Private Lessons Ch. 03

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The aroma of waffles, turkey bacon, and eggs flowed into Amelia’s nose and summoned her from her slumber.

Her muscles from her head, through her fingers, and down her legs to her toes were still tingling and charged with ripples of sexual energy.

It was another wild night of dancing between the sheets with Michelle and this last time was unlike any other. She could still feel Michelle’s kisses smothering her body—on her lips, behind the ears, the side of her neck, on her tummy, and all over her legs back and front. And that lasted for what seemed to be an hour before she gave her attention to her breasts and womanhood. No, wait. It wasn’t an hour. Time had ceased to move when they were together. It was like every kiss, every stroke, was slow, savored, and done so lovingly between the women.

It was official. Amelia had fallen for the sweet and loving Michelle. And she was still plummeting from the sky hoping that feeling would not end anytime soon.

Amelia had wrestled with the idea of starting a family with an ex, which had been her dream since she was playing with female dolls and making the male dolls kiss them.

After last night, she fell off the fence onto Michelle’s side and wasn’t the slightest tempted to entertain any notion that didn’t have to do with being with her.

She called her ex in the middle of the early morning darkness to let him know that she decided to be with someone else she cared about.

Michelle, having been disowned by her brother for being a lover of women, would especially be thrilled at Amelia’s epiphany.

They were the best of friends that shared and held each other’s secrets and kept one another upright when the weights of the world tried to bring them down. The women sleeping together was the next step and after that, a commitment between them would solidify it all.

After Amelia rubbed her eyes and the world came into focus, she noticed something that replaced Michelle in the bed next to her.

It was a pink rose, her favorite flower, and its stem was inside a partially folded card with more roses on the front.

She rolled onto her side, took the rose into her hand, and held it under her nose. She gave it a strong sniff. She loved that floral smell.

She opened the card. It read:

“All I can say is that I love you. I hope this little flower tells you how much I do. Love, Michelle.”

“Aww, she’s so sweet!” Amelia said as her heart melted into mush. A tear trickled down her face. She couldn’t wait to find her that morning.

Amelia did love her, too. She’d been in denial about it for a while but it was like Michelle sensed that and was determined to draw the truth out of her.

Amelia sniffed the mashed in area of the bed next to her. It was a delicious mix of Michelle’s papaya lotion and the women’s sexual secretions.

Amelia, aside from being warm from love, was also feeling incredible naughty this morning, a result of their action the previous night.

After outstretching her arms and a long open-mouthed yawn, she sat up and threw her legs over the side of the bed.

She looked down at her legs and lamented about how much she needed some sun but seeing them also reminded her that the blanket wrapped around her was the only covering she had.

It was too early to wear the pink top and jeans she wore last night since her only plans for the day involved staying in with Michelle. Her impromptu overnight stay meant she didn’t have a change of clothes or any toiletries to speak of.

It was quite the dilemma but she figured to sort it out after her daily morning pee.

She shuffled to the bathroom connected to the bedroom. She went for the toilet but a glimpse of herself in the mirror pulled her back.

She thought some sparrows might mistake her long, dark brown hair for a nest to raise their young. Michelle said her bed head was sexy but Amelia was sure she was full of it.

Amelia jerked her hand away from the little blue brush with Michelle’s hairs in its bristles sitting on the white marble sink. Today and today only Michelle was going to get her way as far as that went.

As Amelia was sitting to relieve herself, images of last night played like a slideshow in her mind. She recalled how Michelle spent so much time pleasuring her sex. She took her time with each stroke of her tongue and every finger penetration inside her. She didn’t even want attention herself. She wanted to spend every second, every touch, on Amelia.

As much as Amelia reveled in that, she had to return the gesture and Michelle’s shouts of ecstasy told of her approval. She’d never heard her scream in glee like that and was determined to hear an encore.

The following picture in Amelia’s mind was the 69 they did where Amelia was on the bottom. She couldn’t get Michelle’s ass out of her mind as she spent a while looking up at it from her position. It was shaped like the classic bubble. Not particularly fat or thick but it had its fair share of padding. Enough to fill a pair of pants nicely.

She bursa eskort bayan had a buildup of urges that were becoming overwhelming to play with her again.

