Pole Dance Gets Screwed

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“You want a ride?” A beautiful blonde asked, pulling up to the pavement, where I was stood, quailing in the rain.

From the moment I saw her, I knew she was the one. She was the girl in the strip club who had pulled me to her and kissed me – put her hand as far into my underwear as she could, to slip the many notes between my legs.

“It all depends on who’s paying.” I smiled back, cheekily, pressing a hand onto the door handle.

“Doesn’t matter what kind of ride I’m giving you, I’m paying.” She winked back.

“I think I can forget about any money switching hands, if you play nicely.” I answered, slipping my drenched body in the front passenger seat.

“How much do you charge, then? I NEVER play nicely.” She replied, darkly, laughing and stroking my leg.

“That’s okay. I HATE playing nicely, too.” I grinned.

“Come on now, baby, enough with the teasing – let’s go have some fun. I want to hear you scream.”

About ten minutes of silent driving ensued until we finally arrived at her house. I was shocked to notice that her street was only a block away from mine. As she parked up in her drive and led me to her front door I thought of the situation I’d found she and I in only hours beforehand.

I was a pole dancer but, if the price was right I’d also strip at private parties and (if the price was even higher) I’d sleep with clients. I was the most popular sex worker in the whole of California – not bad for a girl brought up in Wales who’d relocated to California when she turned sixteen. The reason why I was most popular was because I knew how to move my body and get every man’s dick so hard they’d be tears popping out the corner of their eyes, and I knew how to make every woman (lesbian, straight or bisexual) climax and orgasm in their chairs, just from a single touch.

This woman – Starr her name was – had strode into the club, taken the front most seat and watched me for an hour, before shoving a fist full of double digit notes into my underwear, pressing and rubbing against my clit as she did so. Starr was a slutty beauty – the type of girl I worked with and loved to play with. She had huge breasts – most probably fake I assumed, since each boob was as big as my head, not kidding! She was fit and firm and had gorgeous blonde hair. Her eyes were the brightest blue and her arse was huge and taut, her whole body (which she’d dressed with the tiniest blue denim shorts and a white blouse tied under her breasts to show off her fantastic midriff) was tanned and hairless. From the first time I saw her I couldn’t take my eyes off her – wanting to tear her clothes off and fuck her with every inch of my being.

“You’re so WET.” Starr smiled, grabbing the hem of my skirt and pulling me against her.

I was wearing a black pencil skirt and a purple, satin blouse. Underneath them I still wore the sexy lingerie I’d worn during the show. All my clothing was soaked and sticking to my body. My nipples were erect, half because of the rain, half because of how sexy Starr was, and how, every time she touched me she turned me on. My panties were soaked through thanks to the amount of cum I produced every time I thought of holding those huge breasts and nibbling at her hard, stiff nipples …

“We should take them off.” She whispered, shoving me against the wall and kissing me roughly.

“Mine will go off, if yours do.” I replied, breaking the kiss only for a second, running my hands through her thick, straight blonde locks of hair.

She grabbed me against her and I pressed my whole body against hers, making it easier for her to reach the zip of my skirt. Like an animal she tore it off before ripping the buttons of my blouse to reveal my small breasts, covered in a white, frilly see-through bra. She pressed a finger against my nipple whilst reaching another hand to stroke my pussy through the light material of my panties.

“I didn’t know the rain could get to THIS part of you.” She smiled, satisfyingly, pinching my nipple and licking my neck.

She began nibbling at my neck and the soft skin of my collarbone, her head in between my little breasts, both of her hands occupied in slipping my panties off. After she’d succeeded getting me in nothing but my high heels and bra she moved her hands to my breasts again, cupping them in her hands and squeezing them, my nipples allowed to protrude through the gap between her finger and thumb.

“I love your breasts, they’re so tiny!” She grinned, pulling my arms out of the straps and pulling the bra down to reveal my breasts. “And your nipples are so hard!” She gasped, flicking them.

