Our New Plaything

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My wife and I aren’t what you would call normal, or would we? I’m not entirely sure, we look normal on the outside, nice house, decent jobs, good neighborhood, not on drugs, social drinkers, and so on. We even look normal; I am 6ft tall with brown hair blue eyes and an average build. My wife is around 5ft 6 and has 34c breasts and brown hair with a curvy figure. There is one thing that is not normal, our love for sex. We’ve done practically everything, you name it we’ve done it. Out in public, filming ourselves, BDSM, and even on occasion we play a game I like to call, Fuck Tag, I’ll fill in the rest later. But so far we’ve only done it with each other.
We had been discussing who to do it with next, she suggested a nice young girl, but I thought that was too cliché. I suggested a young man, because I’ve always wanted to try it. She liked this idea but he had to be bi-sexual because I can’t have all the fun. The tough part was going to be finding this young man. The internet is great but we weren’t willing to go halfway across the country for somebody. We also wanted someone fairly young, I and my wife are in our mid 30’s and we wanted someone to be in their mid to late teens, which means breaking the law. But it’s not like we were going to mentally scar someone, we just wanted to have a little fun and thought that a 16 year old would be fine, no younger though because then that’s just weird. We finally settled on holding interviews for babysitters, we don’t have kids so that’s the fun part.
A few days after we posted the job, we got a few calls and after turning away all the girls, well after writing their numbers down for when we wanted to try girls later, we finally got a few guys. We called them to our house for a face to face. My wife, whom I should probably start calling her by her name, Cindy wore a miniskirt with no panties. She never wore panties, she didn’t even own panties. She thought this would be a great way to check to see if they liked girls. I asked if there was a way we could check to see if they liked guys.
She smiled and said, “How about a kilt.”
The thought had never occurred to me but now I was in on the no underpants train too. The day of the interviews was going to be fun. Even if we didn’t find a new partner we still would get super horny from all those teenage boys staring at our privates. The first guy to show up was a guy named Tony. Tony was muscular, orange, and had short spiky hair, even if we had kids we wouldn’t let him near them. He walked in holding a half empty bottle of beer, needless to say we showed him the door right away, and we never even uncrossed our legs. The next guy was who we called Mr. Average, slightly shorter than me, white, brown hair, same build as me, and even had a name of John Smith. During the interview Cindy uncrossed her legs, John looked down and immediately turned stark white.
He stopped the interview, “Excuse me but ma’am you aren’t wearing any underwear. I don’t mean to be rude but you need to cover up lest the lord think ill of you.” A fundamentalist Christian, not the kind of person you want in your threeway. The last guy was perfect. His name was AJ, he was 17 years old, a little taller than Cindy, skinny frame, and wore all black with tight pants. His hair was long, black, and hung over half his face, and he even wore makeup, an emo kid. During the interview Cindy uncrossed her legs exposing her pussy, and we watched as his eyes met her crotch. A little tent formed in Escort Etlik his pants. After she crossed her legs again we continued until his boner was no longer visible, then I uncrossed my legs. My erection made a nice little opening in the kilt to where you could see everything. My dick was hard and at its full 8 inches, and he saw this and his pants got even tighter.
It was at this point I stopped the charade, “Excuse me AJ, but I couldn’t help but notice you were staring at my dick.”
Even though AJ was pale to begin with he got even paler, “I…uh…you…”
I held up a hand, “Calm down, I just wanted to thank you, it’s not every day I get complimented on my junk.”
Cindy giggled, “I would also like to thank you. Earlier you got a bit of an erection from staring at my pussy. Nothing gets me wetter than having a young thing like you get hard from me.” At this point AJ was frozen. He clearly was still hard but it was more like he had hardened all over. Cindy sat down next to him and gave him a hug, her shirt was low cut and she didn’t wear a bra. “If you would please loosen up a little we would like to continue.”
AJ snapped out of it and let out a sigh that meant okay. The next set of questions were for us to see how open AJ was.
