Party Toy Part 2 :

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Party toy Part two:

As promised the second part of my bf’s birthday party story…

When we left off; A guy I had never seen took the pump and began pumping it very fast. I was used to it being used slowly and when it sucked my pussy up and filled the device I thought he would stop and wait a while but the crowd began their “Pump her up” Chant again and he just kept going at the same speed. It hurt so bad I thought my pussy was going to explode! When it would pump no more he released the valve and removed the device. I looked up at my pussy as far as I could see it from my position. People cheered when they saw just how inflated I was! My pussy was swollen huge, bigger than it had ever been before.
Someone started rubbing it and the increased sensitivity drove me mad with a mix of pleasure and pain till I came and squirted a little cum to everyone’s excitement. I thought to myself “thank God that parts over”, when I herd my bf take the pump again, hold it out in his palm and say “Who’s next”?……

I thought to myself, I don’t know how much more of this my pussy and I can take. A seventeen year old girl whom I recognized from somewhere raised her hand and asked “Can I have a go”? My boyfriend gave her the pump and positioned the base over my pussy again creating a good seal and saying “Don’t you dare take it easy on her”. “Believe me, I wont. She stole one of my bf’s and now it’s time for payback”. The people watching in that small, brightly lit lounge laughed at this. Now I remembered where I knew her from. The thought that I was totally at this scorned girls whims scared me a little.
She started pumping with such speed and force. She was far rougher than my bf had been. In seconds my pussy filled the pump as she continued at the same pace my pussy felt at its limits and I could feel the blood being pulled to the surface turning my pussy a dark red while it was trapped inside the cup. She began tapping the cup from the outside and every vibration rippled through my tortured pussy as I struggled to get free. It wasn’t happening. They held me in such a way that I couldn’t gain an inch of mobility.
The girl was now releasing my pussy and this time when I looked up I was even more shocked at the size of my puffy pussy. I have been using a pump a lot Escort Eryaman over the past 6 months but never pushed myself to this size. I began to worry it would do serious damage to me and never return to normal size. I then felt the touch of the girls fingers on my raw pussy. I could feel everything because my pussy was so sensitive. I could feel a piece of dust fall and here this girl was rubbing my pussy like there was no tomorrow causing me to whimper in pain until I squirted come into the air and onto my own face again this time getting in my left eye and through my hair.

One of the guys motioned to turn me up the right way and the guys followed his instructions. I felt the blood rush in my head and in my pussy as I was returned to my feet
My legs buckled and went limp only to find the guys were still holding me up. My bf walked over to me and took my panties from my mouth, looks at my red face. “Want to stop now babe or can you take it? If you love me and want to be with me you will let go and take everything coming to you tonight. Besides, (he looked around the room), even if you do want to stop my little sex toy….. We’re not going to” As he finished the sentence he laughed to the party goers.

In his left hand he held my panties and began rubbing them over my very swollen, puffy bright pink pussy. I said “Oweeee stop babe that hurts too much”. It was then I realized I had said the wrong thing. The guys once again grabbed my arms and wrists tightly while two guys took my ankles lifting my legs off the ground and pulling them apart. My bf took one corner of my panties and began trying to feed them into my pussy. It hurt, to the point where I starting begging “Please no, they wont fit with my pussy like this babe…..please don’t”.
One of the girls on the couch stood up, bent over slightly, reached up under her short green baby doll dress and skillfully removed her black lacy see-thru panties. Stepping out of them she said “For god sake Micro, would you shut up and just take it” As she stuffed her panties into my mouth. I could tell from the wetness that she was enjoying the show.
My bf continued to push my own panties inside my pussy as I began to cry from the pain. He didn’t stop till they were completely inside me, filling my pussy. The Eryaman Escort crying had made my eye make-up run down my face making me look like an abused whore. The way I felt at the time.

My bf looked back at the table to the objects lined up for my humiliation. “Well my dear, you say your pussy needs a rest and it’s full at the moment so……” Looking back to the people in the room, “What do you say guys? Pump her ass now?” People began clapping and whistling while continuing to watch the show at hand and slowly drinking more and more.
We had used the pink penis pump to pump my ass ever so slightly about 3 weeks ago and I really liked it but I knew this was going to be far more intense.

Someone moved the remaining toys and props from the coffee table and held on to them as the guys carried me up and onto the table first on my hands and knees then pushing my head all the way down to the table top so my ass was sticking up in the air for all to see. My puffy pussy on display with only a tiny part of the lace from my white panties showing through my engorged lips. My bf took the pump and placed the round open edge over my ass hole while another of the guys pulled my cheeks apart to get better access to my hole. The pump sealed well and I felt the pressure on my ass as the vacuum pulled at it. I got to where I had been the last time we used it in only a few seconds but knew my bf wasn’t stopping. He kept pumping and the vacuum continued to pull at my ass as I felt something new. I could feel my ass being suctioned out of me and it felt incredible! My ass was being sucked from me, turned inside out and filling the container to almost a 3rd of the way full. God it was such a simultaneously amazing, painful, scary, exciting new sensation.
People spoke saying things like “Wow”, “Holy shit” and “Fuck that’s hot” as they all looked at my exposed asshole through the glass of the pump.
Once it couldn’t be pumped any further my man started moving the tube around from the tip causing my ass to move inside the tube sending wave after wave of new feelings through my body. After a few seconds he slowly turned the valve releasing my ass as it slowly sucked its self back into place. This made me come so hard I squirted saturating my panties. What a feeling.
“Any Eryaman Escort Bayan takers” my bf asked the others as I shivered in climax. I was facing the people gathered around watching as about 5 hands went up in the air and the 4 guys and one girl came forward reaching for the tube. “Holly fuck” I thought to myself. “I may pass out here tonight”…….
The next two guys were just a repeat of the first time, sucking my ass inside, releasing it. My ass going back inside me. I didn’t come from either one of them. Partly because the feeling wasn’t new anymore but also because my ass started to hurt from the abuse. By the time the third guy stepped up to take his turn I wanted it to end.

The guy leaned down to look me in the eyes and proceeded to tell me “Don’t worry babe….. (stroking my hair)….. I won’t be as nice as those two pussies”. As he finished looking into my wet eyes he slapped my ass so hard it left a bright red hand print in the soft white flesh of my ass cheek.
He snatched the pump from the last guy saying “Give me that you fucking pussy” and set it up on my ass. He pumped……my ass started turning and pulling from my hole till it was stuffed inside the tube. He pushed down harder on the tube allowing him to get a better seal than the guys before him and continued pumping. I turned to him and shock my head with my doe eyes but he just grinned an evil grin and continued.
I could feel my ass being sucked much further out than before and it began to hurt causing me to shed more tears as I tried to bite down on the girls panties in my mouth.
The tube must have been half full when before releasing the valve, the bastard pulled the tube off my ass leaving it out in the open. It was so strange to be feeling the cold air on my asshole outside my body.
He just laughed as he looked back at everyone. “Should we leave her like this for the rest of the night? Ha ha ha ha.”. “We should” Answered my bf, “But for now (he picked up the huge black dildo now on the floor by the couch) lets put her back together so we can use that sweet asshole of hers” Passing him the toy.
“Spoil sport” He answered, taking the toy and patting my bf on the back.
He pushed the end of the big black rubber cock against my exposed anus and slowly pushed it returning my ass to me at the same time. It hurt more than releasing the valve and felt totally different as I arched my back at the same time.

Part 3 coming soon guys and girls ?

Love micromini xoxoxoxo

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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