Passions Of Sin Erupt In Mother Ch. 02

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His hand explored my breasts all around and his eyes stared at them as if they were something to die for. My body was responding as if he was the love of my life. My nipples were hard from his touch and my sighing was beginning again even though I just had another orgasm. We didn’t say a word to each other yet and I think we both didn’t want this to end yet. He grabbed my right breast and pulled it gently up towards his lips that were heading towards my nipple. The contact made me close my eyes and shiver. His lips sucked softly my nipple and slowly and gradually he began to suck harder. He worked the same way on my other breast and then back to other…

Meanwhile his cock began to grow again in my “hungry for his cock” pussy! I couldn’t believe that he was almost ready again and I was amazed to be still willing for more after my orgasms. He triggered my pussy like never before. Even in my younger years with John I didn’t like to do it so much and so fast after my climax. His growing cock and his lips combined with his tongue were awaking my wildest senses. Soon his cock began to fuck my pussy again. He sucked on my nipples while he fucked me with a strong and slow and steady at the same time rhythm. My legs were rapped tight around his ass and guided his cock deep inside my pussy that was soaking and dripping wet from his come and my juices. His body was beginning to sweat and soon our abs were slapping on each others. This was just too much for me.

“Oh… Phil… what are you doing to meeeeeee… I am in love with you… Oh… Yes…I am going to come… again…n…” The orgasm was very strong and I felt myself coming hard on his cock while I was screaming. I felt my pussy ejaculating on his cock. He had found my G spot. Then a few seconds after that he blew his load in me again. He kissed me while he pumped his last load in me. Are bodies were tight together and wet from our lust and sweat. I looked at him in the eyes and wiped his sweat from his forehead. That is when I actually realized what I had done. I have fucked my son and he did too but I was in Love with him. I had fallen for my own flesh and had no regrets what so ever!

“Mom…” he paused looking me in the eyes. “I Love you…”

“I Love you too sweetheart…”

“No…Mom… I mean I am in Love with you…”

That was not going to help this situation at all but get it worst. I had destroyed any son and mother relationship existed. Or didn’t I?

“Phil, you drove me crazy since that night and I have fallen for you but I was afraid until this moment to say anything. But where is this relationship going to take us? How can this go on without hurting your father and your sister? I feel guilty…” he didn’t let me say another word and his lips sealed mine and his kissed helped me breath out my stress in his mouth. He was making me feel so good and wanted.

“Mom I won’t let anyone find out what is going on between us! I will be around you even if you don’t want this to happen again. But if you do I will be there too.”

“Darling I want this to happen again and again but your father and sister will eventually find out what is going on between us.”

“They won’t find out from me anything.”

We kissed for a while relaxing each other and enjoying every touch. When we decided to get up it was getting late already. The day was going to end and Sarah was going to come back the following day so we had to be careful.

We both got together in the shower and cleaned each other and his eyes were stuck on my bush. I thought maybe he didn’t like my hairy pussy…

“Phil, you don’t like my hair…”

“Don’t even think of shaving it mom, I love the sight of it since I first saw you on your bed sleeping one morning and I covered you up.”

So he actually did see me that day and I was right when I thought that he covered me after that morning masturbation session I had.

He wiped me up with a towel as gently as his eyes mesmerized my body. I felt like I was the most beautiful woman in the world. When we got to my room, in his arms once again of course, I turned on the lights and I saw the stains from our passionate sex.

“We have to get rid of these before your father sees them and he will know what they are.” He helped me without a second word and changed the sheets and the under sheet.

