Phantom Phallus – The Completed Saga

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Popcorn scattered across the bed as Justin dodged the assault from his best friend, laughing. “Are you serious?” he spat playfully. “Throwing food? What are you, five?”

Trina laughed as she threw another handful of the overly-buttered mess at him. “That’s what you fucking get!”

“But it’s true!”

“Fairies are not stupid!”

“Yes they are!”

“They’re gonna kick your ass if you keep talking shit!”

A frustrated banging on the adjacent wall, from the room where Trina’s mom slept, brought their

playful argument down to low giggles. “You witches are fucking crazy,” Justin said softly, smiling as he shook his head.

“That was a stupid truth question,” Trina hissed back with a grin. “Meh, meh, are fairies real, bleh. Of course they’re fuckin’ real, dipshit.” She stuffed some popcorn in her mouth, muffled her words. “Your turn.”

“Eh, truth.”

Trina thought for a second, then swallowed her mouthful and grinned. “What’s the grossest, weirdest habit you have?”

“Fuck,” Justin said, blushing. He knew the answer, but he wasn’t sure he was ready to say anything, even to Trina. Maybe he could make something up. Maybe he could say he bites his toenails. He doesn’t wipe his ass. He uses dish soap as body wash. But this was Trina, his best friend since fifth grade. What could be so bad that he couldn’t tell her? Screw it. “So… you know that girl from Chem? Celeste Birch?” Trina nodded, and he took a deep breath. “I’ve had a crush on her since I started at Maymont. She’s gorgeous, and sweet, and smart as hell… she’s perfect.”

Trina rolled her eyes. “What does that have to do with -”

“I’m getting to that. Don’t interrupt,” Justin said with a nervous laugh. He hesitated, then sighed, lowering his head like a dog who’s just been caught stealing food. “Anyway, she’s fucking perfect. And I have this weird… habit… I can’t control it, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but every time I talk to her, I kinda…” He looked up at her, making an outward gesture with his hands.

Trina tipped her head to the side, smiling as she raised an eyebrow. “What, you swim? You… explode? What, you what?” They both broke down laughing for a few minutes, until another bang on the wall silenced them.

“No,” Justin coughed when they’d settled down. “No, I, uh… cum, in my… pants.”

It had been happening since freshman year. Justin had chalked it up to be just another struggle of puberty or something. Every time he talked to Celeste, his dick would get harder and harder in his pants, and he’d hide it the best he could, using his pockets or a book or a subtle turn to the side. He’d do his best to concentrate on what she was saying, but those gorgeous blue eyes and that long, silky brown hair, and the smooth skin and pink pillow lips and the beautiful voice they emitted… It was all too much. He would grit his teeth and do his best to keep a straight face as he painted the inside of his jeans, and for the rest of the conversation, he could only be half-focused on her. Finally they’d finish talking, and he’d waste no time heading for the nearest bathroom, where he would check for stains and clean himself up, then spend a moment in rueful silence as he pondered why he was so uncontrollably disgusting.

So it continued, for the entirety of high school. It only happened a few times in freshman year, but as they progressed through Maymont High, Celeste and Justin had become good friends, and he struggled to keep a hold of himself. He’d hardly had any classes with her in the very beginning, but now he saw her often, and the issue had gotten much, much worse.

“Holy shit,” Trina breathed, giggling. “She can make you cream yourself just from a freakin’ conversation?”

“Shut up,” Justin said bashfully, his face turning cherry-red.

“No, no no no, I’m sorry,” Trina pleaded, hugging him. “I didn’t mean to make fun of you, it’s just… girls don’t really know we have that kind of… power?”

Justin groaned and fell backwards onto the bed. “Fuck off about power,” he said with a defeated laugh. “It’s embarrassing as hell. How would you feel if you squirted every time you talked to… I dunno, fuckin’… Alex Griffith?”

Trina giggled softly. “He’s hot, so I’d be fine with that.”

“The point is,” Justin interrupted, “it’s gross, and I don’t even know how to make it stop.”

Trina sat back on her knees, chewing on the inside of her cheek as she rifled through her own thoughts. “Well,” she murred after a moment, “there might be something I could do.”

“What?” Justin sat up so fast that he knocked over a bowl of M&Ms. “You can fix me?”

“Well, not fix you,” Trina said, standing up. “But I can help.” She made her way over to what Justin knew she called her “altar”, a small black desk in the corner draped with a soft black tablecloth. On it rested several candles of varying colors, a smoky tower-shaped crystal, and a silvery hardcover book. Trina picked this up and flipped through it, eventually stopping on a page roughly three-quarters through. Holding her place in the book, she returned to the bed and sat down on the edge, showing Justin the intricate twists and swirls spelling out a chapter title in magnificently royal font: Magical Dealings in Love and Sex.

“What even is this?” Justin tried to ask, but she silenced him and turned a few pages, finally landing on one and pointing to it. He sighed and read through what it said. At the top, in slightly less regal font, were the words Premature Ejaculation. Below that was a list of herbs and fruits, and several lines of pretty cursive.

Premature ejaculation is nothing a man should be ashamed of. However, if he chooses to amend this problem, the desired result may be achieved through a simple potion.

Combine the above ingredients in a pot of boiling water and set the intention for stability and grounding. This will be the basis for the magic to work. Stir clockwise forty times, then pour over a strainer and mix with one teaspoon of SEA salt and three tablespoons of sugar. Drink the potion before bed, and wait one week for results.


“Perfect!” Justin cheered, his face lighting up. “That’s exactly what I need!”

“More or less,” Trina agreed. “I can modify it a little so it matches your, um… situation.” She glanced up from the book to peer at him suspiciously. “Are you sure you want this? I mean, a whole week without jacking off -”

“Shut up,” he said, grinning. “I can do it. Come on, please? Please?”

Trina smiled and rolled her eyes. “Alright, fine. It says to do it before bed, so let’s take care of it now and then hit the hay.”


“Holy shit, this smells good!”

Justin was holding a glass full of the potion that Trina had made. He had to hand it to her – sometimes this witchcraft stuff came in handy, and apparently, it could smell delicious! The potion was made from skinned apple slices and a few orange peels, combined with some cinnamon, honey, and thyme. The thyme threw it off a little, but for the most part, it smelled like the middle of a beautiful autumn day.

“Remember,” Trina said as he raised the glass to his lips, “you can’t jerk off for a week. You gotta wait for the results.”

“I’ll be fine,” Justin said dismissively. He sniffed the potion once more, then tossed it back like a shot of tequila. “Fuck, that tasted just as good as it smelled,” he purred. “Now come on, let’s go to sleep. Dibs on the bed!”

“Not if I beat you to it!”

“Oh please, I can throw your ass out of it in a heartbeat.”

“Let’s see you try!”


The first handful of days went by pretty well. Justin, being a typical teenage boy, had felt the urge to masturbate several times, but held off. The results of the potion were well in sight, and he didn’t want to ruin it, not when he felt so damn close to relief from his disgusting four-year-long ailment.

Sadly, he’d had to avoid Celeste since Monday. He knew himself well enough to know that talking to her would ruin the effects of the spell – hell, the book had explicitly warned of strange and dire consequences, and he knew he’d have no control over it all if he spoke to her. He couldn’t. Not yet. He hated watching her face fall as he scurried away when she called out to him after class every day, but it was all he could do. He’d make up for it eventually, when he could have a discussion with her and not have to worry about his underwear looking like a Jackson Pollock exhibit.

Trina had teased him about not being able to jack off a couple times, but for the most part, she was supportive. He’d thanked her a thousand times over for her work, and could distinctly remember her tossing her hair over her shoulder that night and crowing, “All in a day’s work for a well-traveled witch like me!”

He’d responded by pushing her off the bed into a pile of stuffed animals and laughing at her from his place above her. “Well traveled? You’ve never even left the State!” His attack had earned him a rain of blows from a stuffed bunny, and he’d retaliate with a pink heart-shaped pillow from somewhere at the head of the bed.

All of these thoughts and more kept him company as he shifted in his seat. Besides the fact that Celeste was here, Chemistry was so fucking boring. The teacher was old and had a droning, monotonous voice, and the subject itself was something Justin knew he could go the rest of his life without. When was he ever going to use this shit in real life? Finally, the bell rang, and as everyone left the class, Justin heard the teacher call after the class, “Don’t forget to check your emails and see who you’re paired with for the two-day project! It’s due Friday!”


With a heavy sigh, Justin settled down on his bed and pulled his school laptop out of his bag, clicking open his emails and filing through them. Something from the attendance office, confirming an update… a note from his History teacher about his tests… Chemistry III: Two-Day Assignment and Presentation Details. Justin skimmed over the fluff, his eyes settling on the more important aspect: the list of students in the class, and who had been paired with who.

6th period – Electrochemistry and Intermolecular Forces

Michael D. and Ashley F.

Dina T. and Jessie L.

Georgia G. and Tim P.

Celeste B. and Justin R.

Payton D. and –

Wait a minute.

With his heart in his throat, Justin read back through the list, unsure if he’d skipped a line or maybe misread something. No, it was right there. Celeste B. and Justin R. Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck. He’d been avoiding her for a reason, a good one, and now he was stuck with her. He couldn’t change partners, according to a note just above the list of partners. He’d been so good about not jerking off, for the entire week so far. How was he going to make it through tomorrow and Friday? What a cruel world he lived in, he brooded. The spell was supposed to take effect on Saturday, and he was doomed to fail within 48 hours of reaching the light at the end of the tunnel.

“Hey, dude.”

Justin screamed, and startled so bad that he almost fell off of his bed. Clutching his heart, he looked up – Trina was standing in his doorway, staring at him in confusion. “Uh… you good?”

“How did you get in here?!”

“Your mom gave me a key, like, two years ago, remember? I use it all the time, you know that, what – ah!”

He had jumped up and grabbed her by the shoulders, shaking her. “Trina please, what the hell is gonna happen if I can’t finish the week? What’s gonna happen to me if I fail the spell?!”

“What, can’t go a week without choking your chicken?”

“It’s not that! I’m fine! I’ve been fine! It’s this project! Do you not see the list?”

“Oh, no, I did.” Trina freed herself from his grasp and sat herself down in his gaming chair. “Alex and Austin got paired up, it’s fuckin’ frustrating, I wish we could’ve picked our partners instead of -”

“So do I!” Justin hissed, dropping to his knees in front of Trina. “Because I got paired with Celeste!” Trina’s face fell, and she quieted down understandingly as Justin paced in front of her. “I just had to drink the potion during presentation week, didn’t I? I took it without thinking because I just wanted to stop jizzing myself every time I talk to her, and now something bad is gonna happen to me, because I’m stuck with her, I mean, what’s gonna happen? Am I gonna die, is -”


Justin turned on his heels to see Trina standing up, and as he stopped mid-sentence, she wandered over to him and pushed him over so that he was sitting on the bed. She threw one arm around his shoulders as she came to sit next to him. “Look, I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but whatever it is, it’s not gonna happen.”

“Huh?” Justin was too panicked to make sense of her.

“Listen,” Trina said firmly, turning him to look her in the eye. “You can do this. We don’t need to worry about what the book said, we don’t need to worry about what could happen. You can do this shit. Mind over matter, right?”

Justin balled his hands into tight fists, until his knuckles were white. “Okay. Mind over matter.”


The next day came quickly, and Justin had been able to sit next to Celeste during class and manage not to cream himself. Maybe it was his talk with Trina, or the boring atmosphere of the classroom, but he managed.

Until Celeste invited him to her house to work on the project together.

He’d given her a yes without thinking, and in a panic, texted Trina, frantically asking what he should do. Trina had admitted that all he could do was keep his word and go see her, and reminded him that it was truly mind over matter.

Now he was standing beside Celeste while she unlocked her front door. He’d survived the bus ride home with her, and now just had to last a few hours at her house. Then he could come home and work out or something, anything to take his mind off of his aching balls. He knew that as soon as the spell was effective, he’d need to cum; he’d been itching for it all week, even considering edging himself to sort of “cheat the system”. He’d managed to hold off, but now, she was bent over just slightly, and her jeans hugged her small but shapely ass so wonderfully, dark blue clashing perfectly with her lightly tanned skin. He could see a small line of lighter skin just above the waistband of her pants as they came down a bit, hinting at a tan line, and he wondered just how much of her looked like that. How small had the bikini been, to leave such a thin tan line? Had it even attempted to cover her perky tits and most-likely-delicious pink pussy?

Fuck, no, he couldn’t think like this.

They entered the house and Celeste led him up to her room, where they both took places on the bed. They pulled out their laptops and began clicking and typing away, working together to get the project done, and it actually managed to shift Justin’s focus for a while. Once or twice, he had to stop himself from glancing at her soft breasts, shoved to the top of her low-cut t-shirt by what must be a push-up bra, but he eventually dragged his attention back to the task at hand, and still, no accidental emissions.

Things changed, however, when she stood up to go to the bathroom. Justin sat quietly, working on a portion of his part of the project that needed a particular fix, and looked up for just a moment when she came back – only to do a double-take and blush bright red when he saw her. She had removed her jeans and t-shirt, leaving her in a matching dark red thong and bra. They were both see-through, and he could see her clean-shaven mound and the perfect outlines of her divine nipples. Justin felt his dick growing harder, and started to panic again. “Uh, wh-what are you… what are you… doing…?”

“Listen,” Celeste purred, “I don’t wanna make you do anything you don’t want to. But I’ve wanted you for a long time. Like… a long time. Years.” She sauntered over to him, her long legs glistening in the setting sunlight filtering through her bedroom window. She sat next to him, just a few inches from touching him, and leaned in so close that he could smell the mint on her breath. “I got so upset when you started avoiding me this week. I thought maybe you just… didn’t like me anymore. But I asked Mr. Dana to make us partners, and -”

“You rigged it?” Justin’s voice was barely a breath.

“Kinda.” She rolled her eyes playfully. “I just wanted to be close to you. I’ve always wanted to be close to you, you just…” She touched his chin, turning his face to meet hers, and smiled softly.

“You just turn me on.”

Oh, fuck, he wanted her so bad. Things were moving fast; it felt like a fucking dream, a dream come true. He suddenly found himself lost in the moment, aching to kiss her, touch her, feel her. A distant part of his mind screamed for him not to do it, but right now, he had no idea why any of him would think that. He wanted to do this so fucking bad, he had for years, how could he pass up an opportunity like this?

Slowly, gently, she kissed him, and he melted against her soft lips and the taste of peaches and cream. He’d been dying to kiss her since at least the first time they’d spoken, maybe the first time he saw her. Absently, he set his laptop aside and instead reached around to hold her by the waist and pull her closer to him. She moved herself onto his lap, straddling him as he slipped his tongue into her mouth. She moaned, and he found his hands roaming up her thighs and over her ass, grabbing a handful as he mused over how perfect her body was. His bulge pressed determinedly against his jeans, and as she started to grind herself back and forth on his dick, he felt his hips unconsciously pushing up into the contact. One of his hands left her ass to tangle in the hair at the back of her head, holding her gently as she moaned into their kiss again. She reached up and wove her hands into his own locks, and at the same time, her hips pushed against him in just the right way, and suddenly he felt himself shooting deliriously towards the edge. He groaned and tugged at her lower lip with his teeth, and bucked his hips against hers as his muscles tensed, and a bolt of pleasure shot through his whole body, shaking the entire world around him. Something shifted as his dick twitched in his pants, and a moment later he felt the fabric grow wetter with the thick deposit of his cum, and…

And too late, he remembered the spell.

