Parent Trouble Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

After dad popped my cherry ass, I thought maybe I’m gay. But for some reason I just didn’t get that feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I loved sucking his cock, and his fucking me did get me hot, but I just don’t know if this is something I want to do all the time. I thought maybe it got me hot because it was dad. Either way, I never felt as horny in my life as I did when dad fucked my ass.

The next day, we were talking in his bedroom about his proposal to me. He wanted me to be his lover from now on. Up until now I was considering it, then we had this talk.

“Jim, you as the best lover I’ve ever had. I want you to take care of my cock from now on. To hell with your mother, I don’t want her touching me anymore.”

“Dad I love your cock,” I said as I started rubbing his legs. “I love it when your cock starts growing in my mouth. The way I feel the veins on my tongue.” I was trying to get him hot and it was working.

“Oh god Jim, I need you right now.”

“Okay dad, just lay down and enjoy it. I’m really gonna get you going.”

I pulled down his shorts and he was already hard as a rock. This time I was taking my time and was going to explore all of him. I started licking his shaft while playing with his balls. Then I took him all the way in my mouth. This made him gasp. I took this opportunity to try something.

I spread his legs as far apart as I could, and then lifted his knees. I shifted him lower to me so his ass was exposed to me. I took my mouth off his cock and jacked him to keep him going. Then I went down and put my tongue in his asshole. This caught him off guard.

“Jim, what are you doing?”

“It’s okay, dad just enjoy it,” and I kept burring my tongue in his hole. This was a first for me. I kinda liked it. It did smell a bit, but I thought this I could get used to. After a couple of minutes he stopped me.

“Jim, that’s enough, I don’t want this to go that far.” I was a little upset, but I went back to sucking his cock, and sucking it with vigor. I had a great rhythm going when he stopped me again.

“Jim, don’t make me cum yet, I need your ass. I need to fuck your hot ass now.” With that he sat up, came over to me and ripped my shorts off. He bent me over and in one hard thrust, pumped his cock in my ass. No lube, no prep, nothing. Fuck did it hurt. But he was loving it.

“Oh fuck Jim, you’re so fucking tight baby. I love your ass.” He was really fucking me hard now. It took a while, but then it started feeling good. Then I got into it and I got real horny.

“C’mon dad, fuck me. Your getting me so fucking hot.”

“Oh you love it don’t you, you little fuck slut. You love my cock gaziantep ofise gelen escort in your little asshole, don’t you whore. I always knew you’re a fag. You’re gonna be my little fagot, aren’t you?”

His talking to me in this way was getting me hot, but at the same time I was a little pissed he called me a fagot. Nevertheless, I was really horny now. But then he grabbed me by my hips and pumped his cum deep into my rectum. He pulled out of me and started rubbing his semi-hard cock, lubed with his cum, on my freshly fucked anus.

Just when I was ready to got, he got up and put his shorts back on and said, “You’d better go back to your room now. Your mother will be home soon.” That son of a bitch, he just left me hanging with a raging hard on. I was so pissed off. I stormed off to my room. I was so pissed I lost my erection and didn’t get off at all.

I stayed up all night thinking about what happened. Then I realized something, dad wanted to fuck me and for me to suck him off, but I don’t think he was willing to service me. He said he wants me to be his new lover, but then calls me a fagot. I had to straighten this out.

The next day, I went to dad’s bedroom to talk to him about our ‘situation’. I wanted to know exactly what he expected out of our sexual relationship.

“Dad I need to know, what is it that you want from me?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, do you want me just as a fuck toy, or do you care about how I feel?”

“Jim, of course, I care about how you feel. I love you. Where is this coming from?”

“Yesterday, when I started licking your ass you told me you didn’t want it to go this far. What did you mean by that?”

“Well, Jim, I do love fucking you, but I’m not gay. I don’t want to take it in my ass, and I’m not looking to suck any cock. I thought you just loved taking my cock.”

“I do love it, dad, but shit I need to be pleased also.”

“Jesus, Jim you sound just like your mother. Don’t be like that, I don’t need this talk from you too.”

“So, what you just want to stick your cock in me whenever you want and if I cum or not is irrelevant? Are you telling me you’re not willing to please me at all?”

“Look, maybe I can jack you off every now and then, but that’s about it. I’m not gay and I will not pretend that I am.”

Who the fuck did he think he was kidding? He fucks me, cums in me, and even makes out with me, but he thinks he’s not gay. I was really hurt by this. I didn’t talk to him for about a week after that. A couple of times, when mom would be in the next room, he would come up gaziantep öğrenci escort to me and start rubbing my cock and tell me, “Baby I need you so bad. I need to get off now.” I told him, “Then beat your own meat.”

