Penny’s First Time

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Penny was tall slim and sexy. She liked smart clothes, for herself and for Mark, because he thought her a sensual dresser. She also liked casual clothes, for she could tease him. Shirts and singlet tops without a bra, or wearing a pushup, that made her beautiful breasts bulge, and he said it made him hard, when her nipples peeked out. She used the fact that he was a boob man to both of their advantages. She felt sexy, and it made him horny.She was a babe, with her beautiful dark hair and brown eyes, she smouldered She was a gorgeous European lady, and he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. When she walked her breasts moved so erotically, he had to use super restraint, not to grab her and tear her clothes off. Sometimes when they looked at something erotic on the ‘net, he would prompt her as to whether she would ever have FF sex. Penny squirmed. “Mmmmm, not sure.” She secretly thought she would like to try it, and when he asked her about it, she got surges into her groin, so she knew the thought of it, stirred her sexually. It certainly looked exciting on the ‘net, and she loved Mark licking her pussy, but another woman, she wasn’t so sure. She didn’t know it right then, but the thing to test her was just around the corner.

Penny picked up her mobile. “Hi Susie.”

“Penny, honey, how are you,” Susie asked. “Listen I’ve got an invite for you.”

“An invite, to what?” Penny asked her.

“I’m having a lingerie party,” Susan said. “I have eleven starters, how about being number twelve.”

“Nah, I don’t think so,” Penny replied. “I’m not big on those party things.”

“Please,” Susan pleaded. “It will be a fun night. We’ll have a few drinks, and maybe even buy some skimpy sexy undies to tease our men with. All ladies, no boring men.” There was silence for a moment, Penny thinking. “Yeah okay. When?”

“Oh excellent. Friday night about eight,” Susan said. The girl doing the demo will be here about eight thirty, so if everyone gets here about eight, we can have a glass of wine to get things going.”

“Okay, thanks, see you then.”

Penny took one last look at herself, before heading off to Susan’s. She had her black dress with the shoe string shoulder straps on. She liked the dress, it made her feel sexy when she wore it. Maybe this wasn’t the right night to be looking sexy, but she knew most of the women that were going to be there, and they always dressed up. She slipped on her black patent leather heels, and headed out the door.

“Hey good to see you, and you look great,” Susan greeted her at the door. Penny noticed Susan was dressed in one of her usual low cut lacey tops. They kissed cheeks, and Susan escorted her inside, giving her a glass of wine, and introducing her to a couple of girls she didn’t know. Just after eight thirty, Donna, the model arrived, and set up her racks of lingerie.

“Ladies, I’ll demo the garments, and then at the end, you can inspect everything, and if they are your sizes, you can try them on,” she said. Penny had to admit, she was impressed, some of the lingerie was beautiful, and daring. Low cut bra’s, push up bra’s, half cup bra’s, beautiful lace camisoles, and g-strings that were strings, forget the G. The string disappeared into the girls vagina, leaving the tiniest triangle of fabric,just above her slit. Penny silently breathed out, feeling a stirring in her nether regions. She had this a few times of late, and had to admit, she did feel a sexual attraction to other ladies. As she watched Donna changing, she became acutely aware of those feelings. Being all females, Donna simply changed in front of them, so she saw the girl nude about ten or more times, and the worst of it was her incredible body, hour glass figure, tits to die for; well what did she expect, if you’re going to demo lingerie, you could hardly be fat and ugly. This was one of the few times she had acutually seen a nude female live. The only others had been on the internet with Mark. She was brought back from her musings by Donna.

“Ladies, we’ll have a ten minute break, then finish off.”

“And” added Susan. “Then we have our special treat. The X factor.”

Penny had a few nibblies, have to watch the diet, she didn’t want Mark telling her she was getting fat. She need not have worried, she had a great figure. She was tall and slim with beautiful breasts. And besides, he would never do that.

“Come on, drink up,” Susan grinned. “Topping up her glass.” Penny was already feeling a bit drunk, but what the hell, she hadn’t had a girls night out for some time, and as Susan had said, it was turning escort out to be a fun night.

“Okay girls,” Donna said. “On with the show. By the time I’m finished with you, you’ll all be breaking your necks to get home to your husbands and boyfriends, and you know why.” She gave the girls a naughty wink.