After finishing her business in the bathroom, Amelia walked back into the bedroom and found Michelle’s T-shirt drawer. She tossed on one of her pink tees with short white sleeves. Michelle’s size was smaller than hers so the shirt was squeezing her tits. It brought a grin to Amelia’s face since she could think of another person that would love to see that.

Amelia was hypnotized by the smells coming from the kitchen and had to make her way there. She passed by the bed first and thought about sifting through the covers to find her panties but she told herself “no.” She was in the mood to be bad.

She followed the hallway to the living room and through it to the kitchen.

Amelia nibbled on a nail while she watched Michelle prance around the kitchen, going from stove, to countertop, to refrigerator to prepare breakfast.

She was wearing a white tank top that hugged her tits to where she could see her hardened nipples pushing through. Her blue jean shorts displayed that ass Amelia was daydreaming about and showed her legs, which had a lightly tanned glow.

Amelia, still undetected, crept her way towards Michelle. When she stopped to look down at her cell phone, Amelia grabbed her at the hips and spun her around.

“Hey! Good morning!” Michelle said as she wasted little time attaching her lips to Amelia’s.

Amelia kissed her back with ferocity but was matched by Michelle’s desire. Amelia made it a point to slide her hands over her back and to her ass where she groped it hard. It had Michelle moaning during their kiss.

Amelia pulled her friend over to the counter nearby and leaned against her to bend her backwards onto it. She pressed her lips to Michelle’s again and almost like they could read each other, both women opened their mouths and flicked their tongues together.

Amelia, with her heart racing, stood up trying to compose herself. “Mmm, I couldn’t start my day without doing that. I love the gifts you left for me.”

Amelia choked up again and her face flushed with red and a steadier stream of her liquid emotions poured over her cheeks.

Michelle’s eyes moistened and she ran her first and middle fingers through them. “No, don’t do that! You’re going to make me cry!”

“I haven’t felt this way about someone in so long. I couldn’t help it.”

Michelle said, “I meant what I wrote. I could also get used to those kisses every morning. That was hot…even with someone having morning breath.”

Amelia said, “Oh, whatever.”

Michelle brushed her hand and giggled. “I was only teasing! Don’t get salty!”

Amelia loved that playfulness about her and it forced her cheeks to puff. “I know!”

They dried their eyes and Michelle went back to cooking.

Michelle stood before the stove and flipped the sizzling bacon in the skillet. “I hope you don’t mind pork bacon. I usually eat turkey but I was craving the bad stuff today.”

Amelia was thinking that the she was also craving some “bad stuff.”

“No, it’s fine…” she said as she hooked Michelle around the waist from the rear. Michelle snuggled into her as she leaned back into her body. They stayed like that for a full minute or so.

“I love this…” Michelle said in a low tone.

“Me too,” Amelia said as she unsnapped Michelle’s shorts. “I was thinking that your ass is so cute. I want to watch it while you finish cooking.”

“You’re in some feisty mood this morning, sweetie.”

“All the fault for this is with you for being so damn sweet, hot, and sexy…”

Amelia pushed down her shorts revealing her purple panties. She couldn’t help but slide a hand over her pussy through them and rub all over it. She was emitting so much heat like the fireplace it was.

Michelle reached back and tugged Amelia’s messy tresses. “Oh my, God, you’re going to make me cum again…”

Amelia whispered in her ear, “Not yet!” She continued to push her shorts down followed by her panties and let them bunch around her ankles. “Now, you can properly get breakfast ready.”

Michelle practiced scooting around with her ankles restrained. “Hmm, this feels so naughty. I’ll have to get used to this.” Amelia drew her open hand away and spanked her ass causing it to jiggle and her body to jump. “Oww!”

“Just hurry and finish. I’m starved!”

Michelle massaged her backside. “Oww, alright, I will be a good girl and get it ready!”

Amelia slid into the cushioned chair at the dining room table nearby with a nice view of the kitchen and Michelle’s meaty cheeks.

She could see her pussy lips, which were already coated with specs of white cream.

She dropped her potholder. She took her time bending over to pick it up. Her ass spread revealing a dark, sacred place. As much as she cared for that woman, the fact remained that she wanted to do some devious things to her. Michelle’s kindhearted nature and bursa otele gelen eskort bayan sweet personality would serve to make it that much more bad.

Michelle walked ever so carefully to the sauce pan and gave the bubbling red liquid and strawberries a stir.

