Rachel and Laura Ch. 02

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“Hey Ray can you go to the store and get some food?” Laura called out as she was taking a shower. We’ve been pretty happy and relaxed for the last two weeks. It has been just wonderful. After that night Laura and I spoke about me dating a guy I haven’t given guys a single thought which to be honest was such a relief to me.

“Yea babe I’ll be back.” I replied back as I got my keys and went out to shop. I was happy, listening to music and just peaceful you know? So anyways I didn’t really know what Laura wanted to eat so I just decided to get everything. I went from one section of the store to the next just cruising around grabbing food and dropping it in the cart. Everything was good until I got to the ice cream.

“Moose Tracks or Cookies and Cream?” I began to murmur to myself, I hadn’t realized how loud I was until I heard his voice.

“If I were you I’d choose Moose Tracks.” A deep voice said beside me. I turned around and looked into the greenest eyes in a guy I’ve ever seen.

“Huh?” I asked.

“I said if I were you I’d choose Moose Tracks.”

“Ohm right, yes mmm Moose Tracks is a good choice.” I said without much thought.

“Names Ronald but most people call me Ron.” Ron said as he held his hand out to me.

“Rachel.” I said as I shook his hand.

“So Rachel you plan on having a party?” Ron asked me.

“What?” I asked confused.

“You’re packed?” Ron said indicating to my pyramid of food.

“Ohm right ha-ha, no I don’t plan on having a party my girlfriend sent me to get some food.” I said laughing at my ignorance.

“So you’re gay?” Ron asked after having heard me say my girlfriend.

“What? Oh um no I’m not I just meant my roommate.” I replied back. I didn’t know what I just did but it was a mistake. Why didn’t I just admit that I was gay? I mean I didn’t know this guy and I was acting so insecure.

“Hmm well I’m glad that you aren’t gay because then that would really ruin my plans.” Ron said as he gave me a smile, which for some strange reason really made me smile back.

“Now why would your plans be ruined if I were gay?” I asked back with a smile.

“Well probably because I was planning on asking you out to dinner.” Ron said as he once again gave me another smile.

“Really now why would you do that if you don’t even know me?” I asked Ron with a coy smile.

“Well for one thing you aren’t married, you’re extremely beautiful and frankly where would society be if people didn’t take a chance.” Ron replied back.

“Hmm you do have a point but how do you know I’m not married?”

“Well Rachel for one thing you don’t have a ring and you don’t act like you are marries.”

“Ha-ha how would a married woman act?”

“Well I don’t think she would be talking to another man or much less be flirting.” Ron said.

“You know you do have a point.” I said.

“So is that a yes?”

“Um well I don’t know.” I said unsure as to why I was flirting with this guy knowing Laura was waiting for me to be back home.

“Come on Rachel say you will.”

“Oh okay fine I will.” I said after all Laura did say I could be with a guy.

“Great here’s my number and I’ll see you tomorrow.” Ron said as he handed me his number and walked away.

I decided that I had done enough shopping for the day so I went to get my food paid and then headed home. On the ride there I was contemplating on how I was going to tell Laura about Ron could I even do it. Anyways I arrived home and went straight in without carrying the food.

“Hey Rachel you took a while I was beginning to get mecidiyeköy escort worried about you.” Laura said as she came to me and gave me a hug and a sweet kiss before heading outside to get the groceries from the car. After three trips Laura finally came inside and closed the door behind her.

“So what do you want to eat?”

I heard Laura it just seemed that my mouth and thoughts weren’t working.

“Hey baby you okay?” Laura asked me as she paused from putting up the groceries to come and make sure I was okay.

“Hmm? Oh yes I’m fine babe.” I said as I helped her put up the groceries and in the end we decided to cook some chicken soup.

“Hey hun how much soup do you want?” Laura asked me as she got the plates out.

“Just a little babe.”

“Okay, oh do you want water or wine?”

“Wine.” I replied knowing I was going to need some in order to tell Laura about Ron.

Finally Laura was finished serving us our food and headed into the dining room.

“So how was shopping?”

“Oh you know it was fun.” I replied back a bit unsure.

“Did you meet anyone?”

“Um no why would you ask me Laura?”

