Passion in the Pool

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Public Sex

“Whoa!!! That’s a big one. It makes mine look really small,” the smiling stranger said as he made his way towards me from the sandy, deserted beach.

“Oh, this little thing? This is nothing; you want to see my 500mm zoom. Now THAT’S big,” I giggled, smiling brightly back at him.

I was cleaning my camera gear after a lazy impromptu photo shoot on the beach. The light was lovely and I was enjoying the sea breeze, the clean air and the fact that I had no time pressures to be anywhere or do anything for the rest of the evening.

There was something instantly likeable about this athletic, tanned stranger, and I could not help but feel drawn to him. He was casually dressed, wearing a faded green T-shirt and denim shorts. His hair was tousled from the wind, and he had a smile that lit up his entire face. His strong arms and broad shoulders clearly visible beneath the thin cotton. His shorts showed off his sexy muscular legs, and I thought to myself, ‘Hmmm, I bet he does a lot of cycling with calf muscles like that.’

“Hi, I’m Tom, by the way.” Tom held out his hand, and I warmly accepted his firm handshake.

“Steph. Nice to meet you,” I replied.

“Did you get any good shots?” he asked, pointing lazily at the pile of camera gear I was picking through to find a missing lens cap.

“No, not really, but that doesn’t matter on such a beautiful day. It is nice just to be enjoying the scenery.”

At this, he tossed his head back laughed mischievously, then nodded towards my cleavage, which was partially exposed by the low cut of my summer dress, as he said, “Yep, it certainly is lovely scenery.”

I blushed and felt a warm rush of energy flow through me. My God, this guy was hot, and so was I. I had been single for a few months and whilst I had the opportunity, the guys that wanted me were just not my type. Unless I felt a deeper connection than just physical attraction, I was not interested, and there were very few of those men to be had. As a consequence, my yearning to be touched and loved had been unfulfilled for what seemed like an age. But there was something special about Tom, and it was obvious that the attraction was mutual. His eyes playfully looked into mine and then darted down to my tanned cleavage, causing him to smile appreciatively again.

We sat there for some time, chatting about all the normal things you do when you are being friendly to a stranger whom you happen to be sharing a park bench with. There was one slight difference, and that was the more we talked, the more animated we became, the closer we sat, and the more we touched. Just brushing the other’s arm, or touching the leg whilst explaining something, but the chemistry was there, and we both felt it.

Tom was incredibly easy company, so when he suggested we pop back to his beach house, which was just a few metres away, for a cold beer, I could not resist.

As we walked through the door and into the kitchen, he announced, “Actually, I think I will just jump in the pool. I wouldn’t mind cooling off. Beer’s in the fridge, make yourself at home.” He disappeared into the bedroom of the cosy little beach cottage, while I made my way to the kitchen to find the fridge.

I pulled two cold beers from the fridge and held them against my chest to cool down. Hmmm, they felt icy cold against my breasts and the condensation quickly made a cool trail of water down to my abdomen, then further down to my pubic bone, making me shudder.

Tom returned with two towels, one wrapped around him, the other in his hand, and with a cheeky grin he said, “Here, catch,” as he tossed one of the beach towels in my direction.

“You are welcome to join me.” He grabbed one of the beers, took a long thirsty drink, firmly took my hand and led me out to the secluded garden.

“It’s not much,” Tom offered, “but I like to call it home.” And with that, he let the towel drop to floor, anadolu yakası escort revealing his pure male nakedness beneath. I could not help but take a look, then quickly looked away as he dove into the sparkling azure pool.

“So Steph,” he began with that very naughty grin, “will you join me?”

I blushed and looked away coyly, feeling a surge of warmth sweep through me. I felt myself becoming wet with anticipation. “Um,” I stumbled.

Oh my God, what should I do? But it was no use, asking my head what to do, my body wanted this man SO MUCH, there was nothing else I could do.

“Well,” I countered, finding a reserve of womanly confidence I never knew I had, “if you think you can handle this, sure.”

I eased my summer dress from my shoulders and let it slip gently to the ground. I had no bra on, and only the skimpiest of briefs, so I had pretty much revealed all of myself in one single action. I felt incredibly liberated and rather naughty!

Tom swam up to the edge of the pool to take in the view, “Hmmmmmm,” he murmured, “You had best get in the pool before the neighbours see you.” He laughed and pretended to avert his eyes as I slipped into the pool.

The water was cool and inviting, but it did nothing to cool the heat within me. My desire was so strong I felt like I was burning up inside. I just wanted to touch him everywhere, for him to touch me, and yes, I wanted to fuck him there and then, in the pool.

