Pictures of Mother Pt. 03

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A few days later I came home from school and mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner. She was dressed in her silk dressing gown, wearing black stockings, black stilettos and I’m sure, something delicious underneath!

I sat at the table and got started on my homework as she obviously wanted to do a shoot tonight. She told me about her busy day as she was cooking. The sound of her heels on the tile floor and her nylon legs rubbing against the silk gave me an erection and I had a hard time paying attention.

The long and short of it was, she had formed a limited company called ‘Naughty-boy Productions’ and purchased a P.O. box. She wanted to make more money and she figured she could get some from her fans directly.

The ones that had sent her underwear to model for example. She would send them a free 4×6 picture of her wearing the requested lingerie, with a hand written letter offering a complete set of twenty 8x10s from the photo-shoot for twenty quid.

I estimated the cost and profit of the transaction (more homework!) and there was a very healthy profit to be had. A scented letter and sexy picture of mom would be sure to entice many perverts… I mean punters, to part with their cash.

After dinner I went down to the studio and turned on the lights. My hard-on had gone down but when I heard the clip-clop of mom’s heels coming down the stairs it perked up again.

She had what she wanted to wear along with the underwear she was going to model. When she took off her dressing gown she was wearing a full-body white girdle (what they call a foundation garment I believe).

I had never seen anything like it before. Her tits were busting out (excuse pun) of the top and the whole thing clung tightly to her body. Frankly, it looked painful to wear such a thing but I did love the way it coupled to her stockings and enhanced the curves of her body.

She put on a two piece grey suit and a long blonde wig and looked like an executive secretary for the head of a big company. The only prop we had was a simple chair in front of a plain white background.

Her first pose was just her standing up straight, but she would lift her hem a couple of inches to reveal a little more leg. Click. A few inches higher to reveal a little more of her stocking. Click. Now the stocking tops. Click… click. The suspender. Click. The crotch. Clickadee click click click.

Then she sat on the chair with her legs crossed. Again she slowly revealed more leg and thigh as I snapped away. She then uncrossed her legs and let me shoot up her skirt while she spread her knees.

As I set up the ‘up-skirt light’ as I called it, I could see one of the unique features of this undergarment. The gusset was a sort of flap like ‘Y-fronts’ have, that allowed the wearer to take a pee without having to undress.

I took some shots up her skirt then asked her to open her legs a little more…click. A little more. Click… A little more please. As she did so the opening parted and her sweet, sweet pussy was exposed! Click…zoom.. click…click.. zoom click.

She stood up, removed the suit and bought my attention to her chest. The other unique feature of this underwear was that the bra part allowed a woman to reveal a tit for breast feeding! You could unclip the tit of your choice and expose it and its nipple to the world. What a country!

After capturing the release of the titties I took the roll of film out and labelled it. Mom slipped out of that garment, careful to keep her back to me. She dressed in the next outfit.

The next hour I spent photographing mom in different pantyhose! Now I don’t mean to start an argument, I do like pantyhose and I believe that they helped usher in the mini-skirt craze which was making England ‘swing’ at that time. But come on! Compared to a sheer stockings neatly gartered to a pair of sexy legs, there is no comparison.

Mom, I am glad to say, was a woman who did not get on the pantyhose wagon, she said they restricted her freedom. She still, to this day, wears stockings!

That being said, she made those pantyhose look really good. One pair was black with a seam up each leg, one pair was tan and shear to the waist except for a cotton gusset that masked the view of heaven but did make her butt look spectacular.

I got lots of close ups and shots of her standing over me with her tits out. She was using her best ‘Come-fuck-me’ smile in all the shots. It was a sexy photo-shoot and we were both pretty exhausted at the end of the night.

I took all the film and developed it and made contact sheets. I cut out the shots of her pussy from the girdle shoot and put them aside.

I went down and showed her the contact sheets. She selected which ones she wanted as 4x6s to send with the letters she was writing.

I went back to the dark room and printed them for her and hung them to dry. I also printed some 8x10s of the pussy close ups I did not show mom I had taken.

