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Author’s note: This series is devoted to my wife, for whom it was originally written. It is both a history of our sexual life as well as my means of sharing our fantasies, with alterations to names and times to protect our friends, but both the fantasy and reality are/were spectacular enough to warrant sharing with others.

This is the second story. It is a compilation of several real-life conversations and trysts combined into one short story. As the title implies, it is a setup for tales to come, thus there isn’t much action, but plenty of foreshadowing. Enjoy.


After that first amazing night, Tori and I spent nearly every day with each other for the next two weeks. I had never been this close to any of my previous girlfriends, and I was mildly surprised when I noticed how much time we were spending together. Even with the school year starting up again, neither of us had any trouble working around our schedules.

We still went on official ‘dates,’ but these were never the awkward, “So, what sort of hobbies do you have?” dates that usually occur in the initial phases of relationship. We were instantly comfortable around one another, laughing one minute then talking about deeply personal issues the next.

And the physical aspect…we fell right into that with frenzied regularity. In my room, in her room, in my truck, in her car…wherever we could get a moment alone, we were naked and all over each other. The passion of our first encounter was not a one-time deal.

But it wasn’t sex…everything up to it, but not the final act. Strangely, I never really noticed until almost two months later. This was unusual for me. I’m not a fuck hound, but there had been strain in other relationships when we reached a certain point and one person didn’t want to go further. Of course, as the guy, it was usually me, but in my defense I ended a relationship when the girl wanted me to take her virginity and I wasn’t ready to be her First. But once again, with Tori it was different. We had never talked about it, and when I brought it up, it was really just thinking out loud about the fact.

“Don’t worry, we will,” she replied, shrugging unconcernedly. “Maybe soon, maybe not. We’ll know when it’s time. But for right now, could you lick me again?”

Of course I obliged, and happily left the subject alone. I returned to her beautiful pussy, craning my neck as I tried to get my tongue as far up into her as a could. We were in a campus parking garage, completely naked in my truck for the second time in as many nights. We were getting into a routine with this; my roommate, an engineering student, and her roommate, a homebody, were always in during the weeknights, so what started out as a desire to find a secluded parking spot and make the best of the situation had eventually turned into a game where we would try parking in different places to see if we would still get away with it. I don’t have darkened windows, and she would strip down completely naked; if anyone walked by, they would have been treated with a view of her smoking hot, sweaty body. Tori mentioned this with some concern as I licked, and I only laughed. “It would be his lucky night!”

“But what if it’s a girl?”

“If she’s cute, ask if she’d like to join us.”

I got a light slap on the cheek and an eyeroll, but she was grinning as she pushed my face back into her crotch.

I continued licking ankara eryaman escortlar as I brought my fingers into play, searching for the spots inside her that I was coming to know exceptionally well–where to make her clench, where to make her melt, where to make her cum. “Going parking” was never about intimacy; it was about accomplishing naughtiness in public, and the implied danger added exciting haste.

Tori ran her fingers through my hair as she moaned, trying to keep her hips still so my mouth stayed over her clit. Being wedged under the dash on the passenger side certainly restricted my mobility, but I was willing to do just about anything to see this girl naked.

Her breathing came faster as my fingers went deeper, curling upward to stroke her g-spot. I was soon rewarded with a gush of fluid and a drawn-out sigh that signaled her release. I lapped all of it up, and started to lick my fingers clean.

“Hey, those are for me,” she said in mock-sternness, and I watched as she brought my cum-soaked fingers to her mouth, licking them clean as she looked me in the eye.

“That’s more like it. Okay, big guy, your turn.”

I unfolded from my position and crawled back to the driver’s side, using every opportunity to grope various parts of her body on my way. I was already shirtless and my dick was sticking up from unbuttoned pants (Tori had been giving me road head on the way back from dinner), but apparently this wasn’t enough.

“I want you completely naked. It’s only fair, in case ‘that girl’ walks by, it should be her lucky night, too.”

“Do I still get to ask her to join?”

“Only if you ask a guy too, also, if he walks by,” she shot back with a raised eyebrow and a challenging smile.

I laughed and took off my pants, then grabbed her head and forced it down like she’d done to me earlier.

I was shocked to find, after our first night together when she gave me the most unbelievable blowjob of my life, that Tori didn’t think she was very good at giving head. I deadpanned that we should practice more, not really believing that she could think that way about her skills, but she quickly agreed. I was not about to ruin that by clarifying my sarcasm (though I truly doubt she missed it). Either way, oral quickly became our favorite method of orgasm, though I did discover that she was a huge fan of mutual masturbation. I had never really considered it before, but it was kind of exciting to know she enjoyed watching me, and it was DEFINITELY exciting watching her. But I digress.

Watching her head bob up and down, and translating it into the wonderful sensations emanating from my cock, was incredible; I still found myself wondering how this girl who I had fantasized about for so long was now suddenly blowing me; it was like a dream that this goddess who I had put on a pedestal all those months ago now simply could not get enough of my cock. Life is good.

Tori understood that I enjoyed taint play, and usually had a hand involved when she couldn’t reach it with her mouth. Slowly massaging the nerves down there while cupping the balls always enhanced what she was doing with her mouth, and tonight was no different. I was rapidly getting ready to cum when I felt her hand drift lower.

I had not mentioned or really thought of her almost-rim job on that first night, but the question raced acutely to my awareness once again: will she do it? escort etimesgut I also briefly pondered what the hell this meant for my sexuality, but pushed the thought out and accepted that I was kinky enough to see what it would be like. I was also curious to see if she was, too.

My question was answered almost immediately as she slid her finger into my rectum, and I exploded in her mouth. The sensation was wholly unique, and extremely pleasurable; I felt like I would never stop cumming.