“Have you ever had sex, if yes how much and how many were male/female?”
“I’ve had sex 3 times, two were girls one was a dude.”
“Did you use protection?”
“Have you ever been treated for an STD.”
“Never had an STD.”
“When you had sex with that man, did you give or receive?”
“Do you wish to give?”
“Not really, except to girls.”
“Are you open to threesomes?”
“Yes.” It was at that question that his boner reached its current apex. We had all the information we needed, now we just needed his cooperation.
Cindy started, “Listen AJ, we would like to be honest with you, we don’t have kids. We’ve been looking for a… “partner” so to speak that would be willing to do some sexual things with us. If this is too much for you then please say so.
That little emo kid just sat there and looked at us, “You guys are so fucking hot, I can’t even fucking believe this. You seriously want to fuck me?”
We nodded. AJ was smiling like I’ve never seen a kid smile before, “Let’s do this!” He jumped up and took off his shirt, pants, and shoes. He was a little pervert like us because he too was not wearing underwear. His 6 inch penis was rock hard. We got up and took our clothes off too. Cindy was the first naked and her 34c breasts bounced in the air, her shaved pussy was already wet too. My clothes came off and my dick was hard and ready to go. AJ just stared at the 8 inches of meat standing proudly in the breeze.
I looked him square in the face, “You wanna suck it?”
Without hesitation AJ got down on his knees and grabbed a hold of my cock. He opened his mouth and sucked in my dick. Even though he only had sex with a man once I knew he’d sucked a lot of dick in his days. His head bobbed up and down so fast it made his hair fly everywhere. His tongue would occasionally hit the tip of my cock and circle the head before going all the way down, he deepthroated me two or three times.
I could feel myself getting close, “Stop! Eat out my wife.” I said this so I could prolong my orgasm and because Cindy was sitting on the couch fingering herself like there was no tomorrow. AJ popped my dick out of his mouth and went over to Cindy and went straight to her pussy. His tongue went up Etlik Escort and down her slit tracing the outside of her lips. Then he sucked down onto her clit. She let out an outrageous moan, her body already drenched in sweat was shivering and shaking, she was close.
She rose up grabbed AJ by the hair and said, “Fuck me!” Without a moment’s notice he was up on the couch lining his cock up to her pussy. He pushed in slowly and before he could get any further I got right behind him. I placed my hand on his back and got him to bend over enough to where I could get at his sweet asshole. The kid was perfect; no hair on him, and his ass was just ready to be taken. I grabbed a bottle of lube and got as much as I could. I started working it all over my dick and had enough to get my finger and stick it in his ass. It was so nice and tight and gripped my finger not wanting to let go.
I pulled my finger out and lined up with his ass, “Are you ready?”
He looked back for a second, “Yeah, I’ve never had a dick that big before.”
I rubbed his back, “I’ll take it slow.”
I had the head of my dick right on his asshole and went in slowly. I could hear him grunt and groan. After a little bit I had about 3 inches in when I felt his hips start moving, he was fucking my wife. I took this as a sign to keep going. I worked my way slowly as he worked his way into Cindy. Before long we were both balls deep in someone. I started going in and out slowly and this sent him in and out of her as well. A few seconds later I was going at a nice steady pace which meant AJ was going at a nice steady pace as well. I could feel myself getting close so I slowed down a bit until I saw Cindy going through an orgasm, which in turn sent AJ over the edge, which got me going as well. I pumped load after load into that tight ass, and from what I could tell he had done the same to her. We all came down from that and just laid there in each other. Cindy was filled with AJ and AJ was filled with me.
AJ suddenly got scared, “Oh god I forgot to put on a condom!”
Cindy Smiled, “I’m on the pill.” AJ relaxed and slipped out of her, and I slipped out of him too. I got up and headed for the bedroom, Cindy followed me as well, and AJ just sat there on the couch, looking confused.
“Are you coming or do we have to get out the whip?” I asked. That sent AJ running into the bedroom hard and ready to go again. He got to the door and saw me fucking Cindy. I rolled over so that her ass was sticking straight up in the air. “Well would you like to join? You can have her ass.” AJ smiled and went straight for her.
