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Janet was exiting the department store where she is a manager when her phone rang. She fumbled with her purse and eventually found her phone and saw it was her husband, Tom, calling.

She answered, “Hey hon.”
he replied “Let me guess, you’re just now leaving work?”

She sighed and said “You know me so well … What’s up?”

“Well your extreme predictability is something I have learned by now, that combined with your your pretty crap memory is why I went ahead and took your brother to the airport.”

“SHIT, thanks hon. I completely forgot John was leaving. I doubt I could have gotten off of work early anyway, the store was packed and the new girl didn’t show up for work again.”

“Don’t worry about it ya doof, I don’t mind at all.”

“Well, thanks again, he would have been so pissed. You should be almost home by now, right?.”

“Nope, the traffic is over here is awful! you’ll probably get home waaaay before I will, how about you call a pizza in. Then you can just toss what you don’t eat in the fridge for me.”

“ok, sounds good. Our usual?”

“of course, wouldn’t have it any other way” He chuckles “See you in about four hours, it is gonna take me until tomorrow to get there at this rate”

“alright, drive safe. Love you. and thanks again babe”

“love you too, ya doof”

She heard the line disconnect

She throws her phone in her purse and swears under her breath.

This ruined her hopes for the night. Her assistant manager, a well known slut, kept talking to one of the hourly employees when she though Janet was away. Going on and on about this guy she met at a bar was so great at oral. “never in my life had I had cum so much in one night…. I swear I saw stars at one point” The conversation had made Janet a little turned on and she was hoping for a night of fun with her husband, who also was amazing at oral. But four hours from now would be midnight, which would only leave 6 hours of sleep, which was not acceptable. She was the manager and had to set an example, she can’t show up to work tired. She eventually made it to her car and began her daily hour drive.

Janet was a tall woman with dark auburn hair and light skin with a dusting of freckles on her face and shoulders. She was the shortest and oldest of her siblings at 6 feet tall and 27 years old. She found her husband, Tom, in her freshman year of college. He was 6’6″, very fit, and was the only person Janet warmed up to enough to open completely up and show her darkest fantasies. Luckily, Tom shared all of her kinks. Escort Eryaman

Janet was proper, predictable, and practical in her public life, however her fantasies could make a hooker blush. Her religious upbringing led to her bottling this inside, which only led to an explosive release in her private time. Tom is the only man to see this side. She and Tom especially love role play and took turns weekly playing ‘dom’ and ‘sub’. Of course they had a safe word, gravity, to be used if something goes very wrong, but it has only been used once in their 8 years of marriage, when a massive, 15″ strap-on was involved…

As Janet drove through the outskirts of the city , she thought about the locked box that held her 8″ purple vibrator at home. Since Tom was calling the shots this week, she wouldn’t be able to get her self off except through Tom. She groaned and made a mental note to give him some payback next week.

She finally made it to her’s and Tom’s dream house, two stories with a pool out back, and a two car garage. She pressed the button to open the garage, but it was not opening. “Great! its out again” she though. She parked her car and entered through the front door. Leaving most of the lights off, as usual, she began her nightly ritual, she went to the bedroom to change into some old, worn-out clothes, “not even going to be seen tonight” she thought, used the restroom, washed her face and then made her way to the kitchen for a drink.

When she walked into the dark kitchen, she noticed something hanging from the light fixture. She could just barely reach it on her tip toes. It was a folded piece of paper. Unfolding it, she read:

“John’s flight is next week ya doof. Look back at the light.”

She did as she was told and looked back at the unpowered kitchen lights when she heard a loud noise, like a large book falling, and the lights switched on. She was blinded by the bright lights and couldn’t hear clearly but she did feel something wrap around her wrists and bring them behind her back and tie them there. Something then went over her eyes, and earplugs were pushed, gently but with force, into her ears. It was then she knew her day would end how she hoped. She smelled Tom’s cologne and almost begged for his dick. Strong muscular arms picked Janet up like she was a paper weight, and hoisted her over a wide, thick shoulder. He carried her to the bedroom nearest them and threw her back first, forcefully yet with care, onto the large mattress. Janet was playing along saying “no, please don’t.” but wanted it so badly. Her Eryaman Escort acting was suffering because of being horny

He tore off the old t-shirt she had just put on minutes before, revealing her large tits. He licked her nipples while pulling down her sweats and panties. Janet half struggled but by this point she just wanted a dick inside her as soon as possible. He picked up on this and decided to make her beg for it. He moved lower and began to lightly lick the area around her drenched pussy and very slowly and lightly licked her clit. She squirmed and whispered,

“Please fuck me, I need you in me.”

