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Self esteem was not one of Paige’s assets as her family and classmates had always teased her about her looks when she was growing up. She didn’t even realize that she had blossomed into a very foxy lady. She had been on a few dates and found she loved every type of sex imaginable. But, sadly, she didn’t get many opportunities.

She was 19 and still lived alone at home with her father who had been widowed a couple of years earlier because of an automobile accident. Her father, Bill, was slow to realize how sexy his little girl had become. It was just in the last few weeks that he noticed that Paige had a body that would stop traffic. He had been so busy dealing with the loss of his wife and Paige’s three older siblings that he had ignored his baby girl for too long.

Now, here she was standing in front of the stove cooking them dinner looking ravenous. Her long blonde hair flowed to her waist resting on a large perfect heart shaped ass. She had slimmed out since the kids had called her “Madam Bulk” and “Piggy Paige” as she weighed only 145 pounds and stood five feet five inches tall. She had gorgeous green eyes, but her best feature was surely her breasts. They were perfect D cups that seemed to point straight out from her chest. Bill couldn’t help it as his loins began to burn for her.

Little did Bill know his daughter wanted to be fucked by her big daddy in the worst way. She had always liked older men and found her father and his brothers to be the sexiest men she knew. Standing there at the stove she saw her father staring at her and sensed something different but wasn’t sure what it was. A chill went up her spine as she looked over at her 5’11” 170 pound father. His jet black hair was just beginning to get streaks of gray in it. She thought she saw lust in his eyes.

As she stirred the food she decided to put him to the test later that evening. It was a typical evening as they sat and watched television together. At 9:00 Paige went to her room and changed clothes. She looked through her nightgowns and realized she did not have very much that would be considered sexy. Finally, she found a black silky floor length gown with a slit all the up to her waist and a neck line that plunged all the way to her belly button. She dug through her drawer until she found a pair of matching bikini panties. Then she dabbed on some perfume and joined her daddy on the couch.

As they watched she found herself sneaking closer and closer to him and letting more and more of her thigh show through the slit. She caught him glancing over at her a couple of times. Looking at his lap she swore she saw a bulge in his loose fitting trousers. Casually she placed a hand on his thigh. He did nothing to push her away so she began slowly caressing his leg.

His attention was now on her as he had no idea what was on television now. Could this sexy young lady be making a pass at him? It sure seemed so but he had to know for sure. He placed his arm on the back of the sofa and gradually lowered it to her shoulder. She just snuggled even closer. She looked him deeply in the eyes and was convinced of what she needed to do.

Lightly resting her hand in the middle of his lap, right over his cock, she moved closer and pressed her lips to his. Nervously, Bill gingerly kissed her in return. He found himself pulling her closer. They kissed again this time allowing their tongues to dance together briefly. Bill was on fire now and reached directly for his daughter’s boob and gave it a little squeeze. Knowing she was right about her father she clinched her hand around his hardened prick. Bill let out a moan which caused a shiver to run up Paige’s spine. “Oh God, daddy, take me, I want to be your baby girl slut. Oh shit, big daddy you are so fucking sexy.”

“Oh baby girl, I want you now. But, will you do anything I tell you to?”

“Fuck yes, daddy, I am yours to have how you want, Paige replied almost begging. Bill was excited and knew he had to test her out right away before this opportunity passed him by. Bill grabbed his youngest daughter roughly and gave Paige a torrid kiss.

“Baby girl take off that gown and let me see those boobs of yours.” As she pulled the gown off over her head Bill quickly unbuttoned and removed his own shirt. The gasp from her father was audible as he saw her beautiful breasts for the first time since she was a baby.

“What do you think of them, sweet daddy?” Paige smiled up at her daddy very sensually.

“Magnificent baby, but now lay down on the couch and suck daddy’s cock. Stop when I tell you to or you will be in big trouble, understand?”

“Yes, daddy I understand.” With that Paige unzipped her father’s fly. She laid face down on the couch with her head in daddy’s lap. He helped her free him of his trousers and underwear. gaziantep manken escort Paige had sucked cock but never one like this one. The college and high school guys she dated all had only six or seven inch pricks that looked like thin pencils. In comparison her daddy’s member was a monster as it was at least nine inches and was twice as thick as any she had ever blown.

