Our Perfect Family

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Father fails to enforce limits with his horny teenage son and pays for it with his wife.

(M-S Incest, Over-18, Cuckold)


Tina, my wife, was standing in the hallway when I got home from work, hands on hips and holding a pair of panties in one hand.

“Look what I found in your son’s bedroom this morning!” she proclaimed.

“What?” I asked, a little confused. “Had he had some girl up there?” Strangely I felt a little proud of my son, but I hadn’t realised he was dating. At 18 he should have been, but mostly stayed in his room.

Tina sighed, obviously I was being stupid. “They’re mine, you idiot. He’s stolen them out of our hamper and used them for God knows what. I need you to talk to him about it.”

Oh dear, I didn’t want to do that, but I nodded. That seemed to satisfy her and she turned around and walked up the stairs. I watched her trim jeans-clad arse and admired it. In her late 30’s, my wife still had a very good figure, but our sex life had been intermittent for a long time now, to the point it was a very long time since I’d felt her respond to my touch, since my dick slid between her thighs. We slept in the same bed, but each time I’d reached for her, she’d turned her back for some time now.

Marcus, our son, was already home from school, but music playing meant he was probably doing homework or something and I didn’t want to disturb him. Soon enough it was tea time and he joined us, but despite my wife’s pointed glares and stony silence, I felt really awkward raising the subject. I imagined he’d been sniffing them – at his age I had been horny as hell and had done the same thing with my mother’s knickers, but had been a lot more careful than Marcus. I still remembered the heady musk that activated with warmth and a little saliva, stuffing them into my mouth as I furiously beat me meat. I wondered if I should try it again, indeed Tina’s willingness to have sex with me had dried up some time ago and I had had to resort to masturbation myself for some months.

So I said nothing and that night my wife turned her back to me yet again in bed.

Two days later, she told me he’d been in the clothes hamper again and stolen another pair of her used panties. “Really, you must tell him to stop.” she told me, and again I nodded and again I failed to. I guess I assumed it would pass, that he’d find something else to whack off to.

The next evening when I returned, she was again waiting for me. “I caught him doing it!” she said, obviously disgusted – but with a strange glint in her eye.

“Doing what?” I replied, head still full of work stuff.

“I went into his room to clean – I didn’t knock, I hadn’t realised he was home from school yet – and he was sitting on his bed with my panties wrapped around his, his thing, masturbating!”

“What did you do?” I asked.

“Well, nothing, I was totally shocked. I just stared at him, but he kept on going! He was staring me in the face whilst he jerked off into my knickers!”

I was speechless. That was pretty shocking, I don’t know how he had the cheek.

“Then what?” I heard myself ask.

Tina swallowed and continued. “Then he wadded them up and threw them at me, I couldn’t not catch them and I felt the wetness in my hand. Do you know he actually winked and said ‘Thanks, Mum’ before he pulled his trousers back up? I couldn’t believe it and I just shut the door and put them in the wash. Really, you MUST tell him off – I feel really shaky and almost violated. Please John, go up there now and tell him to never do anything like that again.”

Again I nodded. Obviously that’s what I should do. I put my coat on the peg and climbed the stairs. But at the top, I looked through the open door into Marcus’ room and saw him sat at his computer doing his homework. I really couldn’t believe that he had done what Tina said. No, surely not. I quietly said hi to him and walked past into our bedroom to change. Again, Tina gave me the cold shoulder for the rest of the night. I was puzzled at myself for not telling him off, but it just seemed so unusual I was quite rattled and unsure of what I would say if I did challenge him.

The next evening, as Tina and I lay in our bed watching tv just before we went to sleep, the door opened and Marcus walked in. He was in his pyjamas, which were tenting at the front with an obvious erection. He walked over to the laundry hamper, ignoring us completely, and ferretted around inside. Pulling out a pair of his mother’s dirty underwear, he put them up to his nose and inhaled deeply. This seemed to please him as he replaced the lid, smiled quickly to us as if seeing us for the first time, and returned to his own room. Tina and I looked at each other quite shocked and speechless as rhythmic sounds came through the wall. Finally my wife asked quietly, “Well?”

“Well what?” I countered.

“What are you going to do about him?” she asked, as we both heard him grunting softly nearby.

