Our Night In

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We both looked forward to this night all week, me being on night shift and you being on long days, we’ve really not seen each other more than a quick hello/goodbye as we pass in the evenings, you leaving for work before I return in the mornings and you getting home at night, but we’re both nearly finished for the week and tonight is our night in. We’ve planned to lock the doors, take the phone off the hook and enjoy each other…

We have been leaving each other sexy little notes around the house, and sending each other flirty text messages all day and making each other turned on for this night..

I go to the bedroom an change, taking time to put on my white silk stockings, enjoying the feeling of my own hands caressing my soft skin, making myself tingle at the thought of your hands over my body in less than hours time, slipping my garter belt around my waist and attaching my stockings to the claps before slipping into my pure white lace panties, my white corset fitting nice and snug, my cleavage perfectly highlighted, my legs looking long and sexy. I complete my outfit with high heels.

The sarıyer escort wait is almost over, I watch the clock… I can feel my heart start to pound and my body tingle for your touch, just the thought of it I can feel my pussy getting wet and pulsating. You arrive home. I meet you at the door, our eyes meet, you say hello…and my heart melts, you move inside the door, smiling as the door closes behind you. I slowly lead you into the living room, turning my head and looking over my shoulder, playing with my hair, I see you running your eyes up and down by body, you have a lustful hunger for me in your eyes.

You sit down on the sofa, pulling me toward you, allowing me to straddle you, as I look into your deep sexy eyes I can tell you’ve craved for this moment as much as me, as you wrap your arms around my waist it sends shivers throughout my body and I tingle. I moan softly as I feel your hands gently squeezing my ass, I lean forward and start to kiss you, you shudder as we share our first moment, you can feel the silkiness of my esenyurt escort lips as we embarrass, searching and exploring each others mouths, I delicately place my hand on your cheek, an caress down to your neck, I can feel my clit pulsating, saturated, pulling back slightly, I look into your eyes an can tell you are ready for more. Not only by the lustful gaze in your eyes, but the bulge that can/t be concealed.

You invite me to stand and we make our way to the bedroom, my hand in yours, you turn an smile at me as we climb the stairs, I can’t help but watching your sexy body move as we walk and enter the bedroom. I watch you take off your clothes; my heart skips a beat as you unfasten your shirt buttons, revealing your toned abs, I can’t help but smile as your sexy body is slowly revealed to me.

You sit on the edge of the bed, you pull me towards you, I moan softly as your hands stroke down my breast, coming to rest on my nipples, I gasp as you pinch my hard nipples, before leaning in and kissing me, deep and biting my neck. You gasp under your breath when my avrupa yakası escort fingers are stroking your hard cock.

I drop to my knees and insert your cock into my mouth, and begin to suck, and lick, and swirling my tongue around the head of your cock, you begin to swell in my mouth, as I’m tasting your juices flowing down my throat.

You grab the back of my hair and tell me to “Fuck me like the little whore that you are.” I mount your cock and slam your hard thick cock into my pussy, you grab my tits, teasing my nipples, and your lips kissing my neck, I gasp in pleasure as my pussy tightens around your throbbing cock, every thrust becoming more forceful, fucking me deep and harder, sending me over the edge, I know I’m cumming but I can’t stop. My juices are flowing all down your cock and down my leg. My hot, wet pussy clamping down on you, causing us both to explode together, I cry out ” ooooooooooh fuckkkkkk yyessss” I can feel the pulsing of our cock as you explode into me filling my pussy up with all your cum.

Both of us exhausted, our movements become slow once again, I turn an look at you over my shoulder as you lean forward an kiss me, you gasp as your cock slowly slips from the grip of my pussy, I feel cum dripping down my legs as we stop and catch our breath, both of us collapsing on the bed, staring at each other, smiling. Wandering how long it will be before we have the strength to continue…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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