Our Favorite Teacher

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No question about it: Marie Frazier was our favorite teacher.

She taught French at Westminster College in Ithaca, New York, and she was fabulous! I’m not saying she was just a good teacher; there were lots of other things about her that were real nice. Let’s face it, most of the lady teachers in our college were kind of on the elderly side, so to see this succulent creature—she was probably in her mid- to late thirties—sashaying around the hallways of the Foreign Languages Department would make any guy do a double-take. She had this enormous crown of auburn hair all around her head—like the “big hair” of the 1980s, but it looked really good on her. Then there was her face: sort of oval, with piercing green eyes, slender nose, small mouth, and rosy cheeks. But that was only the beginning!

She was tall for a woman—about five foot eight, with that “big hair” making her seem even taller. No one would call her slender, but that doesn’t mean that she was in any way fat or heavy. Just . . . substantial. Curves all over the place, especially around her bust and butt. Man, you just wanted to wrap your arms around her so bad! And she seemed to know it. I think she deliberately wore blouses that showed a fair amount of cleavage, and dresses that accented that firm, fleshy bottom. The guys in her classes loved it; the girls, not so much. The females glared at her with a mixture of resentment and envy, probably wishing they had the balls—er, sorry, the courage—to dress the way she did.

And yet, she had this air of sadness or melancholy about her. We’d heard rumors that she’d been married at one time, but now she was single. Nobody knew what happened—maybe her husband had run off with another woman. If so, he was not only a bastard, but an idiot! Who’d ever leave the side of this tempting piece?

Marie—we all called her that, since she thought “Ms. Frazier” sounded dopey—was holding this informal summer school class at her house. This was mostly for the guys on the baseball team who hadn’t really paid much attention during spring semester, especially when the season started; so we hadn’t even gotten a grade, but instead the dreaded “Incomplete,” meaning we’d have to make up the work somehow during the summer. She took pity on us and held these sessions in the small, one-story house (with basement) she had a few blocks from campus.

All the guys in the class were freshmen, either eighteen or nineteen, and we were still struggling with the idea that we were now supposed to be “adults” in the eyes of the world. We sure didn’t feel like it! Oh, sure, we looked like adults: some of us had shot up over six feet, and we were all athletes in reasonably good shape; but whether our emotions had kept up with our bodies was another matter.

So here we were in late August, eight guys and Marie. We’d finally gotten to the last page of Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days, and we were all looking forward to getting a passing grade and moving on to sophomore year with a clean slate. When we got to the last page—one guy would read the French text as best he could, and another guy would translate it into English—there was a general sense of anticipation. Finally the last words were read, and we all burst into shouts and applause!

Marie, who’d been standing up at one end of the living room while we were all sitting on various couches or sofas or chairs, said, “You all did great, boys.” She had what is called a musical voice—somewhat low, and kind of soft. You couldn’t imagine her shouting or getting mad at anyone. She sauntered out of the room into her kitchen and came back with a plate of chocolate chip cookies that she’d baked for the occasion.

We dived into them, all eight of us guys. Well, we deserved it! We really had worked pretty hard, and of course we were all grateful to Marie. She was a peach! And so we decided to show her how grateful we were.

We ended up forming a big circle in the middle of the living room, and Marie ended up being in the middle of it. She had this look of anticipation, and maybe of apprehension on her face, as if she didn’t know what was to come. I’ll say she didn’t! (I’m writing this after all this stuff happened, by the way. So I can say that none of us really planned any of this out ahead of time.) What we did was to start clapping and whooping, and then one of us—a guy named Fred—seized Marie by the hand and kind of whirled her around. She laughed uproariously and stumbled toward another guy, Martin, at the opposite end of the circle. Martin actually caught her around the waist, only because Marie stumbled a bit and was on the verge of falling down; but we were all incredibly envious of him for doing something we all wanted to do from the moment we saw her.

Didn’t I tell you she was our favorite teacher?

Well, Martin held her just a wee bit longer than he needed to, and I think Marie was about to tell him to get his hands off her waist. But then he sent her twirling back toward another guy, a big, Betturkey strong African American named DeShawn, and Marie actually collided with his chest, letting out a comical “Oof!” DeShawn wrapped his arms entirely around Marie’s midsection, and that made us even more green with envy. I think he wanted to do more, but instead he just sent her spinning around the circle again.