“Now, I just need a helper, actually a model,” she said. “How about you Penny?” Penny froze. “Er, um, ah, I don’t think so.” Donna grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet. “I promise I wont embarrass you. But I need someone with just the right size breasts to demo this new magic bra.” She took Penny behind a screen. “Slip your dress off, and put this bra on.” Penny hesitated, Donna unhooked her bra. “It’s okay, you wont be nude, it’s just like being at the beach in a two piece. She ran her hands down Penny’s back, making her shiver, and then cupped her breasts in her hands.

“God you have beautiful breasts,” she said softly. “And your nipples are so responsive. You should model.” Penny went into a fog. She remembered standing in front of the other women, and Donna running her hands on the tops of the part of her exposed breasts. But that was all. Then after showing the bikini bottom that went with the bra, she shakily resumed her seat. Confused signals raced through her head, as she remembered Donna touching her breasts. She needed more wine.

“And now ladies,” Susan grinned. “As promised, the X factor. Maybe I should call it the XXX factor.Donna’s girlfriend Maggie, has joined us to demonstrate some sex toys.” Donna came from behind the screen, naked except for a garter belt. Maggie appeared a minute later, wearing a G-string, and half cup bra, in the 36C area.

“This ladies, is for your own private pleasure,” she said parting Donna’s pussy lips, and inserting a small vibrator into her vagina. “With this, it’s a vibrating egg, you can pleasure yourself anywhere you want. Three speeds. Top speed guarantee’s you an orgasm.” They all watched as Donna switched it on, and heard nothing.

“Thats right ladies,” she smiled at them all. “Once it’s in your vagina, no noise. Nobody will know, unless of course you utter a gasp.”

“You didn’t see this before, because it comes into the erotica catagory.” she went on. Donna slipped the vibrator from her vagina, and pulled on a G-string without the string. It had a plug that went into the vagina that held it in place, and was not much wider than a womens slit. Penny wondered how she would get on with her protruding labia. And a bra without cups, just straps that went around her breasts.

“The bra is excellent, because you can wear it to work, and the perves see the bra strap at the back, and think your wearing one. In fact your breasts are bare,and you have the lovely advantage of your nipples rubbing on the fabric. I guarantee they’ll be erect all day.Fantastic ‘eh?” “The only disadvantage, is with the g-string, if you get too horny and wet, it might slip out, but I’m not sure thats a disadvantage.” She laughed. The show went on. Penny never realised how many sex toys were available. She liked the vibrating egg that went into her vagina. She saw distinct possibilities for that. The last offering was a strapon dildo.

“This a special item, just released.” Maggie said. “Absolutely fantastic for you ladies who like to get together. She held another one in her hand, and showed it around. “As you can see, it has a smaller penis that goes inside the wearer, so both parties get enjoyment. This thicker part, rubs on the clitoris. It then becomes a race as to who comes first.” She laughed and bent over. Donna rubbed some lube on the dildo, and eased it into Maggies vagina. Groans went around the room, as she gave Maggie several deep thrusts. This time Donna laughed, and pulled out the dildo. “We don’t want to start something, do we?”

Penny was fazed. She had never seen anything like this before, well not live. She and Mark sometimes looked at some porn on the internet. They’d smoke some weed, and she’d sit on his knee, and they’d surf some sites. It was one of her favorite things, having him deep inside her and watching sex. Because of the amount of F/F sites he went to, she finally got him to admit that he wanted her to try FF sex, and maybe later, she’d let him watch. She liked watching it on the ‘net, but real life was another thing.

“So,” Susan smiled after the show. “What did you think?”

“Hot, too hot,” Penny grinned.

“If that didn’t make you wet,” Susan grinned. “You’re dead from the neck up.” Penny groaned. “Maggie touching her vagina bursa eve gelen escort in front of us, well, shit. And I mean, when she was putting things in and taking them out. Fuck!” Susan stood up. “Want coffee, want a smoke?”

“Coffee, definitely, I’m pissed,” Penny said. “Might sober me up a bit.”