Abruptly, he broke the kiss, gently but frantically moving her off of his lap and making up some bullshit excuse as he rushed to the bathroom. His heart pounded hard against the inside of his chest, and his stomach had twisted dreadfully, and he was sure he was having a panic attack as he undid his pants. Something was wrong. Something was very wrong. He couldn’t feel his dick. Was that the consequence of the spell? A million things ran through his mind as the world moved in slow motion around him. It was smaller now, a micropenis, surely. Or it was numb forever. Or it would never get hard again. Or maybe it – it had fallen off.

Justin was sure his heart stopped as he pulled his pants down to his knees and stared. His dick and balls had come clean off, right at the base, and were just sitting there, still hard and proud in a sticky puddle of white. For a moment, Justin was numb. Shell-shocked. One of his hands traced absently over the spot where his manhood should be, and he shivered as he was met with nothing but a patch of coarse curls of pubic hair. It felt like a woman’s mound, yet without the sweet prize hidden just a little further south. It was foreign, and terrifying. What the fuck was he supposed to do about this?

Then the bathroom door handle started to jiggle. “Justin? Are you okay?” His blood ran cold as he realized he’d forgotten to lock it, but the door opened before he could stop it. “I’m sorry if I – oh, my God!” Celeste jumped back for a moment, though her eyes remained fixed on the mess in his pants. “How did… what did you…”

“It’s, uh – I dunno… Celeste, please, this is a spell, Trina did it, I mean, you know she’s a witch, I can explain…” His rambling trailed off as he noticed the look in her eye. Amusement? Admiration? Fascination?

In the blink of an eye, she reached forward and grabbed his severed cock, and took off back to her room with it. “I know just what to do with this!” she called over her shoulder.

Justin struggled for a moment to pull his pants up again, reeling with confusion and the remaining horror at what just happened. He stumbled after her, and finally found her in her room, standing in front of a flower-framed mirror on the wall. She was fastening a necklace behind her neck, and as he entered the room and leaned on the doorframe, panting, he watched her admire whatever it was. “Holy shit, this is perfect,” she said happily. She turned around to face him, and Justin was still in so much shock that he almost didn’t recognize what she’d hung around her neck.

She had tied a thin chain around the base of his cock, wrapping it around a couple of times so that his balls were nicely tied up, and had strung his poor organs up by a slightly thicker silver chain. The entire necklace glittered beautifully against her neck and left his dick hanging right between her tits. He could only stand there numbly as she wandered over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him in for a drunken kiss. “God, this is awesome,” she said with a giggle. “My own little trophy, all to myself!”

“Trophy?” Justin was still dazed.

“Trophy,” she confirmed, stroking it with one delicate hand. “You’re all mine now, aren’t you?”

Justin shivered at her words. What the fuck was she planning to do with him?



The word played on repeat in Justin’s head as he laid in bed that night. Trophy. He was Celeste’s trophy. Well, part of him was. The most important part of him. Not his heart, no – his dick. His fucking dick.

Everything seemed to happen so fast. One minute, he was a freshman crushing on a fellow classmate. The next, he was a sophomore watching her tits bounce during a presentation. Then a junior, staring at her pert little ass in gym. And now he was a senior, who not two hours ago had been on her bed with her in his lap, making out with her the way he’d always dreamed he would. Her lips had been so soft and delicious, but had it been worth it, now that he was left as nothing more than a dickless freak?

A little bit of rage sparked inside him for a moment as he thought of his best friend. Trina was the one who fucking cursed him. If she hadn’t cast that damn spell, none of this would’ve ever happened. He’d still have his dick and balls. But then, he realized as he settled down, he’d been the one to ask for it in the first place. He was the only one to blame here.

Stiffly, he hooked one thumb into the waistband of his pajama pants and looked down. There was no blood. No scar or mark of any kind. He simply didn’t have a dick, left completely smooth by the spell except for the nest of curly dark hair that had once wrapped around the base of his shaft. With a sigh, he turned over and eventually fell into a fitful sleep.

His dreams were scary, yet somehow pleasurable, the images and thoughts flitting back and forth between all the things he could’ve done with Celeste if he hadn’t creamed himself, and what she would do now that his dick was strung around her neck like any old silly little charm.

What exactly is she gonna do with it?

Making out with her was so fucking hot. Her waist fit perfectly in my hands…

She could do so much with it. Is she gonna hurt it? Shit, I can’t even feel it anymore.

Her pussy probably tastes so damn good.

Maybe she’s gonna take it to school and make fun of me. Brag about how she basically castrated me.

He woke up in a cold sweat more than once, with what he could only ever describe as a phantom boner. He would’ve been hard if it were still there.

The three-day weekend after presentation week went by in a blur of depression and confusion. He didn’t even talk to Trina, despite her relentless texts and calls. He ignored each and every little ding on his phone, stuck in a haze of uncertainty about what to do with the barren plain between his thighs.

Finally, early Tuesday morning, Trina showed up to his house. She used her key, apparently greeted his mother, and woke him up by shoving him roughly off the bed. He groaned as he sat up from the floor, rubbing his eyes. “What do you want?” he mumbled.

Trina rolled her eyes. “Dude, you’re supposed to be at school right now. This isn’t you – what’s going on?”

“You’re supposed to be at school, too,” he grumbled.

“Took the day off.”


“To deal with your stupid ass, dude, what’s been up with – ew, Justin, fuck!” Trina stopped and shielded her eyes as Justin suddenly tugged his pajama pants down. “I don’t wanna see your dick, what the fuck?!”

“Just look,” Justin said grimly.

“Why would I – oh, my God.” Her curiosity got the best of her, and she choked on her last words as she looked down with wide eyes, stunned by his complete lack of any genitalia. “I… um… uh – how, exactly?”

“It was your stupid spell!” Justin spat, tugging his pants back up and throwing one of his pillows across the room angrily. He sat down on the bed and sobbed once, his head in his hands. When he spoke, his throat felt tight: “It was your stupid spell. The potion. The one my dumb ass chose to drink. God, I’m such a fucking idiot, I -”

“Hey, hey now, easy,” Trina murmured, sitting next to him and pulling him into a hug. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know the spell would do this.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“What the hell even happened? You said you were doing well.”

“I was,” Justin sighed as he stood up and sauntered over to his window, leaning his head against the glass with his hands in his pockets. “But at her house… she left the room and came back in fucking lingerie, and we started kissing, and she was grinding on me…” He looked at Trina forlornly. “It was all so built up and then the next thing I knew…”

Slowly, sadly, he explained what he had been through. The way it had just fallen clean off, and how Celeste had grabbed it and run off with it. The way it looked hanging around her neck, and how she’d sent him home with a kiss on the cheek like nothing had happened. Trina shook her head sadly when he was done. “God, Justin, I’m sorry… I didn’t know the consequences would be that bad.”

“It’s not your fault,” he repeated softly, sitting down next to her again. “You couldn’t have known. The book didn’t say.”

“The book!”

Trina’s excited exclamation startled him more than her jumping up from the bed and hurrying to the corner where she’d tossed her book bag. She dug through it frantically, talking faster than he thought his ears were capable of keeping up with. “It has a whole chapter on sex! Sexual wellness or something. There might be something in there to help you! Maybe we can get it back or get you a new one or something but either way I can still help you!” She sat down and tucked the book into her lap, flipping through the pages eagerly. A minute passed, and just as the sudden spark of hope Justin had began to fade, she stopped and pointed at one page in particular. “Here! This is the closest thing I can find – look!” She shoved the book towards him.

Restoration of Feeling After Dismemberment

This spell can be used for both good and dark magic.

Dark magic users may choose to use this against people they strongly dislike who happen to be amputees, for one reason or another. Perhaps the victim is a combat veteran who still ignites feelings of anger in a Korean or Vietnamese witch. Perhaps this person was dismembered by the witch themselves. A dark practitioner may choose to use this spell to make their victims feel the pain still tied to their lost limb, despite the nerves themselves being separated from the body.

A light magic practitioner, however, may choose to use this spell for good. With the example of a war veteran, a young witch could use this to ease her grandfather’s battle-induced PTSD after losing one of his limbs. When using this spell for light work, make sure you know where the lost ligament is and what is being done with it – you don’t want to inflict unnecessary and unwanted pain for the victim.

“You think it’ll work for my dick?” Justin breathed.

Trina nodded, still focused on the book. “It says all you have to do is visualize the specific body part you wanna feel while I do this chant over these items, that’s so easy!”

“I can’t just have my dick back?”

Trina ignored him, instead digging in her bag for the spell materials. “Come on, let’s do this!”


As detailed by the book, the spell took five days to take effect. Justin was so worried that he was stuck with a constant pit in his stomach. He didn’t know what Celeste had planned to do with his severed dick and balls. What if she was going to hurt him? He didn’t want to feel some sort of ghost-pain on top of not having a dick. He felt like a fucking Ken doll, and now all he could think of was what Celeste had in store for him, if anything at all. He hadn’t even spoken to her since the incident.

Fuck it, at least he could do this week’s schoolwork with no issues. Usually he’d be finding as many ways as possible to tuck away his boners, but the only upside to the incident with Celeste seemed to be that he didn’t have to worry about those anymore.

With every passing day, however, he grew more and more anxious. He tried to relieve his anxiety with all sorts of little hacks he’d found online, but none of it worked. His dreams had been getting stranger and stranger, and his waking hours were becoming more and more full of thoughts about Celeste rather than his schoolwork and daily life. Somehow, he was still infatuated with her. He didn’t hate her for what she did, but rather, he was scared of what she could do. And hell, if he was truly honest with himself, part of him wasn’t even scared – it was turned on.

He hated to admit it, but yes, a small part of him was curious to the point of arousal over what she was going to do with his severed cock. Especially now that he would be able to feel it. The closer it came to the day the spell would take effect, the more real it felt. He had no dick. Celeste had his dick on a fucking necklace. Hell, she was probably home right now, admiring how it looked as it hung between her perfect tits.

Justin laid on his side, staring at his bedside clock.


He wondered if it would take effect immediately, or be more gradual, like a limp “waking up” after sitting on it for too long.


God forbid she was doing something terribly painful with his poor manhood.


Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe she’d actually do something good.


I’d rather just have it back, but I don’t think that’s possible.


This would have to suffice for now. Maybe forever. Fuck, that thought made his stomach tighten a little.


He turned over onto his back and sighed, waiting. He was completely hyperaware right now, and his room felt uncomfortably quiet and still. He held his breath, closed his eyes – and gasped, sitting up quickly as he felt something. It was right in the place where his dick should’ve been, different from phantom limb syndrome. It was stronger, more realistic. Hell, it felt like he had his cock back, like it had been reattached. He was sure he could reach down now and grab a handful of his own balls, and the knowledge that he couldn’t do that was fucking with his brain.

His cock was… lying down? Yes, it felt like it was resting on something, something soft and warm… oh fuck.

It was between Celeste’s tits.

Pleasure suddenly flooded his body at the realization, a thrill that shook him from head to toe. Before he knew it, static splintered throughout his body as he came. It was all he could focus on for a moment, not caring how quickly and suddenly it had happened, not caring where his load ended up. He was simply bathing in the joy of regaining feeling in his cock, and the ecstasy of an unhindered orgasm. Then, as he laid in bed and let the shockwaves subside, he started to wonder if his dick had responded to the climax as well – was the recovered sense of feeling only in his own body, or was it a two-way street? Oh fuck, did I cum on Celeste? This thought, and the worries that came with it, played on repeat until he finally fell asleep.

The next day went by uneventfully, except that Justin texted his best friend to tell her that the spell had worked, and to thank her a million times over. He purposely neglected to mention the impromptu orgasm – was embarrassing, and therefore unnecessary. Monday arrived, and in the morning Justin found himself squirming as he opened his eyes from a groggy slumber. Something was happening to his dick. It was being held and caressed and then – placed somewhere. Somewhere rough but not painful, as if Celeste was trying to be careful with it.


Justin trudged through the long and boring day with nothing on his mind except for his dick. It was literally in Celeste’s hands, and he was still uncertain about her plan for him, if she had any. The bell rang to signal students to move to their final class of the day, and Justin felt dread start to worm its way into his belly as he thought about the class. No assignments, no projects, no presentations, but Celeste was there. Seeing her after avoiding her for this long – and possibly cumming on her tits and face without even being there – was going to be interesting at best, and devastating at worst.

But he had no choice.

The teacher was already droning on, two minutes before class was even supposed to start. Something about how they wouldn’t be using real chemicals for a while, but would be doing a digital simulation, and how they’d need to wear their lab coats when they did this in real life. Fuck, why did such a hard class have to be so damn boring? Boring classes were so much harder to pay attention to, and Justin already had to Google answers sometimes just to –

He suddenly gasped softly and gripped the edges of his desk as he felt his cock being stroked. First the tip of a soft finger, then a whole hand wrapped around it, as if he was being jerked off right here in the middle of class. A thought came to mind, but he pushed it away – there was no way it was true. There was no way Celeste had brought it to school, right? Doubt made him turn around momentarily, and his heart skipped a beat as he realized she was watching him. Her backpack was in her lap and her hand was buried inside. He must be right; she was jerking him off.

Too soon for his liking, she stopped and put her bag down, leaving him wanting more. Fuck, he’d give anything for her to touch it again. He was delirious with pleasure already, barely paying attention to the lesson, and he suddenly didn’t care about not having a dick attached to his body. Fuck it, he still had his dick. It was just in separate hands. Soft, delicate, skilled hands that he’d been dreaming about touching him since the very beginning.

The teacher continued to ramble about chemistry, to the point where Justin almost fell asleep. His ecstasy had faded and Celeste hadn’t touched him for a while, since the beginning of class. Still, the only thing keeping him awake was the anticipation for the next touch. When would it happen? Hell, would it happen again?

He jumped as he heard Celeste’s voice call the teacher’s name, who turned around from writing on the board and sighed at his student’s raised hand. “Yes, Miss Birch?”

“Can I go to the bathroom?”

“Is it an emergency?”

Celeste giggled. “Yes. It’s, um… a lady emergency.” She pulled a smaller purse out of her backpack, tapping on it to indicate that the contents were very necessary for her trip.

The teacher made a disgusted face and waved her off, and Celeste smiled as she stood up. Her skirt flowed perfectly around her thighs as she walked past Justin’s desk, and – did she just wink at Sefaköy Escort him as she passed? He thought maybe he imagined it, but then, she had kissed him not too long ago, and she’d been stroking his dick earlier. Maybe a wink wasn’t all too unbelievable.

