Out of the Whiteness Ch. 02

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This story is dedicated and inspired by one of the first authors, I ever followed. Caesar started showing up on boards and story sites in the late 90’s. I think he is long retired as an active author but his stories linger on. I hope he approves of my creation.

This is a complete fantasy. All participants in the sexual activity are over the age of 18. Since this is my world, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies. All my characters enjoy good hygiene so showers are not usually mentioned unless part of the sex.

Please read, enjoy, and vote. I respond to all comments.


Mum got the idea I was tired and needed sleep when my eyes simply closed. Maybe I snored a little? I dunno. Very fatiguing.

I opened my eyes the next morning to find myself alone yet again. Since I wasn’t wasting my time feeling sorry for myself, I didn’t mind the occasional solitude. It gave me time to review the activities of the previous day and their long-term ramifications.

As insane as it sounds, I was pretty sure, I had woken from the coma with a strange control of my thoughts and those of others. It seemed I merely had to think a specific thought and anyone in close proximity to me would receive the thought and comply with its instruction. I could even aim my thoughts at specific persons. To some degree I could also hear the thoughts of people close to me distance wise.

At this time, I had no clear idea of the limits of my abilities. Emotions such as anger seemed to intensify the compulsion to comply with my demands, umm, requests. And, the people I communicated with didn’t seem to know it was me projecting my thoughts to them.

This was just so cool! Of course, as with any 19 year old guy, my first, and current, thoughts were of how much sex I could get out of these abilities. I also knew if I ever wanted to be free of hospitals, I couldn’t tell anyone I possessed these powers or abilities . Otherwise, the rest of my life would be spent being poked, prodded, tested, etc. in the name of medical science.

That couldn’t happen. That would limit my brand new sexual activities I was waiting to explore more fully. Nope, a secret it would remain.

My reverie was interrupted by a small whirling dervish at the door loaded with bags and boxes evidently for me. Mum was the whirler in question.

OMG, she looked awesome today. This little woman was a walking wet dream for any guy. She was wearing 4 inch heels, a short denim skirt that could almost be labeled a belt, and a blue halter top that allowed her breasts to move about.

I had a chubby just looking at her. My feelings must have seeped through to Mum as she ran her hands down her body, not touching anything, simply emphasizing what I was looking at. Mum came to me in order to kiss me good morning. My chubby really got excited when Mum just darted the tip of her tongue into my mouth.

I really wanted to reach out and hug her but my arms wouldn’t lift sufficiently as yet. As a matter of fact, I would be starting physical therapy today. All of the muscles in my body that had laid unused for ten months needed to be taught their functions and how to achieve them. I’m not going to bore you with the details of the therapy itself as it doesn’t include positive memories for me. I was treated to successively increasing bouts of torture three times daily for the following three months.

“Hi!” This was a new voice. It twigged a few chords in my brain so I knew it wasn’t a brand new voice, I had heard it before.

The voice was attached to a vision of loveliness. This woman, my age approximately, stood about five foot three, had long blonde hair hanging almost to her butt. The hair seemed so soft I wanted to run my hands through it. This woman had the bluest eyes I could ever have seen.

And her body! Wearing a tight top, I decided her tits had to be a pair of 34C’s. They hung high and proud on her chest with no indications of sag. When she turned to put down some items she was carrying, her leggings presented an ass to die for. Firm, well defined, and maybe just a teeny bit plump.

Mum seemed to have noticed my fascination with this woman. Mum had lowered the bedrail in order to perch on the bed at my side. She had one arm behind me, helping to hold my head up and close to her breasts, while the other hand rested on my thigh close to my ever present chubby.

“Ricky, you’re looking so much better today. I’m sorry I couldn’t be here yesterday but I had two finals,” said the sexy blonde as she moved closer to my bed.

Mum mentioned a girlfriend yesterday. Was this her? She would definitely be my type. Or the type of virtually every heterosexual male on the planet. Many, many women too. I hoped this was my girlfriend. Fingers crossed.

“Ricky, don’t you recognize me? Have I changed that much in a year?”

I just shook my head no. I couldn’t remember this woman at all.

“Ricky, you’re my big brother, I’m your sister Melissa.”

Sister? gaziantep kızıl escort Melissa? Not my girlfriend?