By now Marie had tossed off her shoes and was just in her bare feet. It was a hot day, and all she was wearing was a floral print dress that came down to her knees—maybe not quite that far, even. In fact, as she was being whirled and twirled around the circle, the hem of the skirt kind of flapped around her and even ballooned up a bit, allowing some of us to get fleeting glimpses of what looked like deep pink underwear beneath.

I think it was those little glimpses that caused some guys to turn things up a notch.

When Marie fell into the arms of an Asian guy named Kevin, he not only held her for a few seconds but pasted a quick kiss on her mouth. That got everybody roaring, and we barely heard Marie say, “Oh, Kevin, you shouldn’t do that.” But no one paid attention to that. Marie got whirled again—and came right into my arms.

I couldn’t help but up the ante a bit—otherwise, I’d feel like a fool and a coward. So I not only gave Marie a long, wet kiss on the mouth, but slipped a hand down to her butt. Of course, this was over her panties and dress—but still, that first feel of her round, firm bottom was glorious!

Predictably, she reached behind herself, pulled my hand away, and said, “Jimmy, that’s very naughty.”

Again that low, quiet voice. You just couldn’t tell whether Marie was really angry or upset, or whether it was all for show. We’d never heard of her going on dates with anyone—so the idea of this incredibly ravishing creature not experiencing the male organ was actually kind of horrifying to us. Poor, deprived Marie!

By this time Marie seemed to be getting dizzy, staggering around like a drunken woman. So we stopped the twirling and just came closer to her. I think it was only now that she realized she was the only female in the house, with eight males standing only inches away from her.

It was Jason’s turn to kiss her, and he held her really close. You could see him rubbing his groin against hers. And even though she seemed to be protesting, she still threw her arms around Jason’s neck and kissed back. I think women are kind of trained to do that, you know what I mean? If someone kisses you, you kiss back. If someone puts his arms around you, you throw your arms around his neck. Women just do that automatically—that that’s the way it should be!

Well, we were all getting pretty clear in our minds where this was going.

Another guy, a Hispanic named Jesus, came up from behind and pulled down the long zipper of Marie’s dress. We could see that she was wearing nothing but a white bra and those pink panties underneath. Somehow we got the dress off of her, letting it fall to the floor, and when she pulled out of Jason’s grasp she just stood in her underwear, looking from one to the other of us. Her own face was getting as pink as those panties.

She really should have been screaming her head off and trying to get away, shouldn’t she? Instead, she just stood there, with an expression that was partly fear and partly excitement and defiance.

And so, someone came up from behind and unclasped her bra.

She actually shimmied out of it herself, letting it fall to the floor. Omigod! The incredible breasts that were revealed! Big, round, firm, and already with the large brown nipples projecting from the surface. Didn’t that mean that a woman was . . . wanting it?

She made no protest when someone else peeled off her underwear.

Her wide hips and strong thighs were supported by shapely calves and surprisingly small feet. But all our eyes were glued to her delta, which was covered with a thick patch of dark fur that had surely never felt the cut of a razor.

To this day I don’t know why she didn’t protest any more than she did. Maybe (incredible as it seemed to me) she hadn’t had a guy in a really long time. Even I, at my tender age, know how horrible a sexual drought can be! Or maybe she was just pleased that all us guys were taking such an interest in her. Who knows?

By this time, all of us were licking our lips and gawking at her. But it was Tony, who had come to the house wearing only a T-shirt and swimming trunks, who took the next step. He pulled down those trunks to his feet and kicked them away. He was already sporting an eight-inch erection.

When she saw it, Marie’s eyes widened. She now knew, if she didn’t before, that something serious was going to happen. Several of us got even closer to her and basically brought her down to her knees right in front of Tony’s cock; in fact, it almost hit her in the face as she was going down. Now her face was right in front of it; and, after just Betturkey Giriş a moment’s hesitation, she stuck it into her mouth.