He got what he wanted. He rolled her over, and positioned himself at her entrance and slowly pushed. Janet groaned as she felt him enter. She came around his dick the second it bottomed out. He felt her orgasm, smiled and began to fuck.

It took Janet several minutes to recognize that something seemed different. His dick felt thicker and a little shorter than normal. His rhythm was odd and there was a different smell other than Tom’s. Janet began to panic… She knew what Tom’s dick felt like and this was not his… What if she was being taken by a different man…….. She said “gravity” just barely above a whisper. The hard and fast fucking she was receiving immediately stopped. Her ear plugs were removed and she heard Tom say

“Whats wrong are you ok?”

she replied relieved “OH it IS you. For some reason something felt off. We can keep going.”

Tom said “Are you sure?”

She said “Fuck me harder this time!”

He did as he was told, even though he was ‘dom’ this week, and picked up the pace. She became lost in the moment again,cumming twice more, but she couldn’t shake the feeling something was off. So she slowly began to rub her head against the bed, working the fabric covering her eyes up over her head. Once he had one eye partially free, saw someone sitting in front of her in a chair opposite the bed.

It was Tom.

She gasped and said STOP(avoiding the safe word) at the top of her lungs. The man fucking her did as commanded. She rolled over and saw her brother John naked, with a rock hard dick that was a little thicker and a little shorter than her husband’s. She was in shock, but said

“Well its too late now, might as well as untie me and have fun with it.”

He did as he was told and untied her hands. Once she was free, she kneeled down in-front of him and began to suck his dick like it was the only thing keeping her alive. She bobbed back and forth, taking him deep Eryaman Escort Bayan into her throat. When she heard his breathing quicken, she assumed he was getting close so she stopped sucking. She told him “lay across the bed and wait” and walked over to her husband and kneeled down and took his pants off and began to suck his dick even harder than she had sucked John’s. Due to all the experience they have together, She could easily tell when Tom was reaching his end. Once she knew it was near, she stopped sucking him and lead him over to the bed.

She climbed on top of her brother and Tom took his position behind her. She leaned forward and kissed her brother and slowly lifted up to mount him. As if they had rehearsed it, by the time Janet had taken John’s entire length, Tom had already put on a condom and began to slowly penetrated her asshole. All three moaned softly and began to fuck, out of sync at first but eventually finding a rhythm. They built up speed and intensity, fucking as if they had done it a thousand times. Janet was in heaven, this was one of her deepest and darkest secrets she had told Tom, and he made it a reality.

They fucked for what seemed like hours, but was only about 10 minutes. John began to break rhythm and started speeding up. Tom, slowed down and let John have his moment. Janet also noticed what was happening and leaned down and whispered in her brother’s ear “I want your cum in me. I’ve wanted your cum for sooooo long.” John let out a groan and exploded deep in his sister’s cunt. His orgasm seemed to last ages, bathing his sister’s insides with his seed. Janet let his orgasm subside, enjoying the feeling of being filled, then slid off his cock and Tom pulled out of her ass. John moved to the side and let Tom take his place. He removed the condom and laid down on the bed. Janet mounted him like she had done hundreds of times before. His dick fit her pussy perfectly. They fucked in perfect rhythm and both quickly began to reach their orgasms at the same time. Janet clenched tight around Tom’s dick just as he began to send his seed. He unloaded twice the amount John had. The two moaned into each-other’s ear as they enjoyed the bliss.

After several minutes, the two moved apart. Janet, now worn out and tired, laid between her brother and her husband, enjoying the feeling of being filled with their cum. The three laid there for several minutes in silence

The silence was only broken by the pants and breathing until Tom then said “You forgot to order the pizza!”

Janet said “lemme guess, you already ordered it”

Tom smiled and said “of course”

John laughed.

Janet laughed too and said “You know me way to well.”

The three slowly got out of bed, put on their underwear and made their way to the kitchen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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