Rachel’s Slimy Good Time

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This is my first attempt at what I guess would be called a Fetish story. Girls and slime seemed to be a major fetish thanks to the internet. I looked around and never found any stories that involved the elements that make it interesting to me. So I thought I would try my hand at a short girl getting slimed story. Look forward to your feedback.

Rachel had an obsession. She loved being covered in slime.

She had always been excited growing up watching those TV shows where people got slimed. But it had really all started with a couple U-tube videos of girls getting covered in slime. The one that got her really hooked was the one where a girl was tied up and her one piece swim suit was slowly filled with custard. She so wanted to be that girl, to feel the custard pouring over her breasts and slowly oozing down to fill the suit until it over flowed.

Her first attempts were small she would mix up batches of Jell-O and sit in her bathtub and pour them over herself. The first attempt was ok but gelatin was not thick enough and the second attempt with gelatin that she refrigerated to thicken proved too cold. Next she tried custard and it was a much better feeling but proved horrible on the tube drain. The next step was a plastic wading pool in the garage with a vat to hold the slime in the rafters. With the vat she could dump anywhere from a slow trickle too all at once. She could just let slime dump on her or rig a hose to direct it where she wanted it. Her sessions in her garage left her highly aroused and often ended with her fingering herself to orgasm while still covered in her slimy concoctions.

The wild feelings she got from her play time just egged her on to keep improving her set up. The biggest break thru was when she discover something called a trash pump at the hardware store. The pumps had large inlets and outlets and were designed to move water that had mud or debris in it. She bought one with a 2″ inlet and outlet and quickly figured out how to rig it so it would pump the slime up to her vat from the pool below. Now she not only was saved the work of filling the vat by hand she could recycle the slime over and over again.

For the first attempt with her new system she filled the vat first and then mixed a second batch in the pool below. The outlet for the vat could be fitted with 1 of the dozen nozzles she had come up with after some thought she decided to use the sheet nozzle. It spread the slime out so it fell in a foot wide by 1′ thick pattern. She could stand under it and get cover across her head and shoulders or step back and let fall on to her breast.

For the break in of her new system she decide to wear a new sliver micro two piece just like one she had seen in a slime video online. The model in the video had a much better chest and ass than her but looking in the mirror Rachel was very pleased with what she saw. Her 32″ B cup were firm and two strips that just barely cover her areolas left her breast exposed to the touch. The thong bottom was so small it just covered her and the cord in the back spilt her ass into two orbs and it rubbed on her backdoor as she moved around. She felt sexy as hell in her new suit even if no one would ever see her in it. She could already fill herself growing damp with arouse and only the thought of the slime cooling down got her feet moving towards the garage instead of the bed for a quick fingering.

She quickly made it down to her garage and stepped into the pool. The slime was 12″ deep and she loved how it shushed between her toes. Once she was in position she turned the pump on and opened the vat valve. The slime came down in sheet covering her and she loved Büyükçekmece escort bayan the feeling as it oozed down her body. The vat normal took about 1 to 2 min’s to empty with the flow slowing as vat emptied. But with the pump refilling it the flow never slowed or stopped. She reveled in the new feeling moving back and forth under the now never ending flow of slime. Standing directly under the slime with her head thrown back so the sheet of slime fell directly on her chest was the best. She loved the feeling of it oozing across her breasts and done her stomach. Her hands quickly move the suit aside, she began pulled and pinched her nipples. The slime made it impossible to get a grip and the nipple keep slipping thru her fingers. Next one hand slipped down her belly to her pussy. Once the fabric of the bottom was moved aside the feel of slime flowing over her outer lips drove her even higher. The orgasm she give herself as she finger banged herself was the possibly the best one of her life. At its height she could feel her legs give out and she collapsed down into the pool of slime. If it had been very deep or if her face would have been under the flow she would have drown before her sense returned. Laying there she worked herself into two more orgasms before she shut the pump off.

The first run of her pump system was beyond anything she could have hoped for. She had been so covered in slime her masturbation had pushed the slime up inside her. She could feel the slime dripping from her pussy as she stumbled to the shower stall. Once under the hot water of the shower she masturbated again something she had never done before after a session. Once out of the shower and wrapped in her favorite fuzzy robe she collapsed on her bed. “God she thought what am I turning into. 4 major orgasms and maybe several smaller ones plus what hell did I do to my nipples! The robe felt like sandpaper on them.” Even with the soreness she still had the argue to touch herself again and it took all her will power to get up and put on some shorts and tee shirt so she could clean up the play area.

