Party after the Game

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It was a beautiful summer day despite having lost the game. I walked toward the after game party with Kevin. We were a little early, headed toward the bar where the other team had arranged the party. Kevin noticed Melissa and Chuck a block away and across the street before I did. Chuck was one of the married guys on the team. I didn’t know him well. He seemed to be an okay guy, just not someone I thought of as a buddy. He and Kevin were friends from high school. I really didn’t know Melissa well either, but she was such a stunner that I wanted that to change. Melissa always talked to me at these parties. She was a knock out, the kind of woman who turned heads when she walked into the room. I didn’t mind talking to her. Not at all.

I could see that Melissa was walking at least three steps in front of Chuck. Just by the way she walked, I thought that she seemed in more of a hurry to get to the party than he did. I guessed that Chuck might be a little tired. It had been a challenging game and he had taken a lot of hits in the loss.

I also noticed that Melissa’s flimsy summer dress moved gently in the breeze as she walked. She had nice long legs, and an admirable set of tits on pushing out the front of the dress too. I guessed that Kevin noticed too.

“Damn! Take a look at Melissa! That dress shows everything! I think I can almost see her nipples from here!”

Not likely I thought.

“I think she’s hot! Really hot, and I think she might be interested in me.”

As Kevin talked, I watched Melissa and Chuck with new interest. Kevin knew them both better than I did. They had all gone to high school together. I knew that sometime after high school Melissa and Chuck started dating and then got married a year or so ago. That’s when Kevin got to know her because he and Chuck were still good friends.

“I’d never try anything because Chuck’s my friend, but still, if I had a chance, I might have to take it! I heard that she was really wild in high school and when she went to college. I never went out with her, but damn I would like to fuck her. If she was half as wild as I heard, she would be one outstanding fuck.”

Kevin’s comments increased my interest in Melissa. I mean, like I said, she was really a knock out, just not one I had thought about because she was married. She and I seemed to talk whenever there was a game and party. There hadn’t been a lot of flirting between us, just friendly conversation. As Kevin talked, I started looking at Melissa differently. If she’d been a wild one before marriage, well, it didn’t take much to wonder how much she had changed since marriage. Maybe not too much I thought.

Kevin inadvertently was doing his best to educate me that from his perspective, those wild inclinations were not gone. He told me that he really felt he could get somewhere with her if only he wasn’t friends with Chuck. He told me that she was a woman who seemed very physical, touching his arm when they talked, standing close to him so he could smell her perfume, and so on. Later I realized that’s when I must have tuned Kevin out a little. I was very focused on looking at Melissa walking into the bar, with Chuck following, and frankly noticing for the first time, that she was very, very attractive, and like Kevin thought, maybe worth a try.

After all, from my perspective, Chuck was more of an acquaintance than anything else. That could pendik escort make going after Melissa an easier thing for me to consider.

Kevin and I walked into the bar a minute or so after Melissa and Chuck entered. I didn’t spot them immediately, likely they were off getting something to drink. Some of the other guys called out, I noticed that there were a couple of girls with them, and headed that way. There were probably three guys for every girl. Pretty much the normal after game party. I did notice Carrie talking to Greg. I didn’t know her well, she was more Greg’s friend. I did notice Darlene sitting at a table with her sister Debbie and a few guys. This early in the party, Darlene hadn’t hooked up with any one. She would, but Debbie never had to my knowledge.

I think I was just finishing my first beer, talking to Jimbo and some guys from the other team when I felt someone touch my arm. It was Melissa, smiling at me and offering me a beer.

“Here’s the beer I owe you.”

I had to think for a second what she meant.

Then I remembered that at the last post-game party, I had found a chair for her to sit in. When she thanked me, I had told her that she could buy me a beer sometime. That was my typical comment in those days, and I doubt anyone ever took it seriously. I doubted that Melissa had not taken it seriously.

“Thanks. You got this at the keg.”

“Yeah,” she looked like she was ready to laugh.

“I helped pay for the keg, so I guess actually bought this beer.”


She smiled even wider, which is when I realized that she had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen.

“Now we’re even,” she laughed.

Frankly, looking into the gorgeous hazel eyes, I would have agreed to anything she said to me. Of course, glancing at her exceptionally nice tits, which were still in my field of vision, made me think of some things I would like her to agree to.

“You’re welcome,” she said, looking over her shoulder as she walked away.

Nice view from that perspective too, I thought.

I glanced her way a few times, as I nursed the beer. Every time I looked her way, she was smiling at me. I was still grinning about our encounter when I excused myself from one group and waked over to another. By chance, Melissa was in that group. “By chance my ass” I could hear Jimbo thinking. I knew that he had likely noticed my interaction with Melissa.

As I got half way to the other group, Melissa stepped away. She nodded slightly and walked toward the back of the bar, toward the restrooms. I paused, not sure what to do. Melissa looked over her shoulder, smiled and slightly motioned her head in the direction she was headed. I guessed that she wanted me to follow her.

I set my beer down on a table, asking Bill to watch it for me, and walked as nonchalantly as possible in the direction Melissa had taken.

The rest rooms were off a short hallway. I didn’t see Melissa, until I saw her head pop out from the third doorway, closest to the far end of the hall. I glanced behind to see if anyone was looking, and then took the few steps toward where I had seen Melissa. I stepped into some kind of janitor’s closet, with shelves of paper towels, cleaning supplies and the like. As I stepped in, the door shut quietly. Melissa was behind the door. There was a dim, bare light bulb in the ceiling. çekmeköy escort Enough light for this interaction.

Melissa took a step toward me, put her arms around my neck and stretching up, kissed me on the lips.

