Picking Up an Order for Hubby

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You stopped by my work at the end of the day to pick up an order for someone. You weren’t sure what it was and we couldn’t find it. So we called the person and left a message and waited for them to call back.

The rest of the staff went home leaving you and I alone in the store. We started chatting mainly small talk. I’m sure you caught me checking out your tits and I could swear you started to lean in a little exposing a little more cleavage. Although they weren’t huge I could see that you had just enough to squeeze together to form some cleavage. I made sure that you caught me looking and based on the look on your face I knew you were enjoying teasing me.

The subject of the conversation shifted to be more flirtatious. By this point I’m pretty sure I had caught a glimpse of the edge of your nipple and could clearly see that they were getting hard. I shifted in my chair trying to adjust the growing bulge in my pants. You hardly tried to hide that you were watching.

You stood up and walked over to my side of the desk and asked me if you were making me uncomfortable. I told you that you were causing some discomfort and asked what you could do to help me out. You reached for my belt and started to unbuckle it. Just when you had it undone it your phone rang. We both jumped not expecting it. You answered it as it was your hubby replying to your message. You could hardly talk, you were totally flustered. I’m sure your hubby knew something was going on the way you babbled. I took the opportunity to quickly answer a couple of texts and erotik film izle then reached up and grabbed your tits. You hung up the phone and straddled me on my chair and started to kiss me.

My pants were still done up and my cock was rock hard trying to get out. I picked you up and sat you on my desk and stood in front of you. You unbuttoned my jeans and reached in and grabbed my throbbing cock. I pulled your shirt up and off exposing your beautiful tits nicely packaged in a black lace bra. I started fondling them while your hand slid up and down my shaft. I reached around and unclasped your bra releasing your firm tits. Your nipples were hard and I bent down and sucked one of them into my mouth. I grabbed the other nipple in my hand and started to pinch it while I sucked on the other one. I decided to give a little bite and made you yelp.

My cock was slick with pre cum and your hand was sliding easily up and down its length. You pushed me away from your tits, pulled my pants down and shoved me back into my chair. You kneeled down between my legs and took my cock into your mouth. I grabbed your hair at the back of your head and moved your head up and down on my cock. I could hear you sucking and gagging as I forced myself in and out of you. Finally I pulled you off, stood you up and turned you around.

I had admired your tight little ass when you first walked in and now I was going to take a closer look. I pulled your pants and black lace panties off exposing your nice ass. I bent you over the desk and sat back in my chair, film izle leaned forward and spread your cheeks apart and stuck my tongue right into your rose bud. I tongue fucked you for a bit while I stuck my thumb in your pussy and rubbed your clit with my fingers. You started to squirm forcing your ass deeper onto my tongue while I started to rub your clit harder. Your pussy muscles started to clamp my thumb and you started yelling at me not to fucking stop. Your entire body started to shake as an orgasm raged through you. After you calmed a little you turned around and we had a long French kiss. I grabbed your hand and lead you to the employee lounge where we had a couch. You told me you wanted to suck my cock some more and I lay back on the couch and you got on your knees at the other end of the couch and started sucking my cock again.

You looked up at we while you sucked. Our eyes starred at each other. You had a look of satisfaction as you were still enjoying the post orgasm feeling. I had the look of total pleasure. Feeling my cock pulsing, getting harder each time you lowered you mouth down. You played with my balls feeling how smoothly shaved they were.

Suddenly the look on your face turned to one of surprise, fear and pleasure all at once as you felt two hands on your hips and a cock thrust deep inside your pussy. I guess one of my coworkers had come back for something (maybe I texted him while you were on the phone earlier). The look of fear and surprise quickly vanished and pure passion took over. You had been so busy sucking seks filmi izle my cock you hadn’t heard him come in and take his pants off. You forced your pussy back on him with each thrust. For the first bit you just held my cock in your mouth which probably stopped me from cumming right away. After he got a rhythm going in your pussy you started to work up and down my cock again. You stopped long enough to lick your thumb and place it on my asshole. You went back to blowing me while your thumb went into my ass. At the same time he spit on your ass and worked a finger into your booty hole.

After a bit of anal play you pulled away from me and said that you wanted us both to fuck you. You straddled my cock and lowered your pussy onto me. You leaned forward allowing me to suck on those beautiful tits and gave access for him to put his cock at your ass. He was still slick with your pussy juice and his cock worked slowly into your booty. Once he had himself inside he slowly started fucking you and you slowly moved up and down my cock.

Our pace increased as we all neared our peak. With one final thrust my cum started exploding out of my cock filling your pussy. This triggered your orgasm and your entire body started to tremble and your ass squeezed his cock causing him to start to unloading his cum into your ass. We all collapsed in a heap and lay there both of us still inside of you. After a minute he pulled out and grabbed his pants and left without saying a word. You and I lay there for a few minutes before we got up and walked back to my office and got dressed. We exchanged numbers and you left.

On the way home you realized that you forgot to grab the order your hubby sent you to get. You called me to find out what we should do… Well that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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