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Rabbit Hole

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Overnight Sensation By Quentin Collins ail)

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This story is fictitious and takes place in a fantastic realm where inconvenient physical, biological, medical, legal, and moral strictures don”t exist. It is intended only for the entertainment of those who are legally permitted to access and read it.

This is my first attempt at storytelling, so please be gentle in your criticism, lest you make me cry.

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Cody, carrying my son Channing, lead us to the second floor of Primrose Farm Bed already glowing with the desire for us to consummate our love.

Channing turned to Cody languidly. “Thank you, Cody. I love you. Mr. Bunny loves you too. He wants to rub noses.”

How did Mr. Bunny get here?

Cody bent down to kiss my precious son. “I love you too, my sweet. Thank you for coming into my life.”

Chan presented Mr. Bunny to Cody so they could rub noses. The muscular and handsome twenty-three-year-old Cody looked adorable rubbing noses with Mr. Bunny. It amazes me how easily Channing pulls people unquestioningly into his world.

Chan then turned to Victor. “I love you, Victor. Thank you for permitting us to stay with you.”

Victor crawled up on the bed to straddle Chan, and they kissed with simmering passion. “Thank you, young man, for not giving up when I tried to turn you away. I love you.”

Then Victor too rubbed noses with Mr. Bunny as he rubbed his massive penis on Chan”s erection. Chan put the rabbit on one of the silk pillows. The husbands then reclined on either side of my son, slowly stimulating his skin with their hands and mouths. My son looked at me with longing and reached up to me.

“I love you, daddy. Please make love to me.”

I crawled up from the bottom of the bed and knelt astride my magnificent son. Victor and Cody happily moved to accommodate my presence. I lay down on Chan, my seven-inch penis against his slightly smaller one; my belly on his; my nipples caressing his; my lips millimeters from his.

“I have loved you since before you were born, sweet baby. I love you more every second I”m with you and long for you every second I”m away from you. Are you sure this is what you want?”

“Yes, daddy. Please fill me with your love. I love you so much I don”t know what to do with it all.”

I looked around for some lube. “Perhaps we need to slick you up, and me too?”

Chan looked relaxed yet eager. “It”s all right, daddy, Victor, our love, took care of me with his mouth. I am ready. He also has a lot of precum. I”m sure he is willing to share if you would like more.”

I looked over to the dark-haired man and smiled. Victor returned my smile and said, “It is all yours, my friend.”

I maneuvered my penis above his nine-inch monster. It was virtually floating in the pool of precum covering the trimmed dark hair on his stomach. I lowered myself and slicked up my phallus with a generous coating. It felt exquisite sliding around on top of him. I could tell he enjoyed it too. But I knew the sensation was nothing compared to what I was about to feel. I kissed Victor briefly. “I love you, Victor.”

Victor held my face in his hands. “I love you as well, Drew. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with my husband. Show us the love you and your precious son share between you.”

Victor smiled as his eyes glistened with emotion as he helped ease me off his flowing penis.

Chan pulled up his legs, and our friends kindly held them in place for him. I looked at that tantalizing winking hole and bent down to kiss it and taste it for a minute. My tongue made sure that Victor”s work was sufficient. But I didn”t linger. I couldn”t delay any longer. I had to be inside my son.

“I love you, my sweetest baby.”

I lined up my wet and throbbing penis and watched his anus open to me. I pressed forward with the scantest of pressure, and Chan pulled me in completely. I immediately started crying and exclaiming my pleasure. I saw stars!

I heard Chan repeating, “I love you, daddy! I love you, daddy!”

Chan”s ass felt like a combination of a mouth, a hand, and a talented rectum all working together to stimulate me. I think I started to move in and out of him, but I wasn”t even sure which galaxy I was in anymore.

I felt a warm but refreshing breeze move through the room and envelope us. I willed myself to move so I could give my son at least a portion of the ecstasy he was giving me. I love my son more than anything in the universe. I forced my eyes open and saw his eyes wide in wonder and his mouth hanging open in a delighted smile.

“Daddy! Daddy! Yes! Here we go!”

I felt electrical charges everywhere. Whenever I could force my eyes open to look at my beautiful son, I could swear his skin glowed with starlight.

In a mere two minutes, I felt my senses seemingly betraying me. I could no longer see the bedroom. I heard a far-off wailing of “I love you” as my penis began to pulse in time with the contractions I was feeling in Chan”s rectum.