It took him about two minutes to realize that the wink was definitely intentional.

Suddenly every cell in his body was fighting to keep him from hunching over and groaning in pleasure, right there in the middle of the classroom during an ever-boring lecture. The tip of his dick was pressed against something warm and wet, something velvety soft with a hard little nub. His heart started pounding in his chest as he gained some idea of what was happening. Celeste had locked herself away in the bathroom just to pull his dick out of her purse and rub the tip of it up and down against her clit. The lady emergency had been a lie so that she could hide away and play with him.

He bit his lip harshly as she pressed the tip against her hole, feeling her wet folds practically begging to take him in. She was playing “Just the Tip” with him, pushing maybe an inch deep before pulling it out and rubbing it over her clit again. Over and over, and he was fighting hard to look normal. He was in class, he couldn’t let everyone see that he was basically having sex right now. His heart skipped a beat and he struggled to turn a moan into a cough as he felt Celeste suddenly push the whole thing in, as deep as it would go. His balls pressed against her ass, and he could feel her hand wrapped behind them to use as leverage – a feeling he was sure no man had ever experienced. She was using him like a dildo. Toying with him. Using him. And fuck, he’d give anything to just lay back and enjoy it, but his only choice was to ignore the urge to groan and hiss and whisper her name, instead gripping the desk and fighting not to buck his hips as she fucked herself. He wanted to fuck her faster, harder, and she knew that, and was teasing him. He was helpless, and she knew it.

And just as he was about to cum, she fucking stopped.

She didn’t pull him out, but the sudden loss of movement made him want to hit his knees and whine for her to continue like a submissive little bitch. There was some shifting, slow enough to make him want to scream in frustration, then maybe thirty seconds of nothing, before she walked back into class. Her purse looked flatter than before, and her thighs were wet… oh, God. His dick was still inside her. Fuck, he didn’t know how he was gonna make it to the end of class.

But he did.

Despite the occasional moan he needed to bite back whenever she shifted her hips in her seat, he managed to remain calm and sat through the rest of the class, and when the bell rang, he gathered his things quickly and was almost out the door when Celeste caught him by the arm. “Oh,” he said softly. “Um… hi.” He wasn’t quite sure what else was acceptable right now.

“Hi,” Celeste giggled. “So… did it work?”

“Did what work?” he muttered. She squeezed her walls around him, and he groaned. “Yeah,” he said quickly, “yeah, it worked.”

She smiled at him, clearly satisfied with her work. “Listen, why don’t you come over after school tomorrow? We can have some more fun.” Her last sentence trailed off in a seductive whisper, and he could only gulp nervously and nod. He had thought the first spell would fix his previous issue, but he supposed this was an extenuating circumstance. Before he could even think of holding back, he shivered all over, and his cock twitched as it erupted. His face flushed as her eyes widened. “What… oh, my God, did you… did you just cum in me?” she whispered breathlessly.

Justin nodded shamefully. “It’s… it’s not the first time.” That was what had gotten him into this mess in the first place. He may as well be honest.

“I’ve made you cum just from talking to you?” Her eyes were wide, and she giggled excitedly. “Oh, you’re so coming over tomorrow! Holy shit, you’re gonna be a lot of fun to play with.”


Justin sighed as he leaned on one hand, the other quietly tapping on his desk. He was trying his best to pay attention, he really was, but right now he could only focus on the tearfully-boring Chemistry teacher’s voice, and the abhorrently dreary lesson. “Fuck,” he whispered under his breath. He needed this credit, but why did Chem have to be so fucking boring? It might very well be his least favorite subject. He looked down at the worksheet he was doing – blank, and they were already almost done with class. Fuck, just twenty more minutes.

His body jerked as he felt something stroking his dick. It was still such an odd feeling, that it was detached, but at least he could finally feel it again.

He turned around as inconspicuous as possible, a shiver running down his back as the grip on his cock tightened. Celeste was digging through her backpack – or at least, that’s what it looked like to the public eye. He knew his dick was somewhere in her bag, and he shifted nervously in his seat as he realized she was toying with him once again. Fuck, why did she have to do this in the middle of class? He wasn’t exactly up front, where everyone could watch him squirm uncomfortably, but at any moment, someone could look over and see his red face starting to sweat as she toyed with him, teasing him and stroking him in the dark confines of her bag. He bit his lip almost painfully as she swirled her finger around his tip, then dragged her hand down to his balls and grabbed them hard.

He jumped suddenly as the bell rang. He opened his eyes to his own dark bedroom and the harsh beeping of his alarm clock.


Celeste woke up to something thick and sticky coating her naked chest. She sat up sleepily, and it took her a moment to realize that she was covered in Justin’s cum, some of it still leaking from the tip of the thick cock hanging around her neck. She sighed, smiling. He must’ve had another wet dream.

It had been a few weeks since she’d first teased him in class, and she’d been having an immense amount of fun with him. After learning first-hand that he could feel whatever she did to him, she’d been toying with him any time she found an opportunity, and kept it strung on a necklace whenever she could, especially at night. She loved how it felt against her bare skin, and delighted in how easy it was to get him hard and make him cum.

The first wet dream he’d had must’ve been during a weekend nap. It was a Saturday afternoon, and she considered herself lucky for being home alone when it had happened. She’d had it around her neck again while washing dishes. Scrubbing absent-mindedly, she almost hadn’t noticed the front of her tank top soaking through. At first she’d thought the mess was disgusting, but after a moment, she began to enjoy it. What was so wrong with it? Justin was cute anyway, she liked him, and after all, it was just cum. He probably didn’t even mean to do it.

The second time had been roughly a week later, and this time it had been Celeste’s own fault. She was proud of it, too – a little stimulation while she’d been playing absently with it, using her tongue and tits and eventually her pussy, and he’d cum all over her pussy, painting her sweet pink folds white. She hadn’t bothered to clean up, instead leaving the result of her manipulations in her panties and going about her day.

Now here she was, with the sun shining through her bedroom window as she cleaned herself off from another of his wet dreams. As she tucked the dick gently into her backpack and gathered the rest of her things, she thought about what the rest of the semester would look like. Just three more weeks – three weeks of quizzes, worksheets, tests, and teasing Justin. Goddamn, it was almost too soon. Messing with him was the highlight of every class, especially when they shared a class together and she could watch his reaction. He was good at hiding it, really good, but she could still see the way he writhed, sweat beading at his hairline, and the way his cheeks flushed pink.

Only three weeks of it left… fuck it.

She’d make the best of it.


The only sound in the classroom was the faint scratching of pencil on paper, the occasional rubber friction of an eraser, and the steady tic-tic-tic of the clock hanging on the wall just above the whiteboard. Celeste sighed as she bubbled in the last circle at the bottom of her quiz, setting her sparkly pink pencil down and looking around. She didn’t wanna turn it in yet; she’d be the first to do so.

She watched as, across the room, Justin flipped his paper over to do the backside. She almost felt bad for him. Chemistry was his worst subject, the lack of interest setting him back several steps. So there he sat, one elbow on his desk, the other hand tapping quietly as he stared down at the paper. Come on, she urged silently, it’s just multiple choice! With a sigh, Justin dropped his pencil on the desk and put both hands in his hair, head drooping. Maybe he’s thinking too hard, she wondered. Maybe all that blood doesn’t need to be in his brain.

“What was that, Miss Birch?” The teacher said suddenly.

Celeste startled almost noticeably, looking around for an excuse. She didn’t realize she’d whispered her last thought aloud. A poster was hanging just behind the teacher:






Rule number four was the perfect out. “Oh – I was wondering if I could grab my water bottle? Out of my backpack?” she asked softly. The teacher nodded, and she smiled in relief, reaching down and grabbing her water bottle. She did her best to discreetly palm his shaft, and as she tucked it nonchalantly between her thighs, she glanced around to check that no one noticed. She was safe, thankfully. As she took a sip of her water bottle, she realized that Justin was already tense. Who could blame him? His cock was tucked between her thighs, just under her skirt, his tip rubbing up against her cotton panties. She wriggled her hips a little, and had to muffle a giggle as Justin froze and whipped around, their eyes meeting. She winked at him, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear before picking up her own pencil and beginning to doodle on the edges of her paper.

“Eyes on your own paper, Mister Ruben,” the teacher ordered. Justin turned back to his work, and in the same moment, Celeste nudged her hips forward ever-so-slightly, pushing her cloth-covered clit against his tip. She glanced up in time to watch him stifle a groan as he tangled his fingers in his hair again, making her grin excitedly. As she drew a small, simple flower in one corner of her paper, she pressed forward again, then again, gently rocking back and forth on him. The sensation of his increasingly hard cock sliding against the growing wet spot in her panties was enough to make her wonder whether she cared if anyone noticed them. Justin turned back around to look at her almost pleadingly, as if he was saying, Please, not here, anywhere but here.

Maybe she was cruel, but who cared? Justin? He was just a toy at this point. She was having fun, so why should she stop?

With another quick glance around to make sure she would remain undiscovered, she reached down as inconspicuously as possible and tugged her panties aside, leaving her bare, wet pussy exposed to Justin’s dick. Justin turned away again, making a random mark on the paper that she was sure wouldn’t get him anywhere. She continued to draw on her test, rocking forward again, and this time the movement pushed his tip up against her entrance. She had to bite back a moan as she watched Justin grip the edge of the desk. “Mr. Ruben? Are you alright?” the teacher asked.

Celeste could’ve sworn she heard Justin cuss under his breath before answering. “Y-yes, sir, I’m just a little tired, I…” He hesitated as Celeste wiggled her hips again, settling his dick deeper between her pussy lips. “I-I’m just struggling a little.”

“Do you need help?”

“No… no, I think I’m starting to, uh… starting to get it.” He trailed off into a nervous laugh as the teacher went back to his book, shooting a dirty look at Celeste through lust-clouded eyes. Celeste smiled back and continued her gentle humping motions, sliding her pussy back and forth over his dick as subtly as possible. His jaw tightened as he turned away to try and finish his quiz, doing his best to ignore the way her soaking wet folds were perfectly hugging his shaft.

Silently, Celeste thanked her higher power that he wasn’t small. Sure, he didn’t exactly have a pornstar’s cock, but it was the perfect size for this kind of thing. Perfectly sized for her to tease him through this stupid test, until he was silently begging for mercy. She could see it in the way his face had flushed, the veins popping out a little in his arms, the trembling grip on that pencil… he was so sensitive.



“And then she just fucking blue-balled me! I didn’t even get to finish!”

“Ew,” Trina said with a soft laugh, picking a long, tapered red candle out of one of her drawers with one hand.

“Come on, I’m serious!”

“I know, I know,” she said, setting down the phone and putting it on speaker. “Look, have you

tried maybe just -”

“- don’t say it -”

“- oh, I dunno -”

“- don’t you fuckin’ do it -”

“- talking to her?”

“Fuck you.”

Trina laughed again, then sighed and settled back in her desk chair. “Listen,” she said matter-of-factly, “enough with the magic. I really think you should just talk to her. Last time you guys talked one-on-one, it went really freakin’ well.” She dug through the smaller desktop drawer where her intention oils were kept, pausing to read one of the labels. Come to Me Oil. “At least, that’s what I heard. Didn’t you two almost hook up?”

“Well, yeah,” Justin said, “but then the spell, and… mini-Justin, and -”

“Please never call it that again.”

“- and now I don’t know what to do! She keeps teasing me at the worst times possible. I couldn’t talk to her before without creaming myself, and now I can barely go about my day without her fucking around with me!”

Trina rolled her eyes as she drizzled the oil over the candle and began rolling it in the ground-up mixture of herbs she’d prepared. “Dude, I’m telling you, just talk to her! You have her number!”

“Well, yeah, but… she’s scary.”

“And how exactly is she scary?”

“Dude,” Justin’s voice was lower now. “Last time we, like, texted or called or anything? She put my dick on ice. Fucking literally.”

Trina hissed softly. “Yikes.”

“Uh-huh! And then she was gonna -”

“Justin, listen, I know that must’ve sucked, I get it, but you can probably just fix this by talking to her! Be a big boy and talk, no magic.”

“Fine… I hate you so much.” His voice contained no hint of malice, however, only love.

“I know,” Trina responded happily before hanging up. With Justin’s crisis dealt with, she could focus fully on her own magical workings. Lighting the red candle and tucking the Come to Me Oil back into its place, she grabbed her spellbook off of the bed and flipped through the pages.

Seeing almost firsthand what her work had done for Justin and Celeste had made Trina very jealous at first. Obviously, she had felt bad for Justin, constantly being teased at the worst times. But there was something else there too, and at first she had only been able to chalk it up to jealousy. Perhaps she was jealous of Celeste being so close to her best friend. Hell, they’d been friends for almost their whole lives, maybe that had blossomed into something new. She had spent several nights lying awake in bed during the first few weeks of Justin’s delicious torment, wondering if he’d become more than a brother to her. She’d look through their pictures together and wonder what the hell had changed. Why was she suddenly feeling this way when the idea of being with Justin – holding his hand in the park or through the halls, kissing him, cuddling with him, having sex with him – didn’t spark anything within her?

Then she’d come to her senses.

Of course Justin was just a friend. She didn’t have a crush on him. She didn’t want to kiss him and cuddle him and fuck him. And she didn’t give a shit that Celeste was so easily toying with him. She wasn’t jealous – at least, not of Celeste’s closeness to him.

She was jealous of the power.

Only last night had Trina realized why she was feeling the way she was. It was jealousy, but she didn’t want Justin, she wanted the power that came with her magic. She wanted the power to make a man squirm just as easily. Celeste held an immense force of nature within the necklace Trina had heard about. Maybe not some world-dominating force of nature, but it was power nonetheless, a small, concise sense of power. One itty-bitty blip on the Universe’s radar that she hadn’t realized she was so hungry for.

So here she was now, looking for some type of spell that would help her. At the moment, she wasn’t particularly interested in dismemberment – maybe further down the line, but for now she only needed something simple. Hopefully the herbs and oil would assist the candle spell. Retrieve an Ex… Banish a Harasser… Fertility Enhancement… Control of a Man’s Wit. Boom. She’d found it. It was a little closer to the “voodoo” section than she would’ve expected, but she didn’t mind, brushing it off as she laid the book in her lap and read through the contents.

Control of a Man’s Wit

In some ancient Roman and Scandinavian ***********ures, the term “wit” was not used to describe intelligence and quick thinking. Rather, it was a term used for a man’s most precious treasure. It was said that a witch’s ability to control a man’s “wit” would make her more powerful than the Gods themselves. Though this saying has thinned into vanishment over the years, control of someone’s manhood has long been considered a strange, yet powerful practice, and one that should only be done by an experienced witch.

By most standards, this spell is considered to be light voodoo work, having been created by three Haitian practitioners who migrated from the Roman Peninsula, derived from the long-practiced, Haitian-native art of voodoo dolls. See Page 387 for more information on genuine Haitian voodoo dolls and their history and uses.