He hesitated when got up to her but she motioned for him to go ahead, “I already lubed up and don’t worry he’s fucked me in the ass enough that you’ll just slide right in.” AJ went for it and slid right in, just as she said. With the two of them working on her it wasn’t long before she had two or three orgasms. It was hard to tell because they were so close together. I started to cum and so did AJ. We both ended buried in Cindy and drifted off to sleep. I woke up an hour later and looked to see the sweaty face of my wife smiling while still asleep, but yet she was moving. I looked down to see my dick wasn’t in her but it was in fact AJ’s, the little slut was fucking my sleeping wife. She was moaning and started to really get into it. I knew she was awake so I took this as an opportunity to slip in with him. I could feel my cock sliding up alongside his inside of her. We Etlik Escort Bayan started going faster and faster until each of our humps was greeted with a grunt from Cindy. AJ and I came at the same time unloading all that we had left into Cindy. This time though we all fell asleep for the rest of the night. I woke up in the morning to the sun shining into our bedroom. My wife was taking a shower while AJ was still asleep.
I woke him up by dragging my dick across his face, “Hey, time to wake up.” All I got out of him was a moan. Then I grabbed his dick and started jerking it. He got hard and so I continued to jerk on him until I could feel him getting close, then I let go.
“Ugh you dick, that’s not fair.” I just got up and headed for the kitchen yelling back to him, “You should have woken up when I asked.” I started making breakfast for everyone. I heard moaning sounds coming from the bedroom; they weren’t Cindy’s so she must be jerking him off, what a nice woman I married.
She walked out of the bedroom naked licking her hands, “Don’t fix me anything, I’m going to have cum this morning.” That got me hard, which was good because now Cindy didn’t need to waste any time she got down on her knees and went to town. AJ crawled out of the bedroom looking for his clothes but upon seeing us naked decided against it. He sat down at the kitchen table and just looked at us.
“So you guys love sex don’t you?” he asked.
“Yep, I’ve loved sex ever since my first time when I was twelve.” I responded. Cindy was didn’t want to stop for anything.
“Holy shit you were twelve!? How the hell did you manage that?”
I recalled for a moment, “Well we had this neighbor who was around her mid 40’s when her husband left her. I would go over every day to keep her company and over time she became horny and I became twelve. It just seemed to happen. Cindy on the other hand was raised in a cult and wasn’t allowed to see a man until she was 18. When she was 16 the government stepped in and she was taken to a foster home, filled with boys. Needless to say her hormones kicked in and she was sent somewhere else after she had fucked every guy there. We met in college and found our mutual enjoyment for sex. We got married only as a technicality. We will occasionally sleep with another man or woman but we always come home to each other. UGH!” With that I came in her mouth and she lapped it all up. Cindy licked her lips, slapped me on the ass, and sat down across from AJ.
“That is a protein rich breakfast, and yes that was all true. Wait don’t you have to go home?”
AJ looked down for a second, “I don’t have a home. My mom left town a few weeks ago and I never knew my dad. I’ve been staying with a friend.”
“Perfect!” we both exclaimed. I explained after AJ looked at us funny, “You can stay here. We don’t mind, and you do practically whatever you want. Although we can’t treat you like our kid, that’s just weird. How about being our submissive instead?”
AJ thought about this for a moment then smiled and said, “That’s great! You guys are the best. So do I just call you Master and Mistress?”
“That’s fine just as long as you follow the rules.” I said.
“What are those?” he asked.
“Whatever we say they are, I guess. I really don’t know what they are but we’ll think of something.” Cindy said.
AJ got up and grabbed his clothes and started putting them on, “Cool. I’m gonna go get the rest of my stuff. Where am I going to be sleeping?”
“In our bed.” We both said at the same time. AJ just smiled and headed out the door. This was going to be fun, now if only we could find a girl with the similar circumstances then we would be complete.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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