Suddenly we were no longer in our bodies. Chan and I were two clouds of energy floating free in the universe, distinct yet mingled. Our clouds combined into a mass of gentle love that pulsed much more strongly than we had individually. I could see dozens � or maybe hundreds � of other conjoined clouds of people sharing their sacred love. There were no genders, ages, or races; there were only souls utterly open to giving themselves and accepting their mates. I sensed my mom and dad in ecstatic throes, radiating their powerful love bathing the billions of galaxies in the far-off heavens with our light. I perceived many other couples, thruples, even some quadruples and quintuples together illuminating the expanse.

I felt Channing”s energy confirm with mine, “We were created to be joined forever.” I had never experienced anything even remotely close to this moment in the hundreds of times I had made love with other men. Other men. I had never made love to my son before. Everyone else pales beside him.

I felt a part of my psyche trying to analyze my current state, but I had no tools to measure or quantify. I had to abandon myself to the ecstasy, and happily did so.

I had no idea whether we were in that state for a second or https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/” title=”izmit escort bayan”>izmit escort bayan an hour, but I started to get earthly sensations once more. I reentered my pathetic body and began to focus on the sight and sound of my precious son writhing and shuddering beneath me.

I was coming out of my orgasm but was bucking in and out of Chan”s ass. As my vision grew sharper, I locked eyes with Chan. His face and hair were matted with ejaculate. Victor and Cody must have cum on his abdomen because there was cum running off him in every direction.

We both were panting and smiling at each other. I leaned forward as our friends let down Chan”s legs. My penis remained where it will be happiest forevermore. I licked up some of the cum. It tasted like Chan. We kissed, sharing his essence. Our tongues casually massaged each other.

As we kissed, I felt an earthquake. We were both shaking again, having another orgasm. We were a conjoined cloud once more. We formed a single thought: there is no power in the universe stronger than love.

I longed to remain in that cloud forever, but we eventually returned to our bodies yet again. I was lying atop Chan, sliding smoothly on the ample lubrication between us. We lay quietly for a long time, basking in our love. Victor and Cody were caressing us both.

“What? How? I mean, what was that?” Victor asked, breaking the quiet.

Chan and I both turned to look at him. I felt Channing inhale as I did the same. We spoke in unison, “Behold the power of our love.”

Did we just formulate a shared thought?

Victor asked again, “What just happened? Can you explain it?”

Both Channing and I took several moments to bask in each other, as I remained erect and inside my eternal lover.

I told him truthfully that I couldn”t adequately explain it, but it felt like Chan and I were transported to a non-physical place. Chan nodded in agreement, still not entirely coherent. I then asked Victor what he thought happened.

“As soon as you two started making love, Cody and I both felt an electrical charge,” Victor explained. “When I looked at the two of you, you seemed to be � I don”t know � shimmering. I swear light came from your pores. You both seemed to be yelling, but we heard nothing.

“Within a couple of minutes, you both appeared to be having an orgasm. Drew, every time you thrust into Chan, he ejaculated a rope of cum. You were in perfect synchronization. You were both perfectly quiet. It was beautiful. It was ethereal.”

Cody added, “The thing is, Chan”s cum seemed to be photoluminescent for a time. It actually sparkled. And there was so much of it. I counted twenty-two ejaculations, but I think I missed a few. That”s twenty-two large ropes of cum. It went all over you, as you can tell.”

Chan smiled as he felt me bathing in his cum. I kissed him to thank him for his generous ejaculations.

“But I still feel like I need to cum again,” Chan said. “I think the more I came, the more I had to give. Did you feel it too, dad? Did you feel like I was filling you up as you were emptying out?”

I nodded. I partially sat up, determined to remain embedded in Chan”s ass as long as possible. It still felt like he was fondling my penis with his rectum, but I didn”t think he was aware he was doing anything to stimulate me.

“I agree, sweet baby,” I explained. “I have no idea how much or how many times I came, but it felt like I was being filled by you even more than I was giving you. I love you so much, my sweet baby.”

Chan smiled at me as the cum ran off his face. “I love you too, daddy.”

Chan turned to his right. “Cody, would you like to make love to me now? I really want to share my love with you, please.”

Cody smiled broadly as I reluctantly withdrew from Chan”s ass and stood at the bottom of the bed with my erection as hard as it had been when we started. I walked around to the side of the bed, ready to take Cody”s place. Cody walked around to the other side of the bed where his husband lay and asked permission to lubricate himself with Victor”s precum as I had. He was permitted to board. Cody”s glans was almost completely exposed as his foreskin pulled back over his powerful erection.