A bit nervous about sucking the monster cock Paige took a deep breath and gave the head a small kiss. Next, she gently licked around the head with her tongue. Daddy rested a hand on the small of her back as he let out a sigh. Grasping his balls between her fingers she slid her lips down the shaft. She found that he seemed to slide right in.

It had been a long time since Bill had a cock sucking this good. His little girl was a pro. He was amazed watching her head bob up and down on his rod. He could feel her tongue lick around his pecker with each stroke and the suction was incredible. He did not want to cum in her as he was getting old enough he did not know how much stamina he had.

He wanted to save his juices for that young cunt of hers and maybe even her asshole. It felt so damn good. She really seemed to be loving it as well. Suddenly, he felt like he was going to cum and had to stop her, “Oh, baby girl, stop right now.”

Paige heard him but just couldn’t seem to stop and kept right on sucking. Bill was too far gone to pull her off and erupted into her hungry mouth. She got up licking her lips and kind of smirking, “Sorry, daddy, but you tasted so good.” “Weren’t you supposed to stop when I told you to?”

“Yes, sir, I was.”

“God, you are one hell of a cock sucking bitch. But, you’ve got to learn to stop when I tell you to. Stand up.” Obediently Paige stood in front of her father. He looped his thumbs through the sides of her sexy panties and yanked them to the floor. He then slid to the middle cushion of the couch and then pulled her by the wrist until she was laying across his lap.

“Oh, big daddy, what are you going to do?”

“Well, baby girl, I’m going to give you the spankings you deserve.” Her ass was whiter than the rest of her body. Her two large pillows seemed to be looking at him as he cocked his arm for the first swat. He could tell that Paige didn’t know whether to giggle or cry as a nervous laugh was coming from her.

He let a powerful smack go right on the middle of her ass. As he had hoped for this got his daughter’s attention. He took turns giving random hits of each cheek and her crack. After about a dozen hits he pushed his hand between her thighs. He ran his fingers up the inside of her thigh until he found her soaking wet honey pot. He scooped two fingers inside and put them to his lips and sucked them saying, “Ummm, finger licking good.”

Paige thought the assault was now over. She was wrong. As suddenly she felt another smack from her father’s hand. She never thought she would see the day when she found this exciting much less liked it. She was really getting into it now. After about 25 more smacks of her sexy daddy’s palm he stopped and began gently caressing her entire ass. Then he demanded, “Roll over.”

“Yes daddy,” she said as she sheepishly obeyed. He pushed her thighs apart and got a good look at her sex. It was clean shaven with pretty pink lips. It could have belonged to a little girl. But it didn’t, it was sweet Paige’s cunt. Paige figured her dad was about to feel her up and kiss on her but she was wrong.

“And, now for your second spanking,” he announced. Paige was a bit confused, but, only for a second. As with a hard thud her daddy’s hand came right down on her little pink lips. Smack after smack her daddy struck her cunt. No one had done this to her before and she could feel tears well up in her eyes from the pain. But, a funny thing was happening; she found she liked the sensation on her pussy. Her cunt lips seemed to be opening themselves revealing her nub of a clit.

As daddy continued to assault her pussy Paige soon found that the sensations of pleasure more than made up for the pain. Her clit was now throbbing in ecstasy. Without even realizing she was doing it she began mauling her own boobs. As she writhed under her dad’s powerful force she yelped, “Ouch! Don’t stop daddy. That hurts. Oh god thank you daddy.” “My little baby girl slut likes her pussy spanking does she.”

“Oh yes daddy, don’t stop. Thank you daddy.” Bill gazed down at his daughter and knew she was fully his. He hadn’t planned this even two hours ago but was glad it was happening. He could see her cunt getting wetter and pinker with each stroke of his hand. Likewise, he felt his erection returning quicker than it had since Nancy, his wife, had died. gaziantep masaj yapan escort

After about 25 smacks on her pussy Bill thought she was ready to have sex with him. He scooped her up and carried her to his king size bed. He spread her legs far apart and like a father speaking to his seven year old said, “It looks like Paige has an ouwie, let daddy kiss it and make it all better.”

