Professor Mac Ch. 01

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It was just another Monday, as the professor walked into the classroom. The test scheduled for today was an important one for the students, but to the teacher it was just another day. Professor Mac, as he was called by the students, sometimes enjoyed test days better than regular ones however. Since the course in human sexuality was one of the more popular ones on campus, it was always full. But from Mac’s point of view, it was the young women who made the class enjoyable. He loved sex, whether it was talking about it, watching it, doing it, reading about it, or teaching it. There were often students in the class who knew nothing, young women who had never been allowed to say the word ‘sex’ aloud without getting in trouble. He loved watching them squirm when he talked in his animated way about “the penis is inserted into the vagina with the natural lubrication available from the walls of the vagina or when aided by some externally applied cremes or jellys”. He really couldn’t talk about the cock and the pussy, although he really felt that would more natural for these kids. He never said penis when he was a kid and played “I’ll show you if you show me” with Sally from down the street.

Mac moved to the front of the tiered lecture hall and removed the test papers from his briefcase. He looked up at the room full of expectant faces, and realized that he especially liked test days because he would have more time to look up the dresses of the girls as they bent over their exams in concentration. They seldom looked up to see that he was bending or moving to try to get the right angle to get a good squirrel shot. Mac really didn’t care for girls who wore shorts to class. He was not really into legs as much as into pussies. Noticing that several of the girls were wearing skirts today, Mac began to pass out the tests and called out the instructions. He reminded them to do their own work, that exams were by definition a mental masturbation and hence mutual masturbation and group activities were not allowed during this hour although what they did at night was up to them. Mac liked his little joke, and a few of the class tittered about it, but some frowned. One girl in particular looked at Mac and he could see some sort of fire light up in her eyes. Interestingly enough, she was one of the ones wearing a fairly full skirt and he made a mental note of where she was sitting so he could watch her during the test.

When he had finished distrbuting the tests, Mac told the students that they could begin, and he began to pace slowly across the front of the room, checking out the girls who had on skirts. He only half interestedly kept an eye out for cheating. He noticed one girl sitting in a blue skirt that almost came to her knees as she sat with her legs slightly apart. He stepped in front of her and up one tier to get a better angle and was rewarded with a good angle of view up her dress and between her legs. She didn’t quite have her legs open enough for Mac to see anything except where her thighs came together, but it was early in the exam yet; she’d relax her legs and they would open up as she concentrated more and more on her test. Mac moved slowly up the tiers, crossed over a couple of rows of desks and started back down. As he passed the girl who had had fire in her eyes earlier at his masturbation joke, Mac noticed her name from the top of the test, “Elise Beaver”. Mac remembered noticing the name on the rolls when the semester started, but had been even more intrigued when he learned that everyone called her ‘Eager’ or ‘Eager Beaver’, referring to her enthusiasm for her studies he assumed. He thought the name was probably a lot of grief for the pretty young girl since ‘beaver’ was a common slang word which meant both a female person and a female’s genitals.

Mac reached the bottom of the tiers and turned to face the class again and realized with a start that Eager had crossed her legs in the figure 4 or very open way that boys usually use and girls seldom use. He moved to his left a half step to improve the angle, and as he got into perfect alignment, Eager reached down under the desk top. She pulled the side of her skirt up better than halfway up her thigh, and scratched an itch lazily. Mac almost gasped aloud for the action allowed plenty of light to filter through and illuminate her crotch which was visible through the opening beneath her crossed leg. Mac could see a tremendous amount of skin, and strained to see her panties, wondering what color they would be. He couldn’t tell what color panties she was wearing although he felt he should be seeing directly to her triangle. “Perhaps they are a tan or beige color and hence flesh like. Her hair color is dark enough that I should be able to see pussy hair if she isn’t wearing any panties,” he thought. The area was open to enough light that if she had been wearing black or a bright color or even white, then he should have been able to see a panty triangle.