Before you begin, think carefully about which deity you’d like to work with. If any come to mind who deal with love, sex, or fertility, ask them for assistance. Begin with a clean square of red or pink cloth…

Trina hummed softly to herself as she followed the spell. A square of colored cloth, laid flat on her table. Herbs connected to love and sexual energy, placed in the center. Love oil, dressed over a small piece of paper with her target’s name on it. She giggled as she followed the last step: rolling up the cloth with everything inside and twisting it shut, then wrapping it over and over with twine until it was perfectly sealed. She set it down on her altar for Freya, the Norse goddess who Trina had discovered was one of her personal favorites, in the hopes that the beautiful queen of love and fertility would help with the spell.

With the magic done and, hopefully, in effect very soon, Trina cleaned up the remnants of her spell and began getting ready for bed. Despite the alarm waiting for her to wake up for school in roughly seven hours, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to sleep, thanks to the excitement over what she could possibly do with the boy whose name had been wrapped up in that little bundle.

Alex Griffith.


Streaks of sunlight streamed through the window as Trina opened her eyes, and for a moment, she simply turned over and groaned softly, not wanting to get up for school quite yet. Sure, today was their last day for the semester, but that didn’t mean she was any more excited to get it over with.

Then she remembered. The spell!

Throwing the blanket aside, she rushed to her altar, holding her breath as she looked at Freya’s offering dish. The cloth was still there, but it was just a little scorched, and a small rose petal lay beside it that hadn’t been there before. Trina bit back an excited squeal – the spell had worked!


The excitement at the spell being completed was almost completely dashed by the end-of-semester test that Trina had to take in Calculus; math subjects had never been her strong suit. Still, it was an opportunity to put her spell to work. Alex Griffith sat right next to her in this class, something she had been ever-grateful for since the very beginning of the semester. This was one of two classes she happened to have with him – first period Calculus, and fourth period Health and Wellness. In Health, sadly, he sat a few desks away from her, but here and now, he was right by her side, and the knowledge of what was in her bag was suddenly even more thrilling.

Disregarding the still-blank test paper in front of her, she reached down and grabbed the twine-wrapped cloth out of the side pocket in her backpack, tucking it carefully into her sleeve and hoping the teacher didn’t see. No? No. She was in the clear. Trina leaned against her palm as she recalled what the spell had said.

Once the spell has taken effect, intention is the most important factor in the use of the voodoo toy. Keep your mind focused on the target (the person whose name paper the practitioner wrapped in cloth). Picture the cloth as their member BEFORE doing anything to it, or the spell will not work. Just because the toy is connected to the target does not mean it will be effective without the proper use of intention.

BEWARE OF USING THIS SPELL WITH ILL INTENT. Ill intent could draw into play the Power of Three (see Page 412 for Threefold Returns of Energy).

Heart beating fast, Trina attempted to steady her breathing as she crossed her arms and leaned on them, being extra mindful of the cloth bundle within her sleeve. She glanced at Alex, and for a moment couldn’t believe how handsome he was, and the fact that she was about to have all of that under her control. He seemed to sense her looking at him, and looked up, meeting her gaze and smiling that gorgeous smile before returning to his test. Trina shivered as she felt more and more excitement flooding her veins.

With a slow, calming breath and as strong of a mental image as she could conjure, Trina closed her eyes and stroked her pinky finger over the hidden bundle of cloth and herbs and oils and his name paper. She opened her eyes and glanced over, wondering what his reaction was.


Fuck, the spell was a bust! Frustrated, Trina felt the sense of power and excitement drain away, replaced by that familiar feeling of jealousy as she remembered what kind of power Celeste had over Justin. It was so unfair! With a soft huff, she picked up her pencil and began her test.

Several minutes passed, and Trina could barely focus, frustrated and disappointed. How could the spell not have worked? She did everything it had said, down to the letter, what had gone wrong? Maybe it was her intention. Could the Universe feel her intent to control him through his cock? The rule of three – a Universal law that said that any energy spent would be returned threefold, be it negative or positive – wasn’t exactly specific. Not always. The desire for a large amount of power was considered negative intention, but small-scale control shouldn’t bother anybody, right?

A cough to her left startled her, and Trina looked over to see Alex looking rather uncomfortable. He was tense, his whole body stiff as he stared down at his paper, and she watched as he stuck one hand in his hoodie pocket, as if he were readjusting or hiding something…

Confused, Trina reached back into her bag to grab the cloth bundle. How did he have a boner now – so much so that he seemed to be struggling to keep his cool – when the spell hadn’t even worked? She dug as quietly as possible for a moment, searching for the spell, and suddenly realized the cloth was still within her sleeve.

And in that moment, she understood.

Trina had a habit of fidgeting when she was struggling academically. During tests she was known for tapping her pencil or, in this case, fiddling with her sleeves. She’d been stroking the cloth bundle residing within her sleeve without even realizing it, and it seemed that the tiny little attention had given him the beginnings of what was now a major problem on his end. So… the spell worked? she wondered. Curious, Trina reached into her sleeve again and rubbed one end of the cloth bundle, the way her thumb would circle over the tip of a cock. Alex responded with a slight jerk of his leg and a hand flying up to tangle in his hair as casually as possible.

She had him. He was finally under her control. And it was going to be so much fun.


Justin sighed as he opened his notebook. One more day of this bullshit, then he could go on semester break. Fucking finally. He couldn’t wait for break – Christmas was what he was most looking forward to, but the idea of three weeks off from school was almost even more appealing.


He jumped at the sound of his name, looking up to see the teacher glaring at him. “Are you paying attention?”

“Um… yes?”

“Then maybe you could tell me,” his anatomy teacher said as she crossed her arms, “what section of the course we’re doing this project on?” He hesitated, then hung his head. “I thought so,” she concluded as his face turned pink, scattered snickers drifting through the class. “As I was saying, this project focuses on section four of the course – penile development and anatomy. Quiet, quiet, come on, you guys are seniors. You’re practically adults, the word penis shouldn’t be funny to you. Now, this project focuses on male anatomy, particularly the inner workings of the penis. Because this is a small class, and because you are a higher grade level, I’ve decided that this year’s end-of-semester project will be to perform a dissection of the penis.”

The females in class groaned in disgust, some of them giggling, while the males crossed their legs and coughed and gagged.

“Oh, settle down,” the teacher sighed. “They won’t be real.” She used her pencil to tap the closed box resting on her desk. “They’re fake, almost like, um… adult toys. They’re made of silicone, designed so that you can see and identify the insides of a penis when you make your -” she used air quotes to accentuate the last word – “incisions. Now, let’s make a single-file line on this side of the room, and I’ll pair each of you off with one of the silicone figures, a craft knife, and a worksheet that will tell you what to do. Do not forget to answer the questions, people, it’s not just directions. And be careful with the knives, they’re small but they are sharp, and I don’t feel like sending anyone to the nurse today.”

Justin sighed, feeling just as uncomfortable as the rest of the guys in here. He couldn’t think of any guy who would want to see a dick dissected, even if it was basically just an anatomically-correct dildo. But then, at least he was about to be paired with Celeste. She’d been transferred from first period Anatomy to sixth period a week or two ago, and had been sparing him today – thought it was kind of unnerving due to the relentless teasing and in-class orgasms she’d been subjecting him to almost every day now. He didn’t mind too much, however, just allowing himself to enjoy the break she’d been giving him before the end of the semester.

The class split into their respective pairs, each branching off to a different desk and pulling up chairs so that two people could fit at one desk. Celeste smiled and gave Justin a soft “hey”, to which he responded with a smile and a nod. “Are you doing okay?” she asked him quietly.

“Just waiting for the end of the day.”

“Dude, me too. Can’t wait to go home.”

“Any plans?”

In response to his question – an innocently-intended question that she was no doubt about to twist – she looked away and grinned. “A little, actually. I was hoping you’d come home with me after school today? Unless you’re busy, of course.” She glanced back up at him curiously, and he wasn’t sure he could resist those beautiful eyes.

But, shit, last time he’d visited her house, they’d nearly hooked up, and… clearing his throat, he leaned forward and whispered cautiously, “I’m not gonna lose another body part, am I?”

“I don’t think so,” Celeste giggled. “I just wanted to… y’know, hang out.” Hang out. Was she implying a hook up? How could he even manage that with no dick? God, he desperately wanted to fuck her, but it didn’t seem feasible considering his dismemberment. Celeste seemed to guess what he was thinking, because she brightened up a little and leaned forward. “I almost forgot!” she whispered. “I wanted to play a game with you.”


“A game!” She smiled as she put her backpack in her lap and put her hand into one of the pockets. “Remember that one night when you called me? Like, two weeks ago, maybe? The freezer?”

Justin felt his whole body go stiff for a moment, his blood running cold and the hair on his arms and neck standing up. The word freezer immediately reminded him of the entire night’s worth of memories from roughly two weeks ago. The freezer had been so cold it almost burned, and she’d delighted in leaving it in there until he was on the verge of tears before taking it out and soothing his manhood under warm water from the sink, then doing it all over again. He could handle it, at least, but then she had “accidentally” dropped his dick in the garbage disposal, and had made him beg over the phone for her not to turn it on. He thanked God his dick was still intact after that little game, and was nervous about what she had in mind this time. “What, um… what does that night have to do with this new game you’re thinking of?”

Before answering, Celeste looked around the classroom, as if checking that the coast was clear. Instinctively, Justin looked around as well – everyone was too engrossed in their projects to look at them – and when he turned back around, Celeste was sitting up straight with her hands neatly folded in front of her, her bright smile striking him as a little unsettling. For a moment, he didn’t register why she was suddenly so focused on their work. She had just been digging around in her bag for something, apparently looked around to see if they were being watched, and then…?



Oh, fuck.

His dick was lying on the table in place of the hyper-realistic dildos they were supposed to be working with. The dildos they were supposed to be dissecting. And she was picking up the craft knife, her eyes twinkling.

“What the fuck kind of game do you think you’re playing?” he hissed as he stared down at his own dick.

“A fun one,” Celeste whispered back, placing the blunt side of the tiny blade against his tip and leaning forward again. “I wanna see how far I can push you.”

“You’re sick, woman.” His stomach turned over at the thought of what she was about to do, and he hated himself for getting hard for this. His dick was already growing on the table.

“You still like me,” Celeste teased. “Don’t worry, this will be quick. I just wanna know if you’re coming over today.”

“I know what you wanna do, though,” he said. “How am I supposed to do any of that when my… ugh… when my dick is right on this fucking table?”

“It’s easy,” Celeste purred. “I don’t want to fuck you. I want something more fun.” She lifted the knife for a moment, and he sighed in relief. “Oral.”

“Oral?” He hesitated, looking at her curiously.

“Oral,” she repeated quietly. “You’re not my first hookup or my first boyfriend. But I’ve never had my pussy licked. I wanna see if you’re any good at it.”

Justin started to fidget in his seat, his cock growing harder on the desk between them, almost completely erect now. His stomach was heavy with anxiety and he was suddenly very sweaty. “I’ve – I’ve never eaten pussy before.”

“Well, it looks like that’ll be another of your firsts, then. From the giant loads you’ve given me, I’m guessing I’m your first blowjob? And your first fuck.” She lowered the knife again, this time putting the blade to his tip and giving it a feather-light amount of pressure. Justin’s heart raced at the threat. “And if you don’t come over and eat me out today,” Celeste purred, “I’ll make sure I’m your last, too. What’s it gonna be?” Justin gritted his teeth as she dragged the knife gently down his shaft, hissing at the tiny, agonizing pinpricks from the blade barely breaking the sensitive skin. Almost microscopic beads of blood followed the knife’s trail, and as she reached his balls, she pressed a little harder, making him want to scream in agony as his body flushed with heat. He hated that she had this much control over him, and he wanted to be defiant, but he could feel everything.

His dignity wasn’t worth his balls.

“Fine, fine!” he hissed under his breath. “I’ll come over after school! Just please stop it with the fucking knife!” He breathed a sigh of relief as she obliged, tucking his dick back into her bag and replacing the dildo they were supposed to be using. He watched, frozen in fear and sickness, as she dragged the knife down the middle of it, from the frenulum straight down to the balls. The skin separated easily, too easily, revealing silicone in varying shades of red and pink. Justin felt nauseous, but he couldn’t deny the throbbing in his own dick, hidden within the depths of Celeste’s backpack as she so swiftly dissected the false penis, clearly satisfied with herself.


Getting to Celeste’s house, setting his things down, and even her pulling him into a passionate, lustful kiss – it was all mostly a blur. Yet here he was, his tongue sliding into her waiting mouth with ease as she dragged him onto her bed. He groaned in pleasure as she reached down beside her bed, where she’d dropped her bag, and began stroking his cock. She pulled it out and held it tight in one hand, and he could feel himself throbbing in her grip already.

Slowly, gently, he began kissing downwards, trailing kisses and nibbles down from her lips. Along her jawline, across her collarbone, his stomach feeling tight with nerves. She moaned as he cautiously pushed up her shirt, exposing her tits. She hadn’t worn a bra that day, and fuck, her tits were perfect. Smooth and soft, her pink nipples standing up at attention against the cold bedroom air – or perhaps in anticipation of his tongue. He moved lower, grabbing one of her tits in his hand while flicking his tongue over the other one’s nipple, smirking as she moaned again. He sucked the little pink nub between his lips, rolling the other one between his fingers to make her arch into him. His earlier worries seemed to melt away with every flick of his tongue, and he groaned against her chest as she tightened her grip around his severed dick, her fingers finding their way around his balls to squeeze them hard.

Justin glanced at her hand and saw his dick getting bigger as his arousal grew, and almost moaned as she raised the member to her lips and stretched her tongue out to swirl around the head. Still sucking on her nipple, he watched as her tongue swiped the underside of his tip, his body tingling all over as she took a few inches into her mouth. It was warm and wet, not quite the same as her pussy, but intoxicating all the same. No matter how many times she did this, he could never get enough.

He moved lower over her body as smoothly as possible, kissing his way down her bare midriff. She stopped sucking his cock for a moment, leaving it sitting on her tongue like a lollipop to help him remove her shorts, nursing gently on it as the fabric pooled at her ankles. He smiled breathlessly as he tugged her panties to the side, his limbs trembling as she grabbed his dick again and began sliding it in and out of her mouth again.

Holy fuck, she had a pretty pussy.

Working with instinct more than anything, Justin leaned forward and dragged his tongue gently from her hole to her clit, and received a moan in return, a clue that he was Escort Bayan doing well for his first time. She tasted divine; urged on by her flavor and the song of her moans, he delved a little deeper into her sweet, creamy pussy, his tongue fucking her hole before swiping upwards to circle her clit. She was pushing her hips against his face now, grinding her pussy against his tongue as she throat-fucked herself with his cock. With a quick, deep breath, he buried his face against her cunt, lapping at her juices with increasing excitement as she took his dick even deeper into her mouth. His cock twitched on her tongue as he sucked gently on her clit, and the pleasure only drove him to lick deeper, his mind spinning with lust and hunger.

