Out in the Field Ch. 01

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Thinking back on it now I should have seen the signs, but in my defence I was but an innocent and naive girl from the countryside, with no experience of that sort of thing, and from the moment I had met her I had been rather in awe of Professor Barker. Tall, strikingly attractive and intelligent to boot, she was everything I aspired to be and I think there was more than a little bit of hero worship going on – I had worked and studied for years to get a place in her department and now my life’s dream was coming true.

At the age of twenty four I was the youngest post-grad on her team and Elspeth Barker had taken me under her wing, having plucked me from a shortlist of applicants, all male apart from me, to join her expedition to the jungles of Peru to investigate a recently discovered Inca site. Although I was new to the team and the youngest member, the Professor made me her number two, given my depth of knowledge I already had, and the fact that I could speak fluent Spanish and bits of some of the local dialects – I had really studied for this.

So, after months of preparation and background work we flew out, and after another day of travelling via short-haul plane and truck we made it to our campsite, which had already been set up for us by the locals we’d hired as labour. In a large clearing in the forest were a huddle of old but sturdy looking tents, laid out for work, a kitchen, ablutions, and sleeping. Given that in our group of ten the Professor and I were the only women it made sense that we shared a tent, albeit a larger one with more room than the others.

“Well, this is our home for the next six months Sam,” the prof said as we put our heavy packs down on the camp beds in the bedroom half of the tent.

“Looks nice and cosy Professor,” I said.

“Please, call me Elli, no need to be so formal out here,” she smiled at me as we started unpacking and sorting our things out, “we are going to be living together after all.”

“OK Elli,” I smiled, “I guess we are.”

“Right, let’s get changed into more suitable attire shall we?” she said as she started to strip off, and after a pause I followed suit, both of us soon down to our underwear. I couldn’t help but admire the professor’s body – she was slim and firm, the body of an athlete rather than an academician, with small boobs and a pert bottom. I’m built a little larger than her but not by much, and I smiled as I realised we had much the same taste in underwear – we both wore lightweight cotton bras and skimpy thongs. I was trying not to stare at her but she noticed and smiled warmly at me.

“I hope you’re not shy,” she said as her eyes ran up and down my body, “we’re going to be seeing rather a lot of each other in here I fancy.”

“No, I’m not shy,” I smiled at her, standing directly in front of her, “I’m proud of my body.”

“And so you should be!” she smiled, “you’re very attractive.”

“Thank you, so are you,” I blushed, turning away to pick up my shorts. As we put on shorts, t-shirts and sturdy boots I found myself thinking strange thoughts, things I’d never entertained before about naked women. I put them from my mind as we finished dressing, and Elli led me out of the back of the main part of our tent.

“Look, we’ve got our own little bathroom Sam,” she said, indicating another little tent directly out the back of ours, with a toilet cubicle, basin and bath with shower, “nice not to have to share with the men.”

There wasn’t too much we could do that first day, although we did all hike up the trail to the site itself, vast stone walls and buildings looming out of the heavy undergrowth, a lot of it still buried but enough cleared for us to make a start. Back down in camp dinner was just about ready for us, so we all sat around the long table in the open-sided dining tent, excitedly discussing what we might find up there in the ruins.

Finally it was time to retire, and back in our tent the professor stripped back down to her undies, to cool down, and she encouraged me to do the same.

“Come on Sam, you’ll feel cooler and more comfortable,” she smiled at me as she perched on the edge of her bed, “it gets quite warm in here.”

“I am a bit hot,” I said as I sat down to remove my boots and socks, aware that she was watching my every move, “as long as the guys don’t barge in!”

“More fool them!” she chuckled, “they’ll see something they can never have!”

I had thought that I was being silly, but escort istanbul as I pulled my t-shirt off I realised that Elli was looking at me the way a guy would, checking me out as I stood up to pull my shorts down. The thought made my tummy flutter, as did the one that followed it – I liked it, I liked her attention, the way she looked at me as I stood there almost naked in front of her.

“Does that feel better?” she asked me as she continued to study me.

“Yes, much better,” I said, sitting on the edge of my bed opposite her.

“Sam, tell me off if you want, but I have a handy tip for you,” she said, leaning forward.

“Please, do tell,” I replied, intrigued.

“I can’t help but notice that you’ve got quite a bush down there,” the prof said, looking down at my thong, “I find in this climate it’s much more comfortable if you shave it all off.”

“Ooh, thanks for the advice,” I replied shyly, “I guess I should then, but I’ve never done that before.”

“If you like, I could to it for you,” the prof said in a hushed voice, “it can be a bit fiddly if you’ve never done it before.”

“OK, yeah, why not,” I told her with a smile, after pondering for a few seconds – my professor, who was old enough to be my mother, wanted to shave my pussy; why was I getting so horny at the thought of that? Was she a lesbian? Was I? If the answer to either was yes, did it matter? I was going to be spending six months with her, sharing a bedroom and bathroom with her, working closely with an attractive woman who liked to strip off as much as she could – if I spurned her advances, should this be one, how awkward was it going to be between us?