They were so hard, in fact, altyazılı porno that every time she flicked them, I winced in pain. She unclipped my bra, threw it to the pile of my clothes we were standing in and began to lick and nibble my nipples, loving the way I winced and shuddered every time she touched them. With one hand she began to squeeze my left nipple, pinching it a twisting it and pulling it, whilst she nibbled and bit the other one. Her other hand was travelling down my body, touching and squeezing, making her way down to my pussy. She took one finger and pressed it into my clit, rubbing it in circles. I shuddered and gasped, the pain of my rock solid nipples being chewed and my clit being played with hurt me, but in the most delicious sense.

“Get your clothes off!” I ordered, grabbing her ass and pulling her against me, forcing her to stand straight.

She was so much taller than me – my head rose just above her breasts – they were pressing into my neck and I could feel her huge, stiff nipples stabbing into me. I wanted nothing more to get her naked and bite them ferociously.

Starr slammed me against the wall and slapped me around the face. I stared at her smirking face, and I smiled back, shoving my hands down her shorts and pinching her sexy, firm arse.

“I make the rules around here.” She stated, her low, sexy voice darker. “Get out of my hallway and into my kitchen, bitch. When I feel it’s time to get naked, I’ll get naked. In the mean time I want to fiddle with you and make you cry. When I get naked, I’m gonna make you scream.”

She grabbed my hair and dragged me to the kitchen, slamming my body onto the kitchen table. From out of a kitchen draw she pulled out some duck tape. I was filled with anticipation – more cum pouring out of my pussy and my nipples searing with pain as they grew harder and harder – something I didn’t think possible at that time. She began by duck taping one leg to a kitchen table, and then the other, before doing the same to my hands. I panicked – I wouldn’t be able to touch her if I was stuck like that.

Suddenly she was between my legs again, stroking them with long, thin manicured hands, making her way to my pussy. She shoved her head against it and breathed in before licking up my juices on her table, her hair brushing against my pussy.

“Stupid bitch, you’ve got my hair sticky.” She smirked, pinching my clit, roughly, her nails digging in.

I let out a scream and broke it by gasping and moaning as she forced four fingers in, in one go.

“You’re not gonna ease me in and use one or two fingers first?” I cried as she thrust into me, her thumb whacking my clit.

“Bad girls don’t deserve pity!” She replied, forcing her thumb into me, as well, slamming her fist inside me.

I screamed and moaned as she punched into me, getting her hand further inside me than I could believe. The pain was intense, shooting up me like nothing before. She grabbed a breast and squashed it between her finger, twisting it and pulling it, pinching and pulling my solid nipple. Instinctively, I tried to move, tried to get her hand out of me since the pain was too much, but all she did was laugh at me, slamming her fist in, harder, rougher and further. After ten more seconds of agony she ripped her hand out of me and wiped my thick white juices all over my stomach, my breasts and inside my belly button.

“Now I think it’s time to get messy.” She stated, pulling her clothes of quickly and roughly.

She revealed to me that she was wearing no underwear at all – standing before me in high heels, alone. She turned around to sit on the table gap between my legs but, before she could, I stabbed a heel into her arse hole. She gasped and swore but bent over all the same, letting me kick her as well as I could. She pulled me out of her and ripped my shoes off before climbing onto the table. She thrust a high heel into my clit and shook her foot about, making me scream, tears pouring out of my tightly shut eyes.

“You like it, too?” She questioned, but my only answer was a pitiful wail.

She straddled me and pulled her shoes off, her wet pussy leaking out her juices to mix with mine, that she’d wiped all over me. She began humping my stomach, getting more of her juices pouring onto me.

