Professor’s Protege Pt. 05

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Emma and Caroline didn’t get much sleep that night. They had so much pent-up sexual energy they made love all night, save for the hour or so eating dinner. They finally fell asleep around four in the morning. They received their wake-up call promptly at 6:30. The captain of their private jet had told them wheels up was promptly at eight. They groggily got out of bed, showered quickly and threw on come comfortable travel clothes. A private car drove them to the tarmac where the small jet was waiting.

“Morning,” the flight attendant said as they boarded.

“Morning,” Emma and Caroline yawned.

Hot coffee and assorted breakfast items awaited them at the rear of the plane. They both poured coffee for themselves and grabbed some breakfast. The aircraft was in the air by 8:45. The flight from Tokyo to Sydney normally took about ten hours. Fortunately there was a decent tailwind, which would cut an hour off the flight. Caroline and Emma both slept most of the way. They awoke with just a couple hours left in the flight. The cabin attendant informed them cold sandwiches were available if they were hungry.

The aircraft touched down at Sydney International Airport at 6PM local time. As she stepped onto the tarmac Caroline couldn’t believe how warm it was. Then she remembered the seasons in the Southern Hemisphere were opposite from the US. Down here it was hot in the winter months and cold in the summer months. A shuttle bus ferried them to the main terminal where they were cleared through customs. They were directed to another shuttle which took them to their hotel. They arrived at the Four Seasons Sydney and checked in. They were each handed a room keycard and rode the elevator to the ninth floor and entered their room.

The room was a suite overlooking Sydney Harbor. Caroline ran to the large picture window in the living room area and took in the view. She could see the picturesque harbor and the city below. Emma nodded approvingly of the room. She walked to the bedroom, where a huge bed greeted her. She set her luggage down and removed her shoes. She walked out to the main area where Caroline stood silently, looking out the window.

“It’s so beautiful,” Caroline said.

“Yes, it is,” Emma agreed, sliding her arms around her TA.

She pulled Caroline’s hair aside and lightly kissed her neck. Caroline gasped and she moved her head to the side, allowing her professor to continue kissing. Caroline felt her panties getting wetter with each passing minute. Emma pulled away after several minutes.

“Come shower with me,” Emma said. “Then we’ll get some dinner.”

Emma went to the bathroom and started the water. The hot water felt amazing on her tired body. A minute later Caroline joined her. Caroline pulled Emma in and kissed her.

“You’re so beautiful,” Caroline said.

“So are you,” Emma said.

Their lips pressed together in hot passion. Caroline’s hand slid down between Emma’s thighs.

“Fuck,” Emma gasped.

“Yeah, you like that?” Caroline asked, gently massaging her lover’s swollen mound.

Emma moaned her affirmation.

“Then you’ll absolutely Beylikdüzü escort love this.”

Caroline pressed her thumb gently against Emma’s throbbing clitoris and began moving it in circles.

“Shit!” Emma moaned loudly.

She kissed Caroline harder. Emma moved her hand between Caroline’s legs, mimicking her student’s technique. Caroline yelped in pleasure. The two women massaged each other’s clits. Caroline could feel herself building quickly.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum!” Caroline moaned.

“Yes, scream for your professor,” Emma whispered in her ear.

“Yes, professor!” Caroline screamed, about to climax.

“Cum!” Emma commanded.

“Yes, professor!” Caroline screamed again.

Her entire body shook as she came. Her legs wobbled. Emma held her tight through the climax. Caroline began moving her thumb faster around Emma’s clit. Now Emma began to shake. She leaned back against the shower wall, giving Caroline full access to her pussy. Caroline dropped to her knees and began tongue-fucking her professor as she played with her clit.

“Yes, fuck me with your tongue, Caroline!”

Caroline buried her tongue deep inside Emma. Emma’s pussy was so warm and sweet. She couldn’t get enough. The more she tasted, the more she wanted. Emma grabbed her head and pushed it into her mound. Caroline’s tongue went even deeper, pushing Emma over the edge.

“Fuck!” Emma screamed.

Caroline felt her professor’s sweet juices flow into her mouth. She swallowed, loving the sweet, thick nectar. When she was sure Emma had finished, Caroline stood. She and Emma kissed long and passionately.

“That was amazing,” Emma gasped. “Learn to do that at Columbia, too?”

“Let’s just say I’ve been wanting to try that for awhile,” Caroline replied.

They finished washing and got dressed. Caroline threw on a cute blue sundress, and Emma chose a sleeveless red blouse and denim skirt. They looked through the in-room directory of restaurants and decided on a pub just down the street. The walk there took five minutes.

The pub had open seating; they chose seats at the bar. Within seconds of sitting the bartender greeted them.

“Welcome,” she said in a thick Aussie accent, handing them menus. “I’m Hailey, and I’m your bartender this evening. What can I get you ladies to drink?”

Caroline was immediately drawn to her. Hailey had short fiery red hair, obviously dyed, in a pixie cut, and seductive green eyes. She looked to be about the same age as Caroline. Hailey wore a black tank top, from which peeked a hot pink bra strap. Caroline saw Hailey wasn’t all that busty, but there was definitely enough to play with. Emma could see Caroline’s immediate attraction; it turned her on thinking about her student getting horny for another beautiful young woman like Hailey.

“I’ll have a sangria,” Emma said.

“Diet Coke for me,” Caroline said.

Hailey made the drinks in front of them, placing them on napkins on the bar when they were ready.

“What do you recommend for food?” Emma asked.

“I literally love everything here,” Hailey said. “Our cooks are amazing.”

“I’ll Beylikdüzü escort have the fish and chips,” Caroline said.

“I’ll have the ‘Down-Under Burger’,” Emma said. “Medium-rare. With onion rings.”