“I think the question is more what are you going to do about him, karataş escort Tina. It’s your underwear he’s interested in so I think it’s your problem.”

That shocked her. To this day I’m not sure why I was so blunt with her, this wasn’t actually her fault but my loyalties somehow rested with my son. Having been in his position myself, I did understand his need – and also the embarrassment we’d cause him by making it an issue. A strangely, I think I was a little proud that he had the balls to do this. Marcus has struggled with self confidence in his past, but clearly he was overcoming that now. And coming over something else, if the sounds were a guide.

Sure enough, a few minutes later he returned and dropped off the underwear back in the hamper and bid us ‘Good night’ as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

Tina and I lay awake for a long time that night, neither talking, each of us thinking.

And so it went for a week. Marcus would visit each night after we’d got into bed and repeat this performance. It’s amazing how quickly one gets used to the unusual until it becomes usual. I didn’t think there was any harm, really, and even Tina relaxed about it.

Tina and I went out for a meal the next Friday night, and we’d had a good evening at a restaurant and then at a bar. She was giggling like a little girl as our taxi dropped us back and I let us into the house, hoping for some love tonight even though we hadn’t made love for months. She often gets horny when she drinks, and had been flirting with the barman earlier and I’d seen her nipples push against her dress as she laughed at his jokes and twirled her hair around a finger. She hadn’t been keen to leave but we did have to be getting back.

The lights were on and Marcus was sitting at the foot of the stairs, clearly waiting for us. We were a good hour later back than our usual bed time and he was upset.

“You’re late!” he said, obviously angry with us.

“Sorry love,” said Tina, “we stopped off for a little drink.”

Marcus stood there and slowly raised one hand, holding it out towards us. We must have looked puzzled as he explained, patiently as if we were the children.

“I can’t sleep without doing it, and I need your undies to do it. Hand them over” he said.

I was shocked into speechlessness, but Tina clearly wanted me to tell our son off. When it became clear I wasn’t going to do anything, she slid her hands under the hem of the black dress she was wearing, reached up and hooked the sides of her underwear with each thumb and slowly slid it down and, lifting one foot and then the other, lifted it clear of herself. She dangled what was quite a skimpy and lacy g-string by one hand and Marcus stepped forwards, grabbed it and positioned the gusset over his nose before giving it a bit sniff. Almost immediately his pyjamas started tenting as his excitement grew and he turned and climbed the stairs back to his room.

I was still standing there shocked as he left and my wife gave me a scornful look before continuing into the lounge. I followed her in and asked, “Why did you do that?”

“Because you obviously don’t care what your pervy son gets up to and I’m tired of waiting for you to discipline him.” she replied, and poured herself a gin and tonic from the drinks cabinet.

I poured myself a drink and joined her on the sofa as she turned on the TV. Strangely, I became aware that my own penis was erect – was I really getting turned on by this? My own wife was just handing over her used underwear to our son, who was whacking off with them and clearly none of us had a problem with that. After half an hour of drinking and watching, my wife was curled up on the sofa, fast asleep. I turned off the TV, laid a blanket over her and went to bed, closing the door after me. As I passed my son’s room, I saw him also asleep, with his mother’s underwear still wadded up on his crotch. I walked on and slipped into my own bed.

Something woke me – a noise perhaps. I was disoriented and turning over, was surprised to find my wife not asleep next to me. A few foggy moments of alarm when I remembered, the alcohol still in my bloodstream making my thoughts sluggish. As I lay there I heard the noise again, from downstairs. It was the lounge door creaking open. I thought maybe Tina had woken up and was going to the toilet, but after a few minutes as no toilet noises followed, and no steps on the stairs as she came to bed, I grew curious and got up and carefully walked through the darkness, lit only by streetlights outside.

The lounge door was open, of course, and Marcus was inside. I could see the sofa from half-way down the stairs, so halted and took in the scene before me.

He’d lifted the blanket off his mother, and had also raised her dress up above her hips, revealing her naked lower half, which was laid sideways and bottom towards him as she softly snored into the cushions. Marcus was completely naked and kneeling before her, examining his mother’s rear karkamış escort end. I held my breath and watched as he licked one finger and poked very carefully at her soft folds. Although I couldn’t see her actual vagina from this angle, I knew it would be pursed towards him like a burger bun, and after her flirting earlier was probably still a little damp. He seemed to be tracing the outline, which would normally be tickling but clearly she was out of it. He dipped his finger forwards and withdraw it, licking wetness from it. Tasting his mother’s musky juices directly from the source instead of by proxy via the pantie medium.