Then he pulled away and hissed as a sharp pain lanced through his shaft, like lightning striking the base of his cock. He looked up to see that she had pulled him out of her mouth, her hand sitting under his balls and her fingers wrapped around to stab her manicured nails into the base of him. “Use your fingers, too,” she ordered. “I want both.”

“But… I don’t know how -” She dug her nails in deeper, and he yelped. “Fuck! Fine…”

One arm wrapping around her thigh, he slid his other hand up her leg to spread her pussy lips a little, opening her up for him before pushing two fingers into her. She moaned again, louder this time – was she already close?

He’d heard guys his age talking about what to do, so he at least had some idea of how to make her cum. He pumped his fingers in and out of her at a steady pace, drawing her clit between his lips again and flicking it with his tongue as his fingers worked inside of her. She was definitely louder now, her moans reminiscent of his favorite porn videos. She was writhing underneath his touch, her grip on his dick tightening as she squirmed. Her nails were stabbing painfully into his balls now, and he hoped that he could make her cum soon so that she would let up. But then… what was the worst that could happen? He was harder than he’d ever been before, his dick throbbing and his body quaking as he licked at her pussy. Would his balls burst if she grabbed them too hard? Somehow, the thought of her rupturing his oh-so-vulnerable manhood made him shiver with ecstasy.

As if she could sense what he was thinking, her hand grabbed even tighter, her hips bucking up against his face. He did his best to steady himself, his fingers curling inside her and his tongue flattening against her clit to rub up and down over it as fast as he possibly could. She screamed in pleasure, her free hand flying to his shaft to grip it tightly as her nails speared his balls. He groaned loudly in agony as his stomach lurched, and he tried to pull away to breath, but her legs wrapped quickly around his head, and suddenly he was trapped between her thighs for the entire duration of her powerful orgasm. He had no choice but to continue licking and sucking and fingering, delirious with pain as his poor sack nearly burst. In the midst of the whirlwind, he suddenly felt every one of his nerves dissolving at the ends, fizzling into nothing but pulsing light as his cock suddenly splattered her naked chest with hot, sticky cum. His vision faltered for a moment in the blur of pain and pleasure, and he was sure he blacked out, only regaining consciousness when she finally unlatched her legs from behind his neck and allowed him to breathe.

For a moment, he just stared at her, his lungs whining with every shaky breath. She looked so damn pleased with herself, her pussy dripping in front of him with the same juices that coated his face. She was gasping, a grin stretching across her rosy lips, and as she sat up, the world still seemed to move in slow motion around Justin. He had never had an orgasm that strong, and had never felt that much pain in one sitting.

“We should get cleaned up,” Celeste said, her voice sounding ever-distant. “You made a fucking mess of me.”

Justin nodded, still dazed and drunk on her, his cock pulsing with heat as she tossed it onto the bed beside her like it was just another dildo.


“A weekend in a cabin? In the woods?”

“A cottage,” Celeste corrected Justin, nudging him playfully. “Don’t make it sound so creepy. It’s not some scary movie plot, it’s just a vacation.” She swept her hair over her shoulder as she sat back in her seat, grabbing her coffee with sleeve-covered hands and sipping from the forest-green straw. “And it’s gonna be the entire semester break, not just a weekend. Come on, you know you want to,” she added with a giggle, nudging him again, this time with her foot under the table.

Justin sighed, contemplating the offer. Just yesterday, she’d had him on his knees in front of her, almost blacked out from pain and pleasure, and had officially named him her boyfriend after that. Now they were sitting in a coffee shop after their final day of school, discussing plans for the next two weeks off from school.

Celeste’s best friend, Megan, came from money, and Megan’s mother apparently owned a very nice, homely little cottage in the forest roughly thirty miles away. He’d seen pictures – the lovely oak structure was planted right beside a beautiful lake that would most likely be frozen over in this weather, the forest itself probably dusted with snow like the rest of their town. According to Celeste, it was equipped with a lovely fireplace and enough entertainment to occupy them for the majority of their winter break.

Despite how nice the vacation sounded, there was a strange glint in Celeste’s eye that told him she had something in mind other than the little woodland getaway. Knowing her, he was sure she’d find some way to fool around with him and his severed cock. He knew being tucked away from the public for two whole weeks would be all too tempting for her, but with Megan there, how much did she think she could get away with? Still, he was curious. Intrigued. Their little escapades had been fun so far, despite the occasional agonizing pain, so what was wrong with a vacation?

Fuck it.

“Fine,” he said with a smile, “but only because I’ve never been to a cabin in the woods.”

“Cottage in the forest.”

“Those are literally synonyms.”

“Yeah, but stop calling it a cabin in the woods, it’s so creepy!”

“Whatever, you’re just being prissy,” he laughed. “Fucking cottage-elf-princess.”

Celeste giggled and raised an eyebrow at him. “I should make you chop wood for that.” She leaned forward, her newly-white-and-silver nails glittering in the light filtering through the frosted windows. They looked so soft and delicate, and he smiled at her as she placed her hand over his, shivering at the contact. No matter what, he was sure this trip would be fun.


The vacation itself was bound to be fun. Two weeks in a rather nice-looking cottage with a gentle blanket of crystalline white snow surrounding them as it sprinkled down from the plush gray clouds. Entertainment and food were already taken care of, nothing wrong there.

But the fucking drive was absolutely dreadful.

How could one thirty-mile drive be packed with so much… annoyance? Justin liked Celeste – loved her, even, though he wasn’t ready to say it out loud – and maybe no relationship went without a little bit of a bug-bear here and there, but the headache beginning to squeeze around his skull was making him wonder if her pussy was even really worth this. Celeste and Megan (a beautiful, curvy girl with olive skin and jet-black hair down to her shoulders) had been in the backseat together, laughing their high-pitched laughs and singing their annoying teen boy-band songs for what seemed like the entire trip. He was frustrated, sure, but the golden glow of Celeste’s hair and the lovely glint of happiness and excitement in her eyes made it worth the time. Her angelic beauty was such a contrast to the occasional devilish looks she shot him, and he knew she had plenty in store for him. He could already feel himself getting hard, but he assumed his dick must be somewhere in her pocket or luggage, because he couldn’t see it around her neck.

They pulled over roughly twenty miles in, upon Megan’s request for a bathroom, and that was where the antics began.

Celeste giggled to herself as she looked out the window, waiting for her best friend to come back from whatever rock or tree the curvier woman had chosen to utilize. She shifted a little as she dug through her purse for something, and Justin groaned as he felt her fingers wrap around his cock. She had it strung on the necklace again, and she made quick work of clasping the chain behind her neck and letting his cock settle between her tits. Justin groaned as she let her hands trail down to start stroking it. “What… what are you doing?” he choked out, starting to squirm in the driver’s seat.

“It’s fine,” Celeste said, bringing it up to her mouth and flicking her tongue gently over the tip. “She won’t be back for a minute. I wanna play with you.”

Justin coughed quietly. “You can’t wait until we get there?”

“Nope,” Celeste said firmly. She smiled in contentment as she sucked gently on his tip, moving her tongue expertly over it. She knew how sensitive he was there, and she was using it against him, lapping gently at the bundle of nerves in his frenulum before sliding his cock further past her lips. He moaned as she sucked him off, watching her intently in the rear-view mirror, his eyes never leaving those perfect plump lips as his heart started to race. Celeste smiled around her mouthful as the pulsing cock twitched on her tongue. She moaned so low and soft that it was a borderline purr, taking his dick as deep as she could without choking, working her tongue over the base until he was gritting his teeth to keep quiet.

He was so enamored with the feeling of her mouth that he almost forgot why she’d even have to put it away, and the feeling of her suddenly pulling it out of her mouth and tucking it back between her tits was uncomfortably jarring. He startled out of his fog as Megan hopped back into the car, just in time to see Celeste toss him a wink before he started driving again.

The journey was decently quiet for the next few minutes, thankfully, with both girls busy with their phones and Justin focused on the road. Megan had taken the shotgun seat so that they could both stretch their legs, and Justin’s boner had subsided by now, though he’d enjoyed being played with during their impromptu pit stop, he also enjoyed finally being able to pay attention to the road.

Maybe he’d gotten comfortable a little too soon.

His hands suddenly gripped the steering wheel tight as he felt something warm and wet against his tip. He glanced into the rear-view mirror at Celeste, who, as far as he could guess, was rubbing his tip between her pussy lips. Her seat was right behind Megan’s, so she remained completely undiscovered by her best friend, who was currently scrolling through her phone obliviously. Knuckles turning white, he reached up and adjusted the mirror ever-so-slightly, catching a glimpse of Celeste’s lust-clouded eyes as she smirked at him. Fuck, how was he supposed to drive like this?

He groaned as the evil girl pushed his cock deeper, once again teasing him inch by inch. Her pussy muscles worked around him in a glorious rhythm, milking him for every drop of precum that he was already leaking. It was warm and wet and so fucking tight… he bit his lip hard enough that he almost drew blood, trying not to groan out loud as the steering wheel threatened to slip from his sweating palms. He hoped his struggle to keep it in place was silent and unnoticeable, unsure how he could possibly explain it to the unwitting Megan. Hell, how would Celeste even be able to explain it? “Yeah, I just use my boyfriend’s magically cut-off dick and balls as a dildo sometimes. No matter if it’s right behind you instead of at least waiting till we get to the cabin.” Bullshit.

Justin stifled a low, drawn-out moan as she pushed his dick all the way in, steadily, agonizingly slow. He’d give anything to act on his most primal instincts and just fuck her silly, but even if he could pull over and bang her right now, his dick was still completely in her hands. Still, the primal urges gave no heed to his smooth front – the animalistic need to pin her to that back seat and fuck her until she screamed his name to the skies was intense and overwhelming.

And yet, unappealing.

Sure, his first instinct was to dominate. But truly, really, he wanted to serve. He wanted to please her. As his girlfriend sat there behind her best friend, her yoga pants pulled down just enough to reveal her wet pink pussy to his fleeting glances, he realized just how badly he wanted to submit to her. Maybe it was just the fact that she had complete and total control over his manhood, and that she’d had control since the very beginning. He loved it, truly, and it was his biggest fucking desire to just give himself over entirely.

This time, as his tip slid almost all the way out of Celeste’s pussy before being stuffed roughly back into her hot depths, Justin couldn’t suppress the low moan that pushed past his lips. Megan looked up, to his dismay, and studied him curiously. “What’s with you?” she questioned.

Celeste pulled his dick out of her cunt rather unceremoniously and giggled. “He just can’t take the heat,” she teased, presenting the cum-covered member to her best friend.

Justin’s face flushed with embarrassment, and he nearly swerved on the thankfully-empty snowy road. His eyes darted back and forth between the road and the two girls in his car, one of which was currently holding out his severed cock all too casually. He reached out with one hand, swiping for his dick. “Celeste, put it away!” he screeched, though his efforts were fruitless, and he only managed to smack his own balls hard enough to make him grunt with pain. Even if Megan somehow hadn’t seen the dick in Celeste’s hand, his reaction was extremely suspicious anyway.

But Megan didn’t seem bothered. In fact, she seemed amused, as if this wasn’t the first time she’d seen his dick, detached or otherwise. In the same moment that he noticed Megan’s amusement, he winced as Celeste suddenly grabbed his balls hard, her nails digging into the sensitive skin. His teeth were grinding uncomfortably against each other as his hand flew back to the steering wheel, steadying the vehicle.

“Relax,” Celeste said firmly. “Megan knows, okay? I told her ages ago.” Her other hand gripped his shaft, and she twisted both hands in opposite directions, slowly, threateningly. “And guess what that means? We own you now. You have to do everything we say!” The last sentence trailed off in a sing-song tone as she slid gracefully across the backseat, riding up behind him and rubbing one hand up and down his bicep, the other gripping tighter on his shaft. “We don’t wanna have to hurt you, so… you’ll do what we say, right?”

With a nervous gulp, Justin nodded. He knew his place for the next two weeks – he was nothing but their toy.

Soon, they arrived at the cabin, and Justin was grateful for the lapse in their teasing. He helped them carry their bags in as well as his own, and entered the cabin with a heavy stomach and a pounding heart, knowing he was lined up for a lot of pain.

The cabin was cold, but it was nothing a little fire in the fireplace couldn’t fix, and he flopped down onto the soft couch in the main living room with a huff. He could at least try to enjoy himself before the next fourteen days of torture, right? He closed his eyes for a bit, barely responding when one of the girls handed him something soft and sweet-smelling. “Here,” Megan said, “I was saving these for when we got here.” Justin was tired enough that the strange comment barely registered, and he opened his eyes just enough to quickly examine what she’d handed him.

It was one of those macaron things that he knew some girls gushed over; two small, white-and-red cake-like cookies with a dollop of cream sandwiched between them. A little feminine for his taste, but he was hungry anyway, and didn’t want to wait for something to be cooked, so he popped the sandwich in his mouth without a second thought. It tasted of strawberries and cheesecake, the cream filling smooth on his tongue. He smiled contentedly and leaned back in his seat, breathing a heavy sigh as he swallowed the treat.

He wasn’t sure how long he stayed there, but it took him a moment to notice that the world around him and slowed and blurred, and that his chest was rising and falling more rapidly, fighting for every shallow breath. He opened his eyes a little to see Celeste and Megan’s distorted figures join him on the couch, their hands feeling like the most euphoric smoke as they ghosted over his chest and arms and thighs, truly feeling him up like they couldn’t wait to touch him anymore. Distantly, he realized he’d been drugged, but somehow, he didn’t care. This is my purpose, his dazed mind told him, to serve them however they please.

Their excited giggles were the last thing he heard before his vision faded, and the world around him went silent and dark.


Justin was never sure how long he was knocked out for, but he knew he preferred the comfortable slumber to his current situation. The forced sleep had been calm and dark and warm, in great contrast with his cold nakedness and the stabbing, fiery pain at the base of his cock that startled him awake with a scream through gritted teeth. Still in the limbo between sleep and consciousness, he tried to flinch, but found that his wrists and ankles were bound to something. He must be tied to a chair, but he wasn’t sure why. He opened his eyes to a thankfully-dim cabin – too much light would’ve hurt his eyes, and the only thing that illuminated the little cottage was the golden-orange glow of the crackling fireplace. What the hell was that? he wondered, his dick still stinging.

Megan and Celeste’s naked figures came into view as his sleepy haze disappeared, and for a moment he was able to dismiss the pain as he stared at them. They were both so fucking gorgeous. Celeste was slender and petite, her handful-sized tits sitting perfectly against her thin frame; Megan’s wide hips and fat tits were completely novel to him, her thick thighs making him yearn to split them and write his name over her clit with his tongue. They were smiling brightly at him, holding his detached cock between them. Megan was holding it by the balls, her other hand gently supporting his tip, and Celeste was holding some thin, shiny silver thing. She twisted it – and he yelped again, white flashing behind his eyes as pain seared through his pelvis.

They had pierced his cock.