“Phil, I think you should sleep in your bed tonight because your sister might come in the morning and find us in a position that will…”

“You don’t have to say another word mother…”

He kissed me very slowly and gently and he proposed to make something to eat before we would go to bed. We sat on the couch and we ate two delicious sandwiches and watched TV. We acted as if everything was normal and we were a normal couple. His arm around my shoulder and his hand fondling my hair was giving me the sense of security that he had already proven to me. He was wearing only a boxer short and I was wearing my night gown without any underwear. gaziantep vip escort I notice that his cock was moving under his boxer’s. I looked at him and took his lips with mine. He responded with a slight moan and I knew that he was ready again but I was so exhausted now that I didn’t know if I could handle it. My hand slowly caressed his upper body and his moaning was getting stronger. But he looked in control still. When my lips left his and went down he began to shiver. I sucked on his nipples and he reached his hand down between my legs. To my surprise my pussy was responding and I felt blood rushing down there. I pulled his boxer down and he shifted up and I took it off. I caressed his pubic hair and mesmerized freely his beautiful member that was driving me crazy.

Without a second thought I opened my mouth and took his cock inside. When I rapped my lips around it he cried out loud in ecstasy. He was moaning like he was in pain. But I know that it was pleasure that was being released. I pumped his cock in my mouth and my saliva was running down his shaft to his balls and was dripping down on the couch. I got so much carried away that I became more relaxed and for the first time ever I took a cock down my throat. He shivered and trembled while I was completely from head to toe full with goose bumps. John asked me many times when I was younger to try it with him but I didn’t. And now finally I do it with my own son and I loved it. I swallowed him and tried to lick his balls at the same time.

“Oh mom that feels so great…no one has done this before to me… I love your mouth and I love the way you make me feel…ah…”

Then he stopped me and got up and put me in his place and spread my legs and kissed my inner thighs. He looked at my pussy like it was the most amazing site he had ever laid eyes on. Then he kissed my labia and spread them with his tongue. I could feel his saliva on them and his breathing was very intense. He licked my hole for an eternity and he never touched my clit. When he decided to do that I shifted my waist and pulled his head on my pussy. I was so horny that I was ready to fuck him but he didn’t go for that yet. His tongue went down again and in my hole and then to my surprise he went further down and began to lick my anus. Nobody before even tried that to me and even John was disgusted about it when we saw this on a sex-program on TV. I never tried to finger myself either so until now this was completely new to me. But I love it so much! When he entered his tongue inside I was wondering if he was going to go on. I was so fucking horny that I was moaning and crying out his name.

“Oh…Phil…Yes…You are wonderful… I love it…” I got up and pushed him on the floor and saw his cock in full erection. I wanted him inside me again and I wanted him now. But I wanted to tease him a few seconds more. I kneeled down and grabbed it and looked at him straight in the eyes with the horniest look ever and took his cock down my throat as he moaned loud.

“Oh…Moo…m…” And then I took him out again. Then I climbed slowly on him and was thinking of taking him up my ass but I was still afraid and didn’t know if he was going to like it either. So I slid my labia on his throbbing cock and after a few strokes I shoved him inside me. The way we were fucking his cock was touching the deepest spots in me. I couldn’t believe this feeling of fullness and satisfaction I was getting from my own son. I was about to come again.

“Mother, come with me please… I want to feel you come with me…”

How could I deny him that request when I was ready to explode?

“You want mommy to come on your cock? You want to come in momma’s pussy again?”

I triggered him with my words and he began pumping me so fast I couldn’t even believe it.

“Phil, I am coming on your cock… yeeeeeeee…s…”

His eyes were wide opened and locked on mine when he said almost immediately after “inside you mom…”

That is when I realized that he had finished inside me so many times already and I forgot that I had stopped the pill. But I didn’t want to worry him and I really didn’t care that moment. I loved to feel his seed explode with that kind of rush inside me…He pulled me down towards him and he kissed me and told me:

“I Love you mom, and I love coming inside you…It is the most amazing feeling I ever had in my life and I don’t think I will ever feel anything like that with anyone but you.”

“I loved it too sweetheart and I can’t begin to tell you that I can’t get enough of it.”

“Then you never will get enough because I will never stop doing it to you and I can’t get enough of you either. I can’t believe I have these feelings about you!”

