Primal Need: Masturbation Fantasy

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His cock was incredibly thick and long. The huge bulbous head had a hard ridge and as I stroked him clear fluid oozed out of the large hole at the end. When I pulled his cock toward me, he moved quickly grabbing me picking me up as if I weighted nothing. He had a thigh in each hand my cunt was spread open he lifted me above his cock aimed at my hole easily threading it into my gaping wetness. Sliding between my folds, his cock filled me. I tilted my hips the ridged head of his cock raked along my g-spot; I pushed hard out at him. He leaned me into the wall and pounded into my cunt. As I started to orgasm, he groaned and shoved hard I felt his cock pumping hot fluid into me. He leaned into me breathless.

Later that evening as I lay down on the mats, he reached for my breasts pulling me toward him by the nipples grasped firmly between his thumb and forefingers. I gasped as he sucked my left breast deeply into his mouth. I could feel my nipple rub against his palate as he sucked my left breast while massaging the other. When he released my breast my nipple extended at least an inch fully hard and throbbing. My cunt was soaked! He lay down behind me his cock hard. He dragged it along my thigh I opened my legs allowing him to thread it into my dripping cunt. As he pumped into me from behind, I once again had a deep retching orgasm. All night long we fucked. I sat over his cock raising and lowering myself feeling the build-up of orgasm as his thick rod stroked the inflamed walls of my vagina; he climbed on top of me I spread my thighs wide open and pulled them up high so he could get very deep while stroking my swollen g-spot ankara eryaman escortlar and dragging my clit along his massive tool. I placed my legs over his shoulders he grabbed my hips pulling my body up over his cock.

We slept with his cock semi-hard lodged in my cunt. When I roused, I’d clamp my pc muscles until I felt his cock harden even more then I’d bump back into him. He’d reach over me grabbing my breast, squeezing my nipple as he worked his tool in and out of my wet, warm woman hole. By morning my cunt hair was a sticky matted mess of dried fluids. As I bathed my cunt lips were swollen, my clit was huge and hung low, my vagina tender to touch.

When we again mated, I gasped as my tender walls stretched over his tool. It hurt so good I wanted more….more….more.

The next several days were the same I spent my time nude. When he was around he entered me sometimes slowly sometimes with urgency and we fucked over and over again. I wanted to be bred; my fantasy has always been to be bred to be taken with such ferocity and urgency that I was pushed into fertility. It was on the third night that I realized I had conceived.

He was seated on a ledge and motioned for me to come to him. He turned me around and bent me forward then pulled my hips back into him directing his cock into my cunt. I sat on him, rotating my hips feeling his cock filling me then I began rhythmically rocking my hips so that his cock moved only an inch or two in and out of me — the ridge on his cock was swollen and hard it scraped my spongy g-spot. I felt my fluids bathe his cock and knew I was about to come. He had escort etimesgut his hands around my waist holding me tight to his lap yet allowing me to ride him hard and fast. As I began to come, I felt his cock pumping into me bumping into my cervix he held me still and that’s when I felt the tip of his cock at my os, he was grunting, gasping and I knew my uterus was sucking all of his seed directly into my womb. The spasms of my cunt milked every drop of fluid from his cock.

He remained hard inside me we were basically standing his cock buried in my cunt pumping, throbbing. He bent me forward I fell easily into a deep forward bend my legs widespread. I felt him begin to move again pulling out of my cunt then pushing slowly back in. His finger grazed my ass hole then dipped down into the secretions oozing from around his cock. His wet finger grazed my ass hole again and he applied a slight pressure. I gasped and my cunt clamped down hard on him. I heard him moan, his cock got harder, fuller and he increased the speed slightly then slowing again he dipped his fingers into the oozy wetness between us again smearing my puckered hole. The tip of his finger penetrated me. I felt my cunt ooze fluids around his cock — I was so wet and slippery now I could hear the squishy sounds of his cock pushing into me and pulling out…pulling out to the ridge and staying there. Those sounds, those wet, sucking, smacking sounds of mixed fluids, primal needs and animal response. I tried to bump back into him but he held me by the hips — suddenly I realized my cunt was aching to feel his full presence batıkent escort and I wiggled trying to engulf more of his cock yet he held me tight — his finger making circles around my ass hole as he slipped one finger into me. I jerked hard he used the opportunity to slam full length into my cunt where he rotated his hips in a circle tormenting my walls. His finger worked in my ass, in and out, a steady penetration then withdrawal. I wanted it.

He stopped and pulled his cock out of me his finger remained in my ass. He lowered his arm and motioned for me to step over it so I’d be facing him. As my cunt glided across his forearm, I left a wet trail of fluids. We lowered to the floor his finger remained in my ass. I opened my legs straddling him; I reached between us and guided his swollen cock into my depths; as I did so he inserted another finger into my ass. I started to pant he held tight deep in my cunt and rammed my ass over and over with his fingers…I was wiggling, orgasm was fast approaching he grabbed my breast and twirled my nipple hard. I gasped he pushed yet another finger into my ass then stopped looked into my eyes as he buried his cock in my cunt with three fingers up my ass. I had my hands on his powerful arms; I was begging to come. I was trying to move against his cock yet he held me preventing me from moving against him. He suddenly pulled his cock out of my cunt, removed his fingers from my ass and placed my legs over his shoulders. He took his cock in his hand placing it at my ass his other hand holding my shoulder so I couldn’t move — he leaned forward bringing my hips upward I looked between my legs at his massive cock poised at my ass hole. I tried to struggle he sank his hips into me burying his cock to his balls in my ass. I screamed and orgasmed at the same time. With each pulsation of my orgasm he humped his hips into me then shot his load into the depths of my bowels.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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