Quarantined with Manisha Bhabhi Pt. 04

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Hello My Dear Readers…

Thank You so much for all the love shown to the Series, and waiting patiently for New Episodes.

As mentioned earlier, this Story was written with almost Zero Expectations, and I never thought it will end up generating so much interest – I just hope I meet the standards, and Finish the Tale convincingly, without a lot of delay.

The Plot set in India focuses on the Complicated Interactions between 21 Year Old Kapil and his Elder Brother’s Wife, Manisha, during the Lock-Down Period, and the Account is Narrated by the Former.

Please Note that the following is an Immediate Continuation, and a quick look at the Previous Parts may make this more interesting.

I have tried my best here, and I have put in a lot of effort to avoid any kind of inconsistencies in the Story-Telling, and I really hope all of you will find this enjoyable.

Before moving forward, I would also like to humbly add that I feel very delighted to have crossed 500 Followers in Literotica. I still cannot believe I have achieved the special feat, and I would like to wholeheartedly express my sincere gratitude to each and every one of you – I have often been told that I will get more visibility if I Publish Stories regularly, but I honestly feel that I have been able to do whatever little I have so far only because of the Constant Support I have received from this Wonderful Group of Passionate Readers.

I fully know that I have kept a lot Pending, and there is a lot more I wish to do, and I am totally aware of the fact that I am Not A Very Liked Author, either – I still just hope I can continue to Write Decent Stories, and keep you all entertained, and my only aim is to improve.

Happy Reading!!


I was just too shocked – I could hardly move.

I was sure about the fact that I had seriously guessed this was going to be a tough ride, very early itself, but I still really could not accept this was all actually happening.

In-fact, I was so close to being almost convinced that Manisha Bhabhi would gladly be putting on display her bare self, in front of me, throughout the testing time, at home!!

As much as I was surprised and relieved to see her finally use a peach colored kurti to better shield her upper body, perhaps feeling sorry for me, I could also conveniently confirm this was just not over.

And even before she had very hesitantly finished putting her top on, she had actually already taken steps to try restarting her conversation with me – Or rather, she had straightaway resumed the asserting of her indecent scandalous dominance over me!!

Manisha : Is there something you want to tell me??

Kapil : Huh… No…

Manisha : You Sure?!

Kapil : Err… Yes!!

Manisha : Well… But… There is something I want to tell you…

Kapil : Oh… What is it??

Manisha : There is something that is bothering me… I feel so…

Kapil : Tell me, Bhabhi…

Manisha : Bhabhi?!

Kapil : Manisha…

Manisha : Manisha?!

Kapil : I Mean… Nisha!!

Manisha : Hehehe…

Kapil : I… You said you were bothered about something.

Manisha : Yes… Yeah… I just wanted to know…

Kapil : Know What??

Manisha : Are You Happy??

Kapil : What??

Manisha : Kapil… Are you happy about all this?!

Kapil : What?! What are you asking, Bhabhi… Nisha!! I mean…

Manisha : Oh… I get it… You are not happy… You are not liking this!! You are not liking what I am doing!!

Kapil : Bhabhi… Look… I am sorry… But… I am actually not liking this… You clearly know what I must be feeling!!

Manisha : Hhmm… Okay… You are really not liking this… I Understand that… You are unhappy… Because of What I have been doing… Because of What I just did…

Kapil : Yes…

Manisha : Because… Hehe… I just covered myself!! Right?! Don’t Worry… Let me take my clothes off, right away!!

Kapil : Bhabhiiii… Nooo!! Please… I Am Begging You!! Please Stop This, Bhabhi!!

Manisha : Hahahaha… It’s Nisha… Call Me Nisha… Okay?!

It was a very pure & affectionate relationship that I had shared with my elder brother’s wife so far, over the years, and especially until a few hours ago.

To think that it had reached a stage where one of the parties involved had resorted to openly teasing the other, was not just startling but extremely disappointing as well.

I only had a lot of love & respect for my sister-in-law, and seeing her behave so shamelessly in front of me was actually hurting me, and rightly more than it would have hurt a usual younger brother-in-law, who would had been evilly hoping for some immoral home-wrecking action!!

It was even more obvious now that the situation was getting out of hand, and I just had to somehow start doing the needful to literally tame Manisha Bhabhi – However, it was simply easier said than done, because she sure looked like a woman possessed, and she sure looked like she was going to do everything yalova escort she could to force me to make a move on her.

