Our First Time Jan and Jean’s Story

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My name is Jan; I am a Company Secrecy for a major Oil my Ex’s reason, he trading me in for a younger model. However our divorce was quite amicable; maybe it was just that time.

My name is Jean; I am a Radio Presenter; with my own radio shows on an Aberdeen based radio station. I am also divorced; which was not amicable; my Ex was a part owner of a night club in Aberdeen; he threatened to send my horse that was stabled in a farm, he owned, just outside Aberdeen; to the glue factory.

I admit I lost my rag at this and told all my listeners about it; the day after he threatened my horse. My Radio station boss was furious about me doing this; he was one of his friends. My listeners however were very supportive and vocal about it. His and his partners businesses suffered badly as a result of it and were threatened with the loss of their licence.

A compromise was reached; brokered by his partners; who were of questionable character too. My horse was transferred to another stable, and he would pay the stable and vet fees for the next two years; horses suffer from stress. That’s what I claimed at least. I also got sole ownership of the luxury apartment, including contents, we once shared; which I now live in.

I met Jan at a friend’s dinner party; who was staying in a hotel; following her divorce; and was looking for her own place; but the sale of her house was taking time;. I liked her and on the spur of the moment invited her to flat share with me, I had a spare room; three in fact. I didn’t need the money, Jan’s income was on par with mine; I think we both needed company to share the stresses of our high pressure life’s.

We were both now divorced and the same age 42. Jan moved in with me the following week; we have shared our domestic arrangements for six months now. This is our story.

Jean was out late; a business meal with her station director. Jan had just been notified that all her divorce papers and their house sale were now finalised; which took almost a year; Aberdeen’s housing market is like that; and wanted to celebrate; home alone, with a hot bath and a bottle of nice wine.

Jan was sitting in a warm bath, tipsy and starting to dose from the afterglow of the bottle of wine she had already consumed. It was dusk and the bathroom was starting to get dark adding to the feeling of relaxation.

Jean after a raging argument with her boss, bumpy taxi ride home and too much wine; came in; and had to go. Rushed into their shared bathroom in the semi darkness; dropped her designer trousers and underwear and sat down. Turned and saw Jan lying there, naked; as Jan moved the soap bubbles slowly parted revealing her toned body, nipples already hardened. Jean said; sorry; her married station boss had tried it on again.

Jan shared her good news regarding her house sale and divorce papers coming through. A life reinvent, event.

Jean said excellent news and excellent idea; she will also have a bath when Jan was finished and a bottle of wine too. Stood up totally naked from her waist down, picked up her discarded clothes and underwear and left.

About five minutes later returned, totally naked; she too had a tanned and toned body; with a glass and a bottle of wine. Looked at Jan; can I join you; yes. Stepped into the bath, it was one of those quirky baths, two rounded ends, taps and shower tower in the middle.

Both sat facing each other, sharing their woes, legs touching and rubbing, after a while Jean’s toes were rubbing Jan intimately; Jan’s toes were returning the compliment. Between the wine, the warm water and touching. They were both very aroused.

As the bath was starting to cool they both got out and started to dry each other’s hair off and seductively dry off those other interesting places. During this Jean leaned over to Jan and kissed her slowly and seductively, Jan responded with equal attentiveness. Their tongues touched intimately as they embraced each other. Now dry Jan took her towel and wrapped it around her, Jean discarded her towel over the edge of the bath. Leaned over to Jan and seductively removed her towel and kissed her breasts one at a time; Jan’s towel was now also discarded over the edge of the bath.

Jean took Jan by the hand into the lounge, both naked, and lay down together on the large white sheep skin rug that was sitting in front of a homely log effect gas fire. Jan pulled down the large sheepskin cushions for them to rest their heads on. Both lay there naked exploring each other’s bodies, as though they were girls exploring their first loves. Warm and snug together and in the process of drinking another bottle of wine; while still caressing each other.

Jean took the lead and started to caress the inside of Jan’s leg with the palm of her hand, while sharing a french kiss with her. Jean’s hand move slowly and purposefully up Jan’s leg and her Beylikdüzü escort fingers started to caress Jan intimately. Jan’s kissing and open leg movements gave her approval for Jean to enter her, starting with her index finger slowly entered her, which felt like velvet. Jan’s movement intimated her enjoyment; as Jan’s G spot was touched she flinched and gave out a deep breath of approval. Jean then caressed Jan’s G spot, feeling Jan’s repeated approval. Slowly Jan started to feel her juices move and wetness start to form. It had been over a year since Jan enjoyed this feeling and was holding onto it for as long as possible. The inevitable happened Jan squirted quite forcefully too; she could feel it on her legs as Jean could too.

They both lay back enjoying the moment together; Jan then started to caress Jean who was very receptive to it and more vocal indicating her approval and enjoyment of the moment. As Jan’s fingers entered Jean for the first, of many times, she explored for Jean’s G spot. As she explored Jean was giving her vocal and by bodily movements; her approval. Jan found it as Jean let out a prolonged moan of satisfaction. Jean had also waited for almost a year for this feeling to return and was savoring it as was Jan on her caressing. Jean started to show signs of her impending climax, slowly at first Jan could feel a wetness develop, then suddenly came as a delude as she climaxed. Again they both lay embracing each other.