He stood still until she stopped scratching and returned her hand to escort çankaya the desk top. To his great joy, she made no effort to pull her skirt down from where it had risen while she scratched. She lifted her head, so Mac looked her in the eyes for a second, seeing something unusual, but not knowing exactly what. Then he looked away to check on the remainder of the class. No one seemed to be cheating and he could see no better prospect for pussy peeking so he didn’t walk anymore. In a few seconds, he returned his gaze to Eager, and she once again was staring at her paper. This time, the amazing thing that happened was that as Mac watched closely, she inserted her hand past an open button in her blouse and in a half scratch, and half caress, grasped her un-confined tit. Then she gave the nipple a tweak and removed her hand. Mac felt his heart rate rise. He wished that he had felt his cock rise, but Mac had found that although he never had a problem getting a hard-on as a result of direct sexual action or even porno movies and books and sometimes sexy conversation, he had not had much of an inclination to get a hard-on with simple squirrel shots or even in strip joints or topless bars. There had been times when he was getting a good shot up a woman’s dress and she had been looking back at him when he had really wanted to have a hard-on or at least part of one so that he could show her a buldge in his crotch.

Eager uncrossed her legs and allowed them to spread slowly apart. Her short legs didn’t press her knees up much to allow much of a view in the uncrossed position, but the action didn’t cause her skirt to fall back down. Mac started to fantasize about doing something with her. He had always want to do something with one or maybe more of the young girls in his class, but had not had any of them offer anything. He wasn’t about to make the first move and risk his job, but he wondered what he would do if one offered to suck him off for an ‘A’ or to fuck him or to let him suck her. Or maybe to show him her pussy and finger-fuck herself while he watched and jacked off in return for a little better break on the curve. But it hadn’t happened yet, so he’d decided he’d cross that crack when he came on it, or whatever the saying was.

Eager seemed unaware that he was watching her so intently. Indeed, she seemed unaware that anyone might be looking at her. She placed her hand in her lap, and Mac was dismayed that the action forced her skirt to press down between her legs to hide her crotch. Then he watched in amazement as Eager began to move her hand in her lap. He realized suddenly that she was either scratching an itch in her pussy or was slowly and gently playing with herself.

Although Mac barely noticed, Eager looked to her left and read the answer that the student sitting next to her had just written. She returned her gaze to her paper, and lifted her pussy playing hand from her lap and placed her hand to her lips. She rubbed the underside of her nose gently with her index finger and Mac thought, “I’ll bet she is smelling her finger to see if she can smell her pussy where she was playing with it.”

Eager then reached down and tugged at her skirt and squirmed in the seat, pulling her skirt about half way up her thighs on both sides, and then she turned slightly in the seat and pulled her left leg up, putting her left foot with her in the seat and raising her left knee high in the air. She wrapped her left arm around the knee and leaned her head on her knee and began to write on her test. Mac almost exclaimed aloud. He stepped to his right and almost fell off the tier. From his new vantage point, Mac could see up Eager’s dress completely. He realized that she had no panties on and with an unbelievable rush, realized that the reason that he had not seen her pussy hair earlier was because Eager had a completely smooth pussy. Every hair had been lovingly removed to leave behind a soft, silky mons punctuated by the slit of her cunt.

Eager seemed not to notice that her pussy was now so visible, and she turned her head to the right and began to read the test of the student to her right. As she read, she dropped her left arm from around her leg and her hand found its way around the outside of her thigh and she touched her pussy gently with her fingers. Working her fingers back and forth, she pried apart the labia, and Mac could see the gleam of reflected light from the moisture which was trapped in her slit.

Suddenly, Mac realized that he had been staring at her beautify pussy for a long time and that he was practically holding his breath. Quickly he looked around and fortunately no one seemed to be looking at him. When he returned his gaze to Eager, he noticed that she was reading the paper of the student to her right, and still playing with her pussy. She wasn’t quite fingerfucking herself, rather she was just sort of stroking her labia, and even seemed to be ignoring her clit. Mac couldn’t decide what to do about her obvious cheatino. He couldn’t allow her to otele gelen escort do that, for while his ethics allowed him to fuck around on his wife, they did not allow for cheating. Yet, she was showing him the prettiest pussy that he had seen since he was 14, and the events were practically everything that he had been dreaming of. He realized too that he did in fact have a partial hard-on, caused mainly from watching her play with her pusssy. Mac crossed to the desk, removed a piece of paper from his briefcase, and wrote a note to Miss Beaver.

