Poker Night

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Last night, I was “the prize” for each hand. It was my request, a fantasy that you had allowed me to fulfill.

Blindfolded, of course. Hands gently tied together in front of me, so that my arms could move in various ways. I was wearing only a tiny camisole, and a delicate thong.

I could hear the music and sounds of male laughter coming from the other part of the house. Voices, saying things I couldn’t hear clearly.

Blindfolded… so that I didn’t know who it was each time, coming in to me, there in the other room.

The first one walked in quietly. One of his hands held my hands over my head, further decreasing my ability to see or detect anything. His other hand, his strong fingers, brushed the camisole to the side, stroking me, flicking my nipples to stiffness, his mouth hungrily devouring them.

Suddenly, I heard a knock on the door, and he groaned and left the room. I could only assume that some allotted portion of time was up, and he had to return to the poker game for the next hand.

I lay there trembling, waiting, my hands still over my head, because I enjoyed the feeling of cool air against my breasts, which were still wet from his mouth. I was SO turned on, my imagination running wild as to who might be next and what eryaman arkadan veren escortlar they might do to me.

After a while, the door opened again.

Suddenly I felt a mouth… licking my bare breasts, moving down my stomach, teeth pulling the thong aside, tongue pressing hard against my clit, the sudden intensity and warmth and wetness of his mouth driving me over the edge, as I lay shuddering, silently gasping for air.

A knock on the door. He left.

Time passed as I caught my breath. This time it seemed longer, perhaps because I wanted so much more. My bound hands were down in front of me now, my fingers stroking myself to stay on the plateau, so close to another orgasm, but not pushing myself through to the end yet. I wanted the next visitor to take me there.

The door opened. I heard another groan – was it the same voice I’d heard previously? I couldn’t tell. But HE could obviously tell I was touching myself. I heard his zipper, and tensed, waiting to see if I could hear a condom being put on. He followed my rules, while I stroked myself, moaning softly. “Hurry” I begged, in the darkness that only I could see. There was a dim light on in the room, of course. I wanted whoever visited me to see the outfit etimesgut escort bayan I’d taken great pains to choose, the manicures I’d spent two hours on…. the gold chain around my ankle.

Hands touched me under the back of my knees, lifting my legs up to his shoulders. He guided himself to me, and pressed in suddenly, his entire length plunging into me as we both gasped in pleasure.

Everything swirled around me as he pumped himself against me. I came again, gasping and then feeling him press hard, forward, that final telltale thrust that I want to feel, night after night after night.

The knock. As he walked slowly out, I rolled over onto my stomach, my arms stretched out in front of me. Squirming, trying not to whimper, “more… I want more” while I rubbed against the soft blanket beneath me, arching my back.

I lost track of time, in the haze of pleasure that I wasn’t finished with. I was aware of the door when it opened again, but at the same time I was so lost in myself, in my need for another orgasm, all that I could do was wait for him to stretch out above me. He entered me from behind, much more slowly this time. I was throbbing, swollen, drenched with moisture, and just as I realized sincan escort bayan he wasn’t wearing a condom, I heard your voice in my ear.

He kissed the back of my neck. You kissed me! It was you! I was thrilled. I could tell from the kisses, moving along my neck and shoulders, while you slowly fucked me. You whispered in my ear as you stroked your fingertips along my arm.

With one quick motion, the loose knot you had so gently tied fell free, and the satin sash around my hands slipped away.

I tried to focus on what you were saying… you were gliding in and out of me, steady, strong strokes that made me lose my ability to concentrate… you know how much I *LOVE* to be fucked from behind… your hands were cupping my breasts, as you kissed my neck, and spoke softly, almost growling … I could barely hear you, talking in such a low voice…

You were telling me something about cheating all night, and how hard it had been to walk out of the bedroom again and again, cheating at the game, and having to go out each time they knocked, and how you had finally told them to go home, you weren’t feeling well. That we were alone in the house now – they hadn’t even known I was there, waiting for you in the back room…

You told me that you wanted to take me out to the table, and lay me down in the middle of all of the poker chips and cards, and lick me to an orgasm all over again. And after we both had an orgasm (from thinking and talking about doing that, while you were fucking me from behind)

…we went and did it.

I love you, Luke.

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