Neither knew how much time had passed, the alcohol blue haze of relaxation and contentment descended upon them.

Next morning Jan woke up in Jean’s bed; together and both still naked with only a thin sheet on top of them; couldn’t remember the details of what happened in front of the fire or how it finalised. Looking at the bed sheets it was clear they did have some fun here too; more than once.

They lay on together; had some more fun. Got up together went through to the lounge still naked; holding hands as they did last night. The both looked at the sheepskin rug in front of the fire; and agreed it would need to be sent to the cleaners too.

They both returned to the bathroom and showered together; as they found or almost tripped over the remnants of their night of lust. They giggled like teenagers do when realities of what they did together reminded them of their night of passion.

After their shower, rather than getting dressed each put on near see through short wraps; which they wore for the rest of the day. Until darkness descended and they removed each other’s wrap’s as they got back into bed together.

Initially they shared a bed, or bath, when the feeling took them. Eventually shared the same bed each night. They lived together as an item for the next six months, during this time they started to reinvent themselves and their business and social lives.

Initially they accompanied each other to company events as a couple not an item; as required by each of their high pressure business lives. Initially; two forty something highly desirable executives, attracted the attentions of suitors and mentors. As they politely rebuffed their advances, rumors started about their status; living together. They ignored their looks, innuendos and odd drink fueled comment. Deep down these comments and looks bonded them together as a public item; but not flaunting it in any way.

From this freedom they started to explore their own social life and sexuality, while still maintaining their business standing. Jean one day on her chat show answered an evocative listener’s question. Was she a Lesbian; conveyed in a very disapproving voice? Jean answered; no I am gay and I am living with my partner. Is that a problem with listing to me on my show? The voice now, a one or reconciliation said; No; I am gay too and get a lot of innuendoes and looks from my work colleagues. Jean answered; so do I, but I just disregard them. Little people and their little views; Jean’s show ratings sored after this public analysis.

After the show finished she phoned Jan to warn her of what she had just said. Jan said I heard it’s all over the office. And I don’t care, no one has said anything to me; but, I think that I have open support from my staff; I may be gay but I am their gay.

A week later Jean received a call, via the radio station, inviting her and her partner to an, introductory visit, to a new, and very exclusive dance, gym and health club, for women only, of similar standing to Jean and her partner Jan. It was still unnamed, outside Aberdeen near the Inverurie golf club, in a converted building. Jean agreed to attend the next Wednesday night’s opening. Jan when told was over the moon. Question what do we wear. Jean replied I asked that question and was told; evocative underwear under evocative sportswear.

Wednesday night arrived and they both drove together Beylikdüzü escort bayan to the club in their new evocative underwear and sportswear on; under their designer track suits. On arrival the proprietor and owner and her dance instructor’s met them and introduced them to the other guests, about thirty all told; no, no-shows.

Before being given the grand tour of the facilities were invited to get changed into their evocative sportswear. Their tour of the facilities, which were very impressive, in particular the dance studios which were all mirrored. The proprietor then outlined what was on offer from, body sculpturing to toning and evocative and erotic dance together with pole dancing. Both Jan and Jean and the other guests were engrossed in the dance routines proposed.

At this point the dance instructors gave a demonstration of a dance routine encapsulating all the dance routines into one. The music started and two of the instructors started their dance, then joined by a third and fourth, a routine of evocative and then erotic dance leading onto pole dancing. All the guests were engrossed with it. Commentary was; we have left this routine to the end; which is for the more adventurists of you and builds self-confidence.

As the music restarted with two dancers this time, in their evocative and colorful dance outfits started their routine. This started with them on the pole carrying out very athletic routines, returning to the floor and started a very evocative and sexually stimulating, embracing and striptease routine. By the time they got down to scanty fig leaf G-strings and tassels, returned to the pole to give an even more athletic routine.

All the guests by this time were aroused, unwilling and unable to hide it. The commentary said how many of you would like to try this; Jan said entheaustically; me; as did two others. Jean looked on in amasement. They were invited to join the two dancers to get briefed on their routine and redressed. About ten minutes later they returned, dressed as were the dance instructors who would accompany them as mentors and instructors.

They went through the routine, with a less athletic pole dance routine, until they were all stripped down to their G-strings and tassels. The guest’s all applauded in admiration. The commentator then invited the dancers; to remove what they were left wearing. The music restarted; and each in turn completed their striptease routine, until they stood their naked where they did their finally of the dance of the nymphs. All the guests applauded and to say aroused would have been an understatement; the air was one of ecstatic and electrifying enthusiasm.

The commentator then invited other guests to have a go; eight volunteered, including Jean this time; who all did their routine enthusiastically. It was not long before all the guests and dance instructors had carried out their routine and all stood their naked together. Comfortable and confident in their own bodily appearance; they were all then given an individual assessment as to how their bodies could be re-sculpturing and re-toned.

The proprietor then invited them to join her; as yet unnamed club. The fees reflected the exclusivity and caliber of the club; which also had sitting rooms, private rooms and cabins for the use of the members. Some of the newly joined members made use of the cabins with their partners; which were available any time they wished; including for overnight stays; it was a private club.

