Peeping Megan

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It was another Friday night, the summer heat cooling down with the sun now set, and as usual, Steve was beat. His final class of the week, an interesting lecture on history, ended early enough in the day at two in the afternoon. This gave Steve more than enough time to get a jump on his homework as he could not enjoy himself properly until it was all finished. By six o’clock he was at the gym with his friends, and by nine he was at home, exhausted, but ready to relax.

He sat on the couch of his family’s living room, watching a basketball game with his dad, talking about the week, but not focusing on anything important. If pressed for details, neither would really be able to recall the conversation, it was being together that mattered.

Before ten o’clock, Steve heard the familiar ring of a new message. He did not need to look at the screen to know it was from Alissa, likely more than a few drinks deep as she was with friends at one of the many bars downtown. When he did unlock the phone, he was greeted to a selfie in the bathroom of whatever dive she had gone to that night, bending forward and giving him a perfect view of her deep cleavage.

Steve grinned at the picture, which was soon followed by a text message below.

“You busy?”

He replied, “Nah, watching the game with my dad.”

The Friday message had become a routine now after Steve and Alissa met a few months ago, during the summer break from school, by complete chance. She did not attend school and worked in an office during the week. They met at a loud bar one weekend, but it was not his usual hangout. Steve had only gone to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and she quickly learned that he had little interest in loud places. On the other hand, she loved to dance, and since her roommate, Megan, loved that as well, they went often.

Their initial relationship chilled for a while, but soon he began to receive the late night texts on Fridays. They always led to Steve picking up the two ladies, and maybe sometimes one or two more friends, and driving them home. Once back at Alissa’s apartment, Megan would usually head to sleep after all the drinks, leaving Steve and Alissa free to release a week’s worth of pent up energy into the late hours of the night.

The phone went off again, “Megz is hammered and we should get home. We’re calling a cab, unless you want to come over and help put me to bed ;).”

Without missing a beat, he typed back, “I’ll be there in 15.”

Steve was dressed in his jeans and favorite t-shirt less than a minute later, and walking past the couch, his dad shot him a smile, “Going to see some friends?”

“Yeh, I’ll be out late.”

“Same friends as last week, and the week before?”

Steve kept on walking, a wide grin on his face, “Yep, you got it.” His dad always poked fun at him when it came to women, though he hardly ever brought it up directly.

Steve loved driving at this time of night: the air was cool, the roads were virtually empty, and he was beginning to associate late night trips with wild, passionate sex. Pulling up to the bar, he saw the two ladies outside. Alissa was holding Megan’s hand, both looking fantastic in short dresses that accentuated their thick bodies. Both ladies had similar body types, a little ankara eryaman escort on the chubby side, but with curves that drove Steve crazy.

Alissa helped Megan into the back seat, closing the door behind the girl who had drunk far too much. “Hey Steve, thanks for coming.” She placed her head back and closed her eyes, barely able to stay awake, as the passenger side door opened and Alissa sat down next to Steve..

Driving along, Megan had all but drifted off in the back, and Alissa had begun her favorite game, which was always some type of voyeuristic behavior. Steve glanced over and saw that her dress had been pulled up, revealing a dark blue thong. She looked right at him as she slipped her hand beneath the fabric to begin touching herself. Whether drunk or sober, Alissa was always forward with her desires, and it drove Steve crazy how direct she was with her needs.

Steve looked into the rear mirror, seeing that Megan was still sitting quietly with her eyes shut. Alissa continued moving one hand beneath her thong, while the other reached over to Steve’s leg, slowly caressing the bulge that grew inside his jeans. The ride was short, but always exciting, as they arrived at the apartment.

As he turned off the ignition, Megan stirred and was somehow full of energy once more. The three went inside while she talked endlessly about something that had happened at work. While normally this was the moment she would head to her room and pass out, she seemed to have something else on her mind, turning to the pair and saying,”Time for a movie!”

Steve and Alissa were surprised, since Megan often went straight to bed after a night of drinking, or she went home with someone from the bar. Neither objected, however, and they grabbed a bottle of wine for Steve to catch up.

The living room was set up in a rather strange way, due to the fact that each roommate had brought a large couch of their own when moving in together. The television was set against the wall, while the two large couches were fit in almost perpendicularly in order to both fit. Megan laid down on the nearer couch to the screen, while Alissa and Steve took the one slightly further back.

Everyone had a glass of wine in hand as the film began, and with the lights low, Alissa threw a blanket over her and Steve’s lap. The title shot had not even come on before she had unzipped his jeans and begun stroking him.

Alissa’s eagerness was not something Steve had gotten used to yet, and he loved every moment. She kept at it, slow and steady, leaving him rock hard while the movie went on. Soon they both looked over and saw that Megan had predictably fallen asleep, her newfound energy clearly gone with the comfy couch and another glass of wine.

“Megan,” Alissa whispered. “Megz,” she said, now in a louder voice.

Megan did not stir.

Steve thought it was the perfect chance to sneak off to the bedroom as Alissa got off the couch, but as he stood, she yanked his jeans down so they fell to his feet. She pushed him back down, kneeling between his legs and taking him into her mouth.

Now Steve was torn, as her eager mouth took him deep, but also concerned with Megan sleeping no more than a few feet away. Alissa, of course, had no such concerns. Rather, escort elvankent she was turned on by the fact that her roommate was so close, and she continued to slide him in and out of her mouth, taking care only to be less noisy than normally was, though only slightly. She absolutely loved to give head, and to receive it as well, and would often wake Steve in the night for another round in this way.