“Oh Steph,” he breathed, “come here.”

We moved effortlessly through the water towards each other. He encircled my waist with his strong hands, pulling me urgently towards him, so I could feel his muscular body pressed against my softness. It felt SO bloody good…

“Would you mind awfully if I kissed you?” He jokingly tugged me closer and moved one hand up to hold my face gently.

“You are so beautiful, I just cannot resist,” he murmured.

As we looked into one another’s eyes, there passed between us a moment of universal oneness, intoxicating in its completeness. I completely trusted my instinct to kiss him, first tenderly, and then with the deep passion that comes from pure lustful hunger.

“You taste as good as you look,” he whispered, as he gently but firmly pulled my damp hair back to kiss my neck hungrily.

I melted into him, pressing my wet breasts against his chest and realising that the cold water had made my nipples hard and erect. He must have picked up on this, as his attention shifted from my neck to my large, exposed breasts, with their hard pink nipples just dying to be kissed and fondled.

“Oh my God, you have the most amazing tits!”

I slapped him playfully on the bottom, as if to rebuke him, but he knew that I liked the compliment, as I did not stop exploring his lips, tongue, teeth and mouth with mine. I kissed him with the kind of utter abandon that I had not felt, since, oh God, I could not even remember, nor did I care. I was completely in the moment and it felt incredible.

His lips were soft and yielding and I explored his mouth with flicking, darting movements of my tongue. I pressed myself harder against him and with one hand on his taught arse, and one cradling his tousled hair, I totally immersed myself in his taste and smell. My body could not get enough of him, and as the sky darkened and the moon rose, we continued kissing and caressing, enjoying every new sensation as if it was the first time either of us had been touched.

The cool water lapped against us and as our kisses and caresses became more urgent, he slid his hand down to my panties and tugged forcefully to get them down. “I want you,” he murmured in my ear, his wet lips nibbling my lobe and his hot breath driving me insane with animal lust.

“I want to feel you, I want to have you now.”

I was out of my mind with passion. I WANTED ataşehir escort him to have me. I wanted to give myself to him and feel my wetness around his hard cock, which had been pressing against me, tantalising me for what seemed like hours.

He expertly pushed me up against the steps that led into the pool and pulled my panties down. I eased them off and they floated off into the skimmer box. ‘Oh well, I’ll fetch them later,’ I casually thought, my mind on other things.

Now, I was totally naked, and it felt fantastic. Tom wasted no time, and reaching for my bottom, he pulled me to him so that my waiting pussy was pushed hard against his erection. I gasped and flung my head back as his fingers traced their way up my back to my neck, pulling me toward him so that he could kiss my neck.

His mouth expertly moved its way down to my waiting erect nipples and he cupped each breast as he lovingly kissed them both in turn. He stopped for a moment, gazing in what seemed to be total awe at the sight of me before him, before he smiled.

“Oh, Steph, I know you won’t believe this, but I have never done this before. I assure you. I just could not resist you.”

I pulled back slightly and cocked my head to one side. “Oh really? I bet you say that to all the girls!” I knew he was telling the truth and he knew that I trusted him.

“I want you so much, Steph, I cannot hold off. Do you want me to?”

How lovely that he stopped to ask, though he already knew the answer, and so did I. “I want to feel you, every inch of you, inside me,” I moaned, reaching down to guide him into me.

“Oh Jesus, yes!!” he moaned in return as he slid into me, feeling me clench responsively.

“Oh, YESSSSS! Oh God, that feels SOOOO good, yes, yessss!” My wetness surrounded him and the feeling of his hard cock moving rhythmically within me was pure ecstasy.

He kissed me deep and hard as he fucked me, the water splashing around us as he did so. “That feels bloody terrific,” he told me in between his kisses.

He slowed his rhythm and I clenched my pelvic floor muscles tight around him. “Oooooh yes, you feel so tight. My God I can’t wait much longer….will you come with me if I hold off for a bit longer?” he asked, considerately.

“Hmmmmm, you might have to eat me first, that’ll speed things up,” I breathlessly responded.

“Well, madam, unless I am going to drown, I had better get you out of this damn pool.”

He reluctantly slid out of me and ushered me up the steps. He quickly followed, getting a great view of my bottom as I climbed out of the pool in front of him. “My God, you have a great arse too.”

I giggled, waiting for him at the side of the pool and then encircling him with my arms when he reached me.

I felt a couple of drops of rain hit my face and eyelashes. “Oh, it’s raining, where did that come from?” and with that, the sky opened, and it poured down on to our naked steaming bodies.