I wanted to tell her to fuck me again – let me take her but let me do what I wanted to do to her, but nothing would leave my mouth but moans. I watched her huge breasts bouncing about, slapping her against her front. Starr stopped, suddenly, and twisted herself around, her head at my pussy, her rock solid nipples stabbing into me, and her soaking pussy against türkçe altyazılı porno my face. I shoved my head into her pussy and began slurping up her juices, licking her and biting the lips of her pussy. Starr gasped and moaned, moving herself to sit on my head. I began biting and tearing at the lips of her pussy, shoving my tongue into her as far as I could. I was shocked at how tight her pussy hole was, assuming that such a brazen slut would have a looser pussy hole, but that didn’t worry me. As long as I had her pussy lips between my teeth, sucking on them and licking her clit, she was the one moaning and screaming, not me.

She tried to pull away, but only to her own pain, so she decided to lick me out, instead, giving me the same treatment as I was giving her. I stopped to gasp as she bit my pussy lips and pulled them, which seemed to be what she wanted. She turned around and slapped me around the face, before shoving her head to mine and thrusting her tongue into my mouth into what I assumed was a fiery kiss. I enjoyed it for all it was worth before she got off of me and went to a kitchen drawer. She pulled out a knife and began slashing at the duck tape holding me down to the table. She grabbed me by the hair and threw me onto the floor.

“Get onto the floor. I wanna see if your asshole is as tight as your pussy hole – both of which are gonna be buckets by the time I’ve finished with you.” She snarled, throwing the knife into the sink.

Everything she said – every time she swore at me or called me a cunt – somehow it all turned me on. I proceeded to get on all fours after she left the room and ran upstairs. After opening drawers and throwing things around a room, I heard her clumsily steaming down the stairs, her arms full, I guess. My guess was proved right as she entered the room and threw a mixture of different sized sex toys onto the table. All the dildos and vibrators were huge – I guess if ever she were alone (which I doubted since this crazy, ferocious slut was gorgeous) she would work herself up, masturbating herself with her hands, before forcing a huge dildo into herself. I imagined her, suddenly, lying on her bed naked, peering over her huge breasts as well as she could, pinching her nipples, rubbing her clit before entering a finger into herself. She then moved onto two fingers, then three, then four, before emerging her whole fist into herself, fisting herself as well as she could, moaning and quivering before grabbing a huge, fat vibrator and forcing it in, her cum juices slithering and sloshing all over the bed and the vibrator …

Suddenly a dildo smashed into one of my arse cheeks. I let out a cry of surprise, before she started slapping my pussy with the same dildo.

“You’re cumming all over my fucking floor, and I’m not the one making you. What are you thinking about? It’s not what I’m about to do to you, I know that. The pain I’m gonna make you fucking feel is gonna make you wish you were dead.” She smirked, slapping my pussy harder and harder with the dildo.

“Try it!” I smiled, cheekily, before letting out a small scream as she whacked my pussy with the dildo, with all her might.

“Oh, I will!” She grinned, changing her mind about the dildo and grabbing a huge vibrator off the kitchen table and strapping it to herself.

The vibrator was bright green and round – seemingly made out of different sized plastic balls, starting from one huge ball to a small one, to a big one, etcetera. There were seven balls in total, all way too big to fit into my arsehole. I starting dreading ever daring her. I had seen a dildo like it belonging to one of my co-workers who I slept with once a week after the show we both shared. The balls were smaller on her dildo, however, and every time she used it on me I found myself too weak to move after she’d made me climax three times – about twenty minutes after shoving the damn thing in me in the first place. I couldn’t handle that dildo so I had no idea how I was going to handle a larger version which vibrated.

Starr had more strength than I had imagined (I guess that was due to her lugging those huge breasts about all do and STILL managing to keep create posture) – she flipped me over and forced my lower half onto her. My legs were either side of her gorgeous, curvy body, and I propped myself up on my elbows. She aimed the beginning of the vibrator into my pussy and pressed in as well as she could. I moaned instantly, feeling the cold plastic of the vibrator pressing against my pussy.

“Shut up! Your hole is too fucking tight!” She put me on the floor and stretched my legs out as far as they could go, before fisting hd altyazılı porno me again.

