PC Problems

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It’s a hot summer night. You asked me to come over and look at your PC because you have been having problems with it. I drive up to your house and see the front light on. I have just come from work, so I check my hair and makeup before I get out of the car. I grab my laptop and tools and head to your front door.

The door is open, I yell hello and you say come on in. I open the door and walk in. You come from around the corner wear shorts and no shirt. You smile and ask me if there is anything I can get you. Thoughts are going through my mind, things I just can’t say. Finally I say a beer would be great.

Your air conditioning has died on you and it is still in the 80’s outside. I am starting to sweat and I haven’t even done anything yet. You bring me a bottle of beer. It is nice and cold. I take the bottle and put it up to my neck to feel the coldness. This gives you a little arousal. I say “ok, where is it.” You take me in a spare bedroom where the computer is hooked up. I ask the problem and you tell me it keeps shutting itself off.

I sit down on the chair and start to check things out. The room is very hot and I ask if you have a fan you can bring in. You walk out and look for a fan. While you are doing that I start looking at your computer. While looking around I find some very erotica pictures. I am getting wet just looking at them. I hear you coming back to the room and I quick close them down.

You found a box fan and put it on the floor pointing towards the desk and CPU. I have a feeling that the problem with your computer is that it is over heating. I shut the PC down and grab my tool kit. I get down on all fours and pull the pc out as far as I can. There is a lot connected to it and if I can help it, I don’t want disconnect them all. I disconnect the power cord and grab my screwdriver to open it up.

Now coming from work, I have on a blouse and a shorter skirt. When I get on all fours and start to unscrew the case, the fan blows my skirt up. I am not paying attention so I don’t even notice. My black stocking, white garter belt and lace panties are in plain view. This gives you an instant hard on. You know I can’t see you and you start rubbing your cock through your pants.

I get the cover off and turn around to see you rubbing your cock. You quick remove your hand and blush a little. I realize my skirt was up and you had been looking at my pussy this whole time. I say “please don’t stop”. You look at me not sure if I am kidding or not. I give you a wicked smile sarıyer escort and you realize I am not.

You start to rub your cock again. I keep my skirt where it is so you have a good shot of my pussy which is getting wetter by the minute. I tell you to take your shorts off. You unzip your shorts and pull them off. I can see how hard your cock is now. My pussy is starting to ache me badly. I tell you I want to see you rub your hard cock. You take off your underwear and I get the first glance at your beautiful hard cock.

You start rubbing it up and down. I can see how good it feels by the look on your face. This is driving me nuts. I turn around and lie on the floor with my legs spread wide for you to see. I take my finger and start lightly moving it over my panties. I am so wet now you can actually see it soaked through my panties. This turns you on so much, you start rubbing your cock harder and faster. You tell me it isn’t fair, if I get to watch you, then you should be able to watch me.

I pull my underwear off. You look at my shaven pussy and see how glistening it is from all my juices. I take my finger and split apart my lips. Then I move it up to my clit and let out a really loud moan. All I can think about is you there rubbing your cock for me. I am so ready to cum from the excitement of watching you but I hold off.

You can tell I am close and decided that you are going to do something about it. You stop rubbing your cock and lean down on the floor between my legs. You take my finger from my pussy and put it in your mouth, licking off all the juices. Then you take your tongue and shove inside my shaven pussy. I let out a scream of pleasure. You move your tongue up to my clit and start licking it very fast while you put your fingers deep inside me. I am going nuts, grinding my cunt hard against your fingers.

Finally my orgasm comes crashing down hard, juices rush on your fingers, muscles clamping them, arching my clit against your mouth. My body is shaking. I finally relax and you start licking my clit again, immediately I cum again and it feels incredible. For some reason the second one always feels better than the first.

The next thing I know, you are putting your hard cock in me. I have wanted that cock in me all night. You thrust it hard and deep in to me. I cum again screaming. You feel the hot juices run straight down your cock. A few more pumps and you cum deep inside me. I am telling you how I esenyurt escort can feel you cumming and how it is going to make me cum again. I start to cum again, the wav of ecstasy goes through my whole body. My cunt muscles are pumping ever last bit of cum out of your cock.

