Playing the Pony Joke Pt. 02

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All work is fiction intended for fantasy only, regardless of content, and consent must always be acquired when engaging in any sex act with another adult.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

“So quick to get off, hm…” Ropes teased, sliding a long line, used for horse training, around Limba’s wrists, twisting it around, sliding the rope through and knotting it very neatly and securely. “It’s like you’re begging for it…”

Limba stiffened and grunted, trying to rock back, but the cougar had him held in place too firmly, tying his wrists securely. Like that, he really did feel like a broodmare, slung more securely over the top of the bales for breeding, his legs kicked apart and hooves scraping across the concrete. Wisps of straw clung to his body where he was damp enough for it to stick, but all he cared about was the cougar’s cock grinding up to him.

Ropes had hardly pushed his clothes out of the way, still in his shirt and freeing his erection only enough to rub against Limba. The barbs on his cock flushed with blood, thicker and not as sharp as those of his ancestors, though that was just as well for his partners. They would not have felt pleasurable if they were as sharp as a bite and truly raked through, for they were designed to stimulate ovulation, along with pleasure. His, on the other paw, could be rough to take at times, but would always bring pleasure upon pleasure.

He did not wait, purring over him, letting his demonic side come through in the desperate glow of his pale, white eyes. Sometimes, he could let that part of his nature come through and he did well and truly, snarling as he slammed the full length of his cock inside Limba. It was as if he didn’t have any care or consideration, not anymore, for the pleasure of his boy mare, even if he had not yet placed a claiming mark upon Limba.

The pony squealed around his tentacle cock and Ropes had to swallow a yowl as it exploded inside his mouth, one orgasm from that tentacle cock heralding his building inside him, simmering and flickering like flames in a hearth. His tail lashed the air desperately, his other tentacles dripping and drooling thick pre-cum, though he could have all he wanted there, lusting and longing, driving in, listening intently to the grunted squeals, muffled around him, that broke the pony’s lips.

There was nothing quite like that, Ropes heaving and pressing on, the rhythmic slap and pound of his hips filling the room. Fuck, he loved that side of himself, not needing to hold back, trusting Limba to take every pounding, driving, grinding stroke as if he was nothing more than a hole to be fucked, though Ropes was not so quick to toss away such a willing partner.

Just a hole, a breeding hole. He hissed lusciously, sweat dampening the fur under his arms, between his thighs, though his clothes hid most of it.

“My slutty…” It was hard to get the words out through his harsh breathing, eyes blazing with intent. “Unnfff… Fucking…mare…”

He didn’t have to get all the words out, however, not then, not ever. All he needed was the grind and pound of his hips, slamming into Limba as the pony whined and climaxed on his cock.

Limba lost his sense of self, right where he needed to be, pussy pulling around the cougar’s dick as if he was desperate to milk him, right through his heated passion. It had to be done and it had to be lusted for, panting heavily through his flared, sharp nostrils, puckering and pulling to draw as much breath into his body as was physically possible. The cougar fucked him harder, seemingly, than he ever had before, every stroke cramming in all the way up to his innermost barrier. Limba didn’t think, honestly, that he would have been able to take any more dick even if he’d wanted to, huffing and panting heavily.

At least the tentacle cock, shaped to reveal the cock-like head in Ropes’ state of lust, was something for him to focus on, even as his pussy twitched as if climaxing already again. He didn’t know just how he could be ready to fuck again, but the cougar pushed over him with a more savage growl than ever, lips curling back from his teeth.

“My mare…”

That sent a jolt of heat right into the core of the boy mare’s being and he whinnied softly through his nostrils, though some of the sound was muffled still. Such was the fate of having a tentacle rammed practically down his throat, though Limba would never have complained. He was still very much right where he wanted to be, where he belonged, the barbs pulling through. That had to be what was getting him so achingly close to the pitch of his need, but Limba didn’t Bostancı Escort care. Caught up in his delirium, he let everything roll over him, revelling in the raw, pure sensation of being so crudely, deliciously fucked.

