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At “The Other Pub”, the three present discussed Kelly’s offer. John, his wife Mary, and their good friend James doubted the wisdom of expanding their circle of “friendship”. Not least in their thoughts was the revelation to others that they were sharing more than mere friendship. Much more.
Trust was on the line. A new partnership of needs was on the line, and the old partnerships threatened, maybe. Goodwill among a married couple and two new friends slash Toys was a delicate balance between four people. A precarious balance, it seemed.
Nobody wanted to interrupt all this. Nobody wanted to upset the applecart. The apples were too delicious!
Cutie-pie Kelly had called Mary yesterday wondering if she could bring a girlfriend with her to the next gathering…Would it be okay, Mary? Green eyes, butterscotch mints, chocolate delights, and astonishing jewelry in her privates had taught them already that this delight in their sexual lives – Kelly – had to end to her imagination OR her willingness to expand her own sexual horizons with the married couple. And with their friend James.
Separately, John, Mary, and James had remembered the encounters each had with this “Angel-By-Morning, Devil-By-Night”. And their encounters together, too.
Yes, they agreed, she did keep their secrets. Yes, they agreed, she did bring more excitement. Yes, they all had enjoyed her hot body. And yes, they finally agree, Kelly and her “surprise” could join them at next Saturday’s party. In anticipation of the new thrill, they toasted. John felt Mary’s toe riding his thigh under the table. James and John grinned at each other. John looked at his wife and licked his lips.


James got there early and sat enjoying chips ‘n dip and a Bud. He chatted with John while Mary fiddled in the kitchen with last-minute hors d’oerves. The sliced veggie tray sparkled with the usual items…but an unsliced cucumber held the center, and beside it a small plastic container of Vaseline. An icebreaker, thought Mary as she giggled at her joke.
The course of the evening went as planned. Kelly arrived with her girlfriend Terri in hand. Greetings all around, and the two gentlemen were quick to notice Terri’s short pleated mini-skirt, white socks and MaryJanes. A plain white blouse completed the ensemble. Shoulder-length blonde hair, sparkling eyes with a hint of lime-green eyeshadow. About 5’7”. Maybe a B cup. The boys were definitely interested in the new girl, noted Mary, sitting on the floor at the coffee-table and nibbling on carrot pieces.
“John honey, come help me a minute,” she said. They went down the hall to the downstairs bedroom. They heard laughter from the living room as they gathered pillows and blankets, brought them to the room with the others. “Gosh, with so many people here, we may need a little more room than usual,” said Mary. “I don’t think the ole bed can handle it!” laughed John.
Kelly and Terri giggled. Kelly raised her eyebrows and opened her mouth and eyes wide at Terri as if she was shocked. Mary threw a pillow at Terri, by way of breaking some ice, and John plopped a handful of blankets on the floor amidst the group.
“Kelly told me you guys like to play around and that I could play, too, maybe,” said Terri demurely. “Thank you all for inviting me.”
“Oh darling, you’re welcome. We trust Kelly, and we know if she brings a good friend, everything will work out okay and we’ll all have a good time together,” said Mary to comfort her. “Would you like a cucumber?” she teased the younger girl, taking the vegetable from the tray, stroking her hand up and down its length . With a big grin, she popped the end in her own mouth, sucking.
Terri smiled shyly and said, “Oh, did Kelly tell you about me? I’m bi, I hope that isn’t gonna get me kicked out.”
Kelly’s Zeytinburnu Escort sheepish expression told the others what they had already known, that both girls had a special relationship – which didn’t surprise anyone. “Well, we knew Kelly didn’t have a steady boyfriend, and that you two have been rooming together for a while now, so…whatever…” said John. “We’re all okay with you – another girl in the party!” said Mary. She tossed the cucumber to Kelly, who also mimed a blowjob to general laughter. And handed it to Terri, who promptly caused a laugh uproar by sliding it under her skirt, out of sight between her legs. As the merriment subsided, Terri said, “I’d much rather have something, you know, kinda “fleshy”, to taste…”
All eyes went to John and Mary, the King and Queen of the house. If anything was to begin, it was up to them to start. Mary reached over and put her hand under Terri’s skirt, up her thigh, and pulled the cucumber out. “Maybe John would like to pretend he’s a Human Cucumber?” Kelly and Terri grinned in delight, and the new girl slid over to the foot of John’s chair. “Kelly tells us you’re a great cocksucker,” said Mary. “Wanta show us?”