“I didn’t offer it before, because I got sort of hooked on the sex toys demo,” Susan poured the coffee, then went to a drawer and pulled out a small box. She took a joint out, and lit it. After several deep drags, she passed it to Penny.

“No, I don’t think I should. I’ll just have the coffee and get off home.”

“Come on, you’re not driving, what the hell,” Susan handed it to her. Half way through the second joint, Donna came into the kitchen.

“Well I’m packed up and ready to go,” she said, taking the offered joint from Susan.

“Coffee?” Susan got up. Donna nodded. “Yeah that would be really great. Good party Susan.” She leaned over to Penny and put her arm around her. “And you were really great.”

“I’m fucked, thats what I am,” Penny giggled. “Pissed and stoned.”

“Nothing wrong with that,” Donna said. “I’m that way at least once a week.”

They chatted for a while, and then Susan grinned at Penny. “Hey, I think you should stay the night. You don’t want to go home to Mark like this.” Penny took a minute to absorb what she had said, and then nodded. “Thanks, would you mind?” Penny didn’t remember stripping off, or maybe she didn’t. The next day, she thought that maybe Susan had taken her underwear off. Regardless, when she awoke the next morning, she was naked, and as visions rushed into her head, she shut her mind down.

“What about Gary,” Penny asked.

“When he heard hen’s night, he went bush with a mate,” Susan said. She moved closer to Penny and kissed her softly. “Would you like me to rub your back, get you off to sleep?”

“Mmmm okay,” Penny’s speech was slurred. Susan rolled her onto her stomach and straddled her, rubbing her back, then turned and rubbed her lower back, running her finger into the crack of Penny’s arse.

“Mmm, no, no, not there,” Penny murmured.

“It’s okay,” Susan said softly. “I won’t hurt you or do anything you don’t want. Did you get wet tonight, watching all that stuff.” Penny nodded. “Mmm, I did, very wet.”

“Was it the lingerie, or Donna?”

“Well sort of both,” Penny admitted. ” I mean Maggie was touching her, putting those toys inside her, and then had sex. I know it was a demo, but still, God how erotic.” Susan kissed her again, softly, running her tongue along her lips. Penny giggled. “You’re teasing me.”

“Just a little,” her friend said. “We’re both a bit drunk, and horny, after that stuff with Donna.” She kissed her again, this time opening her lips with her tongue. Penny responded. “I love kissing, it’s sensual and a turn on.” Susan gave her a long soft kiss, and when she felt Penny relax, she eased her tongue into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” Penny groaned. She found Susan’s tongue with her own, and rubbed herself on Susans knee.

Susan smiled, the time was right. “I’d love to fuck Donna, she is so sexy. Those tits, and big cunt, oh God.” Penny raised her head. “Would you really do it?”

“God yes,” Susan said. “Sex with another woman is fantastic.” She ran her fingers down the crack of Penny’s arse, and into her slit. Penny jerked. “No, I don’t think I can do this.”

“Sure you can, just relax.”

“I’m not sure, It feels wrong.”

“It’s not wrong Penny honey, it’s just another way of enjoying sex. You’ve seen it on the ‘net, you told me.”

“Thats different, thats them not me.”

“Just try a little bit, and if you don’t like it I”ll stop.” Penny nodded, gathering courage. “Okay but just a little bit.” Susan looked around and nodded to Donna, who was standing in the doorway. Then she slid her fingers down and rubbed Penny’s cunt.

“Oh fuck, that’s good,” Penny mumbled a few minutes later.

“You want me to keep going,” Susan cooed.

“Yes, I want you to, to, you know.I’m not sure, but I think I want you to touch me.” Donna rolled her over, then pulled her legs apart. Susan kissed her on the pussy lips, and then Donna slid two fingers inside her wet hole. Penny was incapable of resistence, and let them do whatever they wanted. Donna licked her slit, slowly sliding her tongue up to her clit, and then back down, to her pleasure palace. She pushed her tongue in,and felt her partly open. She pulled her open with her fingers, görükle escort and got her tongue a little further inside. Penny thrust and groaned.

“I think Donna wants to fuck you,” Susan said, watching Donna slide the big dildo into Penny’s cunt.

“Ooohh yes fuck me honey,” she said opening her eye’s.

