Paris Match

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Jolene waited in the hotel lobby for what seemed an eternity. I had said I would be waiting when she arrived but there was still no sign. She had called my room from the reception, no answer. Meanwhile, she had read the mini Paris guidebook from cover to cover twice while watching the loving couples pass by her. She wondered why she sat there so long. But she had travelled two thousand miles to be re-united with me, ten years since we had last met up, what was another hour she thought?

Suddenly, there I was. In a second Jolene forgot the waiting. Her eyes opened wide, her lips moistened and her heart jumped. ‘Hi sweetie, ‘I was just about to leave.’ she said.

‘Yeh, sure’ I replied approaching the only girl I had ever loved.

Within seconds two friends were locked in a tight embrace in the crowded lobby, but as far as we were concerned, we were invisible. No one else mattered. Ten years of waiting for this reunion and no hotel receptionist was going to dampen our moment.

I led Jolene to the lift, holding hands like two crazy teenagers. Jolene pushed the lift button repeatedly, desperate for the lift to arrive, desperate for us to get into our room and enjoy some privacy.

‘What floor?’ asked Jolene, her finger hovering over the button?

‘Top’ I replied with a wry smile.

‘Why the top floor?’ enquired Jolene

‘Really we’re on the fifth but lets take the scenic route’ I replied. Before I could finish my sentence, Jolene had pulled me close, gripping my crotch hard as she did so. She could feel the already hard cock through my tight jeans. Although taken by surprise, I was able to grip the side of the lift as I fell back. Somehow, Jolene managed to press the stop button on mid-floor, attack my tongue with hers and wrench my solid cock from my exploding jeans, all in one movement. I was impressed, moving my mouth away ready to speak but Jolene beat me to it.

‘Shut the hell up and just fuck me senseless’ she whispered in a mild but menacing tone. No sooner had the lift shunted to a sudden stop, Jolene was clasping my eight inches between her tiny fingers. Still pressed up against the side of the lift, I slipped my hand under her short pink skirt and into her wet, white panties. Jolene let out a surprised groan and a smile.

‘So, Nate, trying to take the initiative?’ she teased, and with a violent jerk, pulled my belt loose from around my waist, causing my jeans to fall beyond my knees. I smiled in pleasure readying myself for what I knew would be a pleasure of a lifetime. Jolene smiled back. I wanted to fuck her; she wanted it too but needed a little more inspiration. Jolene waved the belt in front of me, my fingers now deep inside her wet pussy.

‘You sure you want this?’ she asked

‘More bakırköy escort than anything,’ I replied

I turned my back to her as she tied the belt to my clasped hands. She spun me around, as I ended up on the cold lift floor. Jolene pulled my jeans over my shoes throwing them to the corner. I wriggled on my back, more from the excitement than any attempt to escape the restraints. I just wanted to sink my hard cock deep inside that juicy pussy.

The hotel lobby buzzed with the guests waiting for the static lift. The concierge pressed the call button repeatedly without any success before finally returning to his desk to call the engineers. There had been no alarm pressed, so he presumed the lift had stopped mid-floor and was empty.

Jolene straddled over my waiting tongue, her schoolgirl like skirt thrown into the corner. She pulled her white panties away from her shaven pussy resting on my smiling face. My tongue searched instantly for her tasty red clit, finding it hard and ready to be devoured. I sucked hard, like a baby trying to release the last bit of milk from its bottle. Jolene moaned in pleasure. Still she wanted this solid member inside her, but not yet, not yet. She leaned forward, taking my cut cock in her hand, gently caressing its tip. I yelled out in sheer pleasure and Jolene gave another one of those teasing smiles. Finally she took me in her wet mouth, her tongue exploring every inch from the tip to my swollen balls. As she moved her tongue towards the tip, she wanked the shaft, sometimes gently, sometimes fast. I held back though, dying to explode. She could drink this hot juice, but not yet, not yet.

I tried raising my head but it was no use. I wanted to see her take me in her hot mouth, but you can’t have everything in life. Jolene moved towards the still proud cock. She pulled her panties further away and slowly lowered herself onto my waiting dick. It slid past her pussy lips so easily, deep inside her dripping cunt, touching her cunt walls giving me the sensation of a lifetime. We both groaned in unison as she danced on my cock searching for that ultimate climax. Soon she was all but screaming.

As the crowd gathered outside the static lift, I felt her thighs tremble and her pussy clamp my ready to explode cock deep inside her.

‘Don’t you dare cum yet you fuckin’ bastard,’ she groaned, but she has barely finished the sentence as her juices spilled out over me reaching a climax to better any she had ever had before. With a massive jolt she collapsed off my perch. Swinging around and grabbing the throbbing cock, sinking it deep into her throat.

‘Now you can cum’ she somehow said, her mouth full.