In response, Terri smoothed her skirt, looked up at John with big doe eyes, licked her lips, took his hand and pressed it against her breast. He squeezed gently and smiled, feeling her nipple harden. All watched raptly as she unbuckled his belt, unzipped him, reached inside and pulled the object of her desire out of its hiding. Fully erect. Her lips opened as she leaned forward, her audience glimpsing a thin lime-green thong line between her bare cheeks. Her mouth sank onto him.
“Do your best, darlin’,” said his wife. “John loves a good blowjob almost as much as he does fucking my ass.”
Mary remembered the reasons they had begun this experience. Their sex life had grown stale, almost non-existent, they never talked about sex at all. Their commitment to each other was questioned. Why stay together if a major part of your life was practically dead? Routine. Boring. Just an occasional duty for John, and a source of unfulfillment for his wife. But since they had invented and agreed to the concept of Toys – James for Mary, Kelly for John – not only had their sex life gone absolutely wild, but their relationship otherwise was more open and intimate, too. Honest, and they talked more now, especially about sexual enjoyments. So, watching a “stranger” sucking her man’s cock, Mary realized she was watching John’s reaction now more than the sex. And she applauded. “Terri, you’re great, he loves it,” she cooed. “But if you make him come, he won’t be good for anything else for a while!”
James chimed in, his palm pressed to the front of his pants. “Mary, maybe we could all be part of something…” as he looked at the blankets, pillows and the living room floor.
“I’d love to be taken up the backside,” said Terri, freeing her mouth for a moment. “Me, too!” said Kelly. “I haven’t done that in a long time!”
And then it was settled in Queen Mary’s mind. She and James spread blankets on the floor, pillows all around. The scene changed furiously as Terri continued her wonders on John. Mary lay naked on her back with the cucumber in her hand, Terri now moved over beside her and Kelly on the other side. The two girls laid on their stomachs, Terri with her blouse and bra off and skirt hiked up over her rear, with only the piece of thong showing between her cheeks; Kelly had stripped off her jeans and panties, her pretty, tight, bare ass revealed. Mary reached down to play her hands over the two girls beside her, feeling the soft curves and tantalizing the men. “I’m happy just to please myself while you two guys take these luscious whores, okay?” She rubbed over their backsides again, content in offering the naked girls to John and James. She was in the best position Escort Bayan to enjoy their actions, and herself, too, and truthfully, she knew at heart she was a brand-new exhibitionist. She had the body. She’d give them a show.
Sporting boners at full length, the men were naked now and knelt behind the two girls as Mary played with herself and watched. The girls’ hands busied themselves on Mary’s tits as the men settled into position. As John slid the thong piece aside and wiped Vaseline across Terri’s anus, she said, “I really love to make myself come while I’m getting it,” and they saw her slide her hand down under the front of her skirt, manipulating herself. “Ummmm, I think I’ll do that, too,” said Kelly as James copied John.
The three girls pleasured themselves with fingers as the men plunged inside. Mary’s fingers constantly switching from her pussy to her mouth. Mary took the cucumber, using it to full advantage until Kelly gave up her own fingering to stroke the vegetable dildo in Mary. All concentrated now on their satisfaction – a welter of sex, self-gratification, sighing and moaning and frantic breathing.
Terri suddenly blurted “OH—I’M COMING!” Her breaths shortened into quick gasps, and her louder moans caught on with the others. Was it Mary who felt ready? The guys redoubled their stroking. In unison, the orgasms and ejaculations of three came together.
John and James pulled out, collapsed, pricks wet and still oozing prime fluid, Mary and Terri gasping from the strengths of their own “little death”.
Released from John, Terri immediately slid atop Mary, squashing down on her and fumbling below. Mary felt herself being penetrated as Terri sucked her nipples, and realized the cute minx was fucking her with the cucumber. Well, I knew she was bi…and it feels just fine, so ride it, ride it.
The other three watched, fascinated, at this new sexual dynamo lesbian that Kelly had brought them. It was clear Mary was enjoying the new twist. She had even brought Terri’s face up from her nipples to her lips, opened her mouth and presented her tongue to the girl. Terri promptly engulfed it, sucking and probing, their mouths pressed tightly together and breasts smashed. Nobody wanted to interrupt this thing.
Terri broke apart from the liplock, panting heavily and clearly in extremis. With a final thrust, she screamed out another orgasm and Mary went into shock as she felt an explosion of hot liquid fill her. Oh my god, this is no cucumber! I know fucking when I feel it – this is a DICK inside me!
Mary lifted Terri’s hips off her and everyone gasped as they looked at nothing less than a fully-erect, dripping cock sticking out from Terri’s loins!
KELLY: “Oh god, I’m sorry, I know I shoulda told you guys before, but we thought it would be more fun to do it this way, if we could get away with it. Please, no hard feelings, okay everyone?”