“Dear Miss Beaver:”, it began. “Please stay after the exam as I must have a serious discussion with you.” Mac hesitated, then signed the note, “Prof. McBride”. He folded it once and wrote “E. Beaver” on the outside. He looked up just as Eager took her leg down from the chair and his potential for a good view went away. Mac waited until there were only 10 minutes left in the exam period, and then he walked up to Eager’s desk and laid the note on the edge of the desk. Then he return to the front of the room and waited. He wondered why he had gotten no more shots up any dresses. Then he decided that after seeing Eager’s hairless pussy, any other shot would have seemed dull and perhaps he just hadn’t noticed. Finally the bell rang, and all the students were up like a shot. They passed in front of Mac and handed him their papers. Mac fancied that one girl had sort of winked at him, but all that he could think about was Eager still sitting in her desk.

When everyone else had left, Mac stepped up one tier and stopped in the spot where he had been standing when she was playing with her pussy. “I’m afraid that you have a problem, Miss Beaver,” he began. “You see, I saw you looking on other peoples papers during the test.”

“Oh!” said Eager. “But I wasn’t cheating. I had already answered the question and was just curious what Mark had to say on that question. You can look at Mark’s paper. You can see that none of my answers are like his. I also looked over here to the right to Dave’s paper, but none of my answers are like his either.”

“Then why were you reading them? You were taking a chance on getting thrown out of the class,” Mac responded.

“I get so turned on in this class,” she replied. “I love to read what people write about their sex lives.”

“Oh, that must have been question one about when people thought it was okay to have sex for the first time,” Mac offered.

“Yeah. Mark said that he thought it would be okay to fuck when you are in love, whether you are married or not. Dave thought that you wanted to know age to fuck, so he answered that he didn’t think 18 was necessary that the age to allow fucking should be about 15.” She looked pensive. “I figured you wanted some good shit, so I said any fuck without permission is bad, all of the rest are okay, regardless of age, marriage status, or level of emotional attachment.”

“You really believe that, Miss Beaver?” asked Mac.

“Hey, my name is Elise, but everybody calls me Lisi or by my nickname, Eager. Sure, I believe it. Don’t you?” she asked in return.

“Well, sort of, I guess,” Mac said. “But it really is a little more complicated than that. But back to the point, what are we going to do about this looking at other peoples papers? I suspect other people saw you too.”

“Well, fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.” she snapped. “Anyway, I wasn’t cheating, and if you’ll read the tests, then you’ll see. Besides, I love getting turned on in this class cause I don’t have a class next hour, and I often go jack-off cause I’m so turned on, and reading this shit from other people turns me on.”

“Who are you going to jack-off?” Mac asked.

“Myself, unless you want to do it for me to help you forget that you are worried about nothing.” Eager smiled coyly as she said the last part.

“I thought the term ‘jack-off’ referred to what guys do,” Mac said.

“It does,” she replied. “But some of my girlfriends and I decided that the terms works pretty well for us too, and is easier to say than ‘fingerfuck myself till I cum’.”

“Um, okay.” Mac said. “Wait! What did you say about my helping you?”

“I just thought,” she said, “that you are such a sexy guy and all and perhaps you’d like to help me get off. You contributed a lot to getting me horney, talking about the ‘techniques of oral sex’ and all like you do.”

“I shouldn’t do anything with you,” Mac said, but his cock gave him away and performed as he had always dreamed. As the image of touching that smooth pussy and feeling the soft skin of her inner labia floated across his mind, his hard-on returned with a definite buldge for Eager to notice. And she did notice. She rose from the desk, and faced Mac. She was so short that they stood eye to eye and she was up two tiers.

“I can tell that your body is interested,” she said with a sly grin. “Come on, I owe it to you so that you can quit worrying about my looking at other people’s papers.” She came etlik bayan escort down the tiers and stood next to Mac. She reached out her hand and touched his hard-on through his pants. Mac felt his cock give an answering jump at the heat of her touch. Mac knew he was going to give in. “Let’s go to your office,” she said as she rubbed the front of his pants.