It wasn’t all that often that he got to experience it, tugging futilely against the rope binding his paws back behind his back. The tightness of it, the knots, oh… It all got him going, wanting to squeeze his legs together, but Ropes was there between them, roughly forcing them open, making sure that there was no place there for Limba, other than in submission to him. The tentacles dripped over Limba, not caring for the mess that they made of his coat, the cock heads showing in soft definition, pulsing very faintly with the beat of blood around Ropes’ body.

Every pound struck home, but not even Ropes could hold back from the ultimate high as Limba pulsed and flexed around his cock, keening out yet another muffled orgasm. That was all Ropes needed to drive in with rougher and rougher strokes, slamming into Limba’s buttocks with every grind of his hips, the control and power flowing through him with the kind of energy that he could not set aside.

Neither was he supposed to as the need to cum rose within him, throbbing up thick and fast, already ready to spend another load. And he could take it too, letting every stroke carry him closer and closer, a tentacle toying mildly with the underside of the pony’s tail, stroking over the long hairs and the velvety, firm dock that made him want to try out the pony’s backdoor entrance too.

Maybe another time for that though, the pony whinnying a little too sharply, Ropes cursing under his breath. He wanted to keep Limba quiet, but those noises that he made were too sweet, all in a way that Ropes wanted to hear more, to break those cries from him, time after time again. Alas, there was still a small risk that Fyr would hear Limba, if they were too loud about it.

Not much of a chance, considering the distance that the house was from the barn… But there was still a chance all the same.

That didn’t stop Ropes from snarling, ploughing the pony full. Trembling on the edge of his orgasm, he groaned deeply, tail stilling for a heartbeat of a moment. Still, he pressed on.

His drooling tentacles caressed the pony’s body, suddenly tightening, and the cougar was forced to gulp down his most feral of cries, throat vibrating as he forced it down. It had to be expended another way as he unloaded thick spurt after spurt of virile seed into Limba’s cunt, slicking out along the length of his cock in a messy cream-pie. Not that either of them cared, not as he “bred his mare”, playing into the roles he had jokingly assigned them in the barn.

The long ride of orgasm ploughed through him, leaving the cougar almost as breathless as Limba, the flex and twitch of such a hot pussy more erotic than it had any right to be. He pulled out slowly, spending the last drools of cougar cream over his soft pussy lips, letting the mess trickle down, marking the pony as his own.

There would always be a part of the demon cougar left in him.

There was little time for words, clean up having to be had. They had to get out, after all, without Fyr working out that they were out there in the barn and Limba was still not all that keen on meeting an angry dragoness face to face if she caught him with Ropes. Still, it was a decision that he and Ropes entered into.

The ride back to Limba’s apartment though…mm. That was even better than the ride out, though Limba understood that Ropes taking him back there played into the narrative of Ropes “going to see Kao” that the cougar had mentioned. It all seemed a bit convoluted to Limba, but it wasn’t his deal.

The cougar wasted no time, not waiting for an invite, his cock already hard and straining against his jeans as he scooped Limba up in his arms and carried him inside. The pony barely was able to get the key in the lock, fumbling and dropping it once, as Ropes’ tentacles, in the evening darkness, crawled all over him. They moved as if they had full reign over his body, permission to do anything and everything that they wanted to him.

In a way, the ride over there hadn’t been the event that Limba had been expecting, because Ropes had always intended to come inside. And, with Limba, he could “come inside” as many times over as he liked, filling up the boy mare with his slick length, dripping and drooling, even fucking him with every tentacle, one after the other.

Maybe, just a little, Limba was drunk on the demon, addicted to him in a way that he wondered if he could ever truly be addicted to anyone else. It was not a bond, not as Ropes set him down in the kitchen on the counter, Limba’s legs spreading instinctively to wrap around him, to pull him closer even then. Ropes purred as Limba closed his thighs around him, tentacles helping to support the boy mare just to make sure that he didn’t go toppling back Ümraniye Escort against the kitchen cupboards.

“Someone’s eager…” He growled, licking his black lips as Limba smirked up at him, somehow at a slightly lower level, still, than the cougar. “Or maybe you didn’t get enough dick earlier, hm?”

