Our Sleepover

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We were 18 that summer, Kelly had just had an awesome birthday party to celebrate her being a legal adult. We had been best friends since the first grade and told each other everything. That night, after everyone left, I stayed over, it was no big deal, Kelly’s house was my second home. We stayed up late giggling, and teasing guys on the internet. Things lead to one another, first we were teasing the next thing we knew we were seeing who could have the wildest cyber sex. Then I had what I thought was a great idea.

“why don’t we check out a porn site, and find a pictures that we can say are us. Then we can really get these horny guys hot!”

“That’s a great idea Michele!!”

So we set out on our task to get some hot, explicit photos. Sure we could have just as easily taken Polaroid’s of ourselves, but Kelly had just turned 18, and had only had one boyfriend before..I thought that would be way too forward, and I didn’t want to scare my best friend. So we went to the site and she clicked at the lame pictures of women wearing bras and panties. I stole the mouse from her and got to some of the better stuff.

“Wait,” Kelly said, “look at that one, I don’t understand the caption.” The link read “hot slut shaves her cunt”

“What don’t you understand?” I asked, clicking on the link, before us a picture of a young 20-something with blonde hair and firm tits appeared, she was holding a razor and there was some shaving cream rubbed above her pussy, her body was hairless where hair should be

“how come she doesn’t have any hair on her pussy?” Kelly said “why would someone shave down there? I’ve never heard of that before!”

I couldn’t believe it, was she serious?

“I shave myself, Kelly. Are you telling me you don’t??”

“You shave??? Are you serious? No I don’t shave, i’ve never heard of that before!”

“How do you play with your self with all that hair in the way?” I laughed.

“What! I don’t play with myself you skank!”

“yeah right Kelly, you’ve only had one boyfriend, and unless you lied to me, you two went pretty far, how am I supposed to believe that the only time you’ve been horny was while you were with him?”

“Well I didn’t say I was never horny…”Kelly was caught and she knew it

“o don’t worry about, I play with myself, how do you think I knew about this website if I never fingered myself?” I clicked onto a different pick, it was two girls kissing, they didn’t look much older then us, on had her hand up the others girls shirt, the other had her own hand in her pants.

“hey look Kelly, it looks like us.” I joked with her. She was worried when bursa escort bayan she first met her old boyfriend that he wouldn’t like her because she had never been kissed. We stayed up really late that night practicing and practicing until she was sure that she was perfect. I didn’t argue, I had no problem with kissing her plump lips, and she was right to be proud of her technique.

“shut up! I never felt you up!” She laughed. “so you really shave?” She turned serious and looked at me

“yeah I shave, I can’t believe never heard of shaving yourself.” I thought for a moment…then a wicked idea came into my head. “hey I hope I’m not being to forward here, but these pictures are really making me wet, would you object to me, well…you know…would that really bother you?”

“you mean you want to masturbate HERE? In my house, with me right next to you?” She seemed shocked, but then…”i guess it’s ok, but you wouldn’t mind if I do it to would you? I mean, I’m pretty wet myself, and if you are going to be pleasuring yourself and not talking to me, I’m going to get kind of bored”

“hey it’s your house, you do whatever you want!” I laughed

“ol I will!” She jumped up from her chair and pulled me up from mine then puled down my pants. There I was standing in her bedroom in my panties, with my pants down around my knees

“what are you doing???” I shrieked!

“I just wanted to see your shaved pussy, I don’t believe you!, Besides, how are you going to play with your pants on?”

I laughed she was right, I pulled my pants off completely and sat back down, so did she. “well if you wanted to see it that badly you should have said something!” I teased her

I slipped my shirt over my head and stood there in nothing but my panties, I never wore a bra, they were so tight and uncomfortable, besides, it was fun to catch guys staring at me when my nipples got hard, like they were now. Kelly looked at me, it wasn’t the first time she’d seen my breasts, we’ve seen each other lots of times, but I guess it was the first time she really looked, especially since she’d never noticed that I shaved.

“why don’t you get yourself comfortable too, since we are going to be playing with ourselves…i’d hate to be the only one going at it full force!” I told her

“you’re right, but I’m still waiting to see your pussy” she said as she pulled her own shirt over her head. Kelly had huge tits, or at least bigger then mine. They jiggled as she took off her pants even though they were in her bra. She sat there in front of me wearing a beautiful pink bra and panty set, pink was her favorite color. bursa anal yapan escort I could see clearly that she did not shave, there were small blonde hairs poking out of her panties.