Amelia couldn’t resist reaching between her legs to rub herself as she stared at Michelle. Her ass shook whenever she moved in a way that screamed sexiness.

Michelle poured some of the sauce over the waffles on both plates. She slid the spatula underneath the bacon and let the strips rest on a paper towel.

“So, are you going to call Willie today and tell him the news about us?” Michelle asked. She was deep in the sleeping abyss that morning when Amelia called Willie to let him know that she committed her love and soul to Michelle. She would have loved to have heard that but Amelia was too anxious to wait.

Michelle looked over at Amelia but she was somewhere else. At least her mind was.

She had pulled up her T-shirt and was sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy. Her thoughts about Michelle were driving her crazy. She was dripping wet and some of her juice spotted the cushion she was sitting on.

With her other hand, she was rubbing her clit and inhaling and exhaling at a rapid rate. The rush within was breathtaking.

“Oh, yeah…” Amelia said to herself with her eyelids sealed.

Bringing her from her moment of bliss were Michelle’s hands like whipped cream, which moved hers away.

When she emerged from the darkness and her thoughts, she saw Michelle on her knees between her legs.

She said, “Let me handle this…”

She left kisses from Amelia’s ankle, up her legs, and around her knee. Up higher she went, pressing her lips to the middle of her thigh and over to the edge of her pussy.

Anxious for her magic, Amelia was squirming. “Lick my pussy, please.”

Michelle, while still on her knees, laid a hand alongside Amelia’s face and she drew closer to her. They kissed again. Michelle caressed her neck from the side around to the back. She widened her mouth and Amelia licked her tongue, over her teeth, the inside of her cheeks, and her lips. Their lips connected again and Amelia was lightheaded from the indulgence of so much passion.

Michelle, now back between Amelia’s legs, parted her womanhood and dove into her wrinkled flesh. She twirled her licker in unpredictable directions within her heated, wet crevice.

She plunged her tongue in as far as she could and fucked her with it.

Amelia flooded with tension that had her squeezing her own tits through the T and pulling on her hardened nipples. “Yeeesss…that’s it…”

Michelle’s hand traveled over her tummy, which pushed Amelia’s shirt up, and she felt around her chest. She cupped and massaged the first breast she found.

She licked her pussy with long, slow strokes up to her clit, down again through her fold, and all along the flesh within. She dragged it back to her swollen nub where she clamped her lips on it and sucked and sucked.

Amelia cried out.

While she sucked, a finger slithered into her sex, followed by another, and a third. She pushed them in until she could get no deeper, pulled them back, and rammed them in again. She then moved her fingers in a come-hither motion to stimulate her g-spot and Amelia grabbed her ponytail and pulled.

“I’m going to cuuummm…” her voice shook.

Michelle kept vibrating her digits inside her until she was rumbling out of control.

At the pinnacle of pleasure, Amelia came in waves with her delectable honey coating Michelle’s mouth inside and out.

Amelia’s body became rubbery and was sapped of energy. She gasped for air as Michelle was caressing her damp arms, over her stomach, and legs.

After her heart returned to normal, Amelia said, “Thank you, honey. I needed that, too.”

Michelle rose to her feet and she attached her smoochers to hers once again. “You don’t need to thank me. You’re my girlfriend now, right?”

Amelia soaked that in. She hadn’t thought about that before but it was true. Those words resonating within her ears were comforting.

She nodded and a smile lit her face. “I think it’s official now!”

“Yay!” Michelle said as Amelia stood. They jumped into each other’s grasps and kissed more.

Amelia broke from the lip embrace when she forced Michelle to the dining room table breasts first. “My turn to play with you, sweetie.”

Michelle was unable to hold still. “Ohhhh…I can’t wait for it.”

Amelia moved to her rear and admired her ass up close. Another spank to her right cheek and it hopped again.

Michelle said, “Oww! Do you have a new fascination with my ass?”

“Fascination, yes. New? Nuh uh.” Amelia kneeled behind her.

She fondled her pussy from behind and her girlfriend relaxed on the table with a sigh.

She worked in a pair of fingers, which were submerged in her sensual liquids as she drilled them into bursa eve gelen escort her. She kneaded her left cheek with her free hand and slapped it a couple of times. The smacking sounds grew a bit louder with each spank.

Michelle whimpered but stayed in place.

Amelia sexed her with her fingers in a blur and she gripped the table.