“Now let’s figure out how I can really thank you.”

I kissed her back, instantly lost in the taste of her lips, and the sensation of her firm breasts pressed against my chest. We kissed for several seconds, my arms finding the way around her waist, not on her butt of course.

She pulled back slightly, still locked in our embrace.

“That’s more what I had in mind.”

“I really didn’t do a lot for you last week, so I’m not sure how much thanking you want to do?”

She kissed me again. I felt her tongue gently push through my lips. My hands moved down to her butt, pushing her against me more tightly.

“We’re headed the right direction,” she whispered.

I softly pulled the flimsy fabric of her summer dress higher, getting my hands on soft, smooth skin.

“Ohh, that feels nice!”

I slipped one hand up to her breast, cupping around it as I lightly caressed her butt with the other hand. I guessed that she only had a thong on underneath her light dress.

Her tongue feverishly explored my mouth.

She’s definitely not telling me to stop I thought.

I reached both hands under her ass, and lifted her off her feet. She wrapped her legs around me as I walked us over to the door. I leaned her against the door, pressing myself tightly against her body. I managed to get both hands far enough under her to get my fingers on her crotch. The thong she had on didn’t prevent my fingers from finding her soft nether lips. She was already wet. I could just separate her lips enough to get the fingers on my right hand into her wetness. Damn her cunt was wet!

My finger felt the small swelling between her lips, her clit, the button to getting her over the top. I rubbed it as I got my other hand more between her pussy lips. Melissa arched herself and moaned softly.

“Oh there! Right there!”

I kept fingering her, wanting desperately to get her to climax. I thought that if she came, she’d do anything for me. I wanted that.

Suddenly she moaned more loudly. She looked fiercely into my eyes, her teeth clenched. I got half of one finger into her cunt as I massaged her clit with another finger.

“I’m going to cum!”

Her head snapped back, her pelvis thrust harder against my ministrations. Melissa moaned loudly once, then almost groaned as she climaxed.

I knew she was bumping against the door as she orgasmed for what seemed like minutes. She certainly was one who got off quickly.

Slowly she started catching her breath. I was still fingering her pussy and clit, still holding her up off the floor, her legs still wrapped around me.

“Let me down, I’m going to take care of you now!”

I ignored her, lowered her feet onto the floor, and immediately spun her around so she to face the door, her hands pressed against it as I bent her over. I pushed against her ass, the head of my cock against her opening.

“Ohh, that would be good, but don’t come inside me. If you do, everything will show. Let me feel that big cock inside me, then I’ll suck you.”

I had my hands on her hips, set to push inside her. Totally turned on, all I could think of was maltepe escort fucking her. Suddenly she pushed back against me, enveloping my cock into her cunt with her push. I gasped as my cock slipped deep inside her wet pussy. I felt myself tense, ready to shoot my load right then. I stopped myself, not wanting to piss her off.

I started thrusting in and out, enjoying the feel of her hot cunt. Damn, she was tight. She was breathing heavily, in time with my thrusts. I really didn’t know if she would come again, I just knew that I couldn’t let loose and come inside her. The feel of her hot, tight cunt around my cock was exquisite.

As I continued to pump her, I reached one hand around so I could finger her clit. When I touched it, Melissa tensed, then came loudly, bucking against my cock as I continued to pound into her. I looked down, enjoying the sight of her ass checks bouncing with every hard thrust into her.

I knew I couldn’t last much longer. I pumped a few more times, really deep inside her.

“I’m going to cum!” I pulled out.

Melissa spun around, got on her knees and took my cock in her hand.

I shot the second she touched me. A huge spurt of white cum arched out and landed on her eyebrow. Before the second burst, she had her mouth around me, her head bobbing up and down on my cock.

I think it was one of my biggest ejaculations ever. I just kept coming, shooting into her mouth. Melissa sucked everything I had, not losing a drop except the first one that hung from her eyebrow and cheek.

I thrust a few more times, not really shooting anything, just reflexively pumping. Melissa pulled her mouth off my cock, then squeezed the length of it with one hand. A drop of cum appeared on the end of my cock. Melissa licked it off with her tongue.

“Hmm, that was good.”

“You’ve got some on your face.”

She stood up, taking some tissue off one of the storage shelves. She wiped it on her face, then looked at me.

“Did I get it all?”

There was still a drop hanging from her eyebrow.

“Not quite, let me help.”

I took some tissue and wiped her eyebrow.

“I’ll stop in the ladies room and make sure I’m okay.”

“Okay. By the way, that was really super hot.”

“I know,” she said. “We’d better get back to the party before anyone misses us.”

“Okay.” I leaned toward her, giving her a kiss.

Slowly opening the door to the closet, I looked out to make sure the coast was clear. I quickly turned back to Melissa to tell her she could come out. She quickly went into the Ladies’ room and disappeared inside. I stopped quickly in the Men’s to make certain I was presentable.

Once I knew that I looked okay too, I went back to the party and found a group of the other team players to talk to, my back to the restrooms so I could not inadvertently or otherwise see Melissa return. About five minutes later I decided to look around. She was on the other side of the room, in a group that included her husband, Chuck. She looked great, as good as when she walked into the bar earlier. No sign of what had just happened with me.

I didn’t talk to her again at the party. Too much chance I would do something stupid I thought. I even talked to Kevin, who despite his attraction to Melissa did not appear to have noticed anything. I sent her a text later, noting noteworthy, just something along the lines of “great to see you today, hope you enjoyed the party” in case anyone else read it. She texted back that she had really enjoyed herself and looked forward to our next time.

I really wanted to call her, but didn’t dare. The next move would have to be hers. In fact, she called me on Monday. That’s another story.

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