“Good girl!” she beamed, leaping to her feet, “let me go and get what I need ready!”

Off she went to our bathroom and I sat there thinking about what I was probably letting myself in for; there was an outside chance this all perfectly innocent but I doubted it – I knew the way she had been looking at me, the desire had been as plain as the nose on her face. With a sense of nervousness and excitement I decided to follow the prof into our little bathroom tent, and there she was, hot water steaming in the basin as she sorted things out.

“Ah, Sam, good,” she said upon seeing me, holding up a pair of scissors, “I suspect we might need to cut the worst off first, so let’s have a look!”

With a tremble in my hands I eased my thong down, stepping out of it as Elli moved closer to inspect me. She reached down and gently touched my bush.

“Yes, scissors first or we’ll be at it all night,” she stated. She guided me over to the basin and got me to lift my right leg up and rest my foot on the basin, fully exposing my groin to the prof.

“Now, hold still hun,” she said as she knelt down in front of me, “we don’t want an accident.”

My tummy fluttered as she carefully and gently snipped away at my pubic hair, pulling on it as she cut it off tuft by tuft. It was incredibly erotic and I could feel my heart beating faster and my pussy growing hotter. She smiled up at me as I watched her carefully trim my dark pubes as short as she could, pushing and pulling my skin about to get at it all. I couldn’t help it, I was starting to get moist down there and I was sure she could see it.

“OK so far?” the prof asked as she stood up, and I just nodded, not trusting my voice.

“Now the real fun begins!” she grinned at me as she grabbed a can of shaving foam and squirted a big dollop into her hand, “this will feel cold!”

She pressed the foam onto my groin and I jumped a little, and not just because the foam was cold. We looked at each other as she spread the foam all over my pussy and groin, and I shivered from her touch and the way she licked her lips as she reached under and smeared it between my butt cheeks.

With razor in hand Elli dropped to her knees again and started to shave me, carefully working her way in towards my slit. As she rinsed the razor off I adjusted my position slightly, spreading my legs further and thrusting my groin out towards her. She smiled up at me as she pulled my labia to one side, scraping right down the side of them and inspecting me closely to make sure she got every stray pube. I was enjoying her touch and the intimacy of the situation as she pulled and manipulated my sex in her search for hairs, and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter.

“Nearly done,” she purred as she worked lower, pulling escort bayan my ass cheeks even wider apart as she chased down the last of my pubic hair, removing the last little strands from around my tight opening. I could see from the look on her face that the professor was satisfied with her work and after using a flannel to rinse me down – and turn me on even more – she grabbed a small mirror and showed me what my bald pussy looked like.

“A thing of beauty,” Elli sighed as I looked at the reflection in the mirror, seeing my pussy hairless for the first time in many years and finding that I liked it, “what do you think?”

“I like it,” I murmured, seeing a look of sheer lust in the professor’s face, “it’s pretty.”

“Yes, it is,” Elli said hoarsely as she stood back up, “now, a little something to help keep your skin soft.”

As I stood there with my foot still up on the basin I watched Elli squirt an oily looking substance from a bottle into her left hand before standing right in front of me, her face inches from mine. As we looked into each other eyes – have I told you she has the most amazing green eyes? – Her hand dropped and I gasped as she started to rub that oil into my skin, all around and across my bare pussy. She smiled sweetly at me as her slippery fingers slipped under and rubbed across my ass hole (which felt really nice) , clearly delighted that I was so obviously enjoying her touch.

I knew what was coming and I didn’t fight it, simply closing my eyes and parting my lips, feeling her warm breath on my skin moments before her lips touched mine. It was a revelation to me, so much softer and nicer than kissing a guy, and of course her hand rubbing my pussy was really turning me on. I opened my mouth fully to her and felt her wet tongue slide in and find mine, as her fingers slid in between my slippery folds.

I had to wrap my arms around Elli as the kiss grew more passionate and the action of her hand more insistent, as my legs were starting to wobble a little bit. My body was warm and tingling all over as I realised how I was going to be spending the next six months, and to my surprise I found the idea very exciting. This woman’s touch was more arousing and erotic than anything I’d ever experienced before, and the desire she had for me was turning me on like never before.

“You know what I want don’t you?” the prof asked me when our mouths finally parted, her fingers still moving slowly in my slit as she gazed into my eyes.

“Yes”, I replied quietly, “I do. I think I want it too, but I’ve never…”

“I know baby,” she smiled at me, “don’t worry, let me take the lead.”

After easing my raised leg back down Elli led me back into our bedroom, where she piled all our bedding up on the floor between our camp beds. She kissed me again as she slipped my bra off and then guided me down onto the bedding, and as I looked up she slowly removed her bra and thong, proudly showing me her lean naked body. She looked amazing standing there in the soft light and my gaze was drawn to her groin – hairless and smooth, she had prominent pussy lips which I would soon, no doubt, taste.

We lay down together in a tight and wonderful embrace, our mouths locked together as our naked bodies pressed and rubbed together. To feel a soft and smooth female body against my own was a revelation and I was starting to get very wet indeed, as Elli discovered when her hand found its way between my legs again.