“I hope this doesn’t have a bad outcome for anyone.” I kissed him again and remained there with his cock inside while I felt his come running down my pussy and on his cock… After a long time of gaziantep yabancı escort intimacy, I got off of Phil and took him to the shower and we washed up once again and then we both headed towards my room. I got under the sheets and so did he but I told him that he would have to go to his room before he falls asleep because his sister was going to come in the morning. He was disappointed about that but he kissed my mouth with such passion that I moaned and then he left to his room. I was so exhausted and ready to fall asleep but my pussy was still hungry. I couldn’t believe it myself but still I decided to cool down a bit and put my thoughts back together because I realized once again that I had just committed incest and I loved every moment of it.

A kiss on my cheek the next morning made me turn and almost grab my daughter and pull her in bed with me.

“Mom, you are sleeping naked?” she wondered.

“I was just tired and when I got to bed after the shower last night, I figured that I was too lazy to get back up and put a nightgown or PJ’s.” I answered.

“I had a great time and we did amazing stuff!”

“I can’t wait to hear about them.” I replied wondering where Phil was.

“I met her cousin yesterday and he was an amazing guy…” she went on for at least half an hour and was so excited about her new acquaintance. She was really hooked by him and I could figure that she was in love as a young teen would’ve been in her age.

The conversation with my daughter was very stimulating because it awoke memories of my teenage years. The same moment my mind was flashing the previous day with all its happenings. I was happy and at the same time I was spaced out. I got up and got in the bathroom and washed my face. I looked in the mirror and wondered what my son Phil saw in me. How could a young handsome and strong boy want a woman more than 20 years older? But to be honest I felt very beautiful and all that was because of Phil. It is true that what you feel inside glows outside.

Phil made me feel beautiful and young. It was like I was reborn and my life was full of meaning. But my new love was wrong and John didn’t deserve what I was doing to him. I felt very guilty but I wasn’t ready to do anything about it. I loved the way my son was making me feel. Not only sexually but emotionally also and he made me feel like I was needed again. But still I had to face reality and hopefully keep this to myself and Phil. I had to be natural and at the same time hide my sexual feelings for my son. Any move that would cause my daughter or my husband to get suspicious would destroy my marriage and my family and that is something I didn’t want to happen.

I wore my shorts and my tennis shoes and decided to go out and jog around the park that was near by and maybe think of a solution. Phil was already gone because he had to go to his Martial Arts school and give lessons to his younger students. He was very good and his instructors were very pleased with his efforts and his dedication to his subject. Around the park I saw some of my neighbors running also and they stopped me and we sat down to chat and gossip. But my mind was wandering around Phil all the time.

When I got home I was imagining Phil coming home and taking me to my room and making love to me again and again but my dream ended the moment I realized that Sarah was home making any kind of contact with my son impossible. For a moment I wished that she was still at her friend’s house giving me space to do what I wanted. I found myself weak and my urge to fuck my son was even stronger than before it happened.

When he walked in the house it was 2 o’clock and I hadn’t even made lunch yet. That was the first time I ever was caught unprepared.

“Mom, I am home… what’s for lunch?” Phil said. Then Sarah jumped in the room:

“Yes mom, I am hungry too… what did you cook today?”

I had to think and respond fast because I was still spaced out and nervous with Phil in the same room with me and Sandra. Even though she was there I wanted to grab him right there and put inside me his cock that made me feel wonderful yesterday.

“I decided to take you both out for lunch. I was thinking of the grill house you both like to go and eat.” I said to them and they both seemed to like it very much because they grabbed me both on each arm and walked with me to the car. Of course my sons contact was driving me nuts. His hand was holding my arm and at the same time it had contact with my breast on every step causing it to rub on it. Sandra said something but I wouldn’t know about it because I didn’t actually hear a thing since my Phil’s hand had my full attention. I asked Phil to drive because I knew that I was incapable to drive in my state of mind. While he was driving I was stealing glances of his crotch. From a loving mother I had turned into a sex maniac or rather a nymphomaniac. All I figured out was that gaziantep yaşlı escort I was in trouble and very deep indeed.

This “grill house” was a very cozy and warm and we always enjoyed it there when we would all go together. John and Sarah would always sit together and I and Phil would sit on the opposite side. So we sat the same way but Sarah was sitting alone this time but it didn’t seem to bother her at all.