Mac walked slowly backwards toward the desk. Finally he bumped in it, almost falling over backwards. Eager giggled but continued to stroke his cock. Mac closed the exam papers into his briefcase and locked the case’s locks. Then he and Eager left the classroom. Eager finally removed her hand from his cock as they went out the door

Professor Mac and Eager moved along the corrider after leaving the classroom. Mac’s head was pounding and so was his cock. The idea that the sweet young thing was going to his office with him with the intention of something sexual was incredible. Mac could feel his cock pressing against the front of his pants trying to rise to point the way. For once, he wished that it would wait; he didn’t want any of the other faculty to notice.

Eager was smiling as she imagined how Professor Mac was going to look on his knees, tongue inserted in her wet and hot pussy. Then she smiled even more as she imagined how it was going to feel. She hoped that he wasn’t one of those old farts that didn’t eat pussy. If he was, then she was really going to be pissed. She loved having a tongue rolling around in and on her pussy and sometimes preferred it to fucking. She kept her pussy shaved for just that reason and now she expected Professer McBride to give her a new thrill. She’d made it with other guys before, but never with a really older man. Not that Professor Mac was all that old, but she was so young, and he was, well, middle aged. She guessed that he was in his late thirties to early forties. Glancing at his salt and pepper hair, she thought, “At least he’s not bald.” Then correcting herself she thought, “But I’d do it with him anyway even if he was ’cause I have a bald pussy and I’ve never done a college professor before.”

The hard-on in Mac’s pants was trying to creep around to the side so that it could stick up instead of being held down by his pants. Mac wore loose boxer underwear, not because he was “middle-aged” but so that his hard-ons would show instead of being held down by ‘briefs’. He also found them cooler and they let his dick plop around which he could feel sometimes when he walked. Mac was not a ‘hanger’ but was a ‘grower’. At least that is what one of his girlfriends had told him. She had said that a ‘hanger’ was a guy whose cock hung big but didn’t grow much when he got a hard-on. She had said that a ‘grower’ was a guy that had a little dick until he got a hard-on and then it ‘grew’ to be as big as the ‘hanger’ on hard. Mac wasn’t sure which was better but his honey had seemed satisfied that his was big enough for her. Mac had never really been ashamed of his cock with a woman for it was usually hard and big enough. In the shower at physical education in school, it had seemed tiny though and he sometimes was unsure of whether he should be ashamed or not until he had had the ‘hanger’ and ‘grower’ explanation. Occassionally, he wished that he were more of a hanger. Today, he wished he’d worn jockey shorts to hold his hard-on down.

Just as that thought passed through his mind, a student from Mac’s Tuesday-Thursday class, Brandy Landry and the English teacher, Cathy Shugar, whom everyone called ‘Professor Sug’, came around the corner and began walking toward Eager and Mac. Mac tried to figure out how to hide his bulging crotch. But they passed by without seeming to notice. Mac thought he saw Professor Sug glance down but if so it was so fleeting as to make him unsure whether he saw it or not. Finally, they reached Mac’s office and Mac unlocked and opened the door. Stepping back to let Eager enter first, Mac switched on the light. The office was typical for a minor professor in a small college, piled high with papers, folders, and books, it held only a desk and two chairs, one on each side of the desk. Mac closed the door behind them and turned and locked it. Then turning back, he set his briefcase down next to the desk, removed his coat and laid it on the top of a pile of books. He looked at Eager and smiled.

“Well, what now?’ asked Mac almost innocently. He looked down at the front of Eager’s skirt and imagined the shaven pussy just behind the cloth.

“I think that you should study this closely,” said Eager, and she lifted the front of her skirt to her waist. The smooth skin of her lower abdomen was unbroken by marks or other features until the vertical slit of her pussy split the pudendum like parted shell of a pistachio nut. Mac felt as if the woman before him had suddenly changed into a little 12 year old girl. Beads of sweat broke out on his brow and his breathing became a little heavier and more ragged. Eager backed up to Mac’s desk and sat up on the desk, still holding her skirt up to her waist. Mac moved closer and slid into his chair, his eyes glued to her crotch. She smiled and lifted and spread her legs. Her labia opened and some wetness glistened on her labia as the light struck the flushed tissues of her minor lips.

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