The floor was freezing and laminated, and I slipped and slid with every thrust. She went onto her knees and grabbed my head – her huge boobs dangling over mine, our nipples, like swords, fighting against each other, slamming and crashing – as she fisted me, ferociously. Soon she stopped and forced the first ball into my pussy, my juices making it easier for the balls to penetrate into me, not easing the pain, however, at all. She thrust again, trying to get the second ball into me – and I’d turned to a screaming pile of jelly already. That seemed to make her happy, but I knew she wouldn’t be satisfied without the whole of the dildo inside me and until she’d thrust the whole of it into me at least five times.

She leant over me again and grabbed my hair, forcing the second and third ball into me with animal strength. My body shook and I grabbed her arse, shoving both my index fingers into her hole, my nails digging into her arse cheeks, trying to help her get into me, and trying to steady my shaking hands.

“Get! In! There!” She ordered, seemingly to the vibrator, before pausing for a second, the fourth ball inside me, to flick the switch and turn the vibrator on. “That’s it, scream bitch!” She screamed with glee as I began crying out, climaxing over and over again, my pussy juices flowing like a waterfall all over the vibrator, the floor and her legs.

She thrust and she thrust until the seventh and last ball was in my cunt, thrusting several times until she finally headed my begs and pulled out of me. She watched, shivering and crying and sweating on the floor. She took a finger and pressed it against my clit, before falling into a lifeless state on the floor. I breathed in so deeply, gasping for air, the pain from my pussy deliciously taking all of the energy out of me.

“We’re not done yet, my sweetie.” She whispered, darkly, softly kissing my lips, my cheek and nibbling, gently on my ear lobe. “One more thing to do yet. Before that, though, you’ve got to clean me and my floor up. I don’t want you clean, yet, so don’t worry.”

She could see I hadn’t any strength at that time, so she eased her pussy onto my face, slowly, as she licked the insides of my legs and dipped a finger into the pool of cum, licking it, noisily. I looked at her pussy and saw it was swollen to hell – just like mine – and leaking out her juices. Damn it, even her juices made me hot! Somehow they seemed gorgeous, like her, and revived some of my energy. I plunged my head into her pussy and lapped up her juices, carelessly, drinking in all of her I could. I grabbed her thighs and squeezed them, tightly, licking her pussy, her thighs and her arsehole, trying to drink up as much of her juices as I could. Soon enough she was moaning, especially when my tongue penetrated her arsehole. Sadly, also soon enough, she’d climbed off me, and ordered me to lick off all my juices from the floor, as she grabbed a smaller dildo, to my gladness. The balled vibrator was dripping with my cum. She pressed it against her own pussy, before slurping up all the juices. I lapped up all my juices from the floor, slurping and swallowing, whilst she sat on the corner of the table, one leg raised, squeezing a nipple and masturbating with a dildo shaped like a purple dick. I stopped drinking and watched her, before kneeling over to her and licking all the juices dripping from her and onto the table. She moved the faux dick to allow me to lick her out. Firstly, I gripped her firm, tanned thighs, before grabbing her solid nipples and pinching them between my fingers.

She enjoyed this and allowed me to do so. I don’t know how long it was, but it was too long in my book, but sometime after she’d positioned me onto all fours again and attached a purple strap on dildo around her. She grabbed a handful of cum out of my pussy (making me produce more) and slapped the sticky substance onto the dildo, instead of using any kind of lubrication. She rubbed her hands together, covering them both with my cum, before she pressed a thumb into my arsehole, then two thumbs. She circled them in my arsehole until she was satisfied, then stuck the dildo into it. I gasped, her hands holding my legs, as she thrust the dildo into my arsehole. She stopped for a second and flipped a switch, making the dildo vibrate in my arsehole – yet another vibrator she owned. She thrust and she thrust until cum was spewing out of my pussy, flicking everywhere, my arse searing with agony.

A while longer passed until she herself could take no more, and she fell onto the floor, next to me. She pulled me on top of her and shoved me onto the vibrator (it still on, mind you), before we changed position for her to be laying on – so she could be sure the dildo would still be inside me in the morning, to start all the agonizing fun, again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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