I tried to say something in response but my voice was still a mostly unintelligible croaking sound. Yeah, speech therapy would be in my future as well. Fortunately it was less torturous than the physical therapy would be.

I gave up trying to verbalize a response concentrating on hearing hers and Mum’s thoughts.

“My son has a hard on again,” thought Mum. “It is a very attractive cock. I liked rubbing his balls yesterday. Maybe we will get some time together again today. Where’s Becky anyway?”

Mum began to caress my thigh moving her hand little by little towards my hardening dick. Melissa was thinking too.

“My poor, big brother. He looks awful, so scrawny, we need to get food into him, fatten him up. Look! Mum is rubbing his leg. She’s awfully close to his cock.”

Following my mental instructions, Melissa stepped up to the hospital bed and lowered the bedrails. She perched on the side facing me. When she was settled in, she threw her arms around me in a huge hug. The hug was fine but it was still a rather gingerly hug. My sister was being careful not to put too much of her weight on me. So, no body parts were touching me.

Melissa leaned her head towards me to give me a kiss on the cheek. My little sister, she was a year younger than me, ended up kissing me on the mouth as I turned my head just as her lips were about to touch my cheek. It was a good kiss but still a brother and sister kiss, close mouthed, no tongue.

This just wouldn’t do. Not at all. I sent some thoughts Mum’s way. She leaned down to give me a kiss on the mouth as well. But her kiss pushed the boundaries of a typical mother son kiss. The next one allowed my mother to dynamite those boundaries to smithereens.

Mum’s tongue licked around my lips. I could taste her strawberry lip gloss. I liked it. Our lips remained meshed together as Mum inserted her tongue into my mouth seeking my own tongue.

A glance in Melissa’s direction indicated she thought this was an erotic scene but she wasn’t sure a mother should be kissing her son this way. I beamed her thoughts of excitement at the taboo nature of our kisses. Melissa gave me another kiss on the lips when Mum took a momentary break in order to catch her breath. Melissa’s kiss could still be termed an intense kiss but remaining a brother sister kiss. Darn.

Melissa sat back up watching Mum. She could see that Mum’s caressing of my thigh had moved to my wang. Mum had a very gentle grip on my dick, only partially closing her hand on it. It was both loving and erotic.

Mum kissed me more. We were in a full out makeout session. Lips nibbling on lips, mouths squeezed together, and tongues dancing in one mouth or the other. I don’t know how much experience I had in this area but Mum radiated pleasure at our actions.

This time when Mum sat up, Melissa moved in. She still gave me brotherly pecks on the lips before lifting her limitations a little. My sister grabbed my earlobe with her teeth and began to twizzle it with her tongue. She was really getting into it when Doctor Chump and Becky entered the room.

“Good morning, ladies, how are we today?” asked Becky of my mother and sister while winking at me.

Trying not to look that they had been caught in a little foreplay, the women sat up straighter and muttered their responses to a grinning Becky.

“You shouldn’t be leaning on Rick that way. Too much weight on him at this juncture could be harmful to his health.”

“Shut up, Chump! Their weight on me is making me feel a whole lot better. My Mum, my sister, and Becky should cuddle with me all day.” I wished I had a bigger bed.

“But, then again, Rick is getting stronger and he seems to be enjoying what you’re doing to him. So continue,” said the Chump. “In fact, Becky, you special these folks today. Maybe you can help with the cuddling as it seems it is giving him more strength.”

Special duties meant Becky wouldn’t be working with any other patients. Good Chump, I thought as he walked towards the door and, looked over his shoulder at me and smiled.

All three women were sitting on my bed with me. There was no kissing going on but all the girls were rubbing any portion of my body they could reach. Mum had not let go of my woody even once since the Chump had been in the room. The three women were chattering away about the normal things, none involving me. I lay back and gave in to enjoying their caresses.

Again, my relaxation was interrupted by a new voice at the door. Can’t these people leave me alone for ten minutes? Sheesh. The guy at the door pulled an empty gurney into the room behind him.

“The doctor wants you transferred to another room,” said the orderly. “There’s an available VIP suite on the penthouse level. That’s where you’re going.”

“We can’t afford gaziantep köle escort that!” Mum exclaimed. “Our insurance won’t cover an upgraded room.” Mum looked dejected.