She massaged her legs, getting deep into her muscles, and worked her way between her legs where she moved her hand around over her clit. Michelle was moaning and tapping the table as if to be submitting to the pleasure.

Amelia tasted Michelle’s wetness on her fingers. She was sure it was like that strawberry sauce she made.

She fingered her some more with easy motions and trickles of her excretions dripped down her leg.

Amelia let her lover have a taste as Michelle savored each digit across her hand.

“You taste so wonderful…” Amelia said.


Amelia had to have more and she went behind her again. She held her hips, pulled them back, and buried her face into her pussy.

She devoured it like she’d never eaten it before. Her tongue was flying in all directions taking in as much as she could.

Michelle was yowling. “Yes! I love that!”

Amelia was absorbing her aroma with her nose to her glory hole.

Amelia seized both of Michelle’s ass cheeks and groped them with roughness while gliding her tongue through her slit and inside once more.

She stiffened her licker to fuck her with it. Michelle became wobbly as she moaned louder.

Amelia stood while jamming her fingers in her pussy with the fingers one on hand and with the other, she grabbed at Michelle’s tit. It was still mashed into the table so Michelle lifted herself off the wood and Amelia snatched it in her grasp. She rolled it through her mitts while still inside her tank top. Her fingers were still plowing her sex.

Amelia rolled her top up from behind until her tits fell free. She kissed a trail from her lower back, over her spine, and to the rear of her neck. She quivered. At the same time, Amelia was kneading her tit and running its hardened nipple between her fingers.

Michelle turned to face Amelia and kissed her with heated passion. “I…shouldn’t let breakfast get cold.”

Amelia held her hand while gazing into her eyes. “I hope we can play later.”

Michelle grinned and tightened her grip on her hand. “I’ll think about it. Let’s eat. I meant the breakfast.”

Not that Amelia would have minded another session feasting on her pussy but one couldn’t live on that alone.

Amelia sat in her chair again. “Good. I’m ready.”

Michelle brought a pair of plates to the table with waffles drowned in the strawberry sauce with chunks of the fruit on top, two bacon strips, and scrambled eggs with shredded cheddar mixed in. She brought a couple of glasses and a carton of OJ and filled them to the rim.

After returning the juice to the refrigerator, she sat with her new lover.

She said, “You could have started eating already.”

“I wanted to wait for you so we could eat together.”

“Aww, well I’m here now so let’s do it.”

Amelia snatched her fork and dove into the eggs. They were peppery with a hint of salt and melted cheese. She didn’t come up for air until there wasn’t an egg speck left.

She patted her lips with the napkin nearby. “These are wonderful. Well, ‘were’ wonderful.”

Michelle, between bacon crunches, said, “I’m glad you like them. I want to cook for you every day so we can eat like this.”

With a mouthful of strawberry waffles and sauce on her lips, Amelia said, “Mmmhmm! When you’re cooking like this, you can spoil me as much as you want, baby.”

Michelle smiled and entangled their fingers together. “You have something on your lips.”

She grabbed a napkin and was about to touch it to Amelia’s mouth when she tossed it away and licked the sauce off herself and gave her a couple of kisses, too.

Amelia sat back and wiped her forehead. “Whew, that was hot.”

Amelia thought she was living in the land of dragons, knights, and princesses in distress. She was the damsel rescued from the dragon of a lonely life by a knight with light brown hair that wore papaya lotion and drove her wild in the sack. She was hoping she never had to wake up from that dream!

A few minutes later their meal was reduced to crumbs and a rim of orange juice was left in the bottom of their glasses. The women still were attached by their hands.

Amelia asked, “Have you spoken to your brother?”

Before she opened her mouth to respond, she could almost see Michelle’s brows slant downward and the veins in her eyes become fire red. She already regretted asking the question.

Michelle scoffed. “What brother? He said he didn’t know who I was. The sister he knew used to date guys. Fucking asshole.”

Amelia was nearly knocked on the floor. Yeah, her brother was anti-LGBT, family no exception, but more than that, she couldn’t remember the last time she heard Michelle curse. And she did it twice in a breath. This was definitely serious!

Amelia lightly touched her across the arm. “I’ll talk to him and teach him a thing about accepting people for who they are especially his sister for crying out loud. If he doesn’t get it then he’ll be walking around with a high heel hanging out of his ass.”

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