“Well, you’re the one that carried me inside, aren’t you?” Limba shot back flirtatiously, kissing the tip of a tentacle that quested, wantonly, back up to his lips. “Go on then, show me what that cock can do, now that I don’t have to keep quiet for your wife…”

That was something that the cougar was more than willing to do. Limba had been wearing a pair of his shorts to get back, something that had gotten dusty and covered in paint out in the barn at some point before (so, naturally, Ropes had just stripped them off back then and strutted back to the house naked to clean up). Those didn’t need to stay on anymore, though his T-shirt, showing the muscles across his chest where it was tight enough to play a little more into the definition. Ropes slid his shorts down with the tentacles, using two of the others to casually free his cock from his jeans again. Maybe those would end up on the floor at some point, but all the cougar cared about at that time was sinking his dick home inside the slutty boy mare.

They both got what they wanted as the pony’s bare pussy beckoned Ropes’ cock into him. The counters seemed to be a little low in Limba’s place, though that suited Ropes just fine as he barely had to push up to get his dick into him, sinking deep. Their breaths may have tangled in the air, but there was no kiss as Ropes growled, nipping sharply at his neck to coax a breathy moan from the boy mare’s lips.

“Oh, fuck yes…” Limba breathed, squirming in place, sure that he was already creaming a mess over the counter. “Fuck me… Fuck me ’til I cum!”

He demanded it with a snort and flare of his nostrils, done with being submissive and merely taking what was given to him — at least so far that day. But the cougar was happy to oblige, growling deep in the back of his throat and letting his lust rise, a tangible force that could be felt, crackling, in the air between them. He ground in as the pony’s breath hitched, though Limba resolutely, stubbornly, kept as much eye contact with the cougar as he could. It was just a bit more difficult than he might have liked it to be, considering that Ropes still had those pale, pale eyes, shining with demonic intent. He did like the cat much better without his contacts in though.

He wanted to see the real Ropes, though his head desperately wanted to fall back as he was fucked, sweat dampening through his shirt. The boy mare didn’t give a flying fuck about something like that, his mane a tousled mess, panting heavily as his pussy clenched around the fuck stick ramming him full.

Fuck, there was so much about the cougar to get him hot and going, though he didn’t know how he’d gotten so lucky. He didn’t want a relationship, but he did want guys to give him a damn good fuck. To say the least of it, Ropes and Kao gave him more than he needed, most of the time, though he had gotten to the point of wearing Kao out, once or twice. They were more than enough, until he wanted something else, something different, something fresher.

The cougar powered into him as Limba fought desperately to keep him in his sights. Those tentacles wound around him, supporting his body as much as they were locking him in place, though Limba didn’t know what to think about that, whether he was getting more of a thing for being tied up and pinned down or not. He’d never really given up complete control before, but sometimes he wondered just how much in control he was with Ropes.

“Unff… Ohhh…”

Yet he could not and would not stop the moans from slipping free of his lips, the cougar’s teeth on his neck, raking through the short coat of dun hair to nip and nibble. That was about as close as Ropes got to kissing, preferring to seal the deal with something more akin to a mating bite, Limba’s heart hammering. It was such a vulnerable part of his body and the rush of orgasm caught the pony entirely off-guard as it swelled through him, snarling with the force of a truly wild beast as his whole body shook in ecstasy.

Ropes growled, stilling as the pony rode out his orgasm on his cock, though it was mostly his tentacles, dripping all the while, keeping Limba up and in place, forcing him to rock lightly onto his cock. It was the best motion he could keep up, revelling as his cock twitched and throbbed, wanting more, aching for more. He couldn’t help his desire, how his shaft pulsed and throbbed for it, all so deliciously, all as if he could keep fucking and pinning the pony down, all night long, until Limba passed out.