As I put them in the enlarger and blew them up as big as I could, I noticed a drop of gaziantep suriyeli escort clear liquid between those sweet pussy lips. That must have been what created the wet spot I saw on her panties when she rode her bike the other week. I was fascinated still, I wanted to taste it.

Her pussy was beautiful, so symmetrical and small. Sure it was the only one I had ever seen, but even as a novice pussy grader I could tell it was a pretty one and special (it was my mom’s! How much more special can you get?). I printed the pics and hung them in my closet to dry.

I wanted a wank but I really was tired and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. That night I had a dream I will never forget.

I dream’t I was in a classroom and mom was dressed in the school-teacher outfit again. The class was full including the three brothers from the farm and my four friends from the photography class. As she walked up and down between the rows of desks, the students would lift up her skirt and finger her pussy. They would squeeze her tits and grab her ass. She was smiling her best come-fuck-me smile again as they pawed her body.

Suddenly, she was on my desk naked as everyone lined up to fuck her. The line went out the door and seemed to never end. The first ones in line were the brothers. They put some money in my hand and pulled out there huge cocks. They may have been short and stupid but they were hung like stallions! They each deposited a large volume of spunk in mom’s cunt as she looked at me smiling.

Next was Antony, Jerry, Steve and Billy from the photo club. They pulled their little dicks out and fucked my mother after they paid me. She was still smiling and looking at the growing stack of money as more and more faceless men fucked her and deposited their sperm.

Her pussy was so full of cum that everyone switched to fucking her tight ass. When her asshole was over-flowing with cum, they lined up to fuck her throat. As they fucked her mouth shooting their loads down the back, mom’s tits would expand! With every load she gobbled down her breasts got bigger and bigger! Suddenly they exploded spraying me with everyone’s spunk.

I woke up with my belly covered in cum. What a relief! It was only my first wet dream.

So mom’s business idea took off and she soon developed relationships with many of the men who wrote her and paid for picture sets. One, in particular, appeared to know a lot about the law and what constituted pornography in the UK. (she thinks, after years of corresponding with him, he is a member of the House of Lords!).

He stated that you may not show the sex act or the penis or vagina. Pubic hair was an issue too (many of the figure models of that era had no pubic hair, so as to not break the law)!

You could show, for example, a dildo in a woman’s mouth or between her breasts, but not in her pussy or ass. You could not show a penis ejaculating, but you could show the ejaculate on a woman’s body, the breasts or face for example.

This same gentleman offered hard cash for pictures of that nature and mom wanted his money! She asked me how difficult would it be to set up for a cum shot on her tits? I told her I could set up two cameras on tripods with auto winders. One camera could shoot down from the top and the other at nipple level. As long as she beat me off I could fire the cameras just as I ejaculated and we would probably get 20 to 30 shots of my cum in mid air and splashing on her. Due to the high frame rate it would have to be very well lit.

“OK.” she said, “From now on when you cum, you cum on my tits and we photograph everyone of them. Starting tonight.”

I was jumping for joy inside (doing cartwheels in fact) but just nodded like a good son obeying his mother and went down to the studio to set everything up. When I was ready she came downstairs.

Taking her dress and bra off, but thankfully leaving her stockings and shoes on, she knelt in front of the camera and lights. I checked the focus was correct pulled down my pants and pointed my already hard dick at her.

She started pinching her nipples making sure they looked their best, then with me holding a shutter cable in each hand, she started slowly stroking my cock, which was just off camera.

“You are such a good boy for doing this for mommy… You must never tell anyone we do things like this… Your dad was the only one who I ever did this for… He would have me do all sorts of naughty things. Nasty things sometimes… You’re just like him aren’t you?” She asked, looking in my eyes.

I nodded yes.

“Good.” She said. “That’s one thing I liked about your father.”

She began to stroke my dick faster and said. “Come on baby… shoot a big load over mommy’s tits for the nice man. Mommy wants a new car so cum for your mum… cum for your mum… shoot on my big titties…”

I did as requested. As the camera motors hummed away, my white baby batter sprung towards her breasts in a long thick stream. gaziantep türbanlı escort It landed on both and began to trickle down between them. Mom aimed my second load at her closest nipple which was subsequently soaked with my spunk. My third spurt didn’t make it into shot, instead it dribbled down the back of mom’s hand. She licked it off and swallowed it smiling at me

With my dick jerking spasmodically, I took dozens of additional shots of my cum dripping off of her nipples and tits. Job done. Mom was happy and so was I.