“all right, i’ll show you what i’ve got hiding in my panties” I said, as I slipped them off and onto the floor. There I was, standing in Kelly’s room completely naked. She looked intently at my body, and I was getting hott! I sat down and began to look at more pictures, while I knew she was still looking at me. I flipped to a picture of an Asian women giving head, but I could still feel her eyes on me, as I looked over, she was staring at my pussy, but her hand had moved inside her panties, she was fingering herself. Seeing Kelly do this turned me on, but I wasn’t yet ready to go at it myself, I wanted it to be really great, and last as long as possible.

I clicked on another picture, and there was a picture of two women, one was eating the other out…o how good that would feel, to have someone licking my cunt and sucking on my clit. I couldn’t resist. I slid my hand down and felt my wetness. It felt so good to touch myself. I slowly made small circles, dragging my sticky fluid up to my clit and gradually increased my pace. That next thing I knew was ready to cum and my clit was rock hard. I was breathing heavily, I could hear Kelly panting and moaning, I turned my head an focussed on her fingers that were vigorously fucking her pussy. A minute later we had both cum. She got up and threw herself onto her bed and lay there panting, I was still siting in my chair focusing on her body.

“I really needed that.” She said “I hope you’re not bothered by the fact I found your pussy so hot. I’ve never looked at it before, but wow! I think I want to shave my own now!”

I smiled…she was still wearing her bra and panties, but now I could get her out of them! “why don’t you let me shave you? Tonight? It’s kind of hard your first time, I wouldn’t want you to cut yourself down there!”

“Really? You would do that? I would love it if you shaved my pussy!” Kelly giggled! I knew she was excited and so was i. We quickly moved into the bathroom. She got a razor and some shaving cream.

“you have to take off your panties for me to shave you!” I said “and you might as well take off your bra, it’s not doing anything anyway!” I laughed

She removed her bra first, and I got to see her tits in full glory, they were small melons on her chest and her nipples were big and pink. They protruded from her body, as did mine, we were both getting hot again. She then slid her panties bursa rus escort off onto the floor, I noticed how wet they were from her masturbation session. She laid down on the bathroom mat and I knelt in front of her, in between her spread legs. I slowly shaved off her blonde hair around her pussy. While I was doing this, Kelly became very wet, I could see fluid leaking out of her slit, and I could feel myself doing just the same!

When I was completely done, I leaned my face in very close to her cunt and examined her to make sure I got all of the hair, I opened her pussy lips and accidentally slipped a finger in “oo sorry Kelly, I was just checking to make sure I had all of the hair”

She moaned and said “that’s ok” she sat up and we sat there on the bathroom floor, naked, looking at each other.

“remember that night you taught me how to kiss?” Kelly asked

“yes, we were joking about it earlier, why?”

“i know, I was just thinking about it again. That night was great. I didn’t want to stop kissing you, I had to stop myself. I got so wet that night. After you fell asleep I fingered myself very quietly, I didn’t want to wake you up. I imagined you sucking on my tits, and working your tongue around my nipples, like you had done to my own tongue that night. That was one of the hardest times i’ve ever come.”

Her confession was shocking, I never knew she thought about me kissing her and sucking on her body. At that moment, I knew that my next action would be ok. I moved in and kissed Kelly. It was a long passionate kiss, as we frenched I slowly moved my hand up and cupped her breast into my hand. I rolled her hard nipple between my fingers, and slowly ended our kiss and moved down to suck on her tit. I made slow circles around her areola and moved to the next one, Kelly was moaning. Then I sat up and looked into her eyes, she knew exactly what I wanted.

Kelly sucked my tits, then slowly moved her way down my body until her face was in between my legs, she kissed my slit and tasted my juices, soon she was flicking my clit with her tongue, it felt amazing. It didn’t take long for me to be screaming out in delight. I came hard all over Kelly, and she lapped up all of my juices like a dog. She then sat up and I looked at her. I was panting trying to catch my breath, but I reached up and pulled her head down over my face and kissed my juices off of her mouth.

I then moved my finger to her pussy and teased her for a moment, until she shouted “finger my cunt you bitch!” I obeyed her command and fingered her hole at full force, she quickly came all over my hand and I immediately moved my wet fingers up to my mouth and licked off her juices. She looked at me, and pulled my hand to her face and licked the remainder of her cum off of my hand. We laid there on the bathroom floor until morning, when we woke up in each others arms and decided it was time to take a shower….o boy!! (or should I say girl?)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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