Pleasure Slave

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“Your pleasure slave, your grace.” The attendant announced to the king, bowing gracefully at the waist.

My nerves were clearly on display as I attempted to follow suit, bending low in what I knew was a poor excuse for a bow.

When I straightened, I was relieved to the see that the king had not looked up from the paper he held in his hand, eyes scanning the words. I took a moment to study him as he sat on this throne. I had never been this close to the king before and I knew I was about to get a lot closer. He was older, hair gone grey, and fine lines around his eyes but he exuded elegance and power. A vast spread of even more paperwork was scattered on the writing table to his right. He still didn’t bother looking up when he said, “You may begin.”

I hesitated, second-guessing whether he was talking to me. I glanced at the attendant, but he had already turned on his heel and was walking away. I cast my gaze about and landed on the king’s guard who stood just behind and to the left of him. My breath caught, he was devastatingly handsome and he gave me a quick nod that somehow came across as encouraging due to the warmth in his golden-brown eyes.

I approached eryaman escort resimleri the king, kneeling between his sprawled legs. I hesitated again, wondering if I should wait for some signal. But the order had been given and he still didn’t bother to look my way, his brows furrowed as his pencil began scrawling away.

I reached out with shaky hands and untied the strings holding his loose pants up before pulling out his, still soft, cock. My fingers wrapped around the end, just below the head, and as I lowered my mouth my eyes once again found the guard’s, whose face was visible just over the king’s left shoulder. His warm cock entered my mouth and a tendril of desire unfurled low in my belly as I watched the guard’s warm eyes slowly darken with arousal, the only part of his body he wasn’t able to keep stoic and impassive.

The scratching of the king’s pen continued as I lowered my head further, taking more of his cock into my mouth as I began a soft suction, unable to drag my gaze away from the guard’s. The king’s cock slowly hardened as I bobbed my head, when the scratching came to a stop I tore my eyes away and looked to the king. He slid his etimesgut escort bayan hand into my hair, grasping the strands to control my movements. But his head was tilted back and his eyes were closed, so I looked over his shoulder once again.

The king urged me to move faster, and while I knew what a great honor it was to be chosen to serve the king, I couldn’t help but wish it was the guard I was kneeling before, his cock in my mouth, and his hands in my hair. His eyes told me he wished for the same thing; gone was the golden-brown from earlier, replaced completely by the darkness of his lust. His tongue quickly licked his bottom lip in what was probably an unconscious gesture, but it deepened my arousal further as I imagined what all that tongue could do.

The king had begun making soft grunting noises, my eyes flicking his way to ensure his were still closed. His cock grew slightly harder in my mouth, and I doubled my efforts, bobbing quickly as far down as I could go, my right hand moving in tandem over the rest of him. I would like to say my efforts were only for the king’s pleasure, to bring about his orgasm, sincan escort but I knew I was putting on a show for my guard. My thoughts stuttered, when did I start thinking of him as my guard, I didn’t even know his name. A pang of regret flowed through me, when I left here, I would probably never get to see him again. I considered slowing down, prolonging the king’s release, and therefore getting to spend just a few more stolen moments with my guard.

But it was at that exact second that the king tensed, gave a hoarse shout, and released his seed into my mouth. I continued suckling at him, extending his orgasm and cleaning his cock, but when the stimulation became too much, he pushed me away. I broke eye contact with my guard as I quietly tucked the king back into his pants and tied the strings together. “You may go.” He said, once again picking up some paperwork.

I stood, backed away from the throne, and gave another clumsy bow. When I straightened, I held my guard’s gaze as long as I could, silently trying to communicate everything I felt. And in his eyes were his own silent messages, the acknowledgement of all our potential.

The attendant appeared beside me once again, softly clearing his throat to get my attention. My guard gave me another encouraging nod, giving me the last boost I needed to turn and follow the attendant out. But I knew that I only a part of me left the throne room that day, the rest was left behind with my silent, handsome guard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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