Pit Stop Persuasion

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Geoffrey turned off the engine and pulled the keys from the ignition with a sigh. Leaning back against the seat of his truck he closed his eyes for a minute. His hands moved up to his face as he tried to rub the sleep from his eyes. He had been driving for too many hours and needed a break from the road. After seeing the signs for this little diner a few miles back, he figured it would be a good place to make a pit-stop and fuel up his body.

With another sigh he opened the door and climbed out into dusty wind that was blowing around his truck. The place wasn’t all that busy considering it seemed to be the only choice for a meal for several miles. He pushed the door of his truck shut and headed in to fill his now grumbling stomach.

The little bell on the door alerted everyone to his presence as he shuffled into the diner. After taking a look around, Geoffrey nodded and gave a small smile to the waitress, who caught his attention from behind the counter. She smiled back and told him to pick any seat he wanted. He made his way to a window seat and slid into the booth.

While he waited for the waitress, Geoffrey checked out his fellow diners. There was an older man that looked like he spent days on end traveling the road and selling whatever it was he had to sell. A mom and her two small kids were smiling and laughing in a corner booth and a guy about his age was at the counter reaching into his pocket to pay for the meal he’d just finished.

Geoffrey watched as the guy flirted with the waitress as she tried to charm him into a tip. She caught him watching the interaction and winked at him over the paying customer’s shoulder. It may have cost her the tip she was probably hoping for, because her customer caught the exchange and turned with a slight frown to glance at Geoffrey.

They stared each other down for a few seconds before Geoffrey let the guy have the win and looked for something outside the window to capture his attention instead. He wasn’t in the mood to ruffle any feathers today. He just wanted some food and some time to chill out and relax before having to hit the road again.

The waitress finally made her way to his table and gave him a menu to look over, while she went to fetch the sweet tea he ordered. He was trying to decide between a few items when the bell rang from the door and he glanced up to see who stepped in.

The menu was completely forgotten as Geoffrey took in the newest addition. A curvy redhead stood there biting her lip trying to decide where to sit. Slowly Geoffrey let his eyes roam over her body from head to foot. She was curved in all the right places and didn’t bother to hide the fact. Her breasts were barely contained in the little, white shirt she had on and her ass was almost peeking out of the tiny skirt she wore.

He let his eyes take in every inch of her, all the way down to the black boots that went up to her mid-thigh. Clearly she knew she had a body to flaunt and she was standing there a little too long just to show it off.

From behind the menu, Geoffrey watched her find her spot and sit down. The booth had her sitting perfectly placed in front of him. He had a great view of those legs and the shadows under the table hid what could possibly be between them. He found himself wondering if she was a thong girl or the school girl panties type.

He looked back up at eryaman escort resimleri her face only to find her watching him as closely as he was watching her. Her tongue darted out to wet her lips so quickly he would have missed it, if wasn’t for the fact that he was already looking at her lips and wondering what they’d feel like wrapped around his cock.

Shaking his head and trying to clear his mind Geoffrey went back to his menu. What the hell was he doing? He couldn’t remember the last time he let his mind go that fast into the gutter when looking at a woman, but this one was just screaming for attention.

He let his eyes drift back to her and again they were looking at each other. He wondered what was going through her mind. Was she thinking he was some pervert that got his jollies staring at young women? Did she find him as attractive as he found her? Did she like being watched?

He got his answer within seconds of that last thought when he watched her hand slip under the table and obviously slide right up between her thighs. His eyes flew from her hand to her face and she smiled so sexy and seductively. Her eyes closed briefly and her mouth formed an O shape as her hand seemed to find a good place between her legs.

Geoffrey felt his cock harden behind his zipper as he watched her tease him from across the room. She knew exactly what she was doing and what she wanted. He watched her get up from the table and he couldn’t take his eyes from her as she started walking towards him.

Thinking she was going to join him at his table, his pulse quickened a bit. She, however, had other plans and walked right past him. Geoffrey couldn’t help but turn his head and watch her walk by. She glanced back at him over her shoulder just before she slipped into the door under the restroom sign.

He sat there and forced himself to count to thirty two times before he got up from his seat and followed her. He got to the door and was contemplating knocking, when the door swung open and she was there grabbing him by his shirt and pulling him into the room with her.

The door closed and locked behind them as she pushed him to the wall and pressed her body against his. Her hands moved over his chest before he heard her ask: “Did you see something you liked out there?”

Geoffrey opened his mouth to reply but before he could say a word his lips were met with hers and she was kissing him with such need he could only respond with a groan. Her fingers slid down his arms and guided his hands to her ass just under her skirt.

When his fingers made contact with her bare skin, instinct took over. No longer needing her guidance, Geoffrey’s hands discovered she had taken things a step further than he thought and wore no panties under that skirt at all. Suddenly he was as hard as he’d ever been, knowing she probably came in looking for just this, and he was the one lucky enough to get picked.

Geoffrey’s hands grabbed her ass hard and caused a small gasp to escape her lips as she pulled from the kiss. She caught his eye as her hands undid his pants and slid into them to pull his dick free from confinement. Never looking away, she slowly lowered herself to her knees until her mouth was mere inches from his rock hard shaft.