Clearly Marcus enjoyed the taste as his other hand was pumping in the shadows of his groin. He raised himself up a little and I gasped softly as I saw the size of his penis – it was significant, even at a young age, and looked in the soft light through the window that it was as hard as steel. He put one hand on his mother’s rounded and soft buttock and lined this turgid member at the entrance of his own mother’s cunt. I was pretty hard myself at the wrongness of this. Two people I loved lying exposed and about to engage in the oldest taboo known to man. Incest. Between son and his mother. I sat down and released my throbbing dick and started rubbing it as I watched Marcus gentle lean forwards, ever so softly and ever so slowly. I imagined rather than saw the hairless lips of my wife’s most private entrance being separated by my descendant’s indecent cock. Slowly he slid forwards and moved his hand from his cock to the back cushions of the sofa as he thrust inwards. Eventually he reached the deepest point and again, slowly withdrew, showing surprisingly patience. I wondered if he was scared of waking his mother but he’d shown so little regard for her sensibilities I thought it was more likely he just wanted to savour the moment for his own pleasure. He wasn’t to know I was also savouring this moment, my right hand mimicking his movements as he slid slowly back and forth inside the tunnel that brought him into the world.

Gradually his tempo rose until he was thrusting back and forth, making my unconscious wife’s body move with each push. I marvelled that she wasn’t waking – although perhaps she was and merely playing unconscious? No way to tell.

Marcus eventually climaxed, thrusting deep and hard into Tina’s cunt and I imagined his virile young sperm flooding out into her vagina and deep into her womb. My own balls tightened as I released my load fruitlessly into my hand.

“Wow,” I thought, as I silently stood and crept back into my bed. That was amazingly hot! As I lay there, I heard my son’s footsteps climb the stairs and go into his room. The bedsprings creaked and I knew he would be asleep quickly. I lay awake, thinking about this momentous evening and shortly I felt myself rise a second time. I reached over and fished into the laundry basket and fished out an older pair of Tina’s knickers and, holding them over my nose with my left hand, I masturbated slowly under the covers, re-living the earlier events and licking then inhaling the musk of her sex which lingered on the material.

I awoke to the resigned voice of my wife, “Oh, not you as well?” As I struggled towards wakefulness, I peeled her underwear from my face and tried to think of a reasonable explanation, but couldn’t. Clearly, in Tina’s eyes, I was just as perverted as her son. She had no idea just how perverted we had both been last night, nor seemed to know she had been violated. She sighed and removed her dress and stepped into the shower and took a long wash.

Amazingly, as the day progressed it was clear she had no memory of the evening after getting home – or was pretending it had never happened. Our Saturday progressed as usual, and as usual we ate our meal and settled in front of the TV as a family, watching a film. The film had adult themes, and about half-way in, there was a mild sex scene. I was sat on one side of the sofa, Tina in the middle and Marcus at the other end – and I became aware of a now familiar rhythm. I looked across to see Marcus had his penis sticking through his fly and was masturbating. Tina was obviously aware but keeping her eyes on the screen. After a few minutes of this, Marcus said, “Mum, can I use your underwear again please?” Neither of us said anything, as usual, and he repeated his question in a louder tone, without the ‘please’.

Tina looked at me, and this time it was my turn to latch onto the screen. I wasn’t going to say no on her behalf.

My wife stood up in front of us. Slowly, she undid her jeans button and we heard the fly go down. Leaning forwards, she bent over and lowered both jeans and underwear together in one fluid movement. Removing both, she left the jeans on the floor and passed Marcus her warm underwear.

“Thanks Mum,” said Marcus, and resumed his masturbating as Tina sat back down between us. I put my hand on her naked thigh. Seeing this, Marcus stopped masturbating and his kilis escort hand mirrored mine on the other thigh. It didn’t stay there for long, and gradually reached down and before long was gently stroking my wife’s most delicate of lips. I looked at Tina’s face to see her eyes were now closed and she was softly biting her lip. Responding to the attention, her legs gradually spread allowing Marcus’ fingers to dip into her liquid channel. Marcus rubbed her channel, bumping against the clitoris and this was having an obvious effect on Tina and the smell of her lubricating sex rose to fill the room.