“Hmm probably cause I know you so well.” Laura said as she finished eating and took both our trays to the dishwasher.

“You know I’m pretty capable of taking my own tray right?”

“I know Ray, I just like spoiling you babe.” Laura said as she came back to the dining room and picked me up. I couldn’t help but laugh at how much strength Laura had in her.

“Where do you plan on taking me?” I asked as I giggled.

“Hmm well I really want to take you to bed and cover your body in kisses.” Laura said.

“Oh really. I’m up for that.” I said as I ran my fingers through her hair.

“However first I think you and I need to talk about who you met.” Laura said as she set me down on the couch.

“Ugh why must you know me so well?” I asked Laura as I gave her a peck on the lips.

“Because you are my love and my other half.”

“God you’re perfect.”

“Oh I know.”

“And you are so full of your self.” I said laughingly

“Just a little bit hun, but anyways what’s his name?”

“Who says it’s a he?” I asked scared of what will happen in the next moment.

“Well frankly if it were a girl I think you’d be either in her bed by now or you would be leaving me.”

“Hmm you do have a point, his name is Ron.”

“Kind of a boring name don’t you think?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at how she just seemed to be taking this and how funny and wonderful she was.

“Yes it’s a bit boring.” I said at last.

“So you like him?”

“He seems to be a good guy.”

“You plan on being with him?”

“I don’t know he asked me out.”

“Is that so and what did you say?”

“I said yes but if you want me to I can always cancel.”

“Nonsense I said you could be with a guy and I stick by my word. However if you plan on leaving me for him I rather you not go out with him.” Laura said with a smile on her face.

“You don’t have to worry about me ever leaving you baby.” I said as I sat on her lap and looked into her eyes.

“Good now that we have that settled why don’t you and I have some fun.” Laura said as she began to remove my clothing. By the time Laura was done I already had her strap on out and began to rub my hand back and forth. Laura took my breast in each hand and began to rub my nipples roughly before lowering her lips to suck on them. I couldn’t stand it much longer, I moved forward until I was close enough to whisper into Laura’s ear, taksim escort “Fuck me baby.” Laura didn’t need me to tell her twice she grabbed my hips and pulled me up before laying me back down inch by inch on her dick. I couldn’t help but arch my back and throw my head back as I felt her dick go slowly into my wet pussy, penetrating oh so sweetly. Finally once she was completely in me she began to agonizingly pull back and again pull me up and push me slowly back on her dick letting each inch make me want more and making me moan in pleasure. “Stop teasing me Laura and just please fuck my pussy!” I finally screamed and that’s exactly what Laura began to she pulled up and carried me to the bedroom where she laid me on top of the bed and began to fuck me hard and deep. Each stroke was so deep and hard that I gasped each moment she penetrated my sweet pussy. I loved the feeling her dick caused me, I could feel it so clearly that I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure and grab her ask making her fuck me deeper and faster. Each stroke was so sensual and sexy that by now I was shaking my head from side to side in complete pleasure. I could feel my body about to come. It seemed that my nipples were tightening and my pussy was getting wetter as each stroke filled me up. I was like a dam about to explode, and that’s exactly what I did I exploded so hard that I believe I may have left some nail marks on Laura’s ass.

“Mmm that was nice.” I heard Laura say as she pulled out of me and took her strap on off before lying down on the floor with her ass in the air.

“Oh God Laura you’re bleeding.” I said loudly as I saw the blood on her butt cheeks.

“Hmm so you notice.” Laura said with laughter in her voice, which I totally did not find funny. I got up and went to get a rag, put it under hot water before taking it back to Laura and laying it on her ass.

“Ouch that burns!”

“Its funny.” I said at last.

“We’ll see what’s funny when I get better you little witch.”

“Who are you calling a witch?” I said with, I admit, a little attitude.

“The only red head in this room.” Laura said with a chuckle.

“Oh yea, well you know they say red heads are bitches so maybe I should act like one.” I said before slapping Laura’s ass.

“Uh you bitch!” Laura screamed as she got up unexpectedly and began to chase me around which she finally did catch me and tackled me.

“Oh ok I’m sorry.” I said laughing with tears in my eyes.