As Cody lay on top of Victor, they kissed as Cody undulated to acquire the desired lubricant from his husband”s ample supply. The couple was enchanting to watch as they lay naked, entwined together, obviously completely committed to each other as they prepared to make love with us.

I reclined next to Chan and kissed him with awed passion. I felt an echo of the spark as we kissed. As I saw Cody remove himself from Victor, I helped Chan raise his legs once again to receive his next lover.

Cody approached Chan”s bottom, his eight-inch penis glistening with his husband”s precum. “Are you sure you want me inside you, my friend?

Chan smiled, “Yes, please. Thank you, Cody. I love you.”

Cody replied, “I love you too, my magical friend.”

Victor reached to support Chan”s left leg, and Cody approached my son”s anus. I could tell as soon as they connected because Cody”s face was whelmed with pleasure. Chan showed no signs of difficulty accommodating his lover. In fact, he was pulling Cody into himself as he had done to me.

Within a few seconds, Cody”s bare pubis was against Chan”s perineum. They both basked in the sensation. Cody began thrusting without haste. His mouth fell agape as Chan worked his magic. Cody was not able to grasp what he was feeling.

Chan and Cody exchanged murmurs of love. Then Chan turned to me and asked, “Daddy, may I please suck on your penis while Cody and I make love?”

“Of course you may, sweet baby. Would you like me to suck on yours too,” I asked?

“Yes, please. Thank you, daddy. I love you.”

I got into a sixty-nine position and fed my dick to my son who took it happily into his throat. Before going down on him, I leaned in to kiss Cody while I stroked his dirty blond hair. I felt his amazement as he was not able to concentrate on the kiss.

As soon as I put my mouth on my son”s penis, I felt myself being transported again. It wasn”t as jarring as the last time, but I sensed us sharing our energy, and I could feel Cody”s spirit join us in our other-worldly union. I sensed other unions around us, pouring out the strength of their love into the cosmos.

Chan and I felt Cody”s interrogation of us as to whether this is the same place we were a few minutes earlier. We assured him it was and encouraged him to absorb the experience and nourish his soul with the love surrounding him. Once https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/escort/izmit-eve-gelen-escort” title=”izmit eve gelen escort”>izmit eve gelen escort again we couldn”t discern how long we might have been liberated from our bodies but felt our simultaneous orgasms racing through us.

I was aware of Chan flooding my mouth with his precious essence as I was doing to him. I savored the flavor and feeling. I also somehow felt Cody brushing against “our” prostate and pumping into “our” rectum. Cody was making love to me as much as Chan.

Chan and I remained affixed to each other as we returned once again to the bed. I welcomed Cody as he collapsed on my back, pressing Chan”s cock even further down my throat. Cody panted, “So beautiful. So beautiful.”

We lay in quiet stillness as our molecules reassembled. I reached over my head to feel Cody”s ass as he was still buried in my son, knowing how good a place that was to be. Even so, it felt like harsh punishment to be in the solitary confinement of our bodies again.

I rubbed Cody”s glutes reassuringly. He regained the strength to hoist himself off my back, but he did not withdraw from Chan. He repeated to his husband, “So beautiful.”

I pulled off Chan, sensing he wanted to speak and sat while cradling his head on my thighs. He turned toward Victor, smiling. Victor looked like he had seen a ghost. I think we did it again.

“Victor, our love, come join us.”

Victor stood up, unsure where to go as his nine-inch cock drooled a never-ending stream of precum. Chan sat up, still impaled on Cody”s penis. He guided Cody to lie diagonally across the bed. Cody lay back with his massed muscles still randomly twitching as he recovered from a mind-blowing orgasm.

Chan leaned forward, his hands on the mounds of Cody”s chest, and rode Cody up and down a few times, smiling at his new lover.

“Please, Victor, come join your husband inside me. I want to love you both.”

Victor and I exchanged worried glances. How would Chan ever survive a double penetration with an eight-inch and a nine-inch cock? Chan looked at me and smiled calmly.

“Don”t worry, daddy. I”m fine. It will be good. Kiss me while you let Cody suck on your pretty penis. Please daddy. They will help us..”

I knew that Chan had to give it a try. The closest he had ever come to double penetration was when Dave snaked his large tongue inside Chan”s rectum while Dave”s father Mike made love to Chan.

I nodded to Victor to do as instructed by our young leader as I moved to straddle Cody”s head. The younger husband inhaled my wet cock and went to work with ease and remarkable skill. I leaned forward to kiss my son as Victor crawled behind him. I met Victor”s gazed and gave him a small nod of approval. I knew Chan”s kiss would instantly transmit to me any of his discomfort as Victor maneuvered himself to join Cody inside my son”s ass.