Some of my readers have requested a more detailed description of my mother, so let me add what I can. You already know she has the best legs that ever stepped into a hi-heel shoe. Her breasts were large, but not too pendulous and were always crammed into a bra a little too small. She was five foot three in her stocking feet (which were always pedicured) five foot six in heels.

She had two black wigs and one blonde but kept her natural hair color blonde and short. She had a bubbly, cheerful disposition and almost always had a bright smile on her face. She was thirty-two years old and like to wear her skirts short and flirty.

Now some of you may have done the math and figured out she was very, very young when I was born. Was she? Or is one of us lying about our age?

It was about that time we were contacted by some solicitors inquiring about selling the property. They had a buyer that was willing to offer good money for a quick sale.

She snapped up the chance and a month later we had moved into a large cottage in the country-side closer to London. It had a barn that had been converted to offices. It was easily adapted to be a good size studio. There was a room next to my bedroom that we converted to a darkroom.

With all the activity going on, we had done very little actual shooting since the move. I was settling into a new school and mom was busy decorating.

One day she got a letter from Denmark, which she read and re-read many times. She would not let me see it.

When the weekend rolled around I got up early and fixed myself a quick breakfast then ran out to the barn to finish painting the studio. I wanted to get back to taking pictures. I was half-way done with one wall when mom came in. She told me to put down the brush and bring the movie camera! All right back to work!

I met her outside. It was a bright spring morning with almost no clouds. Mom was dressed in a pretty summer skirt, blouse, nylons and heels. She said we are going on a picnic.

I helped her carry the small hamper to the meadow at the bottom of the garden. We went through the gate and mom found a spot in the corner to lay out the blanket.

She said there is no real story-line they just want a ‘cutie’ in a field enjoying the sun. She did not feel it was necessary to rehearse, we had shot this scenario like – a dozens of times before.

I cranked the camera and said ‘Action’.

She sat on the blanket and unbuttoned her top, she had no bra on and her breasts burst into the bright light of day.

She smiled at the camera as she bit into a strawberry. Laying on her back, she started to slowly rub her nipples with the half eaten fruit. They hardened in response and shone wetly. With her eye’s tightly closed she started to bring up her knees letting her skirt expose more of her legs.

I moved to get the up-skirt shot I knew would be next. She slowly opened her knees and I zoomed in on her panties. Except there were no panties!

There was her pussy out in the sunlight in all its glory. It was beautiful! Somehow, I continued to shoot with out shaking too much. I zoomed in closer.

At first there was just a small hairless slit (when had she shaved it? I would like to film that). Then, as her legs opened wider her tidy little cunt-lips came into view. As she opened still wider I saw them part to reveal the most beautiful shade of pink I have ever seen!

Her hand now came down to her clitoris and she started to rub it and rub it. Slowly at first, then more vigorously. It didn’t take long for her to climax. I wished our camera had sound because her little squeals were delightful.

She put her finger in her pussy and it was shiny wet when she pulled it out. I kept the camera on it as she put it in her mouth and sucked it like it was a chicken bone. I wanted to taste it too!

I called “Cut!” as the film had run out.

She looked at me with a wicked smile. “Was it any good?”

I said “It was good for me was it good for you?” and we both burst into nervous laughter.

“Could I taste that?” I said looking at her wet pussy.

“Naughty boy!” She said with a wicked smile, but put her finger into her slit, got it good and wet, pulled it out and put it in my mouth. Not quite the result I was trying for but I did get to taste it. It was nectar of the gods and I was now a full blow addict.

She told me later about that letter from Denmark. gaziantep ücreti elden alan escort It had convinced her we needed to go to the next level in this business. The offers were just too lucrative to ignore. There was a market in Europe that was hungry for smut and she was willing to provide some.