Celeste took hold of his cock to allow Megan to walk towards him, and he leaned away from her as best as he could, horrified. “Morning, sleepyhead,” Megan teased. “Glad to see you’re finally awake.”

“What the fuck are you doing to me?” Justin choked out, sweating at the pain in his cock.

“Just a little decoration,” the black-haired woman said with a smile. She held out her hand, and Celeste plopped his dick into her palm. There was a curved silver bar sticking out of the skin where his shaft met his balls, glistening bright silver in the firelight. The skin around the piercing was red and just a little swollen, and Justin cringed at the sight of it. Megan laughed as he turned away. “It’s a little crude, yeah, but what do you expect? We’re not professionals.”

“It looks good for what it is,” Celeste added, grinning at her boyfriend. “Don’t worry – we’ll have plenty of chances to get it right.”

“What do you mean?” Justin begged, his stomach turning over nervously.

“Well, we brought more than one piece of jewelry,” Celeste answered, “and we’ve been looking up the different kinds of piercings men can get there.”

“We figured we’d decorate you before we play with you,” Megan added with a smile. Celeste nodded, taking Justin’s dick back from Megan and handing the piercing needle to Megan, who cleaned it off with a damp white cloth before aiming it at the underside of his tip. He stared in alarm, but his limbs were bound to his chair, leaving him helpless as the girls took turns piercing him.

The next one was his frenulum. He couldn’t watch, but he had no choice in the feeling of it. There was a split second of nothing but a sharp prick on one side of his frenulum, before a white-hot sting and a crushing pressure that radiated through his tip and his shaft as the needle pushed through. He screamed again, and it terrified him to know that nobody would hear him. He screwed his eyes shut tight against the agony, his face feeling hot and his head spinning. There was a still, tense moment where they giggled like young schoolgirls as they screwed the new piercing in place – the only sound he could hear over the ringing in his ears – then the worst of the pain was over, and he was left with a searing ache in the most sensitive nerve within his poor cock.

Through the ringing, he heard them taunting him devilishly.

“Look, he’s so red!”

“Aww, he looks like he’s gonna cry!”

“I think he can handle another one, yeah?”

“No!” Tears welling in his eyes, Justin suddenly opened his eyes wide to plead with the girls. “Please, no, two is enough -“

“Toys don’t decide what’s enough,” Megan suddenly said firmly.

“That’s right,” Celeste drawled, sauntering over and straddling him. He shivered as she ran her hands gently through his hair, feeling like she was caressing his very mind, her honey-flavored lips just inches away from his own. “You do want to be a good toy, don’t you, baby?”

Fuck, she was captivating. Every single word was pure enchantment, like drinking a love potion straight from her tongue. There was some rational part of him left that said he should be disgusted, he should feel violated, he should be trying to break free and call for help. But it felt so damn good to submit to these girls, so fucking freeing – and he’d be lying if he said he didn’t like the pain. It was sheer agony, but it was exhilarating, and he craved more.

“Are we gonna be a good boy and take it?” Celeste breathed, so close to his face that he was desperate to kiss her. He couldn’t speak – be it due to the pain, or his boiling arousal – instead nodding softly, his eyes hooded and his heart pounding. His cock was fully erect now, throbbing against the new piercings, and he loved and hated how foreign each piece of metal felt.

With a satisfied sigh, Celeste took Justin’s dick gently from Megan, then the needle. Suddenly he was very curious to watch, though every cell within his body was screaming for him to look away, as if it would hurt less if he couldn’t see it. He forced himself to stay glued to the scene before him – Celeste in his lap, his cock right between them with a needle aimed at his tip. His body shook all over, anticipating the torment that he knew was to come. Anything for their pleasure, he told himself, anything for their entertainment. The world slowed as she brought the needle closer to the head of his cock, and time froze for a moment as the tip of the needle barely touched his urethra.

Then his girlfriend pushed the needle in, and his body jerked as he screamed out in agony. White spots were flashing behind his eyes again, and he suddenly felt his stomach shifting like he was going to throw up, but he kept his eyes trained on his own cock. Celeste pushed just a little too slowly through his flesh, drawing out the pain as best as she could while her best friend laughed at the sight of Justin’s suffering. He did his best to breathe through the worst of it, each gasp coming quick and short in his heaving chest as he watched the needle enter his hole and return just above his new frenulum piercing. His hair was slick to his forehead with sweat, and he was sure he was about to have a heart attack, but his cock had never been harder as he watched Celeste take a silver ring from Megan to embed in his tip.

“A Prince Albert,” Megan said with a smile. “We just have one more to give you, okay? This one might tickle a little.” Celeste handed her his dick, and this time, he wasn’t sure whether he should watch or not. He wanted to, but he was disgusted with himself for it, and considering the way Megan was holding the needle straight over the middle of his cock, he didn’t think he could stomach to watch. He turned away at the last moment, just as the needle pierced his skin.

Moments like this made him rue the day he’d ever asked Trina to give him feeling back in his severed dick. He’d much rather it be completely detached from him right now, with no magical connection allowing him to be aware of what was going on. He was sure he could feel each cell splitting from its partner as the needle was forced gently through the middle of his shaft, in through the top of it and out through the underside between his frenulum and the lorum piercing that had woken him up. His throat ached as he screamed through the deadly agony, his eyes shut tight and his teeth bared in a tortured snarl. Every movement of the needle, however microscopic, was abrasive and sharp, like barbed wire strung right through the middle of the throbbing erection.

Justin made a mistake in opening his eyes to look – for a moment, he sat breathing through gritted teeth, his eyes blurred with reeling pain. The girls were laughing and cheering together over his pierced cock, their soft, pale hands streaming with something dark and red…

His cock was bleeding.

The final piercing – a “deep shaft” piercing, he would learn later on – had been the final straw for his poor dick, and his raging erection didn’t help the blood loss. The girls seemed oddly excited over this, and his reaction to the piercing. Justin’s mind finally cleared just enough for him to truly register what was happening. The blood trickling from his shaft and inching its way down the girls’ hands, dripping into small pools on the floor between them. The way his cock was still throbbing, now leaking sticky, clear precum all over the Prince Albert. The electrifying pain stabbing its way through his whole pelvis, the grainy tingling now itching the spot where his dick should be attached to his body…

Suddenly his vision blurred again before turning black, and his head lolled forward as he passed out.


The next two weeks were packed with similar torment.

Justin had known the girls were going to hurt him over their winter break. They were both sadists, devilishly excited by his pain. But he hadn’t known it would be this intense, and he hadn’t known he would like it so much.

For the next ten or so days, Justin was left completely naked, and was abused and used however the girls saw fit. They were barely allowing his piercings from the first day of their vacation to heal, tossing his dick around like a dildo and occasionally hitting or flicking or pinching his tortured shaft and aching balls. He spent his days eating their pussies whenever they demanded, sometimes even cleaning them up after they masturbated or pissed, and he slept at the foot of the bed like a dog while the girls shared the bed. Some days, they let him watch while they played with each other, delighting in the fact that he couldn’t jerk off to the sight of them. Some days, they would kiss and lick at his cock, their tongues working around the piercings with ease and skill, making him squirm like a needy slut. They made it a point to walk around the cottage completely nude, save for when they went out to collect firewood to keep the lovely warm fireplace burning. Their constant nudity, and the little sapphic shows they put on for him, the effortless teasing that crippled him so easily, and even the occasional degrading comment they tossed his way were all so overwhelming. He loved it – giving up his place as a real human, in favor of servicing these beautiful women whenever they chose, was absolutely euphoric.

For roughly two weeks, he was kept as a pet, and tortured and abused until his cock leaked precum everywhere.

Then everything came to a head on the morning of their last day at the cabin.

The girls rarely let him sleep or wake up on his own terms, often forcing him into wakefulness by tugging on his new piercings or squeezing his balls hard. This morning was just the same – he startled awake from a dream about eating Celeste out, his shocked inhale stabbing the back of his throat and rattling his lungs. Megan had tugged on the Prince Albert to wake him up, and as he looked up at her, he saw her bundled up in several layers of fluffy jackets. He was rather confused – the girls never woke him up to collect firewood, and that was the only time they ever got dressed, so why was she waking him up now? Never question the mistresses, he reminded himself, something he had learned many days ago after a particularly harsh squeeze.

“Morning, sunshine,” Megan teased, grinning. “Ready for a little playtime? I think you’re gonna like our plans for you today.”

As she spoke, Justin felt Celeste handling his dick in the other room. There was a moment of silence broken only by the sound of the front door opening, in which Justin let himself be both fearful and excited for their plans; then suddenly, he yelped in pain and shock as he felt something feathery and cold against his bare cock. The chill bit deep into the metal spiked through his flesh, shaking him to the bone, and he scrambled up from the floor to hurry into the living room with Megan laughing after him.

The sight of what had happened to his dick horrified him.

Celeste had thrown his dick out the door and into the snow, and was standing beside the door like the queen she was, bundled in just as many layers as her best friend. Justin rushed past her, his legs shaking so bad that he stumbled and damn near fell face-first into the snow. He ended up on his knees instead, and just as he reached to rescue his dick, Celeste turned and kicked it away, her foot landing right against his balls. His stomach churned, his face burning despite the cold, and he leaped into the snow after his freezing cock without a second thought.

The biting cold air was hair-raisingly thin against his naked skin, and he was sure his cock was about to get frostbite. The freezing snow was almost burning him, and he dug desperately through the powdery white mess in a desperate attempt to save his dick from these girls’ sick game.

“Wow, you look adorable when you’re panicking,” one of his captors jeered.

He spun around to see the girls standing in front of the closed front door, their arms crossed as they watched him search. “You’re not gonna find it,” Celeste purred, “not if we don’t want you to.”

“We can’t let you ruin our big surprise,” Megan added.

Justin stood up, his feet freezing in the snow, shivering all over. “Where is it?” he demanded softly, his teeth chattering in his skull. The sun was barely rising over the tops of the snow-capped trees, and the purple pre-dawn sky did nothing to warm him up.

Celeste uncrossed her arms and sauntered over to him with a smile, nudging aside some of the snow with her foot to reveal his shriveling cock. The bitter cold had made it screw up tighter on itself, making the still-sore piercings hurt even worse. The short length of it was red and flaky, clearly reacting poorly to the icy weather. He reached for it, only for his sadistic girlfriend to kick it away again, this time with her foot hitting the deep shaft piercing and making him gag at the agony. His mind was blank, solely focused on getting his cock back. Not because he wanted to stop playing this twisted, ugly game that he loved so dearly, but because he wanted it to continue – and it couldn’t continue if his dick was frozen solid, right?

But as he reached for it again, his stomach turning over and his face burning against the frigid air. Megan was the one to kick it away this time, her foot hitting his dick hard enough to make him see stars, but he chased it again, knowing that his desperation was entertaining them. They were laughing and egging him on, jeering about how they should step on it just to fuck with him. He knew it should be difficult to get hard right now, but he could feel his cock throbbing with desire as they continued to kick it like a goddamn soccer ball.

Before he could catch up with them, they stopped, and he could only stand there and stare as Celeste suddenly picked up his dick and held it out between her and her best friend. Panting with exhaustion, his lungs aching, he glanced around in his first attempt to finally take in his surroundings. The trees and foliage here looked different; they were sparser, carelessly dotted across the snowy rim of the clearing.

No, this wasn’t a clearing. This was the lake. Yes, this was the lake that bordered one side of the cabin, the lake that he’d thought would be fully iced over by now. Instead, from where he was kneeling, he could see random patches of darker blue that indicated holes in the ice, as if the girls had spent time leaving little pockmarks in the ice on purpose. The same girls that were holding his dick.

“Celeste… Megan…” Justin said, his voice hoarse. “Please… don’t do anything crazy…”

“Awww, but crazy is what makes all of this so much fun,” Megan teased.

“Besides, you know you can’t stop us,” Celeste said with a giggle. She dangled Justin’s dick in the air, taunting him, and he knew what was about to happen. He tried to scream, tried to beg her not to do what she was so easily ready to do, but the only sound that came out was a short rasp of air that grated angrily against his neck muscles. He clutched his throat with one hand, his eyes wide with terror, and the girls laughed at him. “Holy shit, he can’t even say anything!” Celeste taunted.

“Can’t,” Megan urged her with a grin, “or won’t?”

“True,” Celeste answered with a knowing look. She turned back to Justin, who hoped his eyes were pleading with her enough. He knew it was no use – he enjoyed the thrill of it all too much to ever truly beg her to stop. His girlfriend looked him right in the eye, and suddenly his entire life purpose was to serve her. “You must want this, then, if you won’t talk.” He was frozen in place, his eyes glued to his own cock, pierced and bruised and bleeding and sore, as Celeste flicked her wrist, and let go of it.

It was an odd feeling, to have just a part of him hit the water, when he wasn’t even near it. The water was crisp and glacial, and he would’ve hit his knees if he wasn’t already there. Instead his arms gave way, and his head hit the snowy ground a second before his left shoulder as he collapsed, gasping. His chest heaved as his breathing bordered hyperventilating, his heart suddenly pounding so hard that he was sure it would leave a mark on his chest. The girls’ laughter faded to a distant blur of ringing in his ears as he felt his dick sink lower and lower into the depths of the lake, the metal bars and rings only serving to conduct the icy pain straight through the innermost nerves of his cock.

Still gasping for air, tears streaming down his face, he let the girls drag him by the arms back to the cabin, and through the whirlwind of pain he’d never imagined he’d feel before, he could feel his brain rewiring itself. This was his purpose. He didn’t need his cock and balls to serve these two. If being completely castrated was what entertained them, so be it.


When they made it back to the cabin, the girls took care of him for a bit before playing with him. They sat his dazed and reeling form in front of the fire, stripping for him before running their hands over his naked body, feeling him up like the toy they knew was theirs. Justin was still in shock, forced to constantly endure the sensation of his dick freezing to the core. He barely noticed the girls bring him to the bedroom, until he was suddenly on his knees at the foot of the bed; one of the girls had put her ankles behind his head and dragged him up against both of their bodies, and suddenly he was smothered between their naked, wet pussies.

They were laying down together, Celeste on top of Megan, their legs spread so that he could feast on their cunts as they kissed each other. He already knew their hands were roaming istanbul Escort over each other’s bodies, and he wanted to do his best to offer them even more pleasure. He let his tongue stretch forward, dragging it from the very bottom of Megan’s dripping hole all the way up to Celeste’s in one slow lick, then right back down again. The girls moaned as he worked on them, and he grinned to himself, knowing he was doing such a good job, being such a good boy.

With a contented hum, he raised one hand to play with Megan’s clit while he tongue-fucked his girlfriend. He felt free here, servicing them however they saw fit. He did his best to please them, lapping at their oozing pussies like a man starved for years, their moans like music to his ears. They tasted so damn sweet, so delicious, and he craved more with every passing minute. His other hand moved above his head to reach around and finger his girlfriend, and suddenly he had two fingers in each girl, his tongue flicking between their clits as they kissed and touched each other. The sensation of his cock still freezing, and unfortunately going numb very quickly, only served to heighten his arousal, and he was shaking as he sucked on Celeste’s clit, then Megan’s, drowning in their juices and their moans. He was sure he came at least once, but it was impossible to tell with the way his dick was numbing up in the lake.