The instant Victor”s glans touched Chan”s anus we all were transported to the celestial union. We all felt every sensation communally. I was being sucked, kissed and double penetrated while kissing, fucking and sucking. Somewhere in a far-off world, the husbands were engaged in opposing rhythms in our ass. It felt wonderful. I felt both Victor”s penis rubbing against Cody”s inside my son”s magical tunnel, as well as Cody”s penis rubbing against Victor”s.

Since it was Chan”s and my third voyage to this realm, we helped alleviate the bewilderment of newcomer Victor. Cody gained his bearings. We moved through the universe acknowledging other couples and groups; all thrilled to be invited guests to this experience. Invited by whom, I wondered?

Even though the four of us were joined, we still felt the unique bonds of two couples. Chan and I happily shared Victor and Cody”s deep and pure love. We allowed them to join in the love Chan and I felt going back to the first time I held him at two days old before I could acknowledge that he was my son.

We felt a nebulous presence of a spirit guide as a breeze wafted through the room/universe. It felt like two guides. Perhaps they were our guardian angels? They held back, and it felt as if they were observing us and confirmed with each other that we belonged there. Where?

We became aware of my mom and dad again joining the realm. We “introduced” them to Victor and Cody and we were all thrilled with everyone”s ability to experience this joy. We stayed with my parents for quite some time. It was the six of us joined now, but there was no awkwardness loving my mother because she wasn”t my mother per se: she was a soul overflowing with love. My dad was the same. Dad seemed to be celebrating the feeling of Chan”s double penetration. I wondered if he had ever experienced such a thing in person. Not that it mattered, but I hoped he � and my mom � had experienced this level of bliss before. They both reveled in loving our two new friends.

After separating from my parents, Cody joined us with his sister and her husband as we celebrated the child they were about to create in their union. Somehow we became part of that creative act.

We shared joy and intimacy with strangers from around the world, in this other-worldly place. A Samoan husband, wife and their fa”afafine (third gender) partner happily sang us a song of love the three of them had been sharing for more than forty years.

We understood with perfect clarity a Polish father and son who were making love for the first time as Chan and I had just done. We blessed each other”s union.

Two South African women shared their honeymoon with us, and we shared our ecstasy with them. I understood the ineffable joy of my wife stimulating my clitoris, and they understood how it felt to have their penises together in my son”s ass.

There was so much love that all we could do was share and amplify it. We cast our love into the gentle breeze, and it became part of the powerful, quiet love filling the air.

The four of us discovered that we seemed to have some control over how long we could stay in this timeless state. We all realized we couldn”t stay here forever.

We came back to the bedroom both exhausted and revitalized. The four of us shared a single experience that will bind us forever. Tears were flowing abundantly down all our cheeks.

I was still kissing Chan while I appeared to have flooded Cody”s mouth with more cum than he could swallow. Victor slumped on Chan”s back with his penis still wedged against his husband”s inside my son.

My son! My beautiful, mystical son was the only one of us that didn”t display any signs of weariness. We held each other, not wanting https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/escort/izmit-otele-gelen-escort” title=”izmit otele gelen escort”>izmit otele gelen escort to let the moment end, but it had to end eventually.

I broke my kiss with Chan and realized that he still had two rather large cocks in his ass, which, if they were anything like mine, were still erect and ready. I studied his face for signs of pain or discomfort. The only thing I saw was bliss.

I held his face in my hands and asked how he was feeling.

“I feel so much love, daddy. I”ve never felt better,” he told me.

“Is your anus sore from being stretched,” I inquired.

“Not at all. I feel terrific with our new loves inside me. You need to try it. It”s wonderful, and it won”t hurt you either.”

Victor had rejoined us. He wrapped his arms around Channing and rubbed my boy”s chest while kissing his neck. Then he asked, “Are you sure you feel good down there, my love? You have taken a lot tonight. Cody and I have been inside you for a long time, I think. What time is it?”

I looked around and saw a clock on the mantle. “That clock reads 12:45,” I said. “Is that accurate?”

Victor assured me that clock is correct.

“Holy shit,” I exclaimed. “We”ve been at this for four hours! I should feel like a wet rag, but I feel wonderful.”

I felt Cody moving underneath me. Perhaps he would be able to speak if I were to take my penis out of his mouth? I moved aside but turned around to offer him a kiss. I tasted myself in and around his mouth and then sat to the side.

