Power , Wealth: A Grandfather’s Control Pt. 02

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I would like to thank the hundreds of readers that campaigned for this series to continue. I hope you enjoy this 2nd installment. As always, you have my permission to cut and paste this story into your computer and change any name-age-sizes- height-weight-hair color- car model and make etc. or the length of the story to meet your specific needs. Adjust the grammar to the Old Kings English if you like! And for all of you literary giants, feel free to add a comma or a period here or there too.

As I sat in my 12th grade History class I couldn’t help but drift off and think about the events that lead up to this day and what happened in my home this morning. This past weekend my grandfather flew my mother, father and my former boyfriend and myself to New York City to a party in his honor. My grandfather is a very wealthy and powerful man who has business dealings all over the world. At 74 years of age he is very distinguished looking and in amazing physical condition. My grandfather has an incredible physique, especially for someone 74 years old. His distinguished and handsome appearance combined with his wealth and power always found him in the company of very sexy young women.

Growing up I never really knew my grandfather because he was always traveling around the world on business or for pleasure, but I knew that he was very generous to me and my parents. He was so generous that he provided us with one of the wealthiest lifestyles in Beverly Hills. Looking at our lavish-lifestyle you would assume that my father earned a few million dollars a year, but the truth was he hasn’t worked a day in his life. My grandfather has paid for everything we have. We live in the most expensive area of Beverly Hills and belong to all the high profile country clubs health spas, and yacht clubs. My mother also never worked a day in her life and the only job my father has ever had was as a gofer for my grandfather. I learned that all the bills for our lifestyle get sent directly to my grandfather, including cars, restaurants, food and clothing. My parents both drive the most expensive Mercedes and BMW’s and we even have a personal chauffer on call at all times. So for our entire lives my grandfather has provided everything for my family.

I learned from my parents that my grandfather had a reputation for being ruthless in business and always got what he wanted. While in New York City for his party, I also learned that getting anything he wanted included fucking any sexy young girl he chose. My grandfathers’ endless list of sexy young girls included the daughters and granddaughters of business associates and even partners and employees that worked in his many companies. They even included the daughters and granddaughters of business rivals that wanted to be with my grandfather because he was even more ruthless and powerful than their fathers or grandfathers. Well the time finally came at my grandfathers’ private party last week that he made us aware that we were his personal possession. The party held in his honor was for all his worldly accomplishments in his 74 years. To anyone reading this you would think that this was so disgraceful and immoral, but after the things my mother and I learned from his party, we were eager to give Frank (my grandfathers name) anything he wanted. ANYTHING!

I woke up this morning with the sounds of men with accents talking loudly and the sounds of a woman moaning and groaning. I heard a car door close and when I looked out my window I watched my father carrying a suitcase to a large black limousine. He looked as if he was in distress as he shook his head from side to side. I got out of bed and opened my door slowly as I listened to the groaning sounds. As I walked down the hall the sounds grew louder. As I stood along the handrail I looked down into the living room in total disbelief.

I saw my mother dressed in a skin tight mesh, white stretch micro-mini dress that was so transparent that you could easily make out what she was wearing underneath even from where I was standing two floors above! Standing beside my mother were the three young Middle Eastern men who were at my grandfathers party a few nights ago. Each of the men was in their mid twenties and dressed in expensive cloths. As they each took in my mothers’ sexy appearance you could see the hunger on their faces build and the hot tension rise around her as they leered at her lustfully. As they were taking in her appearance they were running their hands up and down her body which caused her to groan louder and louder. As they were playing with her body excitedly with their hands, one of the three men started telling her how sexy she was and that they were going to love fucking her all week. In turn she began running her palms up and down the obvious bulges in their pants. Suddenly one of the men began kissing my mother hard which caused her to moan excitedly while the second man pulled up her tight dress over the curve of her ass which reviled a white thong and a white lace garter belt attached to a pair of nude thigh high stockings. seks hikayeleri As the man continued to kiss her the third man who seemed to be the one in charge tore her thong right off saying,

“Let us see this sexy pussy we will be fucking all week.”