Truth be told, even I felt I was losing my grip on the happenings – I was definitely not the responsible man aiming to be in control of the procedures, when the lock-down began, and I certainly was also no longer the revolting unwilling observer, uneasily suffering from the unpleasant exposures by his brother’s wife, and I was very close to turning into that keen willing participant, we so often hear about in the News connected to cheating housewives!!

A lot had transpired over a day’s time, and anything seemed possible.

If at all I still had any intentions to conclude the harmful encounter as a majorly sinless event, it was important I considered the immediately following moments as the last chance at putting back normalcy in play, and it was even more important that I took whatever little corrective action I could, right away, if i wanted to stay faithful to my family!!

“I totally forgot… There is something very important that very urgently needs my attention.” I somehow managed to complete the sentence, without looking anywhere near her tempting face, and I finally managed to get out of her bedroom, without even waiting for her to put forward her opinion, or reply anything in the negative.

I knew she would not so easily let me free, and I could initially sense her following me, but I still tried staying away as far possible from her, almost hiding in my own room – This was a very critical phase, and the measures taken were going to have the power to decide all of our fate!!

Rightly, it was a lot of confusion, at first – I just did not know how to pass time, and worse, I just had no clue how to avoid recollecting all those stimulating images of my sister-in-law, in my mind.

I was worried, until I was reminded about an equally serious personal issue I was supposed to solve, linked to the boyfriend status I decorated!!

How much ever I tried, I still could not get my girlfriend, Nivetha, on the phone, and she was still busy declining calls, and not replying to texts – But, my unlikable best friend, Rana, had already dared to come to me with his confession, and also requesting forgiveness.

I was supremely angry at him, and I really wanted to thrash him for sending a picture of his naked dick to the love of my life, irrespective of his pleads – But, I was just left totally jolted when he added that he was provoked to do what he did only because the receiver of the image had told to him, in the exact words, that she strongly believed he had tool a lot more bigger than her own boyfriend!!

“What The Bloody Fuck!!” I just could not accept it, but when Rana sent me a screenshot of their chats, I just had to trust him.

It was only two days ago that Nivetha had gone to her grandparents house, and she had already even complained to me about her elder cousin brothers, and even her own granddad, giving her very uncomfortable looks, making her stay a disturbing event – It was just too appalling that she of all girls would end up being such a loose female, who would go on to have a sensual banter with someone she should not ever have had one, thereby turning the unwanted mess involving my girlfriend & my best friend into one I could never really wholeheartedly want to sort out!!

I felt so furious thinking about the developments, and I was really tired, and I just needed a break…

I was already under too much pressure, and I could just not focus on anything, anymore…

There was no way I could go out of the house, and get some fresh air – The Virus related restrictions forced everybody to stay at home.

In-fact, stay-in-room it was for me, as I could not even afford to take the risk of going to the living room of my own residence, all thanks to Bhabhi, who in all probability would have been waiting there, set to pounce on me – I was severely worried if she would even be standing completely uncovered, though I hated myself for letting that disturbing thought regularly pop up in my mind!!

However, at the same time, I knew I was not being perfectly direct, and I knew I had not taken any kind of stern decisions, and I knew I had often lightly let lust take over, throughout the last many hours.

A similar casual approach was only going to bring more trouble, and it was as good as warning myself that it was better I bluntly choose to say Yes to her, if I was not going to clearly say No to her, once and for all – Each of the lackluster doings I had put into practice so far, to push Manisha Bhabhi away, had miserably failed, and I had to plan carefully if I very truly wanted to remain a honest younger brother!!

“I Am Just Contradicting Myself… My Thoughts and My Actions… They are just not in sync… What is this, Kapil… I am pulling myself back deeper into that dangerous maze… I am only falling for her traps… Again and Again… Man… I think I should just take a Bath… That will help me… To loosen up a yalova escort bayan bit… To get back on track!!” I told myself, as I quietly sneaked into the attached bathroom.

It was an irony that I did not even want to take the risk of fully closing the door to the most private space, thinking that the sound of locking it, may alert Manisha Bhabhi.

“Who knows what she will do to get under the Shower with me…” I really feared!!

Stripping down, I looked at myself in the big mirror, on the bathroom wall – My Penis was only 6 inches, and indeed too small, as correctly declared by my girlfriend, when compared to Rana’s famous huge dick.

