Photographer Creates Lasting Images

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A Night With A Photographer Creates Lasting Images

A new relationship spawns an interest in photography and promises more.


Working for an organization that hosted events on a frequent basis, we engaged a local photographer who took both candid and posed shots for us to share with our membership and the general public. For me, it was a pleasure having her in attendance because she was very easy on the eyes and wore clothes meant to accentuate a sleek figure and proportionate bosom. She quietly performed her duties with a smile and a wink.

As one event led to another, I made more of an attempt to get to know our photographer. We were on a first name basis for sure, but soon I was greeted with a willing hug and a warm smile. As we crossed paths, more frequent conversations ensued to the extent that I believed she would seek me out during any break in her duties. We’d chat about this shot or that and I’d ask about other jobs she had done or had scheduled.

I discovered that Danielle was 44 years old and was married to a photo processor who was nearly sixty. He was a very nice guy, I am told, but less than motivated. Danielle was talented and had designs on a higher tech portrait studio to compete with the millions of cell phone cameras that satisfied most folks interested in memorializing a moment. Shooting the occasional event was enough for Larry, but Danielle had dreams.

As our conversations continued, I learned more about Danielle’s profession, her experiences, her exceptional talent and considered how I might learn more about her business and portfolio, and her.

Following one event when Danielle was able to stay until our guests had departed, she helped my staff pick up and put the office board room back together. The staff was gone with the work done, and I found myself alone with Danielle in the office.

“Hey, thanks for sticking around and lending a hand. You were doing things outside your professional photographer duties,” I said, adding, “I think we have some wine left from the gathering, would you like a glass?”

“That sounds like a plan,” she responded.

I returned to the board room with two full glasses of red and suggested we sit in my office where the chairs are more comfortable.

“This is nice. I guess you don’t have anywhere to be,” I said hopefully as I glanced at the big clock above the door in my office that suggested the nine o’clock hour.

“Only this gig tonight and nothing scheduled for tomorrow. Larry’s covering the studio tomorrow, so my plans are to sleep in and lounge around the house. This wine is delicious and just what I needed,” Danielle declared as she collapsed in the corner of my office couch.

I moved into a side chair with only a small table between us that accommodated our two glasses less the opening sips we had both enjoyed. I took the opportunity to admire the cleavage and shapely legs that were next to me as well as the summer dress that framed the body that I had come to notice more and more. I grabbed another taste of my wine as my cock responded to the nearby stimuli.

“This is a welcome opportunity,” I began. “You’re not lugging that camera around looking for the next pose, and I’m not glad-handing our quests to make them feel welcome. It’s also quiet which means we can talk for as long as I am honored by your presence.” I smiled acting the ever noble gentleman in the presence of a lady.

“Actually, I had hoped for this when I looked at my schedule and saw that I could hang around. Your girls kept telling me that I didn’t need to help, but I insisted. At least one of them looked at me as though I had some ulterior motive. As innocent as this is, I was looking for an uninterrupted conversation. The glass of wine is a bonus.” Danielle admitted as she enjoyed another drink of the red placing the wine glass back on the table with a small pool remaining in its bottom.

“My eryaman escort calendar is as free as yours, how long do I have this rare opportunity…and what about Larry, is he expecting you at home soon?” I inquired.

“Fill this wine glass, and I’ll decide how long I can stay,” she commanded as she handed the empty glass to me with that now patented smile and wink.

When I returned to my office, Danielle had removed her stylish four-inch heels she wore so gracefully and had pulled her bare feet up under her ass as she became even more comfortable on my couch. I sat quickly to avoid revealing the growing bulge in my khakis.

“Tell me about your most enjoyable photo shoot,” I demanded.

“Do you mean the sexiest or most erotic?” she corrected to assess the true meaning of my question.

“Well, I’m glad you would interpret ‘enjoyable’ as ‘sexy’ or ‘erotic’, because either or both would be enjoyable to me.” I countered.

“Recently,” she continued, “I compiled a file of shots that I had saved here and there, including nip slips, lip slips, excessive cleavage, erections, up skirts, and other revealing exposures that I had inadvertently snapped over the course of my career. Well, most were inadvertent; some I just couldn’t pass up.” She giggled. “When I started putting it together, I was surprised at how many photos I had and the wide array of people represented,” she added.

“Oh, please tell,” I pleaded.