Geoffrey watched as her tongue began its sweet, torturous adventure along the length of him. Slowly etimesgut escort bayan she licked until she reached the head of his cock which was already leaking a small amount of pre-cum. He finally broke eye contact and let his head fall back against the wall when her lips wrapped themselves around the tip of his throbbing dick and began to suck on it.

He could feel and hear her moaning as she took more of him into her mouth. His own moans of pleasure joined hers when he felt the back of her throat and knew she’d taken all of him past her sexy lips.

Geoffrey couldn’t help himself and knotted his fingers into her mass of red hair to guide her up and down his shaft as she sucked. Her big brown eyes looked up at him and gave him added encouragement to fuck her mouth like he would her pussy, burying it deep into her throat.

He couldn’t remember the last time he got a woman to take all of him like this and he made sure to enjoy every thrust. He knew she had to be swallowing a lot of pre-cum because he felt himself close to unloading all he had into her throat. When she reached up and began to play with his balls, moving them around in her hands and squeezing them lightly, he lost all control. With one final push, he shoved his cock into her mouth and came so hard his whole body shook. She didn’t miss a beat and swallowed everything he shot at her.

He expected to soften as he pulled himself out of her mouth but watching those sexy lips of hers slowly suck off his head, as if to make sure she got everything, kept him just as hard.

Rising from her knees, his mystery woman took a step back from him and proceeded to lift her top up over her head. Geoffrey couldn’t take his eyes off her chest. She stood there a few minutes and teased him by caressing and squeezing herself through her bra. Her breasts were barely contained by it and all he wanted to do was fill his hands with them. She seemed to have another plan in mind though, as she turned towards the counter and sinks against the wall opposite of them.

Geoffrey watched as she walked away from him those few feet and then glanced back at him over her shoulder. After making sure she had his complete attention, she slid her hand down her backside and lifted up that short little skirt to expose some ass cheek. In one quick movement she slapped her own ass causing a pink mark to appear just before she dropped the skirt.

That was the only invitation Geoffrey needed as he crossed the room in two steps and flipped that skirt back up over her ass before bending her over the counter. She looked at him in the mirror as his hands caressed her cheeks, his fingers brushing over the pink mark left by her own hand. Shifting himself just slightly to the side, Geoffrey removed his hand from her ass long enough to catch some momentum before letting it slap hard over the already pink area. Her reflection in the mirror showed her biting her lip and closing her eyes for the briefest of seconds. It was the only reaction she gave him but it was enough for him to know she liked it and that sent the blood flowing right through his cock.

Positioning himself behind her yet again, Geoffrey grabbed her hips and slid himself, without pause, deep into her pussy. He groaned loudly when he found her soaking wet and ready for him. The fact that she continued sincan escort to watch him in the mirror as he fucked her, turned him on more than he ever thought possible. He found himself staring at the mirror as well to see them moving together.

Leaning over the counter like she was, left her breasts practically falling out of her sexy black bra and it was frustrating that he couldn’t see them completely. Geoffrey made the choice to change that and with one hard thrust he pushed deep into her, causing her to be pinned between him and the counter. Releasing her hips he moved his hands to her tits and gave her bra a hard yank, pulling it down and causing her to totally tumble out. Instantly his hands reached for her nipples which were perfectly hard and ready for him. He captured them between his thumb and finger and gave them a tug. She didn’t disappoint him with her reaction when her body pressed back onto his dick and her back arched. She looked directly at him through the mirror and moaned as he gave her buds another pull.

God, this woman was so sexy and the way she reacted to him and challenged him with her eyes had him headed towards the edge of sanity. He got briefly distracted from her tits when her ass pressed against him and he felt her tighten her pussy muscles around his cock.

She wanted to be fucked and fucked hard. Her eyes were begging for it in the mirror and her body was encouraging it too. He watched her brace her hands on the counter, as if reading his mind, preparing herself for his pounding.

Geoffrey needed no further encouragement and grabbed her hips once again. There was nothing slow and steady about his movements this time. Together they watched each other as he slammed his cock into her soaking pussy time and time again. Their sounds mingled in the room. She was crying out and moaning while he was grunting and panting. He was sure the other customers could hear them outside the door but he just didn’t give a shit.

He knew at this pace he wouldn’t last much longer, especially if she kept tightening around his shaft. With one hand he reached up and grabbed a fist full of her red hair and used it as leverage to press as deep as he could into her. With her head pulled back he heard her confess that she was going to cum and he lost all control.

His dick began to release loads of hot cum deep into her pussy as he felt her orgasm around him. He released her hair and leaned forward placing his hands on the counter next to hers to make sure he slammed in hard the last few strokes. She gave herself up to the moment and stopped watching them in the mirror. Her head and body went limp under his as she shook and whimpered through the final waves of pleasure that took over both of them.

Slowly he slid out and stepped away from her and the counter. All that could be heard now was their hard breaths and the noises from the diner. She stood up and adjusted herself in the mirror while he put himself back together too.

She had just turned towards him when they heard a knock on the door. She smiled up at him and winked, “Perfect” she said before unlocking the door and scooting out past the waitress.

The waitress looked knowingly from her retreating form to him, but he found that he didn’t care what she was thinking as he slipped past her too. His mystery redhead hustled out the front door of the diner and into her car pausing only for a second to glance at him and mouth the words “Thank you” to him through the window, before flooring it out of the parking lot and his life forever.

He knew he would never forget this day and he found himself agreeing with her. It was indeed, perfect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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