That was a sign for all of us to shed what few clothes were wearing (didn’t I tell you it was a hot day?) and stand around her naked, waiting to be the next guy whose cock she would engulf. Marie still made a show of protesting. When Fred pulled her away from Tony and thrust his own cock into her face, she made a grimace and tried to move away (maybe it didn’t smell very good!). But he held her head firmly in his hands, and eventually she bowed to the inevitable, opened her mouth, and stuffed as much if his cock in as she could.

Eventually she gave all our cocks at least a token taste, but she seemed more interested in taking hold of our butts and giving them a good squeeze. Girls like guys’ butts, don’t they?

Then Martin pulled her up to her feet. He was only an inch or so taller than her, so he was able to gaze right into her eyes. As he did so, he reached a hand down between her legs. Her sudden moan made it clear she was hot and wanted some kind of recompense for the pleasure she’d given us; and we could see, as Martin’s fingers toyed with her sex, that she was already pretty wet. She parted her legs and tried to stand on tiptoe to allow him better access, and he did his best to stimulate her.

By now, other guys were grabbing her boobs, her bottom, and anything else they could touch, while yet others were plastering her mouth, neck, shoulders, and back with kisses. She was touching us one after the other, to signify how grateful she was for all the attention she was getting; but then she suddenly stopped, throwing her arms around Martin and letting out a shrill cry that she tried to suppress by sinking her mouth (and maybe her teeth) into Martin’s shoulder. Her whole body seemed to shake and shudder, and her cries became a kind of choked gurgle as she clung to him desperately.

There was a kind of awe that made us all quiet. We just realized what had happened: Martin (with, we hoped, some help from the rest of us) had made her come.

For men, there’s something inexpressibly mysterious about the female orgasm. There’s no doubt about when a guy comes; but with women, you never know if they’re faking or not. But this time, it was pretty clear that we’d really rung the bell for Marie, and we were deeply moved. There was a holiness about the whole business that made us feel very humble.

But that feeling didn’t last long. We gave her some time to recover, and then we all tugged her this way and that. Somehow she ended up in my arms, and I too peered right into those haunting green eyes as I held her fast with one hand and, with the other, directed my cock into her pussy.

This was my first time having sex standing up, and it was magnificent. I too was just about the same height as Marie, so it worked pretty well. The first feel of my cock entering her vagina was so heavenly that my knees almost buckled; but I managed to keep standing and started pumping away. Strangely, she didn’t close her eyes or rest her head on my shoulder or anything like that. Instead, she just kept on gazing calmly at me, even when I kissed her all over her face and mouth. Little grunts were coming out of her mouth in rhythm with my thrusts.

But then something odd happened.

Someone—I think it was Kevin—had found a little bottle of hand lotion on an end table next to the sofa. He squeezed some stuff onto his fingers and then approached Marie from behind. While I was still pumping her, he shoved those fingers into her anus.

That finally got a response out of Marie. Her eyes became big, and she cried out, “No, please! Not that way!”

But Kevin was not to be denied. He was actually an inch or so shorter than Marie, but that didn’t matter. Grabbing her hips with both hands, he shoved his cock into her anus hard and fast. She let out more choking sounds, and her tongue actually hung out of her mouth. When she sensed that Kevin wasn’t going to stop, she rested her head in the crook of my neck and just stood there, clinging to me while both he and I thrust into her. There was a strange passivity in how she was taking this double penetration, and I fleetingly wondered if she had done this before. That very idea, and the fact that I’d gotten just a bit of a head start, made me finish before KEvin did. I sent several dollops of my come deep into her, staying in there until Kevin, grunting like an animal, forced his emission into her butt.

He pulled out a little too fast, and Marie cried out in pain. I could have killed the guy. You don’t hurt a woman like that! What was he thinking?

It was clear what the other guys were thinking. They pushed me aside, and my cock fell out of her, dripping with both her juices and mine. I could also see a little trail of my come leaking down the inside of her thighs. But it was pretty clear that the others were keen on getting a piece of Marie themselves; so four of them—Fred, DeShawn, Jason, and Tony—each lifted her up by an arm or a leg and carried her horizontally (face up) into her little bedroom, which was at the end of a tiny hallway off the living room.