You stand up and pick me up off the floor and carry me in to the bedroom. You remove the rest of my clothes. Then you lean over and kiss me deeply. I have never been kiss like that before. It gives me shivers up my spine. Your lips caressing mine, your tongue circling mine. I want this kiss to never end.

You turn me over and straddle my hips and start massaging my back. Your hands are so strong and feel so good caressing my back. You lean over every once and a while to kiss and nibble. I just keep thinking in my mind, is this really happening.

I feel you lean over a bit. I can’t see what you are doing. Then I feel this vibration on my back. You have gotten a vibrator and are rubbing it all over my back. You move your body down and trace my spine with the vibrator. You move it all the way down between my ass and to my pussy. My hips arch up to get it closer. You put it against my clit and I can’t help but to moan. You keep rubbing my clit with it and then all of a sudden thrust it deep in to my cunt. I let out a loud moan at the same time trying to catch my breath.

After pumping it a few time in my wet pussy, you move it up to my ass, spreading my juice all over the opening. Then you move it back down and put it inside of me again. With your one hand, you pull my hips up and get me on my knees. You take one of my hands and put it down on the vibrator. I take it and start moving it in and out of my pussy. My juices are all over it.

You take your hands and caress my ass while pulling them apart. It is creamy white and very smooth. Then you take the head of your cock and press it up against my hole. You slowly push it is a little and back up. You keep doing this until you finally get your whole cock in my ass. It hurts a little but feels really good at the same time. You start pumping in and out, you can feel the vibration from my cunt. Your cock feels so good pumping my ass. You have a hold of my hips and are moving them with your rhythm. I keep pumping the vibrator in and out of my pussy.

Then you pull out of me, take the vibrator from me and turn me over. You lean over and kiss me again. Then you work your way down my neck and to my breast. They are medium size, very pale avrupa yakası escort and have very hard nipples. You start to lick them and you hear me moan and my hips start to move. You realize how sensitive they are.

You linger there for a while and then work downwards. You start to bite my sides a little bit. This tickles a little and makes me squirm. You move down my side to my hip and then to the top of where my hair line would be. You turn the vibrator back on and take the tip and put it against my clit. My body arches up wanting more.

You get the vibrator covered in my juices and move it down to my ass. You slowly insert it which goes much easier than the first time. Once you have that in me, you move down and start to eat me. You take my hand and put it on my breast and have me start to rub it. You remove your hand and I take my fingers to my mouth, get them wet and then rub my nipples.

At this point I am being rub, eaten and fucked. I have pleasure come from every part of my body. I start getting close to cumming again and you can feel it. You start to lick and suck harder. I start to cum but this time I am bucking my hips. I am just going nuts from all the sensations I am feeling and it feels like it is never going to end.

Finally it is over and my body just goes limp. You remove the vibrator and lean up to me and kiss me. I am in a daze, pain and pleasure all over my body. You take your cock and put it slowly in my pussy. You know I can’t handle much at this time so you slowly, gently, move it in and out while kissing me passionately. I start to recover and realize you haven’t cum for a second time yet.

I move my head and kiss your cheek and down to your earlobe nibbling a little bit. My hand caressing your back softly. I whisper in your ear how good your cock feels in me. How hard and big it is. I tell you I want you to cum for me, I want to cum deep inside of me. I want to feel your cum hit the back of my pussy. This is enough for you and you start to cum. I whisper “yes baby, cum for me baby, cum inside of me”. This orgasm is a very strong one for you and you are moaning so loudly, pumping slowly in and out of me, savoring every bit. Finally you collapse on top of me, holding me close. You roll over to the side exhausted.

You look at me and take your hands and rub them lightly on my face and through my hair. You don’t know this but I just love that and start to just melt. You gaze in to my eyes and smile at me. You finally admit that you unplugged your fan on the CPU just to get me to come over there. You never expected this to happen, it was an extra bonus. I tell you that I have actually hoped for this to happen many times. You kiss me and hold me in your strong arms.

It was a night that I was never going to forget and hopefully wouldn’t be the last one either.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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