“I fucking love the rain,” Tom said, and he pulled my hair back to kiss me hard and deep once more.

I wanted to feel his tongue inside my yearning wet pussy, so pulled back and whispered in his ear “I want you to lick every drop of my juices and make me come with ecstasy, NOW!!!!”

We both dropped to the floor laughing and as he lay on top of me, firmly pressing his tight body against me, his masculinity was so strong; here, I felt, was a real man. After exploring my face gently with kisses, he moved down, slowly, but deliberately, kissing my ear, my neck, agonisingly teasing my skin till I felt like I would explode.

I moaned louder and tried to push his shoulders, urging him to go down on me faster, but he stopped at my breasts and expertly sucking and licking them both until they stood magnificently erect. His dick was pressed firmly against me, but he resisted entering me as he slowly ümraniye escort slid down, kissing my soft warm stomach and the top of my pubic bone. Tom firmly grabbed first one leg, then the other, so as to open me up as wide as possible. It made me feel incredibly exposed, which turned me on even more.

Inexplicable as it was, for the first time in my life, I felt totally willing to be ravaged and devoured by a man who I had only met a few hours before. Oh and devour me he did! First, he gently nuzzled his nose around my waiting lips whilst I trembled in anticipation. I raised myself up slightly, so that I could see what he was doing. GOD, that was a turn on, to see him down there, relishing eating my pussy with an intensity and tenderness that I will never forget.

His tongue slipped gently into me and he began lapping, circling and gently sucking, alternating moves, but getting firmer by the minute. My clitoris was swollen and hard and he licked me expertly as I writhed beneath him, moaning and grinding my pussy into his face. My movements became stronger and more urgent, feeling the need to spread my legs as wide as possible in order for him to have full access to me. After only a few minutes, I began to feel the unmistakable surge of warmth and deep inner tingling that was the start of my orgasm.

“Ohhh yesss, yesss, yesss,” I urged breathlessly.

“Yeah, just like that, just there, I want you to lick me out…oh yessss…..oh yesss, my God, I am going to come!!!” And with little warning, a surge of energy spread from my deep inner core, down to my wet pussy, and exploded through my body, making my entire being tremble and buck into an orgasm that seemed to transcend my body and mind, making me feel complete with the universe.

After a few moments, I regained control of my earthly body and mind and relaxed in the beautiful warm afterglow that follows such an intense experience.

“Hmmmmmmmm, that was incredible,” I sighed.

Tom looked up at me, with the light of the almost full moon, I could just make out his eyes sparkling, and his smiling face. His whole face lit up when he smiled and it was just gorgeous, I had noticed it when we first met, only a few hours ago.

“Come here you.” I tugged at his hair and he slid his body up to meet me.

We kissed each other passionately and tenderly, the scent of me on his face made me feel warm and connected to him.

“Oh Steph, I REALLY want to come inside you, is that possible?” he asked gently.

“Yes, I would LOVE that,” I replied.

And with that, he slid deep inside of me with his rock hard cock. I rose to meet him, grabbing his bottom with both hands, pulling him in deeply so I could feel every last inch. He felt so fantastic and I was more than willing for him to push harder and faster, sensing his urgency building and his breathing quickening. Beads of sweat from both of us mingled with the rain as our slippery, hot bodies moved together in a fluid, intoxicating sexual dance. He looked intently at me as he continued to ride me hard, going deeper and faster. I gazed back and moaned with delight. This felt SOOOO FUCKING GOOD!!!!

“Oh Steph, I am so close, I want to fill you up. I want to come deep inside you,” he breathed as he pinned my body down with his urgent thrusting.

“Oh Jesus, yessss, I am coming. I am COMING!!!!!”

I wanted to receive him. I pulled him close to me as his body surged with orgasmic release and I tightened my pelvic grip around him, feeling him release inside me, fully sensing his passion reach its peak and then gently subside into relaxing softness.

Whilst the rest of his body relaxed on top of me, his arms kept his weight off me. “It’s OK, relax,” I said softly.

He slowly relaxed his arms, gently laying on top me, still inside me. “Hmmmm, thank you, that was amazing,” he whispered into my ear.

I gently stroked his hair. Despite diving into the pool earlier, I could still feel the salty sandiness from his time on the beach earlier. I could smell him, fresh with sweat, the salt air, rain and my juices. He, in return, nuzzled into my neck and encircled me with his strong tanned arms once more. I gazed at the stars in the now clear sky and felt totally at peace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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