Of course the pleasure eventually subsided, though Tori had to bring up her other hand to wipe some of the cum which had escaped her mouth. She removed her exploratory hand and sat back, licking the cum off her fingers.

“Was that okay?” she asked with a hopeful expression on her face.

Once again I was amazed: here was this incredible girl, exotically beautiful in a way I had never seen before, who just swallowed a gallon of my cum after stroking my prostate, and she was asking me if it was okay? It had nothing to do with insecurity; she genuinely wanted me to have the ultimate pleasure whenever she sucked my dick. I acknowledged that realization at the time, but it would be years before I fully understood the implications. For the moment, however, I struggled to find a way to encourage her to do it again in the future, but at the same time let her know she didn’t have to in order to make me happy.

“Yeah…oh yeah, that was awesome,” was the best I could manage. Awesome.

“Good,” she said with a giggle as my breathing came under control. She swallowed, and dropped her hand to her lap. I simply looked at her, marveling in the perfect proportions of her body. She had that sexy glow-thing going on, and the cab of my truck smelled like sex. She was looking back at me with a thoughtful expression on her face.

“What?” I asked, knowing she had something on her mind.

“You really don’t care if someone walks by and sees me naked, do you?” she asked.

It was a rhetorical question, but the mildly surprised tone in her voice needed a response.

“No, I don’t,” I replied matter-of-factly. “I’m not at all concerned that you might be seen, or that I’ll be seen, too. Hell, I want to be seen with you,” I chuckled.

She frowned a little. “That doesn’t make you jealous?”

I shook my head. “Far from it. Look, I grew up with two sisters, and they were nice enough to explain some of the finer points of girls’ perspective on relationships. One thing they both agreed on was that jealous, possessive boyfriends are awful to be with. Protective boyfriends are great, but that’s very different from being hypersensitive about other guys checking you out or asking you to dance.”

“Or in your case, seeing the girl you’re dating naked,” she said with a wry grin. “Your sisters are right, you know…my last boyfriend was insanely jealous of me hanging out with other guys or seeing other guys check me out. I hated it, and it was one of the major reasons we broke up.”

I shook my head. Guys can be really fucking stupid about the wrong things. “You’ll never, ever get that from me. I take it as a compliment when you get looked over; other guys find my girl attractive, which mean’s I’ve done something right, and beaten them in the most important competition on Earth. You are mine, so I win, and I’m not afraid I’ll lose you to somebody else.”

“Oh batıkent escort really?” she said, leaning forward. “You sound pretty confident for someone who hasn’t even asked me to be your girlfriend yet.”

“Well, you just had your finger up my ass; does that not translate to commitment for you?”

She gave me The Look, then composed a very prim expression. “Fine. You put it that way, maybe I won’t do it anymore.”

“Okay, whatever; I’ll just do it to you…” I stuck out my pinky and made like I was going to move across the armrest and return the favor here and now, but she quickly fought back and pushed me away. I stopped and watched her tits bounce merrily as she laughed.

“It’s also because I trust you,” I said frankly. “I have no reason not to. I don’t worry about you cheating, nor do I have any right to dictate how you dress or who you spend time with. At the end of the day, as long as it’s my ass you’re sticking a finger up, I don’t care what else you do.” I said the last part half-jokingly, but it was pretty clear to her I was being serious. She mulled this over.

“I guess I’ve just never heard it that way before.”

“Seriously? No one’s ever used the ‘my asshole at the end of the day’ line with you before now? Glad I can still manage to be original every once in a while.”

She hit me on the arm. “Oh, shut up, you know what I meant.”

“Yes, I did. By the way, have you noticed that you hit me a lot?”

“Only when you deserve it.”

“Fair enough. So, you give me an ultimatum about assplay; I’m sure you realized that, in doing so, it goes both ways, and if I agree, then I get to return the favor?” I furrowed my brow and paused dramatically, feigning internal debate. “Okay, I accept. I’m your boyfriend, you’re my girlfriend, and that ass belongs to me.”

“Oh, baby, it all belongs to you,” she said with surprising emotion as she lunged across the cab and kissed me.

I was surprised at how much emotion I was feeling, too; I cared for Tori–cared very deeply, actually–and I had my first inkling that this was far more than a crazy fantasy come to life…we were really great together, and this brand-new relationship already had serious potential. I felt stupidly good about it all, and it made me happy to see her happy, especially about something I said. I returned her kiss with equal fervor, marveling at how the course of the conversation had led to this.

As if on cue, I heard footsteps approaching the truck. I looked up to see a guy walk by, oblivious to our shenanigans. Despite the sudden emotional turn in our dialogue, an evil thought crossed my mind, and I couldn’t resist honking the horn as he passed in front of my truck. He jumped and looked at me, just as Tori recovered from her own surprise and also looked at me. I started chuckling and gestured with my chin toward the guy. Tori looked out and made eye contact with him, her face a perfect imitation of the “deer in the headlights.”

She looked down at me, bewildered. I smiled broadly back up at her.

“You’re mine now, baby; I’m not worried about a thing.”

For a moment the confusion lingered, then her eyes narrowed, twinkling. She pushed herself upright and pulled her silky brown-black hair over her far shoulder, giving the lucky bastard a perfect view of her tits for a couple heartbeats before she nonchalantly sank back down to my chest and continued working on a hickey. The guy stared for a few more seconds, then he looked at me, smiling incredulously and slowly shaking his head. I laughed again as he walked off, still shaking his head, and I looked down at my beautiful new girlfriend, thinking to myself, Too bad, buddy; this girl is mine!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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