“I’m going to give you the best sex you’ve ever had. Do you want me to fuck you?” Penny groaned. “Yes, I think so, yes fuck me, I want you to fuck me, I’m so horny.”

Donna kissed Susan and felt her up, whilst she fucked Penny. “I’ll show you how to get the best orgasm ever. Watch this.” She got the vibrating egg and slid it inside Penny, then pushed the strapon back inside her. In a couple of minutes, she had Penny moaning, and then calling out, gyrating and thrashing around on the bed.

“Oh God, fuck, fuck, fuck me, fuck me,” she screamed.

“Now if I touch her clit, she probably have a brain seizure. She did anyway.

“Oh God, I’m coming, I’m coming,”Penny screamed. “I’m, I’m, I’m coming.”

“Jesus,” Susan said, wide eyed. “Thats the most violent orgasm I’ve ever seen.”

“Doesn’t happen like that with all girls, Donna said. “But I just had a feeling Penny would be a right little raver.You want one like that, lie back, I’m here to please.” She leaned down and licked Penny’s slit, tasting her sweet pussy juice. She licked her thighs, and tongued her arsehole, then fingered it. She licked the pink insides of her pussy flaps, and circled her clit with her tongue. Penny moaned and gyrated.”More.” Susan looked at Donna. “I think this is her first girl girl sex, and I think she’s going to go again.”

“Of course she is, I can keep her on the boil all night,” Donna said. “But maybe we should give her a rest. I think it’s time I tasted your pussy, and you tasted mine.”

“So,” Mark grinned. “How was the night out?”

“I’m sorry,” Penny screwed up her face. “I spent money. I bought some lingerie, oh, and this.” She dangled the vibrating egg by the cord.

“What is that?” he asked.

“I’ll show you later,” she replied. “Right now, I need Nurofen and a bed.” He nodded. “Yeah you look like shit.” Sleep wouldn’t come, and Penny lay thinking about the previous night. It hadn’t been her decision, but she had finally broken down the FF barrier. She remembered more than she really wanted to. Susan and Donna fucking her with that big dildo, and the pussy licking. My God, if she had realised how erotic that was, she would have done it a long time ago.Right at that minute, she could almost feel Donna’s tongue, gliding up her slit, and touching her clit. She was so horny. She slipped off her panties, and opened her vagina, and slipping the egg inside, started to masturbate, in her head telling Susan and Donna to fuck her hard.

Her cries as she orgasmed, brought Mark to the bedroom. He could instantly see what was happening, her hand movements and arched back giving her away.

“You need help there?” he asked hopefully. She kicked back the blankets. “Oh God yes, come here and fuck me.” He had his shorts and shirt off in a second, and pulled her legs apart. As he guided his hard cock into her wet hole, he felt the vibrations and saw the cord.”What the hell is that?”

“It’s my toy,” she said squeezing it out. “Don’t worry about it, just fuck me.” She stuck her wet fingers into his mouth. “Taste my juices, this is what I taste when I suck your cock.” He sucked her fingers as he fucked her.

“God I love your cock,” she groaned. He laughed softly. “When’s your next hens night, soon I hope, if this is what it does to you.” She grinned. “Well if one doesn’t come up, I might just have to organise my own, and it’ll be a lingerie show with a chick named Donna.

“Donna, who’s Donna,” he asked her.

“The girl that ran the lingerie show,” Penny said.

“And whats so special about her?” he wanted the details. Penny thought for a moment, trying to decide whether to confess to Mark that she had lost her FF virginity last night.

“She just has this great show,” she said, and then the words just came tumbling from her mouth. “And I had sex with her, she fucked me, and Susan.I don’t know what happened, too much wine I guess, and watching her demo those sex toys, putting them inside Maggie.She was opening her pussy with her fingers, and sliding things inside her, and then Donna fucked her with a strap on dildo. Oh God, it was all too much.” She looked at Mark. “I’m sorry, I lost control.” He grinned. “I’m not.” She rolled on top of him, feeling his cock so far inside her, it felt like it was in her throat.

“And now, I’m going fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before,” she giggled. “And you can thank Donna and Susan.”

“I have just one question. “When can I watch you?” Penny gave him a sly smirk. “That, my beautiful lover, is another story.”

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