They were all intent on doing something—but there’s a limit to how many guys a woman can take, right? So they figured they’d do her two at a time, just as Kevin and I had done. They laid her down on the bed on her side, and Fred got in front of her and DeShawn in back. They entered her pretty much at the same time, as a big gasp from Marie revealed. Once again, what struck me about this whole scene—the two guys battering away at her two lower orifices while grabbing at her breasts and plastering her all over with kisses—was how tranquil she was. Her face radiated a weird kind of calm as she languidly draped her arms around Fred’s shoulders and even placed one leg over his hips, which made it easier for both guys to get into her.

The other four guys who hadn’t penetrated her were impatient to get into the fray, but only Tony figured out how to do it.

He calmly walked up to the thrashing trio (or, rather, the two thrashing guys, with Marie looking like a sex doll getting it from both sides) and, lifting her head up a bit, stuffed his cock into her mouth.

A little choking sound came out of her throat, but she took this triple penetration in stride. Her eyes did goggle a little, and she did what she could to suck Tony’s cock while the two other guys were going a little crazy with their thrusting. Not surprisingly, DeShawn shot his seed into her first; that was the tighter orifice, wasn’t it? He bellowed like a bull when he came, and that seemed to inspire Fred to shoot his wad into her pussy. A minute or two later, Tony came in Marie’s mouth. (He later told us he did this because his girlfriend—silly creature!—absolutely refused to swallow his come.)

The guys pulled out gradually, and Marie collapsed onto her back, her ragged breaths causing her breasts to rise and fall erratically. She was covered in sweat, and her hair was getting tousled. But the three other guys who still hadn’t had her weren’t interested in giving her any kind of break.

They almost leaped upon her, like a pack of wolves descending upon a wounded deer. This time, Martin lay on his back, placed Marie on top of him, face down, so he could go into her pussy, then Jesus squatted behind her and plugged up her anus. That left Jason to get in front of her and present his stiff cock to her face. She obediently opened her mouth, and he shoved it in.

These three guys, surprisingly enough, were a bit less frenetic in their pounding of her, even though by this time they must have been on the verge of coming just from watching what the others had done. But they settled into an almost placid rhythm as they pumped her in her three holes, Jason holding her head in his two hands and gently thrusting so that she wouldn’t gag on his cock. It took them nearly ten minutes to come—and I think they tried to synchronize themselves so that they all came at once. It didn’t quite work out, but they all shot their wad within a few seconds of each other.

So now we’d all had a poke at Marie! It had been great, but what were we to do now? She seemed a bit tired, again lying on her back on the untidy bed as we all walked naked all around her small house. Well, what else was there to do but have another round?

I know I was ready, and I thought DeShawn might be too, even though he’d come after I had. I led him back into Marie’s bedroom, knelt down on the floor next to the bed, and said:

“Say, Marie, are you up for some more?”

She slowly turned her head in my direction, giving me an inscrutable look. After what seemed like minutes she said: “Okay.”

This time I wanted to probe that anus of hers, even though I could see that it was oozing a fair amount of come from the several guys who had been there already. Well, her pussy was leaking too! I guess none of us minded that. Anyway, I lay down on my side behind her, and DeShawn (who had been careful to wash his cock with soap and water after emerging from Marie’s bottom) was in front. As before, she draped a leg over his hip, and we both entered her.

This too was a slow, gentle, and tender copulation. I envied DeShawn his position facing Marie, for they kissed in a way that made me think they were actual lovers. I had to be content with covering her neck, shoulders, and back with my kisses while taking hold of her breasts from behind; but she made sure to extend affection in my direction, every so often placing a hand on my head or shoulder to signal her appreciation of my presence.

I wanted to make sure that she was getting as much pleasure as she was giving. So after some minutes of pumping her bottom, I let one hand slide down to her sex. I could feel DeShawn’s big cock (nine inches!) thrusting into her pussy, but I focused on her swollen clitoris. The moment I touched it she let out a poignant little moan, so I knew I was on the right track. I stroked and rubbed that dainty little nub for all I was worth; but I also paid attention to how DeShawn was progressing.

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