“The charge nurse mentioned that to the doctor and he said you wouldn’t be paying any more. He would talk to Billing and make sure of it.”

I was happy. “Good, Chump,” I thought. A faint voice came back with, “You shouldn’t refer to me as Chump.” I laughed my ass off. Well, to me it was laughter. To the women, it was just additional croaks. Yet, they smiled.

Twenty minutes later, I was installed in the new suite. It had to be like a luxury hotel suite. The main room housed my bed and was surrounded on three sides by windows giving a view of the mountains. There were window shades controlled by a remote. Man oh man, there was even a gas fireplace.

Running off the main room was a kitchenette. I couldn’t see much of it but it looked like it had all the conveniences a typical kitchen would have: fridge, stove, oven, microwave. Just like home.

There were three more rooms off my main room but I couldn’t see into them from my bed. Mum assured me they were wonderful and described them. There were two bedrooms, both complete with queen sized beds and TV’s. The two bedrooms shared a bathroom. Mum described it as spa like. There was a vanity with double sinks, a roomy, glass enclosed shower, and an oversize soaker tum with jets.

If I didn’t mention it before, my bed was king sized. It looked like a hospital bed under the sheets and comforter but was oversized. The sheets were a fine Egyptian cotton according to the labels, the comforter was the most comfortable I had ever used, in my few memories of course. The bed had room for three of us at one time. All four if we were really practicing togetherness.

Once again, there was someone at the door. Unlike downstairs, this door remained closed most of the time causing medical personnel to knock before entering. This door also had a lock on it that guaranteed our privacy. The someone at the door this time was the charge nurse.

“Welcome to the VIP floor. It has all the amenities you will need to make your stay here the most comfortable it can be. We encourage family members who wish to move into the bedrooms provided and come and go as you please.

Becky, you are going to special these folks. Your only duties will be to them and not to any other patients.

Do any of you have any questions?”

All four of us shook our heads no. This was more like it! Much better than being downstairs with people coming and going at their own whim.

“Lastly, Rick will be starting physical therapy tomorrow. The doctor thinks he needs another day of rest. He needs to get as much rest as possible in the meantime. It will be quite strenuous for the first few days.”

Strenuous, my ass. I could see in the head nurse’s head that she thought it would be very similar to medieval torture.

The nurse left and the three women began chattering amongst themselves. Not bothering to listen and exhausted from the move, I fell asleep.

I woke up with the movement of the bed. Mum and Becky were lying on each side of me. They were each facing me and I was laying on my back. Without any orders from me, each woman took one of my hands and placed it on their ass. I was going to enjoy this new standard of medical care!

Still without orders from me, the two women, Mum and Becky, began to make out with me. Lips and tongues kept alternating. I don’t know which had the better technique but making out with Mum turned me on the most. Mum and Becky both had their hands on my chest when they began caressing me in time with their kisses. While one was making out with me, the other would rub and caress me. I loved it!

I think I forgot to mention that when they transferred me to the new bed, Becky gave me a sponge bath. She replaced the soiled hospital gown with comfortable flannel pajama pants from home. Becky and Mum were taking full advantage of my now naked chest.

I interrupted the kissing for just a moment in order to ask Mum where my sister was. She explained to me that Melissa had run home to pack suitcases for them since they intended to take up full time residence in the suite.

“We are going to make sure you feel great!” Mum said as she grabbed my cock and squeezed. Becky returned to our make out session. I was a little disappointed that Melissa wouldn’t be joining us on the bed at this time but the two that were here soon forced my thoughts and attention back to them.

Although I still had very limited use of my arms, my wrists and hands were another matter. While Mum had moved to stroking my cock gently, I attempted to return the favour. My hands moved across their upper ass cheeks as much as they could. I used my fingers to squeeze and pinch those same cheeks.

There was no question in my mind that Mum had the better ass of the two. Mum’s gaziantep kumral escort ass was full and firm, well toned and defined. It was difficult to pinch Mum’s ass because it was so well muscled. On the other hand, Becky had a nice ass and it was just a little flabby. That allowed me to pinch her ass quite easily.

While I was concentrating on their two asses, Mum and Becky had undone my pajamas and fly. My hard on was fully available to the women. Both were stroking my dick and toying with my furry balls. I could wake up to this kind of treatment on a daily basis.