“Sam, you’re so wet!” she groaned, “I have to taste you pussy – I’ve wanted to since the day we first met!”

“Please, do whatever you want!”I gasped as her palm rubbed over my clit, “I’ve never been so turned on in my life – professor, I’m yours!”

“Oh Sam, I promise you won’t regret it!” she beamed happily at me, kissing me hard, “I’m going to make you feel so good you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven!”

She slid down my body, kissing and licking as she went, until my legs were wide apart and she was lying between them, kissing my inner thighs. She was teasing me, slowly working ever closer to my wet and throbbing womanhood, and I was pleading to her with my eyes as we looked at each other – I so wanted to feel her mouth on my sex!

I swear my pussy was drooling as she licked the smooth skin either side of it, demonstrating all too clearly the advantages of a hair-free mound. Then, at last, she swiped her tongue up the length of my split and I gasped happily, eskort the feel of her tongue on me sending waves of pleasure outward from my groin. She used her thumbs to gently part my labia but I was so wet and swollen I swear that the slightest touch would have parted them anyway, and I bit my bottom lip and whimpered as I felt her tongue delve inside.

Never had I experienced oral sex like this; no stubbly face, no blind fumbling about, and no roughness – this was something else, something new and wonderful. Elli clearly knew how to eat a pussy and she was indeed taking me heaven as she explored me, licking and sucking every square inch of my soaking wet snatch. She sucked my lips into her mouth, she teased and nibbled on my hard little clit, she even lapped at my tight little anus; every touch was intense and incredible.

It didn’t take very long for Elli’s expert mouth to bring me to the peak, making me lift my bottom of the floor and thrust myself against her face as I started to cum. I tried to stifle my cries of delight as best I could, not wanting the entire campsite to hear me, but I’m sure anyone nearby knew what was going in here as I exploded wetly into my boss’s mouth. It was without question the biggest, wettest climax in my life and for a few moments I did indeed knock on heaven’s door, thrusting my cunny into Elli’s face as I filled her mouth with my juices.

“Your pussy tastes divine,” Elli purred after she had slid back up body, kissing me and letting me taste myself on her tongue, “did you enjoy that?”

“It was amazing!” I groaned, “I had no idea it could be that good!”

“Oh baby, that was just the start,” she smiled at me, “there are so many wonderful things I can show you, if you’ll let me.”

“Yes, I want that,” I sighed, “anything you want, I want too!”

“Good girl!” she said happily, “How would you like to taste my pussy?”

“I would love too!” I replied, “I suspect I shall taste it a lot over the next six months!”

“Oh baby, for longer than that I hope!” she moaned as turned around on top of me, sticking her shaven sex in my face.

Her swollen inner lips were glistening with her honey and I found the sight and smell of her sex extremely arousing, knowing it was me that had this effect on another woman. I stuck my tongue out and lapped at those wet folds, delighted to find the taste of her was to my liking. The professor had pulled my legs up and apart and was gently kissing me all around my sex as I licked her sex, delighting in the physical sensations of being so intimate with another woman.

To my delight, when I used my fingers to open Elli’s pussy she was so wet she did actually drip on me, a string of clear fluid dropping down onto my upper lip. She was so wet inside that I easily lapped up enough of her sticky fluid to swallow down, and a thrill shuddered through me as I watched more sweet nectar ooze from her cunny.

Elli had by now worked two fingers up inside me and I was moaning softly into her cunt flesh as she worked them about, twisting, turning and pumping them deep in my pussy. We were moving together, our bodies covered in sweat so that our skin was slick and slippery, sliding against each other. Elli was producing amazing amounts of love juice and I was sucking and drinking it up with relish, enjoying immensely such an intimate act.

When Elli came I had my mouth wide open and glued to her slippery slit, wriggling my tongue inside her and sucking the cum out of her. I was bucking myself against her hand as my climax built up and I was struggling to breath as Elli ground herself against my face, gasping and grunting with delight. Suddenly Elli gave a cry and a gush of fluid flooded into my mouth; it wasn’t cum, it was pee! To be honest I was too far gone to care, eagerly swallowing every drop that squirted into my mouth, surprising myself at my dirtiness.

“Did you drink it all?” she asked me excitedly, “I forgot to warn you, I have a weak bladder.”

“I wasn’t expecting it!” I giggled, “But I was so far gone I went with it!”

“Did you like it?” she asked me as her fingers explored between my buttocks, teasing my bumhole.

“Actually I did,” I confessed, blushing at the admission, “it felt very dirty.”

“Oh Sam, you’re just perfect!” Elli groaned, “Where have you been all these years?”

“Ungh, at school,” I groaned as I felt her finger penetrate my bum, sliding deeply into me, “more’s the pity. Ooh, I like that!”

“Good, because I am a dirty cow,” she sighed, moving her finger inside me, “and I’m going to teach you every dirty little kink I know.”

“Well, I am your ever eager pupil,” I moaned, kissing her as she fingered my bottom…

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