Well, that was not a point that he had gotten Limba to yet, but he was aiming for it. It was just a more enjoyable ride to take his time with it, sliding his cock out to Anadolu Yakası Escort admire the gape of the boy mare’s pussy, how it drooled thick arousal, hints of his pre-cum in there too. Plus, the loads that he had already ploughed Limba full of earlier too…

“Where’s your room?” Ropes growled, eyes half-lidded. “It’s time that you took a real ride, boy mare…”

Limba quivered, though allowed the cougar to bundle him up in his tentacles. If he had been in his right, non-lust-driven mind, he would not have swooned at how he was lifted and carried as easily as a foal in Ropes’ tentacles, the cougar sliding one tentacle cock back and forth through his pussy, smearing his juices all over his inner thighs and folds. He grunted thickly, shaking his head, though the pony’s lips were already parted in a smile that he could not hide — and most certainly would not either. He was right where he wanted to be, even as Ropes tossed him with a rude smirk onto the bed, bouncing a few times with a squeak that, frankly, was quite like him.

“What are you going to do to me now?” Limba all but purred, meeting the demon’s eyes in challenge. “Not had enough of me yet then? You haven’t even fucked me properly tonight…”

Ropes’ eyes gleamed.

“And what is getting fucked right to you, hm?”

Limba’s grin widened.

“Until I can’t walk, passing out in a puddle of cum… Oh…”

He grunted and rocked his hips up, though he was still right where he needed to be, hissing through his teeth and spreading his legs wide. But the pony did not have to wait for long for the cougar to pounce, hissing out something about him being a pony-slut — not that Limba cared. Ropes could tell him that all night long, if he liked, and hearing the dirtier, cruder language, better and better, would just have him climaxing even harder.

He needed it, smirking as he rolled around the cougar to climb on top, the slick tentacles sliding around him, helping him out of his shirt. He didn’t always remove all his clothes when it came to sex, but, well, that time was different. That time was such that he wanted to be bare, wanted to feel the chilly air, where the heating had not yet come on, tickling his skin. That apartment could get on the colder side, though he helped Ropes, frantically, out of his clothes too, with nothing to lose or worry about, both naked from head to paw.

Ropes purred, pleased by how the pony was taking the lead, his lips parted, a gleam of saliva in the corners of his lips. Oh, he did love when his partners were practically drooling over him, losing control over themselves and their needs, desire twisting within them… There were so many nuances to lust and a demon of lust was a connoisseur of all kinds, grabbing Limba by the waist as the boy mare pushed his hips forward.


Limba had a few tricks up his figurative sleeve too, rubbing his pussy along Ropes’ cock and then lifting his hips so that he could “pin” the cougar’s dick down against his stomach, trapping it between his pussy and Ropes’ white-furred belly. The barbed shaft drooled and spurted as he grunted thickly in the back of his throat, though the cougar remained in place as the pony worked himself up all over again. Whereas he could have gone for a good, hard fuck right away, sometimes his partners needed a little more time to work themselves up.

But it added flavour to their time together and that was something that Ropes very much was keen on. He wanted that, that newness, that freshness — and that, truthfully, was one of the many reasons that he kept seeking out new partners beyond his wife. Sure, she was fun and all, but there was so much out there for a lust demon, so much more than just sticking with one other for the rest of a life.

Yet the cougar still had more tricks up his sleeve to show the dragoness, even if some of them he took back from Limba’s apartment, from just how the pony ground and humped against him…


Yeah, that was hot. He snapped a mental picture of exactly how the pony looked on top of him, eyes half-lidded and already drunk on pleasure while Ropes softly took in his lust, feeding on all that made him who he was. He’d see Fyr like that sometime, but Limba was his focus right then and there.

The pony rocked his hips, grinding along the length of Ropes’ cock, but the cougar knew too that that was not enough for him. He’d learned a bit about Limba during their time together, how his desire to be fucked was greater than that of anyone else that he’d had the good fortune to meet lately. Foreplay was just that to him, though Ropes could have him spitting and snarling like a mountain lion she-cat if he pushed things too far, not giving the pony what he wanted. As much as it was fun to toy with that line, he’d rather have the succulent heat of the pony’s cunt wrapped around his cock.

“Don’t tease me,” Ropes rumbled, affecting a wounded tone, despite the glitter in his pale eyes. “You want to ride me, don’t you? Feel a nice, thick length of meat inside you?”

Limba shivered, though held his resolve.

“Just getting some payback for the teasing,” he grunted, though he wavered, his sex hot and tight, dripping with arousal. “Unff… You feel good though…”

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