I had to lay back on the bed fully. I used the remote to angle the top of my bed enough that I could see what was happening at cock level. They were still stroking me.

Mum was the first of the duo to move on to the next level. Mum kissed the head of my dick. It wasn’t a lingering kiss just a peckish sort of kiss. Mum leaned back and smiled at Becky indicating it was the nurse’s turn. Becky gave me the same kind of kiss as Mum.

Moving in for the second kiss, it was a more lingering kiss. Mum’s lips were slightly parted this time. Again, Becky emulated Mum’s move. I had both hands clawing their way into both asses.

Kiss number three was intense. Mum’s lips parted allowing her tongue to swizzle around the tip of my cock. Deciding to take the lead, Becky did the same as Mum again only she ended by swallowing my little head. I said intense and meant it. Pre-cum started to ooze from the slit in my cockhead.

Mum and Becky were now in a competition. I couldn’t read anything in their thoughts except that there was a prick in front of them. Mum was able to swallow about half of my dick and sucked a few times before making space for Becky.

A new experience! Becky deepthroated me! Her nose was buried in my pubic hair. I imagine that was the beginning of her throat that was massaging me.

Mum conceded the cock competition to Becky. Becky continued working over my cock while Mum adjusted her position. Throwing each leg over me, my mother straddled me. I could feel my cock and Becky’s head rubbing against Mum’s ass. Since Mum’s denim skirt was so short and she was wearing a thong, it was her actual skin rubbing against us.

Mum placed my hands on her breasts. I really, really liked this. My hands could close on them, cup them, squeeze them and caress them. Disappointment overcame me when Mum removed my hands. My disappointment did not last long.

With my hands resting on her thighs, my mother gracefully removed her top revealing two massive boobs being restrained by a bright yellow, satin and lace bra. They were beautiful. Even though much of her boobs were still covered, they were mouth watering. Those 34C’s of hers drew my gaze to them and would not let me go.

Mum reached behind her to undo the clasps on her bra. I guess she was teasing me as she held the bra tight to her tits in the front. My mother shrugged her shoulders causing the bra straps to fall down on her arms. With a big grin on her face, Mum revealed her gorgeous, unblemished, round, firm, tits with just a hint of sag. My grin matched hers.

I’m not sure how I managed it, sheer willpower, I guess but I was able to lift my hands to Mum’s tits. My mother’s nipples were as hard as little rocks and poking my palms. I cupped Mum’s boobs giving them little bounces.

Becky was still busying herself sucking my cock. The nurse was very good at it. Undoubtedly, she had a great deal of practice. Even though this was one of my first blowjobs, I recognized the oral skills Becs displayed were exemplary.

Although Becky could not see what Mum and I were doing from her position behind Mum, she decided to join in. One of her hands slithered past one of my mother’s armpits to join one of mine on one of Mum’s boobs. A lot of ones going on.

Having no personal experience with multiple partners, I couldn’t help but get an even stronger hard on. My dick felt as firm as a miniature rocket in Becky’s mouth. I soon figured out that Becky was holding up that boob of Mum’s for me to suck on. So, I did.

I really wasn’t sure where to go with this but, thinking of the hours and hours of porn I had seen, I locked my mouth around Mum’s nipple. My mother had gorgeous nipples. They were about double the size of a pencil eraser and stuck out what must have been a full inch. Her nipples almost filled her areolae leaving very little of them beyond the diameter of her nipples.

I began to suck on Mum’s nipple in my mouth. Since Becky was kind enough to hold my mother’s tit up for me, I reserved my arm strength and focused on my mouth, my lips, my tongue, and my teeth as I played with my mother’s nipple to my heart’s content.

Sucking on it made Mum’s nipple even harder. I lashed it with my tongue causing my mother to pull my mouth even tighter against her breasts. I wanted to explore more. My lips locked on Mum’s nipple, gently tightening their grip on it. Using my teeth, I began to nip at her tit flesh that was not covered by nipple. I didn’t bite hard on her breast but evidently Mum liked what I was doing since she was shivering and moaning out my name. Of course, that only heightened my pleasure. I began to wonder how long it would be before I would cum in Becky’s mouth. I suspected it wouldn’t be long since I could feel a building pressure in my balls.

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