“If they want to pay that sort of money to see her do stuff, then she would be a fool to refuse. ” She explained.

“Anyway,” she went on, “a woman doesn’t have many years before her beauty fades. I’m 32 now. Who’s going to want to see my tits when I’m 40? Who’s going to want to look up my skirt when I’m 50? And who the hell would want to see my 60 year old pussy?”

I gotta tell you. Thirty years later, she is still one of my most requested models even though she is semi-retired. Hell! I still want to see her pussy whenever I can.


So we advanced to the next level. Mom took that film to London and met some people on a dutch freighter that made a daily run across the North Sea.

They gave her some magazines of examples of what was expected. When she came home we looked at them together. It was a real eye-opener for both of us!

Most of the regular sex magazines were always multiples like 2 girls 1 guy or 3 guys one girl and anal sex was a must. We got to see some hardcore fucking and we were both impressed with the sex and the production values.

We both took note that the women always seemed to have their mouths open wide, as well as their legs, in almost every shot. I learned a bit about anatomy that night.

There was a bondage magazine which mom fingered through with interest but I did not get. What’s the fun in tying someone to a bed? How can they fuck you if they cannot move?

Then there was a lesbian one. Now that was interesting, I did not know women could do things to each other. I loved the idea and asked mom if she had ever kissed a girl? She said she had not, but under the right circumstances she would be willing to try.

That night the cum shot on her tits was extra creamy.


She took me up to London on Saturday to look for equipment in the second hand shops. I had my hand caressing her legs all the way there and back, it was a very pleasant drive.

We found a projector, editor/splicer and everything needed to develop our own 16mm movies which we picked up cheap. Mom was a good negotiator and her smile would win her many good deals.

She then drove to Soho and had me wait in the car while she walked down a side street to a sex shop and went inside. She came out 15 minutes later with a big shopping bag and a big smile.

It was late when we got back so after dinner, mom went to bed and I watched telly for a bit the went to bed myself. I woke to the smell of bacon.

As I ate breakfast mom told me she wanted me to set up for to shoot a movie of her in the backyard. I was excited as she told me but could not help but notice a very serious expression on her face. The smile was still there but it seemed a little forced. And she was walking funny too. Like little steps you know?

She said she wanted to do a shoot of her sunbathing. She had me set up a sun lounger in the back garden (our nearest neighbor was over a mile away so we had plenty of privacy) and put a small table with a tall gin and tonic next to it.

She came down wearing a yellow bikini and yellow pumps that made her legs look extra, extra long. She was carrying a rolled up towel and wearing a big smile as she walked unsteadily over and laid down on the lounger.

I stood over her, careful not to get my shadow in shot and called ‘Action’.

She sat up and took a sip of her drink and winked at the camera over her sun glasses, then reached into the rolled up towel and pulled out a tube of sunscreen lotion.

Smiling brightly she quickly rubbed some on her arms and shoulders. Then she un-clipped her top and exposed her breasts to the sun. She had seen a lot of sun in the last few days and there was a clear stencil outline of her bikini top in white and pink. Her tits had never looked so spectacular!

She put a blob of the white, thick lotion on each nipple and slowly worked it in a circular motion around the soft white flesh of her tits. She put more on and squeezed her greasy tits harder working it in.

I thought “She’s never going to get an even tan with that much protection on her boobs!” But I zoomed in and looked forward to wanking on them later.

She stopped and reached into her towel again. This time she pulled out a white vibrator. It was about seven inches long and when the base was twisted, it vibrated softly. She put it on her nipples and they responded by visibly hardening.

She slowly headed the device south as I followed it with the camera. It went straight between her thighs and explored her bikini’s gusset. It was obviously having an effect as her legs were trembling.

Soon she had the bikini bottoms off exposing her nude pussy to the sunlight again. Something bright reflected from down there. It took me a while to figure out what it was, but it was the reason for her unnatural walk and serious expression, she had a silver butt plug inserted in her bung hole!

I concentrated on the tip of the vibrator which was shaking the shit out of her little clit. The lips of her pussy were also dancing and some sweet juice appeared between them and trickled towards the butt plug.

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