One night he took it too far. I was asleep in my room, (it was about 3:00am) when he snuck in my room. I woke up and saw him pulling my underwear off. I said, “What are you doing.”

“Taking what’s mine,” he said.

Before I knew what was going on, he turned me over and was inside me. I could tell he already pre-lubed his cock cause it went in easy. I tried to turn around, but he kept pushing me down. I asked him why he was doing this, but he didn’t say anything. He just kept moaning. I guess he hadn’t been jacking off all the time he wasn’t fucking me, cause he came very fast. I could tell this load was huge, cause even though I was lying on my stomach; it was still overflowing in my ass.

When he was done, he rubbed his limp dick on my ass again. He leaned down to kiss me on my shoulder and said, “I love you, baby.” The fucking nerve, I told him to get the fuck out. I was in a bad position now. He wanted to fuck me whenever the hell he wanted but he would let me fuck him. This just isn’t worth all the trouble of keeping our sex life secret. I needed to get off too goddammit! Then I got a great idea.

Since he wants to keep fucking me and keep it secret from mom, then I could use that in my favor too. Since I got dad to fuck me, why can’t I get mom to fuck me too. I can keep dad on the side and at the same time get off with mom. Oh just the thought was getting me hard. I had wanted to fuck mom for some time now, but since dad and I got involved, it kinda went to the backburner. But how can I seduce mom into fucking me.

I thought about it for some time and figured out that since dad had no longer been fucking mom, she’s got to be hard up. But I wanted to take every precaution. I started spying on her. I wanted to make sure she wasn’t having an affair on dad. If she already had a lover, she wouldn’t give me the time of day. But she had as much of a social life as I did, which was pretty bad. All she did was work, work and work. What little free time she did have, she would go to the movies with Janie or just read books.

Now that I know she isn’t getting any, I have to come up with a plan to get her so hot she’d want to fuck me for all she’s worth. In order to do this, I would have to bring her to a slow boil.

First, I would have to start acting differently around her. I started hugging her more, giving her small mother-son like kisses, oğuzeli escort compliment her on her looks; little things like that. Also, I came up with an imaginary girl that I would go to my mother with advice with. I would talk about our intimate relations to see how she’d react. At first, not too much, just regular motherly advice.

Then I told her I dumped her cause I thought she was too immature for me. I told her all she did was play games with me and pretend she wanted me but didn’t want to go all the way. After a while she started to open up to me about her own experiences. This is when I found out that dad was actually not her first. This shocked me. She told me that she lost her virginity at age 15 to and older man that was a family friend. She thought he loved her but just wanted to fuck her. That’s when she decided not to give it up again til she was married. Since then, it’s only been dad for her.

Then she started to open up that she hasn’t been intimate with him for a real long time. I didn’t want to scare her off, so I just listened for now. I’m just laying the seeds.

Another thing I started to do was to try to get her to see me in a more sexual way. I started walking around the house in my briefs. At first, she told me to put something on. But I kept on doing it until she stopped giving me grief. Then when she would be in the kitchen cooking, I would go up to her, in my briefs, and give he a big hug from behind, and give her a kiss on her cheek. She’d ask me what that was for and I said no reason.

The next step was to walk around in my briefs with a hard on. I made sure she got a good look too. And she did notice too. I would also reach into my briefs to scratch my balls when she was looking. This way she could see my cock and balls move around through my shorts. After a few weeks of this foreplay, I wanted to take it to the next level.

I wanted to see her naked. So I waited until she was going to take a shower. I snuck into their room and waited for her to get out of the shower. I hid in her closet. When she came in all she had on was 2 towels, one on her head and one around her body. She took the one on her body off. And there it was, my mother’s glorious naked body right in front of me. She was beautiful, to me anyway. She was only 41 and kept herself in relatively good shape. She did have some stretch marks but that ok cause she had it in all the right places.

I watch her towel off and rub body cream all over her. I actually started stroking myself in the closet. I wish I could have that image with at all times. She changed into a t-shirt and warm-ups and went downstairs. I got out of there fast and headed to the bathroom to jack off. I actually started stroking before I got in there. I blew so much; it went everywhere, the toilet, the sink, and the cabinet, even the mirror. It took me 10 minutes just to clean up.

After I came to my senses, I got a great idea. Seeing her naked body set me off. Now I know how I can open the door for a sexual encounter.

To Be Continued…

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