Jean and Jan visited this club each Wednesday night and at weekends sometimes. Where they met and made new likeminded friends and enhanced their network of professional contacts and acquaintances. Businesses as well as social matters were also discussed and agreed.

On the home front Jean and Jan also converted one of the bedrooms into their own private dance studio. This also became a venue for their social occasions.

As part of their high powered lifestyle they were often invited as guest speakers to functions and lectures. On this occasion both Jean and Jan were invited to Glasgow University, which was attended by both female and male students, a question and answer session at their halls of residence; off Byers road. On how being gay impacts on career advancement and development in a modern society; they both gave a speech on how they coped with it, which was entheausticly received by all the students.

After they had said their farewell’s to the student gathering they headed for a shop that was recommended to Jan by one of her health club friends; specialising in exclusive underwear and sportswear. The shop was exclusive for private shopping, by prior appointment. You rang a door bell and were buzzed in. Jan had phoned ahead and arranged it.

Inside it was amazing; Bree the owner was waiting with her assistant. Who was Escort beylidüzü from Romania and an art student. They were both dressed in sheer; almost see through robes, with erotic underwear and stockings on underneath it; which you could see as their robes opened, as they walked to greet Jan and Jean. They both had a rush of erotic excitement just looking at them standing there.

Jan was led into an anti-room to be dressed and Jean to an adjacent anti-room. Both rooms were plush dressing room. They were each told to take all your clothes off; prior to joining the health club they would have panicked at being asked to do this in front of strangers. They were each shown a number of samples of erotic underwear to view, and then were dressed, until they both found what they liked.

They were both invited to view each other’s selections, as they both met they removed their robes revealing erotic underwear, stockings, suspender belt, micro heart shaped knickers and lace bra’s. They both loved each other’s selections and continued doing this until they had completed their selections of underwear, sportswear and swimwear for a holiday which they were planning to take, but not yet finalised on.

Jean had booked a table at an exclusive Glasgow ‘ladies only club’ she knew; off George Square. It was a London style club which most people did not know existed in Glasgow. Again they had to be buzzed in. It was opulent and evocative inside; they were led to their table. This was where likeminded successful business women, senior police officers and politicians, some with their partners; met. A short time later Bree and her sister Carol, a renowned Scottish artist, joined them; they had an excellent meal and conversation, and were introduced to a number of guests there that night. They went by taxi to their hotel and returned to Aberdeen the next day.

On Monday Jan’s CEO called her into his office to tell her that she was under consideration for a Vice President position in the company. She was overwhelmed at being considered for it; you did not apply for these positions; you were invited to be considered for it. It was a highly sought after position, very political and very aggressively pursued.

Jan was the subject of gossip in particular her life style with Jean; innuendo’s abounded as to her suitability. Senior staff, as would their staff, pledge their allegiance to a candidate as a way of seeking good favor for their future advancement and promotions.

Vince a mathematician who worked for the same company as Jan; on hearing some of the comments being said about Jan; Jean was getting them too. About the two of them being an item, being such a waste and not really suitable for the job. Vince had already been on the end of gossip about his relationship over the last six months. In conversation with Vince, one of her confidants, Jan said she was going to take the next couple of week off as Jean was off, and go somewhere away from the office. Vince suggested come away sailing with him and his partner, quick phone call to Jean; yes was the answer but added neither of them had ever been on a yacht before. Vince said don’t worry we will show you how to sail; you will love it. He also explained his relationship, in detail, and how it had come about and enacted on his boat. I didn’t know this until it came out on board one night. Embarrassing.

Jean and Jan drove down on the Saturday; Vince had one of is biweekly Friday meetings, I picked him up, as usual, and we would get the boat stored and ready to sail. Jan and Jean would meet us in the hotel, adjacent to the mooring in the afternoon. Vince made arrangements for all our cars to be left at the hotel; we knew the owners as they sometimes went sailing with us.

Jan and Jean arrived; we watched them drive into the hotel car park where we were to meet. Took us about 15 minutes to row the rubber dingy ashore. By this time they had gone into the bar. Total silence. Bar staff and customers looked in awe. They both were wearing fine expensive designer shorts that were almost see through, their tops were even more translucent; underwear shining through.

Tom and Pete the hotel owners; both ex-Marine NCO’s with the build of bears. Invited them to the table that had been reserved for lunch. It was still quite when we arrived, customers were still looking but were discreet about it. No macho comments, Tom and Pete both had that military hard stare look that put any transgressors in fear of their life, or worse. Both had served in all the trouble spots of the world. Their pictures on the wall testified to this. My first time meeting Jan and Jean, I was impressed, I didn’t know about their relationship, at this time. Nice one Vince. We had sandwiches and a few beers. Tom and Pete were over whenever the girls looked as though they might want anything. We knew where things were so we knew where to get it. Didn’t need the personal service. Time to get on board. We took their bags down to the dingy.

So started 10 days in August; if you want to know how Jean and Jan got on you can read it in my story; At Anchor – 10 days in August. This turned out to be a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell holiday.

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