JOHN: “Jesus Christ, she’s a HE! I just fucked a man in the ass!”
JAMES: “Her dick is bigger than mine!”
MARY: “Holy shit! She’s a HE! HE’S A SHE! What the hell are you?! I’ve just been fucked by a guy – but that was no guy kissing me! Holy crap!”
Everyone was laid out flat on the living room blankets, astonished at this turn of events and not knowing what to do. Tension filled the room. Terri made ready to apologize, looking abashed but curiously well-satisfied. Kelly trumped her, though, with a quick move beside her, taking the hard erection in her hand and stroking it, bending over and sucking with her ass in the air, and finally climbing quickly onto the girl to ride her cock. They watched with gaping mouths as Kelly’s pussy slid onto Terri’s wet cock and disappeared. A deep sigh escaped Kelly’s lips; she closed her eyes in ecstasy, lost in the skin sensation and thrusting, absolutely abandoned in furious sex. Everyone watched, agog, as Kelly fell istanbul Escort across her roommate, taking her tongue deep into her mouth, ravenous, and humping her vigorously. Mary and her two men could only in amazement as Kelly made love to the girl beneath her, grinding her hips hard on Terri, moaning and panting, and then finally arching her back in a long, guttural cry of orgiastic pleasure as she came hard. “AHHHHHH…..FUUUUUCCCCKKK!” Kelly fell once again onto Terri’s lovely breasts, nestling her face between them, totally spent.
The fast and furious acting of this girl-on-girl strange fucking mesmerized the audience into complete silence. Awe turned to admiration, both for the sex act played out next to them on the floor and for the intensity of the two players’ performance. And as breathing returned to normal for all, Mary spoke first. “Holy Jesus Mother of God – I guess you have taken the cake today, girl…I don’t know if I had a girl or a guy today. I know my husband had a great piece of ass, and he did love that blowjob, but JESUS! You two have knocked my socks off today! What is going on, Kelly?
They looked again at Terri lying flat. Her perfect breasts heave with her breathing. Her damp penis was rapidly going limp. Her long blonde hair framed a lovely female face on the blanket. Her pink tongue showed momentarily as she licked her lips and smiled again in apology. She pulled the front of her spandex thong up over the cock, and there was remarkably little bulge now. It was in fact easier to see the woman in front of them than something else.
“Kelly and I have been keeping it a secret since I moved in with her. I’m sorry, everyone. I’m what you’d call a pre-op transsexual. I’ve been waiting to make the change to what I really am inside – a woman – since I was about sixteen. I finally got started on hormones a little over a year ago, got my implants. Now I’m getting ready to go the whole hog and remove this thing down below. Kelly and I have had good times with it – you know what a fun little whore is! – but I’ve got to go the rest of the way, and it’s gonna happen soon.”
“We thought it might be a good way to say Goodbye, you know, to some parts,” said Kelly, smiling over at Terri, “and we thought if anyone would understand and enjoy the fun and be supportive, too, it would be you guys. Oh please, don’t be mad at us!!”
There was a moment of silence, broken finally by John. “Cripes, I guess it’s okay…I guess if I was real honest like Mary and I have finally learned to be, I’d have to say I enjoyed what happened to me tonight.” He exchanged looks with Mary, who smiled. “After all, since Mary and I started this whole thing, I’ve been astonished at myself several times in what I’ve done. And Mary, too.”
“Absolutely,” said his wife. “I can’t say that I’m a lesbian, but I really have enjoyed being with Kelly…and now this just blows me away. Kelly, I think the Queen will have to bestow a special title on you for your inventiveness and performance tonight. For bringing us this little treat to play with, and for providing the best fucking spectacle we’ve witnessed since we started Playtime.”
“Huzzah!” cried John.“Far out!” blurted James. “Let’s see, what shall we call it –“The Best Fuck By A Naked Whore and Her Pre-Op Transsexual Partner”? “The Duchess of the Freakiest Sex Orgy Ever”? How about “The Grand Order of the Pumping Pussy”?”
“Oooh, I like that last one,” said Kelly. Lying beside her, Terri spoke up, “Now that’s one I’D love to win!” and they all laughed ‘til their sides split.
Finally subsiding, James spoke up. “You know, I’m the only one so far who hasn’t been taken advantage of by Terri. My suggestion is that after she has her big operation and is recovered and ready for some partying, I think I should get the privilege of “deflowering” her.” The group thought it over for a moment. They asked Terri’s opinion. “He’s right, you know. Everyone here got a piece of me except James, and I suppose he deserves it as much as anyone. Let’s say he gets the first crack…”
And the group again busted out in laughter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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