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Hi everyone! Sorry about the long wait before my next post – been dealing with a lot of issues at home and just haven’t had the time to write!

I’m working on a new storyline here – I’ve got the main plot planned out so just bear with me whilst I get the story down in writing and I hope to update more real soon! Hope you enjoy this story and as always, I look forward to any comments and criticism (constructive only please!). Thanks and enjoy!


Arya slipped two fingers deep inside her, rubbing them against her G-Spot and curling her toes. She imagined a man pressing her against the wall, pushing himself deep into her from behind. She let out a moan and grabbed her left nipple with her fingers. She pinched it and sighed. Thinking about him, an unknown commander of her body. He knew what she needed. She was so close she could feel it. Her juices soaked her fingers and the sheets beneath her. She took them out and rubbed her clit. Her thighs clenched, toes curled and – nothing. The image in her head drifted away and so did her pending orgasm, as usual.

Arya sighed. She’d never managed to put herself over the edge. She’d tried so many damn times she didn’t even want to think about it anymore. She’d even started to doubt that an orgasm could be as intense as everyone said it was – mind shattering and relaxation. All she managed was stress and pent up sexual tension. And why should she expect anything else? This is how it had always been for her, she could get so close to that edge, but could never throw herself over it. It sucked.

She rolled over onto her front and onto her knees and elbows to reach into the drawer beside her bed. She pulled out a seven-inch rabbit vibrator and moved back down onto her front, crushing her breasts beneath her. She slowly pushed the vibrator inside her and turned it on. The motors perabet spun to life inside her, sending vibrations deep into her pussy and clit. She began moving it inside her, back and forth. Drawing it all the way out and pushing it back into her harder and faster. Her muscles clenched up and she felt that familiar urge of needing to pee. Then it was gone.

Just like that and she knew that something was missing. Like there was something that she needed and then she’d finally be able to orgasm. She’d tried pretty much everything but nothing worked. She pulled the vibrator out of her, feeling her juices coat her thighs and she put it back into the drawer. It was now three am and she had to be at work early

Arya fell asleep, tossing and turning throughout the night. Restlessly remembering the sensations that had pulsed through her earlier.


Today was her day off and she was determined not to waste it. She got up at ten am and threw on the first clothes she could reach – a pair of tiny black denim shorts and a long white lace and cotton top. Stumbling down the stairs and reaching for the coffee machine she poured herself a cup of the hot liquid and took it outside with her so she could sit in the sun.

She took a seat on the bench on the patio and stretched her toes out over the warm patio slabs. She was lucky; after a long week’s work in the kitchen she was finally home with a day off. Her days consisted of early mornings and late nights, preparing for and running long services with too many customers and not enough staff. By the time she crawled into bed at night she was exhausted, her head was splitting and her feet aching. Various burns and cuts across her hands and arms for years in the culinary business tingled and twinged at the heat of the sun on her skin. She hated that place. But she wouldn’t perabet giriş have it any other way. She got a secret thrill from knowing that she was damn good at her job. And she had to be – she wouldn’t be the head chef if she didn’t know what she was doing.

Her phone buzzed and a text popped up on her screen. “Drinks tonight?” her friend asked her. She didn’t speak to many people outside of work, Arya had fallen out of contact with most of her old friends from school and she was working most of the week so never found the time or courage to meet anyone new.

“What time?” she replied, thinking she could clean her house then meet up with everyone else later. They often met up after work or on their days off to blow off steam. They worked hard and played hard – it’s the only way they knew how to survive.


Arya spent the rest of the day cleaning the house, hoovering and sorting the piles of washing that seemed to always creep up on her. Finally, most of the day had passed and she got ready to meet up with everyone. She grabbed a towel and entered the bathroom. Turning on the shower, she let the water warm up whilst she took her clothes off. Naked, she stepped into the large shower cubicle. She stood under the strong, hot spray. She loved this shower, it’s powerful spray managed to work out all of the knots in her back, relieving all the aches and pains of working long hours. She poured some vanilla scented body wash onto her sponge and started scrubbing her body in long, slow strokes.

Steam rose around her, filling the cubicle with the warm, wet scent of vanilla. She rubbed the sponge across her arms and hands first. Then the bottoms of her feet and started to work her way upwards. Long circles from her knee to her thigh, then over her ass. She moved to her shoulders and then towards her breasts. perabet güvenilir mi She circled the sponge around her breasts a few times, then swiped over them, feeling her nipples tense at the stimulation. She ran one hand over her breast, rubbing the soap into her skin whilst the other hand held the sponge to her other breast. She continued rubbing them, enjoying the sensation.

She had nice breasts. Arya was a size 10(uk) with decent, 34C breasts. She had pale skin, long, dyed purple hair and freckles over her cheeks. She had a small waist, wide hips and a slightly round stomach with a small metal piercing in her belly button. She’d waxed the other day and was still nice and smooth all over so didn’t need to shave. She brushed the sponge down and rubbed it between her legs. Soaping up her pussy with vanilla scented bubbles. She reached backwards too and cleaned all around her anus. She thought about her ex and how he’d introduced her to anal sex. He’d press her into the back wall of the shower a soapy finger into her ass whilst rubbing her clit. He was a good sex partner, always devoted to making sure they enjoyed their time together but she’d become bored and after three years of no orgasms, she’d begun to look elsewhere. She knew something was missing but couldn’t think what.

She thought of her mystery man fucking her from behind and rubbed her clit. She pushed one finger into her ass, then two as she fucked herself harder whilst rubbing her clit. She was so damn close! She could feel herself getting towards that edge again.

And then she could feel it slipping away. She rested against the shower wall for a moment as she waited for the pulsing in the pussy to subside. Then she finished washing and got out of the shower and towelled herself dry.

Entering her bedroom, she found a longline lacy white bra and the matching lacy white thong. She pulled a short white tunic dress over her shoulders and paired it with a thick silver belt and small silver pumps. She couldn’t walk in heels and there was no way she was trusting her balance once alcohol was added to the mix.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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