But then, did it matter whether he got his? Maybe all that truly mattered was his girls’ pleasure. He wanted to make them feel endlessly euphoric, he wanted to be nothing but their toy, for the rest of eternity if he could.


Their final days in the cabin went by in a blur of orgasms. Justin was never sure if he’d even feel his dick again – the damn thing had gone completely numb in the cold of that frozen lake – but it didn’t matter. He spent his last few days eating Megan and Celeste out any time they asked, honing his skills until he was nothing but a good little cunt-licker.

They returned home at the end of break, leaving Justin’s dick where it was at the bottom of that lake thirty miles away. School went by almost the same now, though Justin was slightly sad that Celeste couldn’t play with his dick in the middle of class anymore. Still, they sometimes snuck into the bathrooms together, or hid somewhere where there were no cameras or teachers, and she would lift her skirt and pull aside her panties (if she had even worn any that particular day), and he would drink her juices for as long as he could without getting them caught.

Soon, the lake thawed, and something he hadn’t anticipated was the sensation of the fish gnawing on his cock. It was barely there, muted by the numbness from his frostbite, but it still hurt. It was like a terrible itch he couldn’t scratch, and for a solid three or four weeks, he had to sit through hours on end of the same gnawing sensation all over his cock. His girlfriend delighted in his constant suffering, and the day it finally stopped altogether, she took him home and sat on his face while telling him her theory: that the fish had eaten it all, and there was no more of his cock left. She told him that if his dick was gone, it would mean that he was now one-hundred-percent her toy, a full-time eunuch who only existed for her sexual pleasure. He better hope her theory wasn’t true, she said, or she’d have no choice but to put his new title to use.

He hoped to God, then, that her theory was true.


With her door locked and her heart pounding, Trina stared at the cloth bundle on the pillow beside her. She was laid out on her side on the bed, her arms wrapped tight around one of her favorite stuffed bears as she gazed at the voodoo-dick with a cocktail of love, excitement, and fear stirring in her belly. She hummed softly to herself as she turned over on her back, imagining Alex was doing the same in his own bed somewhere. Was he thinking about today’s events as deeply as she was? Was he unable to sleep because of how horny he got at just the mere memory?

With a shiver, she closed her eyes and slid one hand down her belly, under the waistband of her pajama shorts. Her pussy was already warm and wet, waiting for her fingers to act out the dirty things she wanted Alex to do to her. She sighed softly, biting at her lower lip as her fingers moved in a few gentle circles over her clit before sliding into her needy hole. Fuck, she wanted him so bad. She had seen his cock standing up at attention in his pants during that damn class, no matter how hard he tried to hide it – and fucking hell, it looked big. She pictured him on top of her, his cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy as she fingered herself to his image… but it wasn’t what she wanted.

She tilted her head to the side to stare at the cloth bundle again, her fingers sliding out unceremoniously. Why didn’t this feel right? She wanted him to fuck her, didn’t she? So what was so wrong here?

An idea popped into her head, and she huffed a little as she considered it, then grinned. Quietly, so as not to disturb her mother in the other room, she turned over so that she was on her knees, her stuffed bear now sat right between her thighs. The hard little button nose bumped delightfully against her clit as she positioned herself to slide her fingers in again, and this time, she used one hand to reach out and stroke the voodoo-doll in time with her own fingers’ thrusts. She couldn’t see him, no – if she was honest, she’d hardly ever spoken to him outside of class – but she knew that he could feel her, and she knew he was probably rock hard right now. Was he stroking along with her, her touch guiding his own hand as he succumbed to this delicious magic he knew nothing of? Shit, maybe it was evil, but she fucking loved it.

She lost count of how many times she got herself off that night. Over and over again, She let herself tremble as she sat there on her bed, riding her own fingers, her free hand gripping the little cloth bundle as she imagined riding Alex, making him cum inside of her and letting his load stay there for days… Shit, the power was intoxicating. She had never cum that many times before, or that hard, and she could still feel her inner walls quivering the next morning.

That was the night she truly decided that Alex was hers for the taking.

For days, Trina spent her time in class playing with her new boy-toy. She needn’t worry about paying attention to the lessons – she was the type to study ahead, and she knew the tests would be easy enough. Her vigorous studying had left her with plenty of free time to admire and toy with her crush, and she took full advantage of the opportunity.

Each day leading up to winter break, Trina watched through the corner of her eye as she fondled the cloth bundle in her sleeve, loving the way Alex squirmed as she played with the voodoo-doll. She’d reworked the spell a little, just adding balls to the shaft so that she could play with the whole of him. She liked watching the swell of his pants, and she liked watching the occasional pool of cum darken his pants. She especially liked that part, because she got to watch him struggle with the mess for the rest of the day.

Unfortunately, she had no idea how to take it any further. She wanted to, really, but she couldn’t find an in.

On the second to last day before break, she made it all the way home after school, and managed to shower and eat dinner and do a tarot spread before she realized the voodoo-doll was missing. She dug in her backpack for it, hoping to spend another night playing with herself, and her heart dropped when she realized that it was gone. She ended up dumping the entire contents of her bag onto her bed, but she couldn’t find it.

Panicking, she retraced her steps in her mind. The only place it could’ve gotten lost was at school…


Trina barely slept that night, endlessly worried about the outcome of her mistake. She hated herself for it – she’d let herself get sloppy, and she was angry and embarrassed. She spent several hours that night flipping through her spellbook, praying to her deities that there was some sort of solution. This was just supposed to be her game, and she worried that if she couldn’t at least “turn off” the voodoo-doll, Alex could get hurt.

But unfortunately, she found nothing, and was forced to go to the final day of school with a pit in her stomach.

Even Alex seemed a little confused when she left him alone for the first time in over a week. There was no tingling today, no stroking, no squeeze around his balls. Trina spent the day in a haze of frustration, and her mind was so foggy that she almost didn’t hear her fifth-period History teacher call her name on the way out. She turned around, meeting the older woman’s gaze as best as she could.

Ms. Delaney was young for a history teacher, but still old enough that a lot of Trina’s classmates called her a “MILF”. She was average height, and fit, with good-sized tits and a shapely ass that swayed enticingly when she walked up and down the rows of desks. She had long ginger hair that she often kept tied up in a messy bun, and piercing green eyes with long lashes that would, admittedly, look incredibly alluring while she was on her knees in front of a man. Hell, Trina was pretty sure she was straight, but Ms. Delaney was definitely a reason to question that.

“Trina,” Ms. Delaney said firmly as the rest of the class dissipated, “I’d like to speak with you.” She took her black-framed glasses off, her other hand holding up something small and red.

The voodoo-doll.

“Do you mind explaining to me what this is?” she asked, leaning on her desk and glaring at Trina.

Say something, she urged herself. Anything. Fuck, what do you even say to that? Fuck it, play dumb. “I… um, no, I don’t… I don’t know -“

“You don’t know.” Ms. Delaney wasn’t asking for confirmation of what Trina had just said – she was repeating it firmly, disbelievingly. It was a statement that she threw to the air between them with utter disdain. “You don’t know what fell out of your backpack yesterday afternoon.” She lowered her head, and Trina let herself breathe at the break of eye contact. “Do you honestly expect me to believe that?”

“Ms. Delaney… with all due respect, I don’t know if you’d believe me if I told you. And it’s… kind of… inappropriate.” Though both were true, she was also very worried that she would be in trouble for it. But the teacher simply raised her head again to look Trina right in the eye once more, silently urging her on, and she sighed. At least no one was around to hear them. “It’s uh… it’s a voodoo doll.”

“And is there any reason it’s so phallic?”

Fuck, Trina couldn’t deny that part. The damn thing was shaped like some sort of weird cloth dildo. “Um… it’s… it’s for a boy. Like, it… I made it for a boy. Or, about him, I guess. I dunno.”

Ms. Delaney nodded slowly. “Alex?”

Trina blushed fiercely at the mention of the name. “No!” she stammered, “no, no, I don’t – I, uh -“

“Come on, Trina,” Ms. Delaney said, quirking an eyebrow. “Everyone knows you two like each other.”

“I – wait, he likes me back?”

“Not the point. The point is, you don’t need to construct some sort of fake voodoo-doll just to get closer to him, you can -“

“It’s not fake.”

” – I’m sorry?”

“It’s not fake.” Trina had felt a spark of anger at the unwitting challenge. She hated when people called her practice fake – she tried to ignore it, as most fellow witches told her to, but it pissed her off to no end anyway. What she did had real effects, effects that she had seen first hand, effects that couldn’t be explained away with “placebo” or “just your imagination”. It was real, and she didn’t like the condescension in her teacher’s voice.

But Ms. Delaney almost seemed amused at Trina’s defiance. “Trina, there’s no such thing as witchcraft. I have been trying to tell you this since you first started in my class.”

“But you’re wrong! Magic is real, it’s just manipulating the energies of the world around you.”

Ms. Delaney laughed. “So – so you mean to tell me, this -” She squeezed the cloth bundle tight by the balls – “is really connected to Alex’s penis?”

Trina flinched as she watched her teacher’s long, dark-green nails dig into the cloth, knowing it was hurting her crush. “Yes, they really are connected, and you’re going to hurt him, so please just -“

“Just what?”

“Just give it back, please -“

“No, I don’t think I will, young lady. Enough with this magic you claim is so powerful. This is not Alex Griffith’s dick, and I’m going to prove it to you. See? Nothing is going to happen.”

Everything happened so fast.

Alex, of all people, walked into the room – Trina knew he had Ms. Delaney’s history class for his final period, and that he liked to get there early – just as the teacher dropped his voodoo-doll on the floor, slipped her bare foot out of her sleek black heels, and stomped purposefully on the little cloth bundle.

Her toes pressed hard into the balls of the voodoo-doll, her heel landing right on the tip of it, and Alex suddenly gasped and collapsed just inside the doorway to the classroom. Both women immediately turned around, and Trina found herself rushing to help Alex up. “Alex! Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” he stammered, “yeah, just – fuck, my stomach just started hurting.”

Trina looked up to see Ms. Delaney return her foot to its shoe, horror and shock written across her pretty face as she stared at her sixth-period student. For a moment there was silence between them – then she made eye contact with Trina, and suddenly there was an entire conversation and an agreement between them. Trina had felt Ms. Delaney’s entire vibe change. She liked this. She was turned on by this.

“Well,” Ms. Delaney said curtly, straightening her tight-fitting skirt and blouse, “if that’s all you have to say, Trina, I suggest you hurry on to your next class. But I will be seeing you for detention after school. Understand? And I will be keeping your – uh – cellphone, for the rest of the day.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Trina said softly, noting the tiny wink the teacher shot her and the subtle hand tucking the voodoo-doll into the older woman’s desk. She bid goodbye to Alex, and left the room, anxious and excited for her detention. Something told her Alex would be there, too.


Ms. Delaney’s sixth period class was more relaxed than the rest. They had completed most of their finals a day early, and were now just working on the essay portion. Ms. Delaney kept her eyes fixed on Alex the entire time, watching him struggle to focus as she rolled the voodoo-doll under her feet behind her desk. The end of class came, and she found some bullshit excuse to keep Alex for detention as well. She wouldn’t let it count towards his grades or anything – and the same went for Trina – not when she had so much fun planned for the two.

As the two got situated in their seats, ready to wait out the next thirty minutes or so, Ms. Delaney stood up and sauntered over to the door, making sure it was locked and that the papers covering the little glass panel in the door were secured. She didn’t need anyone walking in on them. “Alex,” she said carefully, “you know Trina, don’t you?”

“Sort of,” the young man answered. “We have a couple classes together but we’ve never really talked.”

Ms. Delaney nodded as she sat herself on top of her desk, crossing one leg over the other and facing the two seniors. “Do you like her?” She could see Trina blushing profusely, but she didn’t care.

“Well, yeah, she’s chill.”

“Do you like her?”

“Um… I mean…” He turned to Trina, also blushing now. “You’re cute, but we’ve never talked, so I don’t… I dunno.”

Ms. Delaney nodded again, this time reaching behind her, opening one of her desk drawers and pulling out the voodoo-doll. She heard Alex’s breath hitch as she moved, and she wasn’t sure whether it was from her touch or from the way her tight skirt pulled up to reveal a tiny bit of her panties. She turned around again, holding up the little cloth bundle. “Alex, do you know what this is?” He shook his head, and she turned to Trina. “Would you care to explain?”

Trina refused to look either of them in the eye, and refused to look at the voodoo-doll. “It’s, uh… it’s a spell. I practice witchcraft, and it’s, um… it’s kind of, like…”

“You made a figure of Alex’s penis, correct?” She ignored Alex’s shocked face in favor of Trina’s nod. “And you’ve been using it during class to entertain yourself at his expense, right?” The young woman nodded again, and Ms. Delaney sighed, gently switching the doll between one hand, then the other. “Not okay, Trina, not okay. A man’s genitals are very sensitive. You could’ve really hurt Alex.”

“I’m sorry, I’m just trying to wrap my head around – agh!”

Ms. Delaney silenced Alex’s interjection with a tight squeeze around the doll’s shaft, assuring herself that it really did work. “See?” she said to Trina. “It’s dangerous to possess this much power.” She let the doll fall to the ground, smirking at the way Alex flinched. Once again, she removed her foot from her heel with ease, and began to roll the doll under her toes. “I think we should have a little fun with him before we cut this whole thing short, shouldn’t we?”

Trina was looking at her with a mixture of shock and excitement, while Alex looked like he was going to be sick. The constant contact couldn’t feel very good, but that didn’t matter. Ms. Delaney wanted to have her fun, and she figured it was only fair to let Trina join in.

Picking up the little toy with her toes, she palmed it before tossing it to Trina, who wasn’t gentle about catching it. Alex flinched, gripping the sides of his desk as Trina glanced at him, then grinned and squeezed the cloth bundle. Ms. Delaney laughed softly, hopping off of her desk and walking over to Alex’s, bending down just enough to give him a peek down her button-up. “It’s alright, honey. We’re just going to give you what every man your age deserves.”

Alex looked up at her questioningly. “What the hell do you think I deserve?” he whispered.

Ms. Delaney stood up, instead wandering over and seating herself on Trina’s desk, taking the voodoo-doll and squeezing the balls absently. “When I was younger – maybe your age, Trina, roughly eighteen years old – I worked as a waitress, and I had to serve an older man one night. He was a disgusting, perverted creep. He kept trying to grab me and kept making comments about me. When my shift ended later that night, I found him waiting outside my work.” She shivered, this time stroking the shaft of the doll as she grabbed the balls harder, enjoying the way Alex’s face twisted in pain. “He ended up pinning me against the wall, with no cameras around and nobody nearby to help me. I didn’t know what he was going to do to me, but I managed to get away by kicking him square in the sack, as hard as I could.” She leaned back on the desk, handing the toy to Trina again and letting her play with it. “Since that day, I have been leered at, grabbed, and catcalled by plenty of men. Too many, in fact. I decided a long time ago that most, if not all men, deserve to have their balls broken by the same beautiful women they harass. Alex, you’re a sweet boy, but you’re packing just the same parts as those men. You deserve it just as much as they do.”