As he tore off my mothers’ thong as if were a piece of paper, I watched her break off from the hot kiss and look back at the man and with a devilish sneer and say,

“Oh fuck, I can’t wait to fuck your three big cocks. I’m so fucking wet right now, I can’t wait to start our fuck.”

As my mother said this my father stood at the entrance of the room and watched the three young men kissing her hungrily while they each played with her exposed ass and her braless tits through the sheer white mesh material as she playfully ran her hand teasingly against their big canceled hard ons. As my father and I watched in stunned surprise one of the one in charge pinched my mothers’ braless tits through her mesh top causing her to groan. He then looked at my father and said in a very irritated way,

“When your wife comes back from all the fucking we are going to give her, her sexy pussy will be sore for a month.”

As soon as he said that he ripped open his pants and out sprang a huge dark colored cock. Although it wasn’t nearly as big as my grandfathers, it was big. The night of my grandfathers’ party I watched him fuck two teenage girls and I was in total shock at seeing his freakish cock. I learned that night that my grandfather had a 13 inch cock. Judging by the size of my grandfathers cock who I knew was 13 inches, this guy had to be almost 10 inches. The thing that made him look so much smaller than my grandfather was the width of his cock. Not only was my grandfather enormous in length, but he was incredibly wide around. To be exact, he was a staggering10 inches around! I remember how much both girls screamed as my grandfathers giant cock pried apart their tight pussies and stretched them wider than a beer can.

I knew that my mother was going mad at the sight of this guys big cock, because I have accidentally seen my father on a few occasions and I knew he had a small cock, which compared to this guys seemed tiny by compression. As my mother was starring in disbelief at the big dark cock that was pointing right at her, the other two men undid their pants as if they were following their leader and pulled theirs out too. I could not believe how big they all were. They all seemed equal in length and width. Once the three cocks were out and pointing at my mother they looked menacing and were throbbing in a way that said to her,


It was then that I heard my mother gasp out loud and say,

“Oh fuck! Your cocks are so fucking big. Oh my god there so fucking big! Ummmm so fucking big!”

As my father looked on in shock, my mother instantly took a cock in each hand and squatted on her high heels and proceeded to jerk up and down and all over the two pulsating cocks while she flicked her tongue wildly over the cockhead that was right in front of her face. My mother was wearing the same glass platform high heels that my grandfather had her wear for his party. The 6 inch glass high heels only added to my mothers’ sinful porn-like look. Suddenly the room turned into a scorching sex scene filled with excited groans from the three men and my mother. My mother looked as if she was in a trance while she lovingly pumped and jacked the two huge cocks in her outstretched hands while she kissed and licked all over the third one. She then said hotly,

“Oh fuck I can’t believe how big your cocks are. I can’t wait until each one of these huge cocks are buried deep in my burning pussy. Oh fuck… they’re so fucking big. Oh god your cocks are so fucking big…Ummmm, I can’t wait to fuck every inch of these great big fuck poles!”

I could not believe the words that came out of my mothers’ mouth and I am quite sure my father was thinking the same thing. When I looked at my father again I noticed that he had his hand on his pants and he was rubbing his cock. I couldn’t believe it, but my father actually was turned on at the sight of his wife being taken by three younger Middle Eastern men right in his home and right in front of him! At one point I could tell the men and my mother noticed him playing with himself too.

It was then that the leader went over to my father and demanded that he take out his cock and play with it while he watched his wife get fucked. At first my father refused but then the man suddenly became irritated and struck my father in the head which caused him to collapse to the floor. I could not move because I was afraid at what would happen if they saw me. Deep down I knew that I should have gone back to my bedroom and call the police once the man attacked my father and knocked him out, but I didn’t want to miss a single second of the this very hot scene. I know it was evil of me, but I was really getting turned on and secretly wanted to watch my mother gaziantep şişman escort get fucked by these three big cocked Middle Eastern guys. There was a devious part of me that wanted to see my mother get fucked real hard until she begged them to stop.