“You’re right, you will be really sorry once I’m through with you.” Laura said as she turned me around and began to slap my ass. Now usually I’m not the type of girl who goes for that type of thing but I couldn’t help but like the pleasure that was coursing through my body as Laura slapped my ass. By the time Laura was done I was moaning like a bitch in heat, which in this case I kind of was a bitch in heat.

“So did you get enough?” Laura finally asked me once she was finished.

“Ha please that’s what you call making me feel sorry?” I asked.

“Apparently not.” Laura said before she pinned my hands next to my thighs with her legs and began to tickle me.

“Oh God please stop, please Laura I’m so sorry. Please stop, shit you’re going to make me pee!” I screamed in frustration, Laura did stop though but sadly for me once she saw me calm she began to tickle me again.

“So now are you sorry?”

“Yes fuck I’m sorry.”

“Hmm I thought so.” Laura said as she pulled up and cringed at the pain her ass caused her. I laid there until Laura dragged me by my legs into the room. We ended up going to bed in the end beşiktaş escort both of us exhausted. I slept well but a bit nervous about tomorrow.

“So what time is he coming?” Laura asked me.

“I don’t know.” I said, but like if on cue Ron called me.

“Hello Rachel?”


“It’s me Ron.”

“Oh hey Ron.”

“Hey um I was just calling to make sure we were still going out tonight.”


“Oh ok well I’ll pick you up at five.”

“Kk bye.” I said hanging up after giving him the address.

“So what time is he coming?” Laura asked me again.

“He’s coming at five.” I replied.

“Cool so that gives you two hours to get ready.”

“Yes it does.” I said back.

“You want to eat?”

“Nope, I’m going to go shower.”

“Okay.” Laura said as she headed to the kitchen.

I didn’t know what I was doing, yes I was being bad, I loved Laura but she was right I did miss being with a guy, I missed not being afraid of being judged by others. I took a long shower because when I came out Laura had already finished eating and was currently lying in bed drinking a beer.

“What you eat baby?” I asked Laura as I began to dry myself.

“A sandwich.”

“Hmm was it good?”

“The best.”

“Nice.” I said as I began to apply lotion on my arms and legs slowly knowing Laura was staring at me. Once I was done I stood up and went to get my brush and began to brush my hair in front of my mirror. I must have been lost in thought because next thing I knew I heard Laura’s voice cutting into the silence.

“You know you only have forty five minutes?”

“No I didn’t realize it.” I said as I turned around to look at her.

“Well now you know.”

“Clearly, hey baby do you think I’m getting fatter?” I asked as I checked myself on the mirror.

“Yes I can totally see some extra meat.” Laura said jokingly.

“You’re so mean.”

“Just a little bit love.” Laura said as she headed out the room to get some more beer I assumed. Once again I must have gotten lost in my thoughts because next thing I knew Laura was kissing my neck and I was still naked in front of the mirror.

“You seem a bit distracted love.” Laura whispered into my ear.

“Do I?”

“Yup.” Laura said as she began to trace her hand down my stomach.

“Stop I have to get ready.” I said as I tried to pull away but Laura put her arm around my waist and held me against her. We were facing the mirror so I could see her looking at my body; which led my nipples to get hard at her gaze. Laura smiled hungrily when she saw my nipples getting hard and with the other hand, in which she held the beer, Laura began to trace my nipples with the cold beer causing me to moan.

“Mmm stop Laura you know I have to get ready. I said as I tried to pull away from her but again she held me firmly against her body. Laura began to trail the beer down my stomach until she reached my pussy. “Open your legs baby.” Laura whispered to me as I slowly opened my legs. I looked up to see Laura’s eyes watching me through the mirror her eyes dilated with lust. With one finger Laura began to gently rub my clit as I moved my head back exposing my neck to her, which she took advantage of and began to nibble on. Laura began to rub the cold bear against my pussy and was about to push the top of the opened bottle in my pussy when the doorbell rang.

Laura growled in my ear before biting it gently and pulling away, “this isn’t over Ray.” Laura said as she headed to the door, meanwhile I just began to quickly change into some black dress pants and a green blouse. I was putting on the shoes when I heard Ron’s voice.

“Hey you must be Rachel’s roommate.”

That’s when I realized my mistake; I had forgotten to tell Laura that Ron didn’t know about her and me.

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