“Lovely,” Hailey said, writing down their orders and walking it back to the kitchen.

Ten minutes later the food arrived. Hailey had been right; the food was to die for. Caroline couldn’t believe fish and chips could taste this delicious. Emma’s burger was grilled to perfection: tender, delicious, and juicy. They were so hungry they practically scarfed their food down. Hailey asked about dessert. Although they’d eaten quickly the portions had been huge, and they were stuffed. They passed, and Hailey handed them the bill.

“I’m traveling on the university’s account,” she said quietly, handing the cute bartender her university credit card.

“I’m gonna walk around downtown for a bit,” Emma said. “You can come with or if you wanna stay and mingle with the locals you can.”

Caroline realized Emma had noticed her staring at their hot bartender. She couldn’t believe Emma wasn’t jealous.

“Are you sure?” Caroline asked.

“It’s okay,” Emma said, whispering in Caroline’s ear. “It’s turning me on knowing you want her like that.”

Emma got up and left. Hailey noticed Caroline still sitting at the bar.

“Anything else I can get you, love?” she asked.

Caroline was nervous. She wanted to ask Hailey out right there and then, but she’d only be here a short while, and what were the chances they’d see each other again anyway?

“Actually, um, I stayed behind because of the service,” Caroline said nervously. “I’m Caroline, by the way.”

Hailey blushed.

“I’m off in thirty minutes,” she said with a smile. “And yes, I’d love to hang out with you.”

Caroline waited around while Hailey finished her shift. Hailey clocked out and walked out from behind the bar. She was wearing a short mid-thigh length denim skirt with a belt. Hailey noticed her staring.

“One advantage of this place, you get to where pretty much whatever you want when you’re behind the bar,” Hailey smiled.

“I like your outfit choice,” Caroline said.

“And I love your dress,” Hailey said as they stepped outside. “So obviously you’re not from here. The US?”

“Yep,” Caroline said. “I’m a senior at Columbia University in New York.”

“Awesome. I’m a junior at the University of Sydney, studying business management. How about you?”

“Sociology and education,” Caroline answered. “I want to be a teacher.”

“That’s cool,” Hailey said. “We need more teachers in the world. So what are you doing in Australia, and who was the woman you were with? Was she your girlfriend?”

Now it was Caroline’s turn to blush.

“No, she’s my sociology professor at Columbia. Dr. Emma Clarke.”

“Shut up! That’s Dr. Clarke? We’ve read her books at university!”

“I’m her teaching assistant this year,” Caroline said. “We’re down here for the global warming conference.”

“Wow, that’s really cool!” Hailey said.

They stopped in front of Escort Beylikdüzü an apartment complex. Caroline hadn’t realized how far they’d walked.

“Well this is my place,” Hailey said. “I’m really glad we met.”

“Me too,” Caroline said. “I’d love to hang out with you again.”

“So would I,” Hailey said. “I have tomorrow off. Wanna go to Bondi Beach tomorrow?”

“I’d love to!”

“Ok, where are you staying? I have a car, I can pick you up.”

“The Four Seasons,” Caroline answered.

“I know where that is. I work the hotel bar there some weekends. I’ll see you tomorrow morning at ten?”

“It’s a date,” Caroline smiled.

She turned to walk back to her hotel, but Hailey grabbed her hand and spun her around. Caroline’s heart raced. Hailey pulled Caroline to her and kissed her hard on the mouth. They stood outside the door to Hailey’s building, kissing for several minutes. Finally their lips parted.

“Do you kiss all the pretty girls you’ve just met?” Caroline asked.

“Only the ones I really want,” Hailey replied. “Goodnight, Caroline. See you tomorrow.”


Caroline watched as Hailey unlocked her apartment and disappeared inside. The walk back to the hotel didn’t seem to take long at all. Caroline wondered in Emma was back yet from her walk. Seeing the empty bed she undressed and went to her bag and reached inside, pulling out a purple bullet vibrator. She laid down and spread her legs. She turned the vibrator on to its lowest setting and gently ran it between her thighs.

“Ohh fuck,” she moaned softly. “Yes, Hailey, just like that.”

In her mind’s eye she pictured Hailey’s head between her legs, her tongue gently sliding up and down her slit. Caroline moved the vibrator a little faster, eliciting a moan.

“Oh, Hailey.”

She turned the vibration higher. Waves of pleasure shot through her body. She moaned louder as her back arched slightly. Hailey had gotten her very worked up; she could already feel her climax coming on.

“Lick my clit,” Caroline said aloud.

She moved the vibrator up to her swollen clitoris. She nearly screamed as the toy touched her sensitive button. Her free hand clenched the bedsheet, and her back arched even more.

“Yes, Hailey, suck my fucking clit!” Caroline yelled. “Make me fucking cum!”

Caroline ran the toy around her clit. She would cum any moment know. She wanted to cum hard, to squirt her love juices all over the bed. But she also wanted the feeling of her building climax to remain. She moved the the bullet down her slit, the intense pulses sending chills through her entire body.

“Fuck, Hailey!” she whimpered, imagining the hot bartender sucking her labia.

She suddenly felt the climax coming. It hit out of nowhere, and nothing could stop it. She clenched the sheet harder, her knuckles turning white. Her back arched, and her eyes rolled back. She moved the toy to her throbbing clit. The orgasm hit her like a freight train.

“Oh, shit!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

She felt herself squirting. She looked down to see her cum shooting out onto the bed. Her body jerked as her orgasm continued. She screamed Hailey’s name as she came, only quieting down as her orgasm died away. She lay there motionless for several minutes, exhausted but satisfied. Minutes later she dozed off, dreaming of her new friend.

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