“You will know many of them,” she warned, “Some photos include faces while others just reveal identifiable features. You’ll recognize many…faces and features”. She smiled.

As I pondered the litany of locals that might be the subject of Danielle’s outtakes reel, I noticed her beautiful green eyes peering over the rim of her wine glass. I detected a smile as she tipped the goblet for another taste. My glance to her tan cleavage was less than subtle, and my face grew warm with the embarrassment of being discovered admiring my companion. She drained the remnants of the grape.

As I checked what was left of my drink, I asked, “Have you decided how much longer you can stay?”

“Larry will be curled up on the couch snoring a lullaby to that annoying rat of a dog he loves so much. We do not share the same bed, and I doubt if he’ll check mine before he stumbles into his. I’m up for another glass if you are,” she suggested as I headed to the kitchen of the office before she changed her mind.

I returned with two larger goblets full to the top.

“Nice pour!” she acknowledged as I noticed she was now sitting with her legs crossed under her with the hem of her dress acting as canopy over her upper thighs and yellow panties now visible to me.

“To continuing this conversation,” I toasted as I offered my glass for the traditional “clink.”

“And continue it shall,” she added with her goblet meeting mine. We both took healthy gulps.

“So, of these photos you have, do you have any favorites?” I asked.

“The images of a full-on hard-on are very exciting. Particularly when they are turned up as though they are attempting to escape the waistband of the guy’s trousers or when I detect the stain of precum that has surfaced on light colored pants. I have actually taken my camera to the ladies room and admired what I have captured while playing with my clit. I got in trouble once for not being where I was supposed to be for a planned photo because I was mid-orgasm at the time.”

“And,” she continued, “nip slips have the same effect on me. Especially when they are nipples I have longed to kiss. I guess my bisexuality is no longer a secret.”

I looked at Danielle as she spoke, her legs, the dampening spot on her panties, her inviting cleavage, and the cute face with luscious lips and bright eyes, short dark hair and large hoops hanging from her ears.

“Wow, these revelations conjure up a number of questions that I now want sincan escort to ask. Shall I wait until I see this gem of a photo album you have made, or should I just ask you to describe them? In any event, this erection I have may be photogenic just due to this conversation!” I exclaimed.

Without comment, Danielle reached for her camera and deftly snapped a half dozen shots of my cock, hidden in my pants but clearly visible.

“Hey!” I reacted.

“I can add those shots to my next compilation along with a couple others that I took tonight.”

“You found some unintended exposure tonight? Do tell!”

“I love Jennifer’s tits and her bras and low cut tops present them in a perfect light. I was going for a cleavage shot while she was wiping up something that had spilled. She was losing her balance and spun to grab ahold of a chair or something and the prettiest rosy nipple popped from the cup of her bra. She recovered quickly, but saw me with my camera pointed at her, smiled, hesitated and allowed one more snap of the shutter before rectifying her wardrobe malfunction. I returned the smile with a wink.” She revealed as she snapped another shot of my erection as it responded to the news of Jennifer’s nip slip and the hint of her willing exhibitionism.

“Hey, again. I can’t hide my excitement and you are taking advantage of me,” I exclaimed.

“Well, fair is fair. You can see,” she offered as she handed the camera to me with the digital image of Jennifer’s breast displayed. For the moment it had to have taken for Danielle to capture the image, it was a breathtaking shot of a beautiful rosy pink nipple, long and hard.

I turned the camera on Danielle and pointed it to her wet crotch, and then immediately to her cleavage. Rather than protest, she slipped a finger inside her bra and brought her nipple into view. I snapped the shutter two maybe five times. With each click the nipple seemed to grow from the puffy light pink areola. It reached nearly an inch from its soft base and was a minimum of a half inch in diameter. I lowered the camera and looked at Danielle. She did not move s I reached to touch this aroused morsel. My hand opened to cup her full breast. Her moan was nearly inaudible, or was that mine?

I was at a loss as to what I could or should do next, but my hesitation was answered when she removed her hand from the exposed breast and reached across her chest to each strap of the dress she was wearing, pulling the straps of the dress and her bra down her arms then pulling her arms out. She continued by moving the cups of her bra down to expose both breasts. I was treated to the upturned baseball-sized breasts that I had imagined. I now saw the other nipple perfectly matched to the one I had fondled except for a small beauty mark along the upper edge of her areola. I grabbed the camera and she put her hand over the lens. I frowned as she stood and allowed the silky fabric of her dress to fall to the floor with some assistance over the protruding cheeks of her ass. Panties followed and with her fingertips, Danielle lifted the lens of the camera to bring her full frontal image into view. She posed. I snapped. For a few moments, I was the photographer and she was my beautiful subject.