The reason I was so vindictive was that, I had known for along time my mother was fucking my boyfriend Bobby every time I was at cheerleading practice. I remember driving home from high school one day because I had forgotten my cheerleader bag and when I went to my room I heard noises coming from the pool outside which was right below my bedroom window. When I looked outside I saw my mother bent over at the waist, sucking my boyfriends cock with nothing more on then a pair of black high heel pumps. After 15 minutes of sucking his tight balls and his rock hard cock she lead him by his cock to the outside bar, stopping every few feet to kiss him while she teasingly pumped his hard shaft. As my mother lead the way with her hand glued to his cock, her high heel pumps made a seductive clicking sound that drew my boyfriend’s attention to her toned ass. The clicking noises that popped off her high heels each time they met the hot cement was exactly what my mother knew would add to the hot fuck scene. Once she got to the bar stool she turned her back to him then leaned over it while he fucked her from behind. As my boyfriend fucked into her I remember my mother looking back at him over her shoulder and taunting him by saying things like,

“Do you like my pussy better than my daughters’ baby? I’ll bet my daughter doesn’t fuck your turned on cock like this, does she baby? I’ll bet she doesn’t make your horny cock explode like I do either, does she baby?

As my boyfriend fucked her like a piston she went on and on about how he deserved so much better than me and how I wasn’t good enough for him. After a few minutes she said she needed to suck his cock again. She then squatted down on her high heel pumps and eagerly blew him as he groaned in ecstasy telling her how hot she was. Of course this caused her to smirk up at him. After teasing him she positioned herself against the bar stool again and he reinserted his cock and went back to pounding her senseless. My boyfriend was fucking my mother so hard you could hear his cock hit her ass with every stroke. Mixed in with the slapping sounds of his crotch hitting her ass, were the sounds of their deep groans, and the clicking of my mothers black high heel pumps, as the backs lifted then slammed back down on the cement patio, with every hard thrust of his cock when it slammed into her pussy. As they fucked and kissed, I remember her telling him that I was just a spoiled little bitch and that her pussy was always ready for him whenever I was a bitch to him. Although I wasn’t really into my boyfriend, and secretly started fucking a few different guys behind his back including my 57 year old black Principal, I wanted to get even with my mother for fucking him behind my back.

This is part of the reason why I was turned on by the sexy scene. Also, there was a part of me that secretly wanted to play with their big cocks myself and wished it was me the three Middle Eastern guys were going to fuck instead of my mother. Although I wanted to go back to my bedroom and put on a pair of thigh high stockings and high heel pumps and walk down stars and lure them away from my mother, I decided not to disrupt this nasty scene that was going on as she was pleasuring them with her hands and mouth. I was actually so turned on that I started playing with myself, rubbing and then fingering my wet pussy and pinching my inch swollen inch long nipples that were sticking right off the tops of my excited 36DD tits, right through the flimsily material of my white teddy.

When my father groaned and fell to the floor I was surprised at my mothers’ lack of concern for her husband. She was so lost in pumping the two big cocks and alternating between sucking one then the other that she didn’t even care that my father collapsed to the ground. As my mother greedily moaned while she pleased the two men she showed just how little she cared about my father. The leader than walked back to my mother to get back into the hot action. My mother greedily took his cock almost as if she was rewarding him for knocking my father down. She wanted to show how him how turned on she was by his aggressive act. It was if she was rewarding him for knocking out the head of the household and taking his wife without even the slightest of protest. My mother then took his big swollen cock and paid special attention to it for ten minutes while the other two stroked their cocks while they watched their leader.

She then looked up at the young leader and said hotly,

“Oh baby, just watching you knock him out was so sexy. Seeing you punish him for disobeying you turned my pussy on like crazy baby. “

She then looked at him with a smirk and said in a real hot voice,

Ummm, bring me that big, sexy gaziantep sınırsız escort cock.Let me suck it baby. “

My mother then took his cock and continued to pump it lovingly and lick it wildly. After a while the leader asked her in a sarcastic voice if she wanted to stop sucking his cock and go tend to her husband. Without a second to think about it she looked up at him and with a devious grin and said hotly,

“Oh baby I could are less about him. All I care about is giving this great big cock of yours what it wants and needs…All of your big sexy cocks! I don’t want to stop playing with your big cock for a second baby. All I want to do is worship your three big sexy cocks.”

