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I like watching the Girls Gone Wild videos online sometimes. And I think of the girls in the videos and wonder what consequences there are in their lives.

Episode 50. Punishment

Scene is in a luxurious living room of a house. An angry man in his late 50s is angry at a blonde around 19 or 20. She’s wearing a halter top and tight shorts and socks and tennis shoes. To the man’s side but a bit behind him is his trophy wife. She’s a tall, slender brunette in her mid 30s. She’s wearing a modest but very flattering black skirt with a modest black blouse. She has an elegant necklace, two elegant bracelets on one wrist, and elegant earrings that dangle down. She’s also wearing some elegant high heels – not sleazy.

“What were you thinking Alex? All of my clients already know that my daughter posed nude online, and they’ve already seen the pictures. Why did you think this was a good idea?”

Alex doesn’t say anything – just looks down at the floor. The man looks at his wife. “Olga, I’m late for a plane. I’ll be back this weekend. I’ll leave the punishment up to you, and I’ll support whatever you decide.” He leaves.

Now Alex looks defiantly at Olga. “I’m glad that’s over. You’re not my real mother, and I don’t have to listen to you.”

“I’m not your real mom, but I own your life. That’s our car, and we’re putting the gas in it and paying for insurance. All of your social media comes from the computer and phone we paid for and on our data plan. If you don’t do what I say, then I’m shutting them all down and grounding you.” She lets that sink in. “Now, first thing I want you to do is take off your clothes. If you want to take everything off your for strangers, you can take them off at home, too.”

Alex slowly removes her halter, her shoes, her socks, and then her shorts — not sexily at all but very embarrassedly. She stands there in just her panties. “My underwear, too?”

“I don’t remember seeing any underwear in your pictures.” Alex rolls her eyes and sighs, then pulls off the panties and stands there with her hands as fig leaves. “I want to see canlı bahis that same pose that you used in your picture.” Alex sighs again. She spreads her legs apart a little and raises her hands above her head. Olga lets her stand there uncomfortably. “Your punishment is going to be in line with your mistake. I don’t know if you posed nude to get a specific person’s attention or to be noticed and admired by a group, but I’m telling you what else you’ve gotten. From now on, for the rest of your life, whenever you meet someone and you’re talking with them, you’re going to be wondering if this is how they’re looking at you. If anyone ever says anything nice to you or agrees with you on anything, you won’t know if it’s because of you or because of this pose. You really should’ve come and talked with me about this before going off and making your own bad decision.”

Alex looks a bit surprised. She asks “what makes you such an expert,” somewhat curiously but also with a hint of sarcasm.

Olga lets a few seconds pass. Then she turns and says “follow me.” She walks out of the room with Alex behind her and goes into her office. She opens the bottom drawer of her desk and takes out a magazine that’s below a stack of papers. She hands it to Alex. “Look at page 35. I posed around fifteen years ago.”

Alex looks at the photo. “Wow, you were really hot looking back then!”

Olga looks offended. “What do you mean ‘back then?’ I’ve kept my figure very nicely, thank you!” she snaps. She unzips her skirt and steps out of it and removes her blouse. She’s wearing very attractive bra & panties set with her shoes. She lets Alex take it in. “I think you owe me an apology.”

Alex nods. “I’m sorry for saying that you aren’t still hot. I hope I look this good in 15 years.”

Olga looks satisfied. Now, it’s time for your punishment. She moves the chair out of the way. “I want you to bend over, put your hands on top of my desk, and spread your legs.”

Alex puts her hands on her hips. “Really? A spanking?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I said that the punishment would be appropriate. bahis siteleri Now, follow my orders!” Alex follows Olga’s instructions. She stands behind Alex without doing anything so while Alex grits her teeth and clinches her ass muscles, waiting for the swat. Instead, Olga rubs Alex’s ass and then begins to rub her pussy.

Alex stands up abruptly. “What are you doing?”

“Lean back over, now!” Alex obeys. Olga talks to her while fingering her. “I told you that from now on, you’ll never know why people are treating you the way you are. Are they hateful to you because they resent that photo? Or are they only thinking that you’re a horny girl who wants to undress and fuck everyone. But almost everyone who sees that photo is thinking of you like this.” She continues fingering her without talking. Alex is uncomfortable and doesn’t want Olga to see that she’s enjoying this. Olga doesn’t stop until Alex has an orgasm. “Turn around and lick off my fingers.” Alex’s expression shows how unhappy she is by this command, but she obeys. “I haven’t been this horny for a long time. It’s a good thing I have a girl here who wants to show off and fuck.”

“No, that’s not …”

Olga cuts her off. “Shut up and make me cum.” She takes off her panties and shoes and points to her pussy. “Get on your knees and lick me.”

Alex has a horrified look on her face. “Please, mom, don’t make me do that. Please!”

“All right, I’ll give you a choice. You can use your finger while you stand here and kiss me.” Alex considers it. She really doesn’t like either option, but she eventually stands close to Olga and starts to finger her. Olga puts her hands behind Alex’s head, pulls her close, and kisses her. Olga works her tongue into Alex’s mouth while Alex fingers her. Olga gives her directions — when to speed up or slow down — until she cums. “Now, you can come with me to the shower, and we’ll clean up before dinner.” Olga leads Alex to the bathroom. They have a large, luxurious shower that would let several people take a shower at the same time. “Go get the water started while I bahis şirketleri finish undressing.” Alex steps into the shower and turns on the water from several sources while Olga removes her bra and joins her. The women are facing each other. Olga soaps Alex and then rinses her off with a washcloth. Then she washes herself while Alex just stands there. Olga finishes rinsing and fingers herself while looking at Alex. There’s a tile bench that runs alongside one wall away from the shower door, and she walks over and raises a foot onto the bench. “I’m horny again. Come kneel down and lick me.”

“You said I could finger and kiss you instead,” Alex complains.

“Get used to it. People don’t feel that they have to treat you fairly because they can threaten to embarrass you with your picture after you’d rather that everyone’s forgotten it. Now get over here!” Alex kneels in front of Olga and licks her while Olga tells her how she likes it until Olga cums. “You did that very well. Now get up and give me a long kiss, and then you can go make us a salad for dinner.” Alex stands up, and the women kiss again passionately. When Olga lets go, Alex turns and starts to walk out. As she reaches the doorway, Olga tells her “Stop! I want to see your pose from behind.” Alex poses again like last time, but this time we see it from the back. Olga is rubbing her pussy again as she walks up and pats Alex’s rear. “I don’t know why they didn’t get a picture from this angle; you’ve got such a sexy ass.” She caresses it a little more. “You can dry off with my towel, but then leave it here. And stay undressed for dinner, since you don’t like to wear clothes. And maybe we’ll go to bed early after dinner. Now, go!”

Alex walks out of the shower. The camera angle is behind Olga. We see her rubbing herself from the doorway while she and we watch Alex dry off from behind. Alex leaves the towel on the ground, and we watch her walk down the hallway. Alex continues rubbing herself, more vigorously. She backs up until she’s leaning against the wall and slides down to the floor while she still masturbates. We see her cum finally and say quietly “yes, I’m certain we’ll have a fast dinner and a lot of time in bed tonight.” We see her leave the shower, dry off from behind, and we see her walk down the hallway and out of view.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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