I couldn’t resist the moment beşiktaş escort for humour replying ‘Did your mother never teach you not to talk with your mouth full?’

Jolene half laughed, still sucking wildly on her new candy. I struggled to release my arms but it was no use. Still she worked my cock, fuck this girl had stamina. Finally she took me from her wet mouth and lubricating my hard dick with her own pussy juices, she wanked me like a woman possessed. Jolene lowered her head ready to capture this tasty load when it did appear. I gave out a shout as my cream erupted into Jolene’s waiting mouth with not a drop wasted.

Jolene got up and dressed herself before pressing the start button on the lift. I looked at her like some lost puppy but she simply smiled as the lift began moving down stopping at the floor below. Still hard, naked and tied, I watched her leave the lift after having pushed the ground floor button. I knew my fate, but still smiled.

Nothing could compare to the lift experience, or at least Jolene thought that at the time. She loved sex. Her girlfriends called her a nymphomaniac; the boys called her an easy slut. She had always been labelled but it had never bothered her. She knew what she enjoyed, besides, she hadn’t slept with every man she’d been out with, almost, but not every. What could she say? She never saw herself as a slut, just someone who enjoyed sex. If only more women would admit that instead of standing on their ivory tower.

Our evening meal was exquisite at one of the finest Thai restaurants in Paris. The wine flowed along with the conversation and the flirting. It was well after midnight as we left the restaurant and looked around the deserted Paris streets for a taxi home. With the metro already closed, we presumed that all the other late night revellers had already claimed the taxis. Finally our persistence paid off and a bright yellow cab, driven by a scruffy, young driver came to a screeching halt. He talked on his mobile phone, and continued doing so, while asking our destination and travelling there.

It was nice and warm in the taxi, I took off my jacket letting it fall onto my knees. Jolene took this as a sign for further games, gently moving her arm under the jacket. Within seconds her arm was deep into my pants. It didn’t take her long to find my soft cock, and even less time for it to harden. Jolene unbuttoned the jeans giving her easier access. I leaned over putting my lips close to her ear.

‘Suck the fucker’ I whispered

‘Try and stop me’ she replied.

Still the taxi driver continued his conversation, occasionally getting quite heated. Jolene asked me to keep watch as she buried her head on my lap. So far it beylikdüzü escort looked quite innocent, like she was tired and resting on her loved one. But then Jolene gently lifted the jacket over her head, there she was staring my beautiful cock right in the face. She heard me give an excited grunt as she took my hard dick deep into her mouth. She wondered if the taxi driver had heard too but there was no point in asking, I wouldn’t want her to stop. Besides she didn’t want to stop anyway.

Jolene loved the smell of the flesh, the different aromas of my tip, shaft and balls. My cock was so smooth, like it was massaged daily with lotion. She giggled to herself; that I probably did, claiming as I always did, that wanking was a real hobby. She missed being able to see it too much, the darkness essential to the whole operation, but still she enjoyed the feel. She wanted her pussy fingering, but that would come later. For now it was my moment. Or at least let me believe that. She was loving this more than I could ever imagine. Forgetting herself for a

moment, Jolene began sucking faster and harder. I did all I could to remain

silent, but was losing the battle. As she took my hard cock deep into her throat, I let out a loud moan. The taxi driver stopped talking on his phone and looked into his mirror.

‘Vous parlez?’ he asked

‘Non,non I croaked .

The taxi weaved through the rainy Paris streets and into the Champs Elysee.

The driver offered me a wry smile, that smile he knew so well, and continued his phone conversation. I was certain the taxi slowed its speed, as if the driver knew what

was going on and was giving us a chance to climax. Jolene continued. She licked the tip of my cock sending shivers through my rigid body. She wet her finger before spreading my legs apart and pushed her forefinger slowly into my arse. I was in heaven. Jolene was beyond heaven. She worked the cock before taking my balls into her mouth. Fuck, they tasted so good. I felt the cum deep inside of me building up. She knew I was nearly ready. The coat had already fallen from over her head but neither noticed, nor cared. Again her lips surrounded my exploding member. Almost silent I emptied my huge balls into her waiting mouth. Jolene thought it would never end, that the hot salty cream would never cease. How good it tasted. Careful not to spill a drop, Jolene kept my dick in her mouth till it had shrunk back in size, though my small was bigger than many men’s erection.

The cab driver still held his phone to his now blood-red ear. Jolene could hear him talking but understood no French whatsoever. She was certain he was calling a friend and describing the actions just performed in the back of his taxi. She smiled. She hoped so.

We had completed our first day together in ten years. This was what we had remained single for, this was why they had never found the ‘right’ partners. Our work had kept us apart and would continue to do so, but it wouldn’t be another ten years before they took another ride in a Paris lift, or a French taxi.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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