As she finished speaking, Trina suddenly twisted with both hands in opposite directions, making Alex groan in agony, and the girls laughed at his reaction. “Nice job, Trina, but I have something more fun in mind than just twisting and squeezing.” She took the voodoo-doll back, holding it tight as she walked back to her desk. She reached down and grabbed her purse, rifling through it and pulling out a thick, rectangular object. “Alex,” she said firmly, “I’d like you to strip for us.”

“What?” Alex looked startled.

“Strip. There’s no need to put on a show, I’d just like you naked. I’m sure Trina would appreciate it as well.” Alex started to protest, but Ms. Delaney clicked a button on the little black rectangle, and both the students jumped as it suddenly crackled with white-hot electricity at the end of it. She was holding a fucking taser. “Go on,” she ordered. “We wouldn’t want this near your precious little doll, would we?”

Alex’s hands were shaking rather noticeably, but he did as told anyway. Trina could only stare as he reached behind his head and pulled off his shirt, revealing a toned body that he clearly spent lots of time on. Who knew he was a gym rat? He stood up from his desk to tug off his jeans, and the sight of his masculine hands undoing his belt was enough to make Trina’s pussy drip. Alex stood there in his black boxers, his head hung sheepishly as he glanced at Ms. Delaney – she nodded towards him encouragingly, and he sighed, slowly peeling off those as well. His cock sprung up into view, hard for the attention in spite of the pain he’d endured so far, and it was… underwhelming.

“What – that’s it?” Trina said without thinking, immediately blushing and covering her mouth with one hand when she realized she’d just spoken aloud. She was justified, though. Alex’s dick was only maybe five or six inches long, and not very thick. Pretty average for an eighteen-year-old, sure, but Trina couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.

Alex blushed at her reaction, but Ms. Delaney laughed. “Get used to it, Trina. Not a lot of men actually have very impressive dicks. Most of them hardly deserve to even use what they’ve got.” She pressed the tip of her taser against the cloth form of Alex’s cock, grinning mischievously. “On your knees, boy. Trina, take your pants off for him.” The students did as told, and Ms. Delaney laughed softly. “Trina, have you ever had your cunt licked before?”

“N-no, ma’am.”

“Hm. Nothing to compare him to, then. That’s alright. Alex, go on. Put your tongue to use.”

Alex sat up a little, trying to protest the absolute humiliation of being stripped like this and used for sex. If he was honest with himself, he didn’t even believe in going down on women, seeing it as an unsanitary waste of time. But the moment he sat up, Ms. Delaney clicked the taser on, and Alex screamed as he collapsed, white-hot electricity slamming through his body and rattling him to the very core. Tears pricked the corners of his eyes, and his body shook all over as he felt the nerves frying within his dick and balls.

For a moment, he just laid there, with both women giggling at his pain. He could still feel the current crawling under his skin, and his dick hurt so bad that he felt dizzy, but he didn’t want to give them a reason to worsen his agony, so he forced himself to rise to his hands and knees, crawling towards Trina. She spread her legs for him, and though he didn’t enjoy eating pussy, he had to admit that hers was fairly attractive. The pretty pink folds looked like rose petals, beckoning him closer. Though his dick had shrunk quickly when his teacher had shocked him, it was slowly getting harder again as he imagined himself fucking that perfect pussy hard and fast. But that wasn’t his job right now – with one last look at Ms. Delaney, who gave him an encouraging tilt of her head, he stretched forward and planted his tongue flat against Trina’s already dripping hole, licking a wide stripe up to her clit.

Trina moaned at the contact, and Alex rolled his eyes at her without thinking. “Ms. Delaney!” she called immediately. “He doesn’t look very happy about this.”

As soon as she’d finished speaking, Alex let out another scream as another bolt of lightning struck his cock. This time, though it didn’t cripple him immediately, the pain refused to ebb. His dick was throbbing now, and he was unsure whether it was with arousal or agony, but it kept him rock hard regardless. His limbs seized up tight, and he fell from his hands to his elbows. For a moment, he let himself swim in the pain, praying it would fade soon.

His eyes flew open when something cold and hard nudged right up against his asshole.

Blinking through the pain, he whipped his head around to see what had touched him. Ms. Delaney had made her way to the desk just beside Trina’s, sitting down in the rickety little desk chair and crossing one leg over the other. The tip of her left shoe was pressed between his cheeks, teasing his puckered virgin asshole. “Get off!” he said quickly, instinctively lunging forward to escape her. Her shoe followed him, and his attempt only landed him face-first between Trina’s thighs, effectively trapping him between the two women.

“Don’t be such a little bitch,” Ms. Delaney scoffed. “You’re going to lick her pussy, and you’re going to at least pretend you like it.” She reached up to undo her loose bun, letting her soft ginger locks fall in a curtain around her face and shoulders. “Keep being a little shit, and I’ll have to see just how far I can get my shoe up your ass.”

“No,” Alex breathed as he freed his face from the triangle between Trina’s thighs, “please…”

“Quiet,” Trina ordered, reaching forward to grab a handful of his hair and shove his head back into place.

“Tell me if he gives you any attitude again, Trina.” Ms. Delaney leaned back luxuriously, smiling to herself as she spread her legs and let her hand glide between her own thighs. “I bet I could get my shoe in up to the heel, at least!”

Alex had no choice. With the tip of his teacher’s heel threatening to penetrate his ass, he pressed his tongue forward again and let it drag over Trina’s folds. He’d never felt so humiliated, but something about the shame was keeping his small cock hard and throbbing. He closed his eyes as he pushed his tongue deep into Trina’s hole, fucking in and out of her for a few moments before his lips latched around her clit. He sucked gently, flicking at the nub between his lips as he did, and he couldn’t stop the little moan that left his throat as he felt Ms. Delaney push her heel a little deeper against his asshole.

Meanwhile, behind him, Ms. Delaney was two fingers deep in her own wet cunt. She’d unbuttoned her blouse to free her shapely tits, her pink nipples standing up proud and horny. Her panties had been pushed carelessly to the side, revealing a delicious pink pussy that was already coating her fingers in thick, clear cum. She had angled herself so that she could keep her legs spread while still keeping her foot right between Alex’s ass cheeks, the other foot rested on the voodoo-doll. She’d pulled that foot from its shoe, rolling her bare sole over the doll once in a while, just to make him squirm. The sight of Alex on his hands and knees, and Trina being pleasured by such a meager little man, was endlessly arousing.

Trina had her head tipped back in pleasure, her mind reeling with the current circumstances. She’d been crushing on this boy for a while now, and now he was right between her thighs, tongue-fucking her as if his life depended on it. Fuck it, maybe his life did depend on it – his manhood did, anyway. She found herself grinding against his face, her hands tangling in his hair as she bucked against his tongue. She was nowhere near close to cumming, but it felt incredible nonetheless, and she was lost in the absolute bliss. The little spell had finally given her exactly what she wanted.

Alex hated himself for where he’d let himself end up, and he hated that he was getting close himself. Unconsciously, one hand moved to his dick to stroke it. Immediately, he choked on a mouthful of Trina’s juices as he gasped, agony shooting through his entire body as Ms. Delaney stomped hard on his voodoo-doll. The sudden shock made him push back against her heel, stretching his ass open a little more, and he felt tears welling up at the corners of his eyes again as his stomach churned. “Who said you could jerk off?” the older woman growled.

But it was too late. Alex’s cock jerked a little, and he kept his head bowed, letting Trina and the teacher watch as his tip spilled a small, pathetic load all over the floor.

For a moment, they let him sit there in shame, his head low and his body trembling. A thin line of drool was pouring from between his parted lips, and his eyes were shut tight. He was terrified of what these girls would do to him for breaking their apparent rules. Finally starting to understand what his place here was, he only wanted to behave for them, and he knew they were going to punish him for cumming without permission. He could hear them whispering to each other, but the words were all a blur.

As expected, Ms. Delaney suddenly pulled her foot away from his ass and stood up, shoving him roughly by the shoulder so that he fell onto his back. He was barely allowed to take a breath before Trina suddenly dropped to the floor with him, straddling his face. Suddenly he was suffocated under her pussy, his short cock standing up hard again as she sat on his now-eager tongue. At the same time, Ms. Delaney sat back down and put her foot up against his balls, squeezing the voodoo-doll as she pressed hard on his precious sack. “Trina,” she said, “there’s no way I could rupture those stupid eggs with just this spell, could I?”

“N-no, ma’am,” Trina gasped as she gently fucked Alex’s face.

“Hmph,” the teacher growled. “I guess I’ll need to break them myself, then.”

Alex tried to protest, but he was completely smothered. Ms. Delaney drew her foot away, then suddenly kicked him as hard as she could. His balls couldn’t escape in time, squishing and quivering under her shoe before splitting to either side of the base of his cock. He screamed, but the noise was muffled under Trina’s thick thighs and wet pussy, and he only sputtered as her cum dribbled into his throat.

“Men who cum so irresponsibly don’t need their balls,” Ms. Delaney growled with a smile, another kick landing right against his right nut. He felt it try to shrink back into his body, but it slid to the side again at the last moment, instead squishing against his pelvis in a way that made him groan under Trina’s oozing cunt.

The younger woman didn’t stop grinding on his face, instead reaching down with one hand to grip her new toy by his hair again to use as leverage. The other hand moved down behind her to grab his balls at the very base, keeping them in place for more punishment. “Get him, Ms. Delaney!” he heard her say excitedly, breathless. “Make him wish he’d never been born with these!”

“Good girl, Trina!” Ms. Delaney answered happily, landing another kick against Alex’s balls. This time, they had nowhere to go, trapped in place by Trina’s hand, and as his teacher hit him with another rough kick before he’d had time to recover, the worst agony he’d ever felt suddenly surged through every vein. His right nut turned to mush under the woman’s heel, feeling gritty and loose as the skin of his sack collapsed around the sudden emptiness. Alex tried to scream, but Trina pushed her cunt harder against his face, leaning forward a little so that her slightly-pudgy tummy covered his nose. He was completely suffocated, doomed to lay there and writhe fruitlessly under the torture.

“Get the other one,” Trina encouraged, rearranging so that she could sit with her ass in his face. Alex’s eyes were watering now, his throat sore from attempting to scream, but Trina’s ass smothered him before he could plead for the life of his other testicle. “We need to make sure he can never cum without permission again.”

“You’re learning fast,” Ms. Delaney purred. “I think we can break this other one and turn him into a purebred pussy-eater, don’t you?”

“Well, yeah, but… um… I don’t think he’s awake.”

She was right – in the whirlwind of agony, Alex had lost consciousness. He was still breathing, but the pain and smothering had been too much for him, and he’d passed out at some point without either of the ladies noticing.

Ms. Delaney stepped closer to inspect him as Trina lifted herself off of his face a little, and huffed softly. “Yep, he’s out. That’s alright – toys don’t need to be awake for us to smash the other one. Stand up, honey.” Trina did as told, rising from her knees and trading places with Ms. Delaney. The older woman didn’t seem to care that he was unconscious, smothering Alex with her thick ass anyway. If he woke up, it would be under utter suffocation. Trina wandered over to stand between Alex’s legs, her eyes locked on the half-deflated sack between his thighs. “See that?” Ms. Delaney said, noticing where Trina’s gaze was fixed. “Grab him. Feel what a ruptured nut is like.”

Trina nodded, crouching down to grab at the loose skin. It was grainy and hot, pulsing with redness, the sack swelling as it responded to the pain of a real burst testicle. It fascinated Trina, turned her on more than she’d expected, and she was suddenly very excited to break the other one.

“I want you to step on the other one, as hard as you can. Give it a good few stomps, then put all your weight on it, as much as possible, okay?” Ms. Delaney grinned viciously. “We’re going to train him to be a proper little slut.”

Trina nodded, standing back up again and raising her foot to stomp on Alex’s remaining ball as Ms. Delaney grabbed the little lump and held it in place.

The first stomp nearly jolted Alex out of his forced slumber. His body jerked, his limbs shaking like he’d been electrocuted again, but he fell still again almost immediately. The second one successfully awakened him, and his muscles tensed as he tried to sit up, only to realize he was crushed under his teacher’s bare ass. She only smiled and nodded to Trina, who giggled and slammed her foot down again, then again, delighting in her crush’s muffled screams. His ball squished under her foot with each rough stomp, but never burst – it would flatten, then rise again, each time looking a little redder and more swollen. Alex’s limbs twitched each time, but he stayed where he was, knowing that struggling would only serve for more punishment – and if losing his balls was the punishment for an accidental cumshot, he didn’t want to know what else he was meant to endure. His knees jerked up and his arms flailed, his stomach turning over inside as he sat through his torture, but the girls didn’t let up.

Finally, Trina brought her foot down for one last stomp, this time refusing to lift her foot. She pressed harder and harder, putting as much of her weight as she could onto that one foot, smushing it down like she was putting out a cigarette. Alex’s nut felt spongy and weirdly firm, but not for long. The young man was screaming under Ms. Delaney’s ass and pussy, and both women seemed to take an intense erotic pleasure in his anguish. Another moment, and for all three of them, the world seemed to slow down for just a moment.

Ms. Delaney bucked her hips against Alex’s face as she felt herself cumming, spurred on by the sound of his pain and the wonderful bursting of his poor little eggs. She found herself sitting back so that she could smother him entirely while she rubbed her clit furiously, the ecstasy of climax rushing through her veins like the hottest of wildfires.

Trina’s heart was racing, her mouth watering and her pussy dripping as she watched Alex’s ball give way under her toes. The sponginess turned to the same grit left on the right side of his sack. It didn’t explode, like she’d expected – rather, she felt the testicle itself deflate underneath her, and she gasped excitedly as she realized just how much she loved this.

Meanwhile, Alex could only scream as his body twisted and jerked under his teacher’s weight. He almost missed the voodoo-doll; anything would be better than this. On top of the sheer pain of his nuts being crushed, he could feel his soul dying as he realized he’d lost both of his nuts due to being a disobedient little cunt. If only he’d kept himself from jerking off. Maybe then he’d still have his nuts.

But then, did he deserve that much?

As Trina and Ms. Delaney both let him go, allowing him to gasp for air as tears spilled from his eyes and his limp cock twitched, he realized that he didn’t truly believe he deserved the balls he’d just lost. He’d broken the rules, after all. He could hear the girls talking about how he’d have no choice but to obey them now. Ms. Delaney was thanking Trina for the new pussy-eating pet. Alex could feel the agony lighting every cell in his body on fire, and as his consciousness began to fade again, he decided that “pussy-eating pet” didn’t sound so bad after all.

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