“Is Nivetha actually Cheating on me?!” I fumingly doubted, wondering how she would have confirmed his size.

“Would Manisha Bhabhi too like Rana better?? Mahn… My Chubby Bitch Bhabhi being drilled by his Thick Long Piece of Meat would be such an amazing sight… Wow… And, I can just… Shit!! What The Hell!!” I could not believe I let myself get lost in such dirty cucky ideas, and I was enraged at myself.

“Arrggghhhhh!!” I almost screamed, angry at my own twisted state of mind.

“What has got into me!! Why did I even think that… Why?! What is happening to me!!” I questioned myself in disbelief, slowly coming back to senses!!

“Kapil… Calm Down… Take A Deep Breath… Yes… Phew… Yes… Relax… Yes… You Can Do It… See… You are too good to be tricked into being a Stupid Sexsilly!! You are too good, Kapil… You are the best!!” I kept motivating my derailed self, all through my time under the Shower, and it worked to an extent, and I could genuinely feel getting my confidence and strength back.

I could sense I was a lot more energized after the bath, and I had just finished changing into a pair of black colored t-shirt & grey shorts, that covered me better than the previous attire, and I was slowly starting to feel at ease again, calmly resting, watching a Hindi Web-Series in my mobile phone, when I very very distressingly saw my elder brother’s wife enter my room, causing me to almost jump out of the bed, in fright!!

Manisha : Hey… Missing Me??

Kapil : What… What do you want, Bhabhi??

Manisha : Nisha!!

Kapil : What is it… Nisha?!

Manisha : Relax… I was just making sure you are fine…

Manisha : Why are you here??

Manisha : Kapil… Come On… Don’t give me that serious look… Haha… Smile… Bro… Lol!! Look… I just wanted to ask you whether…

Kapil : What??

Manisha : At-least, let me complete!!

Kapil : What were you going to ask!!

Manisha : Did you take a bath yet?? I just realized you did not have any time to.

Kapil : Why?? Why do you ask me that!!

Manisha : I shouldn’t?! I mean… If you didn’t…

Kapil : If I didn’t?!

Manisha : I could help you… Bhabhi can… Nisha can help you!! Hehehe…

Kapil : What The Hell!! No… No Need!! Absolutely No!! I am fine!!

Manisha : Oye… Why?? I am just trying to help… I always do it for Kamlesh… So… Why Not?! Why Not I do it for you too!! I can give you a good rub…

Kapil : Oh My… Wait… Please No!! You do not need… Bhabhi… Because… Err… I already had a bath!!

Manisha : Noo… No Way!! You are lying!!

Kapil : I Swear!! See… Here… Look at the New Set of Clothes I am wearing!! Look!!

Manisha : Hhhmmm… Okay… Alright… Let Me Just…

“What… Where are you going… Wait… What do you want now… You don’t have to… I really took a bath!! You don’t have to check…” I said, plainly requesting her to not go anywhere near the bathroom, for an inspection – Well, not because I had something to hide, but because I just did not want her to be any further inside my room, as there was this alarming feeling that she may do something extreme, considering the very quick flopping of her latest attempt at luring me.

“Do Whatever… I don’t even want to know!!” I finally muttered, turning away, having no more interest in being a part of her irritating schemes, having been drained of all the energy to fight, before proceeding to make myself comfortable on the bed, once more!!

I was not directly seeing her anymore, and I thought I should not even bother to care, but the fact that there was a smaller mirror, on the bedroom wall, almost right opposite to where I was sitting, meant that I could still clearly have a view of her image.

I could see her opening the door to the bathroom, to verify whether I did use the shower, and she was just about to walk back towards me, in displeasure, when I noticed her very earnestly stopping in her movements, as she paused by the steel wardrobe, with her focus clearly on the laundry basket adjacent to it.

“Just checking if you have any clothes to be washed…” she very casually said, similar to all the previous times she informed me in advance before collecting my to-be-cleaned items, but this time with an additional yet recently familiar pinch of sleaziness evident escort yalova in her voice, as she very eagerly opened the brown container – I did not want to, but strangely, I was now watching her very closely, from her reflection on the mirror.

Though I could feel there was something unusual in the greedy nature of her action, especially the way she soon forced her hand inside the basket, and though I was adamant something was not right about her doing, never did I ever guess what was coming next, and not even in my wildest dreams would I have thought of the possibility of what followed.