The lights were always dimmed and the booths were high enough to keep privacy between all the customers. We ordered and while we waited for the waiter to bring our food, Sarah got up to go to the restroom and I was left alone with Phil. Even though I wanted to touch him and kiss him, I had to be careful because they staff knew us and all because we were there almost every week at least one time. But I couldn’t control my hand that slowly reached his crotch and felt his response immediately.

His cock hardened in a few seconds and I looked at him in the eyes and wanted to kiss him that moment.

“You can’t possibly know how much I want you inside me right now.” I said to Phil in a very low tone.

“Mom, I want you too but the waitress is coming and we have to be careful. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you and Dad. I feel a little guilty but I…”

“Everybody ready to eat…?” said the waitress that brought our orders. The same moment Sarah was back and began to eat before she even sat down. Of course my hand was still on Phil’s crotch and I could feel his tension and wondered how he controlled his reactions and didn’t moan or show any discomfort… Especially, when I unzipped his fly and felt his pulsing cock in my hand and wiped his pre-come with my finger.

I knew now that he was strong enough to control himself if he wanted. So I stopped torturing him and took my hand out of his pants and brought my finger with his come in my mouth wanting to taste his come. I was desperate to take his cock and make him finish inside it. His come tasted so good and my pussy was now wet and ready for anything. I could do anything that moment to have Phil’s cock in my mouth but Sarah’s voice awakened me and my thoughts were interrupted.

“Mom, when is daddy going to come?”

“He may come this weekend, sweetheart but his job is full of surprises and he might have to postpone it further so we will know when he comes for sure.”

We arrived home and Sarah went straight to her room and as usual she picked up the phone and requested us not to interrupt her phone call. I know she was probably going to discuss about the guy she met during the weekend. So I thought I would find some time to talk with Phil because things were very serious and I was afraid that we were going to get caught on the act and hurt everyone in this family.

The moment I closed the door behind me in his room he grabbed me and turned me around and sealed my lips with his and I released all my tension and anxiety in his mouth with my moaning. His hand lifted my dress and soon it was in my panties and on my labia. I forgot completely about what I came for to his room and pulled down his pants and I turned around and placed my hands on his door and locked it and bended my body inviting him to fuck me like that. He grabbed my breast through my bust line and his other hand guided his cock in my pussy.

“Oh…Phil…Fuck me hard… I need your cock… I have been thinking about you all day…oh…” I whispered to him not wanting Sarah to hear anything. I was risking too much but I just couldn’t control myself at all. Then he pushed hard inside me and hit my cervix with one stroke and I bit my hand trying to be quiet. Our bodies danced in the same rhythm and pace accelerating the same time bringing us both closer and closer to our climax. I wanted my orgasm to meet his and I think it was about to happen.

“Mother, I love you and I love being inside you… I can’t bear the time that I am not inside you…”

“Oh… darling I am coming…Ah…mmm…” I tried to be as quiet as I could.

“I am going to come to mo…m…ah…” I felt his seed shooting in me harder than yesterday. His hands were squeezing my breasts that were pulled out of my bust line now and he kept shooting his final load in my depths. He held me tight and said that he loved me many times, over and over…

I turned around and kissed him like I never kissed anyone before. He even lost his balance which surprised me. But he broke in tears again and I was worried of what was going to come at the end. I was scared that I was going to traumatize my own flesh and blood.

“Mom, what are we going to do? I can’t keep my hands of you and I go crazy to the thought that I can’t be inside you when I always want to be! I know it is wrong and I don’t care about it. I managed to control my feelings all this time but your eyes bring me to my knees.”

His words echoed in my brain and I held him tight on my body and kissed him (as a mother would naturally do) on his head and tried to relax him and calm him down. I pushed him towards his bed and he laid on it and his arms locked on my neck and pulled my lips towards his. This boy was full of energy and his sex drive was just like mine. His cock was up again and he was begging me for more. Of course I wanted more also but I was afraid that his sister was going to be looking for me soon.

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