rough but am firm. I massage every inch of your back and each arm one at a time. As I get down to the small of your back…you feel me start to take your panties down. Little by little. I take great care to massage your rear. You feel the oil seep down the crack of your ass and love every sensation.

While I am there I can’t help myself. I kiss you up and down the crack of your ass. My tongue runs the length, following my kisses. You feel the tip of my tongue penetrate your ass ever so lightly, making you jump just a bit. I spread your cheeks open and fuck your rear end with my tongue for a minute more. Listening to your moans as my mouth is on your most sensitive spot.

I massage you down one leg to the feet and toes and up the other. I pay special attention to the inside of your thighs and tell you again how soft your skin is and how good you smell. By now your pussy juice is leaking out on the blanket and you would probably are ready for me but…I am not ready for you. Once I have your entire back and legs massaged to my satisfaction I turn you over on your back again and face you.

Another long, deep kiss on your mouth. I tell you again what a turn on you are. How I can’t wait to taste your dripping pussy and fuck you like an animal. I kiss your ears and neck again so I can hear the soft moans you would make. I take each one of your nipples in my mouth again, one at a time. I like to lick the nipple then blow on it. A cold sensation that makes it stick right out. You feel me roll one nipple gently between two fingers, then the other nipple. I kiss and lick both your tits and tell you how nice they are and how I would like to stick my cock between them and squirt my cum in your face, but I don’t…not yet.

While I was kissing you, for the first time you would feel my hand touch your pussy. I would whisper in your ear how hot it was…how wet it was…I would stick the tip of my finger in you then in my mouth and tell you how good you taste. I would tell you to spread your legs more, then a little more. I üsküdar escort would move my face down between your legs and make myself comfortable. You would feel my hot breath on your pussy but not my tongue…not yet. I would caress you there with just the very tips of my fingers…ever so lightly but you are so sensitive then you feel everything and it makes you wetter than you were. My face is so close to you. I can see the juices dripping. I run my fingers up one side of your pussy then down the other.

I touch your clit and tell you I want to hear you make some noises. I touch it again and listen for your moans. You can feel my hot breath as my face is almost touching you. At long last you feel the tip of my tongue on your lips and it makes you want to cum…but you don’t…not yet. I tell you to spread your legs more and lift them up a bit. I want a good look at you. I start to kiss you and lick you on you hot pussy and when you start to moan and whimper I demand you do it louder and you do. I stick my tongue up you. You feel the heat and it feels good. I lick you and fuck you with my tongue…stick it up you as far as I can. I tell you to move your hips and fuck my tongue and you do. You want to cum so bad…but not yet.

I spread you apart with my fingers and kiss your clit and lightly flick it with the tip of my tongue. . .over and over. I tell you how good you smell…how good you taste. I rub my lips around your clit then kiss it some more the run the tip of my tongue in a circle around it. I tell you to move your hips around and masturbate yourself on my tongue and listen to more of your moans and whimpers. I stop for a moment although you do not want me to. I come up to your face again and kiss you long and hard on your mouth. I look at you and ask you if you are ready to cum and you beg me to make you cum. I say that I will for another kiss. You give me a long, passionate, tongue-entwined kiss and I tell you to spread your legs more and raise your legs a bit more. I really want to get at you now. I take your clit in my mouth.

You feel my teeth gently, ever so gently, biting you on the clit. You feel my tongue going faster and faster around your clit. I take your clit between my teeth again then suck tuzla escort it like you would suck my cock. I feel you start to come. I stick a couple of fingers up your pussy as far as I can and the tip of my finger up your ass. You cum all over my face and I love every minute of it. I fuck your pussy with my fingers while you cum and caress your tits and nipples at the same time. I run the tips of my fingers over your mouth. I listen to you cum. Feel you shake. My fingers feel your spasms. I demand that you scream and let it all out, which you do. You collapse. Your face is all red. You are covered in sweat. There is a huge wet spot on the blanket. I have your cum all over my face.

While you are cumming you feel the warmth of my body on top of yours. While my tongue is down your throat you feel the tip of my cock brush up against your swollen clit. The tip goes in… You beg me to stick it all the way in you. It goes in just a bit more…then a bit more. I am all the way in you now…it feels so good. I pump you exactly how you want to be pumped. Slower…faster…it’s all good. I raise your legs up and push them back…I want to be up you as far as I can…to stretch your insides so you can feel every bit of me. Before too long you feel me get still…I put my arms around you and put my mouth up close to your ear. I pump you faster, harder, deeper. Like a wild animal. I tell you to push your cunt out at me. I can feel the cum down in my balls. Before too long there is nothing I can do. I push up you farther than before. I tell you that my hot cum is gushing way up inside of you. It is unbelievable.

I take my still hard cock out of you and put it in your mouth. I want to watch your face as you suck the last bits of cum from me. I kiss you some more. I can’t get enough. We lay next to one another for a bit and savor the moment, and don’t say much. My arms are wrapped around you. My gentle kisses all over your face and neck. I hold you close to me as I kiss you on the mouth some more.

You have to leave…and get back to your life. I tell you how beautiful you are and you know I mean it. I help you get dressed. As you are walking out the door. I grab you by the arm and bring you back in the house. I pull your pants down around your ankles and bend you over the nearest chair or table. I then fuck you like an madman, while you feel my balls banging against your clit. You feel me get still and my cock get stiff. I squirt my cum right up inside you as far as I can. I tell you to think about me on your way home as the cum is dripping out of your pussy…and you do.

Until then…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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