Steve found himself lost in the moment, both hands now guiding her head down hard while she played with her breasts and stroked her clit. Her hands were free to pleasure herself, and the naughtiness made everything better, but in a flash, Steve knew something was off. It was brief, only a slight movement in the corner of his eye. Looking over, he saw that Megan had woken, though she remained lying down on the couch, moving only her head to watch what was going on. The lights were low, though she and Steve still met and locked in a gaze.

Normally, Steve would likely shy away from being caught, but he found himself emboldened. He smiled at Megan, gave her a wink, and continued working Alissa’s head up and down. He thought for a moment of stopping, thinking that Megan might be furious. Instead, nothing at all happened as Megan kept silent, spreading her own legs, slowly and quietly, and slipping a hand down to touch herself. Of this Steve could see little, but her eyes made it clear that Megan was enjoying the show.

If he was turned on before, this was like an unexpected shot of adrenaline. Steve did not even think as he tightened his grasp on Alissa’s head and began moving her faster and faster. She in turn loved when he took control, and moved her fingers more vigorously on her clit. Steve watched as she eagerly sucked him off, while both women touched themselves.

A few minutes passed in this way, and the lust in Alissa became uncontrollable. She stood up for a moment, glancing back at Megan, who shut her eyes tight, feigning sleep once more. Satisfied, Alisssa slipped off her thong and hiked up her dress before stradling Steve and gradually slipping him inside of her. She began to ride him, somewhat slowly so as to keep quiet, unaware that it was unnecessary.

Steve loved when Alissa rode him, though now he was slightly distracted, looking to the left of her body, and again saw that Megan was watching eagerly, her own hand working enthusiastically between her legs.

Alissa could not see any of this, as she was facing away from Megan, and more importantly, she was enjoying herself far too much to care. She had both hands on either of Steve’s strong shoulders, and she could feel her orgasm rising with every rise and fall.

Megan for her part was also struggling to remain quiet. She had never considered herself a voyeur, but then again, the opportunity had never presented itself so flagrantly as it had that night. Her fingers worked her clit, and all she could do was imagine herself riding Steve instead.

At the same time, Steve was overcome with this newfound excitement in being watched. As Alissa rose, he motioned for her to get off of him, much to her displeasure. However, he wasted no time in getting behind Alissa, and pushing her forward into a doggy style position. He handed her a pillow, etimesgut escort bayan which she knew would be perfect to muffle her moans.

Steve stood behind Alissa and grasped at her hip with one hand, guiding himself back inside her with the other. As he entered her again, he looked to Megan, and began to pump in and out with both hands gripping tightly on Alissa’s hips. The pair locked eyes and they were connected in that moment. With one hand, Steve motioned for her to move, and she understood that he wanted a better view.

In response, Megan shifted her weight, spreading her legs to reveal that her hand was inside her panties. She removed her hand and pulled the material to the side, revealing a beautiful bush of hair, before she went back to touching herself. Steve grinned at her enthusiasm, and found himself pumping hard and fast into Alissa from behind.

It was all becoming too much. Megan bit her lip as she watched the pair, wanting nothing more than to feel him deep inside of her. Alissa too was nearing the edge, having recovered from the unexpected interruption of changing positions. Both women found themselves unable to hold off, and their orgasms swept over their bodies. Alissa buried her face deep into the pillow, while Megan did her best to use the cushion to muffle herself. Had they not both been so preoccupied with trying to remain silent, they might have heard one another.

Steve continued to thrust from behind, punching Alissa to greater heights and not letting her orgasm subside. She kept her face in the pillow, overcome by the pleasure she felt. Steve looked to see that Megan had closed her legs and brought her hands to her chest, but her gaze remained squarely on the action.

Feeling himself reaching the point of no return, Steve decided to finish off the performance with a bang. Nearing his own orgasm, Steve tugged on Alissa’s hips, and she slipped down onto the ground, kneeling before him and still facing away from Megan. He stroked himself as wave after wave of white erupted and landed on Alissa’s face and chest. She exhaled deeply, loving the feeling of him all over her. During the whole show, Megan had stared wide-eyed and aroused once again.

Alissa quickly looked behind her, only to see that Megan was once again feigning sleep. She whispered to Steve, “I’m going to clean up, I’ll be in my room in a few minutes.” She quickly walked out of the living room, leaving Steve standing with his cock in hand, and a captive audience.

As soon as they heard the bathroom door shut down the hall, Megan stood. In one swift motion, she undid the zipper of her dress, letting it fall to the ground. She stood wearing only her panties, with both hands on her hips, giving Steve a perfect view of her voluptuous body.

Without saying a word, she knelt in front of Steve, and took him into her mouth. Steve was still sensitive, and the feeling jolted through his body. She moved her mouth slowly, taking him deep inside before stopping. She stood, looking perfect in her near nakedness, and said, “Now I know what I’m missing.”

She turned and walked to her room, swaying her hips as she went, and closing the door to her bedroom just as Alissa was finishing up. Steve felt a rush once again, which he used on Alissa as they spent the night as they always did, going several more rounds before finally heading back home.

As soon as he left the apartment, his phone went off once more. A text message, but this time from Megan.

Well, next Friday would certainly be interesting.

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