The film now long forgotten, Marcus rose and again knelt in front of his mother’s sex, examining it closely. I wondered if I should close the curtains to the street, but somehow the risk of being observed added even more to the taboo, the wrongness of the moment. I felt movement and Tina scooted forwards on the sofa, spreading her legs even wider. With a wisdom before his years, Marcus leant forwards and started licking his mother’s vagina. Instantly she moaned and one hand went to her breast, twisting a nipple through her bra and blouse.

I sit immobile next to my wife as our son licked her to a moaning orgasm. Both of them ignored me in their carnal desire as he licked and licked her to a second climax within a few short minutes.

Opening her eyes, Tina gently put her hand on his forehead and pushed him away from her gaping twat enough for her to stand up, with him standing in front of her, his young penis solidly sticking out between the buttons of his pyjamas. Taking him by the hand, she started to lead him out of the lounge. When I stood up to follow, she shot me a dark look and said, “No – you stay here. I think we have a new man of the house now.”

Marcus was smiling, his mother’s juices still wet around his mouth.

“But… I’m your husband!” I countered.

“You sure as hell haven’t acted like a husband, nor much of a father. I gave you a chance to stop this, hell – I gave you several chances, but you stood by and let it happen. Well now I’m taking our boy upstairs and he’s going to fuck me, John. Your son, Marcus. My son, Marcus. I’m going to let him have his way with your wife on our marriage bed, now. I don’t want to see you until morning!”

I sat back down, all my wind having left me and watched as Tina led Marcus up the stairs. I fumbled with the remote control and turned off the TV, and for the next two hours listened to them fucking. Marcus was young and obviously came quickly, but he also recovered fast and seemed to go several times and by the noise my wife made, was certainly satisfying her in a way I hadn’t had the opportunity to for months. Aware of my still throbbing need, I took my penis in my hand and masturbated to the sound they made, releasing a large jet of semen over my shamed belly and at some point fell asleep on the sofa.

I woke to the sounds of noisy sex and, when they’d finished, the sounds of a shower.

Tina came down alone and started making breakfast, so I walked through to the kitchen and joined her.

“Well?” I asked.

“Well yourself.” she answered, clearly irritated by me. She was wearing one of my t-shirts and nothing else. It ended just below the curve of her buttocks and damn, she looked hot as she reached up into a cupboard to get some cups.

I waited, knowing she would answer, and she did.

Sighing, she finished making coffee and put a cup in front of me and sat down at the table.

“Look, John. I didn’t want last night to happen, but I just got so tired of fighting it alone. I needed you to be a man for me, be my man and also a father to our son, but you failed us. So, I have given in to his teenage horniness and, well, some of my own desires too. I enjoyed what happened, I felt a closeness I haven’t done with you for some time. What’s more, John, I want this to continue. I find our son sexy now that I’ve been forced to think of him that way and as you saw, he has no problem with social expectations. So – I’ll sleep with him again. Probably today, probably more than once, probably as soon as he wants me. You can’t stop it and I no longer want you to try. “

I must have looked shocked, as indeed I was. I couldn’t speak, I had a lump in my throat and a hot, churning stomach. I had no idea what to do, what to say.

“There’s something else, John…” she continued, and wasn’t able to meet my eye now.

“I stopped taking the Pill some time ago. Didn’t seem much point as our own sex life had gone south. It’s two weeks since my last period, that means I’m fertile and we haven’t used a condom. Marcus is certainly producing a lot of healthy young sperm and I think there’s a better than evens chance that I’m now carrying his son. My son, hell, I’m probably pregnant with my own grandchild!” and she laughed a little at that absurdity.

I want you to stick around though, John. We get on okay, you and me, even if the sex has been bad for years. If you want to, I’ll let you watch us sometimes. If Marcus lets me, I might even give you a blow job on your birthday in a couple of weeks, but we won’t have sex again. I’m his now, not yours. Keep earning the money, let’s keep pretending to be the perfect family for everyone else, and when my baby starts growing, we’ll tell people it’s yours. Only us three will ever know the truth…

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