Pleasing Him

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He was sat in his favourite black leather armchair, his dark jeans pulled tight over his legs but he didn’t seem to notice. His black shirt was untucked and he had already unbuttoned the top button. His long fingers wrapped loosely around the crystal glass balanced on the wide arm of the chair, the deep amber liquid swirled inside the glass. He was lost in thought so didn’t notice when the door opened. She made her way into the dimly lit room and got half way across before he noticed her arrival.

His eyes flickered to her as she walked towards him. She wore a long, black silk dressing gown which was pulled tight so it clung invitingly to her curves and left the hem to trail freely across the floor behind her. The front of the gown fell open from the waist down as she walked, showing off her long tanned legs. She wore her hair loose, so it fell in soft curls down her back. When she came to a stop just in front of him, she purposely made sure she was close enough that she could see his features and he could see the glint in hers, but that she was just far enough back that he couldn’t reach her without moving out the chair.

His gaze fixed on her hands as she slowly pulled the knot at her waist, allowing the gown to fall open. She paused for a fraction of a second before she shrugged it off her shoulders and let it fall for the floor, pooling at her feet.

The duo of black and red rope interlaced around her chest and back in an array of intricate knots. The rope followed the curves of her body and outlined her ample breasts, pulled tight so they pushed them upwards. The red, jewelled bursa eskort bayan clamps bit into her hard nipples, making the look fuller, more engorged and begging to be taken by his mouth. She wore a pair of black silk knickers, sheer, black stockings and a pair of black high heels.

He didn’t say a word as his eyes devoured her. She watched intently as his body language said what his words were not. His legs had widened to accommodate the growing bulge clearly visible now. His eyes darkened with that look that always set her heart racing, the look that sent a prickle of fear across her skin, it was the look that held all the warning she was going to get. She watched his chest rise and fall faster than a moment ago and his grip on the glass caused his knuckles to turn white.

Moving slow, she came to kneel between his legs and let her hands rest on his strong thighs, she felt the muscles twitch beneath her touch. She lifted her eyes to meet his, her gaze had the usual glint of mischievousnesses that always made him harder than he’d known and it held the question she wouldn’t voice out loud. A small nod of his head gave her the permission she needed. Biting her lip, she pushed her hands towards his groins and savoured the feel of his hardness, hoping he didn’t notice the slight tremble in her hand as her fingers made light work of his buttons and slowly lowered the zipper.

Hooking her fingers under the band of his boxers, she lowered it carefully over him until he sprung free and stood to attention. She bit back a moan at the sight of him. Carefully, bursa merkez escort she wrapped her hand around the base of his length; it felt hot and heavy in her grip, the tip already a deep purple.

Slowly, she began to move her hand upward and heard him let out a deep sigh at the feeling of her skin as it slid over his. He leaned back into the chair and closed his eyes as she gripped him a little tighter.

“Fuck!” he cursed as he felt the heat of her mouth enclose him. His hands immediately went to her head, the glass dropping to the floor as his fingers tangled in her hair guiding her mouth further down his length.

She moved painfully slow as her tongue exploring each throbbing vein before flicking it against that spot and took him back into her mouth. He didn’t need to open his eyes to know she was smirking, he could sense it in her movements. He knew she was purposely teasing him.

With a growl, he tightened the grip on her hair and pulled her head backwards until just the head of his chick sat between her lips. He waited for her eyes to meet his before he pushed it back down and felt himself hit her throat. He heard her gag slightly at the force but she recovered quickly and he felt the vibrations from her moan travel down him.

The control he had been trying to hold on to slipped away with that sound. Both hands grabbed at her hair as he lifted his hips, thrusting into her mouth as he pulled her down on to him. He hit her throat with every turn but she was ready for him this time and opened her throat for him to use.

“Good bursa sınırsız escort bayan Girl,” he moaned through gritted teeth as he felt her hands come to rest on his legs, giving him her submission.

Her moans vibrated along him as he fucked her mouth fast, her fingernails digging into his thighs. Her eyes lifted to meet his, her gaze was hooded, drunk with lust and desire and it caused him to lose the last bit of control he had. He let out a raw, animalistic growl as his hips moved hard and fast, his grip on her hair so tight it was borderline painful but it just made her more excited.

She could tell by his voice as he spoke to her and the swelling of his shaft that he was reaching climax. She pushed her head down as he thrust up, burying himself into her throat. With a loud curse, she felt his hot seed spurt and she swallowed as much as she could but some escaped and dribbled down her chin.

His movements began to slow, his grip loosen as he worked to control his ragged breathing. He let her move her head up causing him to fall from her mouth. Her lips looked swollen, her carefully applied makeup had smudged under her eyes and her hair was a mess from his hands. But he noticed the heat in her eyes, the flush of her skin. He knew what that look meant.

He cupped her chin in his fingers and pulled her to straddle in his lap. He warned her to keep still as his fingers explored the path of the ropes wrapped around her body. Every time she squirmed, he’d start again. It only took a handful of restarts before she learned to stay still and he rewarded her with a deep kiss, her hands went to his hair and she tugged on it as she kissed him back. He was tempted to tie her hands but he was enjoying the feeling.

“Now it’s my turn.” he whispered as he nibbled at her neck and he felt the shiver of anticipation run through her body and she knew the night wasn’t over yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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