I dropped the camera and reached to embrace her. Larisa’s hands were a blur as she loosened and removed my tie. The buttons of my dress shirt were no match for her fingers. I kick my loafers off my feet as she worked on my belt and the buttons of my pants. I barely heard the zipper as my pants with boxers as well were lowered. My cock stood proudly reaching between her belly button and the lower curves of her titties.

This time she reached for the camera and I posed. The glisten of precum at the tip of my cock accented the image before her and belied what composure remained. After several snaps, I pulled the camera from her hands and embraced her batıkent escort nakedness. Her breasts were molded to my body and my cock to hers.

Our first kiss was memorable. I had forgotten about the piercing in her tongue. I left her lips to trail kisses down her neck and over her bare shoulders. Danielle’s breathing suggested that she was enjoying the attention given these erogenous zones. My goal was to reach her prominent nipples and spend some time suckling her breasts. Once I had my lips wrapped around her nipples, I dropped my hands to caress the firm bubbles of her ass, pulling her closer to me and my oozing cock.

Danielle had designs of her own as she pivoted and leaned back toward the couch pulling me on top of her as she spread her legs to welcome my amicable assault. I lost contact with her nipples but found my cock fully nestled in the folds of her warm pussy. As her legs crawled up my torso, Danielle reached for my hardness and guided it into her. Steamy were the confines of her sex, and I feared I would cum too soon as I invaded her depths. Sensing my concern, Danielle’s tongue touched my lips to encourage a kiss. I was happy to oblige.

As I plunged into her hot box time and again, Danielle asked out of the clear blue: “How would you like some photography lessons?”

Wondering if she too was hoping to extend our lovemaking, I entered the conversation.

“Would you be my instructor?”

“And your subject,” she replied.

“Sign me up.” I agreed. “When do we start?”

“I thought we already had.” She said as her camera appeared from out of nowhere to shoot an image of my face reveling in the moment.

“And what poses do you have in mind?” I asked without altering the rhythm of our lovemaking.

“Nude with one or two of my closest friends.” She coyly shared before announcing her impending orgasm as her heels dug into my ass cheeks.

I increased my tempo while gyrating my hips to increase the friction in her sweet pussy.

“Oh, Jack, you feel so good inside me. You are hitting all of the right places. I am going to cum!”

And, with that declaration we both hit the heights of sexual release as the mixture of my secretions with hers provided that undeniable sloppy sound of fucking. I collapsed onto her and felt the firm pokes of her distended nipples. She milked my cock with her talented cunt.

For the first time since our dalliance had begun, I glanced at the clock above my door. It was well past eleven, and not wanting this affair to end before it began, I shared the hour with Danielle. She groaned in response as I sat up on the couch with her straddling my lap. Our combined juices flowed down my cock and balls.

In silence, we held each other for several pleasurable minutes as my mind relived the evening’s unexpected sexual gift.

“I must go,” Danielle declared as she rose from my soft but glistening cock bathed in our goo. She grabbed her panties and bra and tossed them in her camera bag along with her Nikon. I had one last looked at her fine body before she slipped her naked silhouette into the dress needing one tug to get the hem over her shapely ass that I now felt I had neglected. Picking her high heels up by the straps and throwing the camera bag over her shoulder, she rose on her toes to offer me a good night kiss and then padded toward the door of the office in her bare feet.

“I’ll call tomorrow to schedule that photography lesson” were her last words as the door closed behind her.

I pulled on my boxers, grabbed a beer and sat down on the couch avoiding the wet spot we had created. I knew Danielle to be a free spirit, but never in my wildest dreams had I imagined a night like this. Now, the promise of more swirled in my brain as I began to think of a photography lessons with Danielle and her close friends as my depleted cock showed new life.

I heard my phone on my desk.

“I’m home in my bed thinking of you” read the text with an image of her pussy with my cum leaking from her slit. Two more images appeared. One was my naked body she had taken, the other the one I had snapped of her followed by another text: “More to cum!”

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