Spreading her legs even further apart for him she replied, “Daddy it hurts down there. Oh yes, please kiss it and make it stop hurting.”

He wrapped his arms around her thighs and plastered his face against her twat. He loved the taste of pussy juice, especially Paige’s as it seemed extra sweet. He licked all over those lips working his way in deeper and deeper into her swampy depths. He used his tongue as a scoop to every drop of honey he could before his tongue reached that most magic of all woman’s spots. Finding the clit he first tongued all around it then furiously began tickling its center with his licking. As he sucked the engorged nub into his mouth he felt Paige have a violent orgasm as she screamed, “Oh fuck daddy!”

Bill could wait no longer. He had to fuck Paige. He had to fuck his daughter right now. He found it hard to remove his face from her perfect cunt but finally willed himself to as he had to get his cock in her cunt. He climbed up her and asked, “Do you want daddy to fuck you?”

“Oh yes daddy fuck me. I want you to fill me up with that big cock of yours.”

“You understand that once my cock enters your sweet pussy it becomes MY pussy to use however and whenever I want.”

“Oh yes, daddy, please just get it inside of me.”

“Ok, bitch you asked for it,” Bill roared as he pushed his cock head to her vaginal opening. With a loud grunt from Bill and a high squeal from Paige his cock forced its way in. As Bill couldn’t believe how tight Paige was, she couldn’t believe how fucking big his cock was. He rammed her cunt hard as she wrapped her feet around his ass. Occasionally she would give him a kick.

“Oh god, baby girl, you are so fucking good.”

“Oh daddy, fuck me harder, come on daddy fuck this little slut, give it all to me!” Sweat was pouring off the couples as Bill kept up his furious rhythm. Harder and harder he pounded away at her. Paige swore she must have cum a half a dozen times before she finally felt her father shoot a load up her snatch. It was one of the most powerful eruptions Bill could ever remember as he came. Fully spent his cock fell out of her pussy and the lovers rolled over onto their sides.

It was only then that Bill realized that he hadn’t yet sucked his daughter’s boobs. Even though he was worn out he could not pass up this opportunity. So, he snuggled up to her and kissed her jugs passionately. They fell asleep with his face buried in her cleavage. After a quick fuck the next morning they went about their Saturday chores.

Bill came across Paige on all fours in the living room trying to get a stain out of the carpet. The sight of her big ass waving in the air was more than he could take. Quietly he came up behind her and clutched the waist of her shorts and ripped them and her undies down to her knees. Startled she yelled, “What the fuck; oh hi daddy. Can I do something for you?

Bill threw off his clothing and knelt behind his daughter. He aimed his tool at her big ass and grouched, “Yes, I am gonna fuck that hot ass of yours, right now!”

Bill easily slid into her cunt and stroked in and out a couple of times to lube his cock up a little. But, seeing those perfect twin cheeks was more than he could take. He removed his pecker from her cunt and pressed the tip against the tight ring of her asshole. With a pop his entire head went inside.

Paige only grunted when she felt the invader. She didn’t want to let her father know that it hurt as she wanted to make him happy. Paige bit her lips together very hard. As her daddy pushed even harder Paige couldn’t help it and let out a small scream. It took a couple of minutes but finally Bill was all the way inside of that big rump. Paige felt her anal muscles begin to relax and form a loving grip on her dad’s cock. The pain had left and new sensations had replaced it, “Oh daddy, it feels so fucking wonderful, oh shit, you are one hell of a butt fucker.”

“Fuck, Paige, you are so fucking sexy I love your asshole.” Bill had gotten up to rhythm when he heard the front door opened. He had forgotten that his brothers, Stan and Vic, were coming over to drink beer and watch college football. They were sure surprised to see their niece with her father’s cock plunging in and out of her ass.