Chan looked at Cody and started to move his ass up and down on the two men”s cocks that were still filling him. Chan laughed as both men groaned. Chan rode them for a few more cycles and then pulled up and let the penises breath free.

About two cups of cum started to drain from his ass onto Cody”s abdomen. Victor and I scrambled to lap it up, taking turns sharing our quarry with Cody and Chan in generous kisses.

When we had cleaned up the spillage, I turned my attention to the source of the leak and examined Chan”s anus. It looked unscathed and was barely even puffy. As I used my tongue to excavate any remaining cum, Chan closed down tight on my tongue just to prove that he could.

We stretched out on the roomy bed. I held Victor loosely while Chan and Cody lay together. After a few minutes, Victor asked if we would like a bath or a dip in the pool.

We all still felt vigorous, so we went outside to the Olympic size pool, which had a twelve-man hot tub at one end. We all rinsed off in the outdoor showers and then swam a few laps. Cody looked to be setting a world record in the 200-meter freestyle. Chan was barely a body length behind him while Victor and I lagged several body lengths. But I still swam faster than I ever had. How could I have so much energy after four hours of lovemaking?

We moved to the hot tub. Even though the night was warm, the 106� water felt nice. We each soaked and ruminated on the night”s events without any physical contact between us.

After several minutes I asked, “How long did it take when Bunny and I first made love? It seemed like I had no sooner entered my precious boy than we were transported into our orgasm.”


Both Victor and Cody agreed that our coupling lasted less than fifteen minutes.

“And then, “I pressed on, “When Cody made love to Chan while Chan and I sixty-nined, how long did that take?”

Victor said that was probably twenty to twenty-five minutes.

“So, our first two couplings took at most an hour.” I reasoned. “We finished our third at around four hours. Does that mean the four of us shared a three-hour orgasm? How else could we explain the passage of time?”

We looked at each other for answers. Chan smiled. “That”s exactly what it means, daddy-o. Did you enjoy your three-hour orgasm? I know I did.”

I looked at Chan. “How are you so sure?”

Chan looked at me as if I were missing the obvious. “Because I kept us there that long. We were invited to stay, so I thought we should stay for a while longer. I thought it was the longest we could take for our first foursome. Maybe next time we can go for five or six hours.”

Victor sat up in the hot tub. “Are you saying that you control what goes on there? In that place? In that dimension? Whatever it is?”

Chan moved to sit next to me, and I held him close and felt content.

“No, I don”t control the realm. But, when daddy made love to me, and we first went to the realm, something unlocked in me, and I began to understand how to move about there and remain or go as I please. Somehow I knew that we were going to go there when we made love. We were invited by two spirit friends who want to bless us. I don”t know who they are.

“You can only enter the realm when you are mating with a true love. Once you enter, you will eventually be able to control your experience to a certain extent. It”s sort of like learning how to swim in the ocean: you can”t control the tides, but you can navigate them.”

I did not understand how it could be true, but I knew with certainty that Chan was telling the truth.

“By the way,” Chan said to Cody with a coy smile on his fifteen-year-old face, “It”s neat that your sister is going to have fraternal twins. I”m not sure she realizes yet that she”s having twins. She knows that she is going to conceive tonight. The boy is going to look an awful lot like me.”

Chan nodded toward Cody before continuing.

“It was nice too, to be able to share our orgasm with grandma and pop. That sounds bizarre, doesn”t it? But, dad, they were so happy to meet us tonight and join our lovemaking. They”ve been waiting for us for a long time.

“They love you both too,” Chan said to Victor and Cody. The husbands smiled to confirm their understanding of the situation.

Mom and dad did seem almost relieved when we connected tonight. There was no judgment or questioning. There were only complete acceptance and joy. We sat again in protracted silence. We realized we no longer needed words to feel connected to one another. We just needed to open our hearts.

Cody broke our reverie. “Well, my loves, I need to be up at 5:00 to start preparing for the men”s group that is meeting here tomorrow. I am going to head to bed. Who is with me?”

We dried off and headed back upstairs. Nobody questioned that the four of us would sleep together. We all peed and brushed our teeth and fell into the bed.

I randomly end up holding Cody. None of us felt any possessiveness toward any other man and were equally happy to sleep cuddled with whoever landed next to us. Chan pulled Victor on top of him to feel the comfort of Victor”s full weight on him. Victor”s face told us that Chan made for a very comfortable pillow.

We pulled up the silk sheet, spoke our love to each other, and quickly drifted off to restful sleep.

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