To my bloody utter shock, she took out the first of my recently used underwear, and without any hesitation, and without any wanting to check whether I would catch her, and in-fact with a lot of pleasure, she smelled it, with a lot intent!!

“Fuck!!” I grunted, looking in disbelief, as she had a very satisfied smile on her face, before she started to gladly blush – She would have obviously got the scent of my seeds, and she would have easily re-confirmed it was a result of me being heavily stimulated by her, and she would have found that to be a very clear positive signal.

I was stunned, and almost close to collapsing, but still mentally calculating how this encouraging realization was going to negatively affect my chances of survival, and when I started to see her moving towards me, with another of my underwear, she could get access to, safely concealed within her tightly closed palm, unsuspectedly whistling at me, I was relentlessly shaking, imagining about the severe intensity of her upcoming moves, now that she knew a little more that at-least my body, if not my mind, was indeed very well reciprocating!!

Manisha : Oh Yeah… Hehehehe… I forgot to tell…

Kapil : Wha… Whhaattt….

Manisha : Oh My… Kapil… Why are you shivering like this?! What Happened!!

Kapil : It’s… Nothh… Nothing… I am fine…

Manisha : No… You are not!! You don’t look fine… What is it?? You can tell me!!

Kapil : What did… Youuu… Want to tell me??

Manisha : That can wait… I Mean… Why are you looking so… Are you really okay?! Do you want to have me have a closer look??

Kapil : Noo!! Noooooo!! Just tell me what it is, and don’t… Don’t Come… Stay There… Don’t… Do Not Touch Me!!

Manisha : Lol… Relax!! I am not going to eat you!!

Kapil : What were you going to tell me?! Just tell me what it is!!

Manisha : Why are you so interested in it?! Hehehe…

Kapil : Huh… No… I…

Manisha : Haha!! Kapil… Chill… I just wanted to tell you… That you look very handsome, right now… Black looks good on you… This outfit suits you well… And…

Kapil : And What??

Manisha : You also smell great!!

Kapil : Bhabhiiii!!

Manisha : What is wrong with you!! Why do you shout like this!!

Kapil : Please!! I am feeling so bad…

Manisha : Why are you feeling bad upon hearing me saying something good about your choice of perfume!!

Kapil : Perr… Perfume?? That is all?! I mean… That is it…

Manisha : Yeah!! Why?! You were expecting something else?? Ya??

Kapil : No… No!! Okay… This is fine!! Now… Go… You may go…

Manisha : What?? Why are you being so rude!! You did not even thank me for the compliments!! Bad Boy!!

Kapil : I mean… You must be busy… And… Thank You… Bhabhi… Okay… Nisha?!

Manisha : Nisha is perfect… But… Not Really… Not Really Busy!!

Kapil : Still… Please!!

Manisha : Oh Kapil… You are so funny!! Well… Actually… There is something really important that I missed out on asking you!! I am sorry… I should have asked you this earlier.

Kapil : There is more?? I mean… It’s okay… You don’t have… Err… I am… What is it?!

Manisha : You want something to eat??

Kapil : Huh?!

Manisha : Why do you continue to give me that dumb look!! It is as if you have seen a ghost!! Or, a thief!! Who just stole something precious from you!! Lol!! I just asked you whether you are hungry!!

Kapil : Bha… Nisha… I am not hungry… Please Understand!!

“Hehehe… Okay… But… Do tell me if you want something… Okay?! I can give you my breasts… Hehe… I mean… My Juicy Breasts… Hehehe… This time… Marinated in Special White Sauce… Shiny Juicy Breasts… Hehehehe… You Know… The Chicken Dish!!” she very tauntingly said, but acting supremely innocent, and at the same time, least worried about the associated tag of taboo, as she not so secretly pocketed the less soiled pair of my dirty trunks, she had pulled out from the same laundry basket after not so cheerfully letting go of my still soggy boxers, bemusing me, and trying very hard to not make sure I had not found out about it, as I tried even harder to give her no clue about my own awareness, completely worried what the perception would make her do to me.

Manisha Bhabhi luckily did not create a new scene, but the impact was already done, and as she went out of the room, I just remained still, struggling to breath – I could not even come to a conclusion regarding whether it was her actions that were more daunting, or her words that were more intimidating.

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