She then added in a hot throaty tone,

“He can stay there on the floor all day for all I care baby.”

She then smirked at him and continued pumping him and licking his swollen cock while he groaned approvingly and the two others took this as a cue to get back into the action. With no concern for my father the young men were enjoying the special attention my sexy 54 year old mother was paying their turned on cocks. The leader than walked back to my father and kicked him in the side which caused him to groan loudly, and told him to get up and take out his pathetic dick and play with it as he watched his sexy wife finally enjoy a real cock.

As my father slowly stood up he pulled down his pants and suddenly all three men began to laugh loudly. My father was beyond being embarrassed. He was so humiliated because in comparison to the three Middle Eastern men that were half his age, his cock was tiny! Even with a full erection my father only measured about 5 inches and compared to the three men my fathers cock looked like I thimble. The leader looked at my fathers’ cock while mockingly laughing and said to my mother,

“You call this pathetic thing a dick?”

He then walked back to my mother and kissed her hard while he ran his hand over the curve of his ass,then looked at her and said tauntingly,

“How did you let such a pathetic tiny excuse for a dick fuck this sexy pussy baby?”

My mother just groaned and said sarcastically,

“Oh lover, I used to laugh at his tiny cock and always imagined I was fucking one as big as all of yours. Trust me baby, I know my sexy body deserves to fuck a real big cock, and I can’t wait to feel each of yours buried deep inside this tight fuck hole. I can’t wait till the three of you get inside this horny pussy and fuck it till’ it becomes yours!”

My mother than reveled the reason the three young Middle Eastern men were in our home. While she continued to shamelessly pump and kiss each cock as if she was worshiping them instead of just blowing them she said hotly,

“When I met the three of you at my fathers party I was instantly turned on, and all I could think about that weekend was what it would be like for the four of us to be in bed fucking. When we were talking I noticed the way you were each looking at my body and I was hoping you were each thinking the same thing that I was.”

Without any concern for my father overhearing this, she looked at the leader and said brazenly,

“Oh baby all I could think about that whole weekend was the three of you playing with me and fucking me in so many different fuck positions.”

The leader than said candidly,

“Yes baby when your father introduced us we instantly wanted to take you back to our hotel and fuck you all night.”

He then said that they were at my grandfathers’ party because of a very big business deal they had with my him. The man said they contacted my grandfather because of his ruthless reputation as a businessman throughout the world. He went on to say that they each made comments to my grandfather about how sexy my mother was and that they were very pleased when he contacted them to let them know that she would love for the three of them to entertain her for the upcoming week on their private yacht.

After the Middle Eastern man told my mother about the business with her father she began thinking to herself about the events that lead up to this. While she continued pleasing these three turned on 10 inch cocks of guys that were more than half her age, Vivian began thinking to herself about her sexy meeting with her father yesterday and how he was the one responsible for arranging this fuck with the three business associates.

“I can’t believe how this all happened,’ Vivian thought to herself as she lovingly pleased the three young Middle Eastern men.

She reflected back to the party in honor of her 74 year old father. Growing up Vivian barley knew her father because of his travels around the world and never being married to her mother.

‘I remember the night of his party. My father had my daughter Allison and I go to an upscale boutique in Manhattan and arranged for us to wear the most sinful outfits imaginable. My father had prearranged and selected all of our clothing including two very reveling low cut mini dresses. He even chose what we would wear under the tight mini dresses. He selected a pair of classic thigh high stockings and a thong with a classic pair of black high heel pumps for my daughter, but surprisingly had me dress just like I am now; almost porn-like, with a thong, and a garter belt attached to a pair of thigh high stockings and these tall 6 inch tall glass platform high heels.

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