Bill said nothing and continued his hard ramming of gaziantep masöz escort Paige. For their part, his brothers remained silent as well. They nodded over at each other and quickly stripped down to their birthday suits. It had been about 20 years since the three brothers had shared a girl. No way in hell were Stan and Vic going to let Bill have Paige all to himself. She was far sexier than any one they had shared back in the good old days.

Just as her uncles got into within two feet of her face Paige looked up and saw them for the first time. She gasped loudly seeing their monster dicks inches from her mouth. Hundreds of thoughts flooded in on her; not the least of which was how great her father’s cock was feeling stuffed in her bowels. Of course, she gave her uncles the once over. They were both spitting images of her dad. They could have passed for triplets as they had only one year of age separating each of them and her dad was the middle child. Vic hungrily kissed his baby brother Stan, grinding their cocks together as they fondled one another’s ass cheeks, as he exhorted, “God, look at her huge melon tits swinging all over like that.”

Stan swatted Vic on the ass and said, “Go for it, suck the bitch’s melons dry.”

Yeah, do it,” Bill cheered on. Vic collapsed to the floor and positioned himself sideways to her body. So he looked like a mechanic under a car trying to fix it with his legs and tummy sticking out. He had no problem grabbing her tits into her mouth and was quickly sucking them both furiously while his hands yanked and kneaded them in turn.

Stan thought he got the best of this deal and dropped to his knees putting his cock against the young vixen’s face. Paige didn’t need to be told what to do and opened her mouth wide and welcomed in his erection. She had never had such a wild sensation with her uncle Stan pounding in and out of her face and dad fucking her up the poop shoot. Not to mention the superb boob sucking Vic was giving.

Vic moved a hand out from Paige’s boobs and played with her belly and crotch paying particular attention to Paige’s sexy little clit. But Vic’s dick was crying out for action of its own, so he urged, “Let’s three hole her NOW.”

Stan and Bill pulled out of the young lady promptly. A look of extreme disappointment came over Paige’s face as Vic scrambled out from underneath her. Bill demanded, “Roll her over on her side.”

Instantly Paige was relieved as she knew they had something more in mind. First, her daddy laid down behind her and after lifting up her leg rammed his cock back up her shit hole as he wrapped his arms around her big boobs. Next Vic had to contort his body slightly but without warning split her pussy wide open with one massive thrust of his massive cock.

All that was left was Stan. He slid between Vic and Paige until his cock was at Paige’s mouth and his asshole was at Vic’s mouth. Vic had been here before and as he pounded the girl’s cunt he dove his mouth into his brother’s asshole. Paige was having a little trouble breathing but quickly adjusted and swallowed her uncle’s prick deep into her mouth. Surely, no woman had felt so thoroughly ravaged before as she did now.

Every couple of minutes her daddy would call change and the three of them would change positions as the ass fucker would move to her mouth while the mouth fucker moved to her cunt and, of course, the cunt fucker became the butt fucker. They did it in perfect rhythm and quick enough that none of her holes had a chance to fully close back up. Paige came over and over and over again as the three rock hard cocks plunged in and out of all of her holes. For their part, the guys were enjoying this more than any time they had done it all those years ago.

They were impressed with Paige’s staying power as she out lasted every one of them. One by one they shot their entire loads and slipped out of her body. With everyone satisfied Paige finished cleaning the spot on the floor while the guys watched the big game.

Every Saturday for the rest of the football season they got together to three hole Paige. She got better and better and after a couple of weeks was able to show them some new ways of doing things. The guys didn’t engage in any gay behavior other than the ass kissing and an occasional mouth. They rationalized that a mouth was a mouth and a asshole was a asshole. They never let things go any further and hadn’t back in the old days. Their thing was the complete conquering of the girl.

From Paige’s prospective this was just fine as she enjoyed their Saturdays together and was relieved to find that they had decided to make an excuse to keep getting together when the season ended. But, her daddy was still her favorite.

She looked forward to their nightly sex games. Every night it would be something different with her dad, but he was always in charge. She knew her pussy belonged to him! But, she didn’t mind because she knew that she really was the one in control. She knew how to get him to fuck her where and when she wanted. And, Bill had never been so happy in his life as he could have a sweet young pussy practically whenever he wanted. It was the very best of times!

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