Once back in the garage she was glad she had done the extra work of piping the pump into the sewer line. First she pumped the used slime down the sewer and then filled the pool and vat with soap & water and soap. A couple mins of recycling and she could pump that down the drain as well. The pump saved her almost an hour of clean up time and she thought did a better job than she could the old way. Plus the time spent waiting for the soap to do its work left her time to think on the next revision. She had always wanted to be restrained like the girl with the custard filled swim suit. But that would take a second person and even if she used some of the self-bondage release she found on the internet the slime was limited by the size of the vat. But now the slime would flow for as long as she wanted and could be even be forced along!

Over the next two weeks she worked on the next revision every chance she could. The first step was installing two poles beside the pool. The poles and the brackets that fit them were made for building scaffolding and allowed her to build anything she could think of to restrain herself too. The next was her release methods. She ended up with two she liked. One the old stand by a key in a block of ice she could use with locks. The second was an electric system to use with cable and pulleys. She could hook her cuffs to a cable that ran over pulleys to an electric magnet that held some barbell weights. The magnet was controlled by two electric timers hooked in series. If the first timer malfunctioned the second Escort Çatalca would still break the circuit and drop the weights. It was the pulley magnet system that took the most hours to complete. The trick was finding the right amount of weight to pull her how she wanted to be bound, but not hurt her. She added a couple turnbuckles so by screwed them up and down they could fine tune the travel of the cable. Now she could add enough weight and have the pull stop at a preset point.

First thing Saturday morning she got ready for her first real bondage and slime experience. This one would be done nude since she did not want anything between her and the other new additions to her playground. Walking into the garage she first attached the cuffs to her elbows and hands. Next she attached her ankle cuffs and final a leather collar around her neck. Next she double checked the temp of her slime mixture. She had decide on a two hour session for her first time so she set the timers for 2 ¼ hrs. and attached the weights to magnet and hoisted them up to the start position and set a release that is controlled by a second timer. The last thing she does is start the four cameras she has placed around the pool. They all fed into her laptop so latter she could relieve her first experience plus it would help her debug any issue she may have.

Knowing she only has 15 mins until the latch opens and lets the weights fall she hurry to get in position. The first thing is her feet cuffs to bars coming off the two poles. This leaves her stand with her feet a little over should width apart. Next comes two hooks on the sides of her collar than a pair of swim goggles to protect her eyes. Next she pulled harness behind her back around so she could slip the cable into attachment points on her elbow and waist cuffs. The final piece is a bar that swings out and locks just in front of even with her shoulders. Now there is only the waiting. After what she thought was long wait the latch released and weight started to fall slowly. The first time she tried this she had not added a way of slowing the decent and the force was so great some of weights came lose and if she had been in the harness she would have been badly hurt. Now the weights fell at a slow pace and little by little the cable went tight and pull her hands and elbows together and back and up. By the time the weights come to rest her elbows were nearly touching and her arms were at a 20 degree angle to her back. This forced her chest out and the natural thing to do was lean forward but the shoulder bar prevents this. She tried fighting the pull but all her squirming just lead to her elbows being pulled closer together as she tried to pull her arms down.

The next phase was about to start. In front of her was a pipe with several nozzles at different heights controlled by a simple control system of timers. She had each nozzles valve wire to a regular electrical plug that plugged into a set of outlets controlled by timers. None of the plugs were labeled so unless she traced the wires back she had no idea of the order they were plugged in. She could unplug them move them around and not know the firing order until she turned it on. The first to fire was the one at chest level. The spray was colder than she thought it was going to be and the pressure was higher than she remember setting it. The spray had a little sting to it and the level worked out just right so that her nipples took most of the blast. The sting and the cold felt great and she was not done enjoying it when it cut off.

Next the one over her head went off. The cold stream of slime flowed down her whole body and plastered Esenler escort her hair down leaving her looking like a melted wax figure. So far she was loving it when one of the two nozzle pointed at her pussy fired. This one was the wide spray pattern, in short order her pussy was covered because she was so aroused already some got past her outer labia and it felt like someone was lightly touching her there. . Like the one at chest level she was disappoint when it turned off. She was dying to touch herself at this point but her bonds held firm and the loss of control was just stoked her arouse higher. The next two nozzles completed the coverage of her body front and back than the same pussy one fired again and stayed on as the chest one fired once more. The nozzles stayed on for a long time and her sensitivity kept growing. Her nipple and boobs felt like a thousand ants were crawling on her. Her pussy was opening up like a flower in the sun. The spray was reaching more and more of her down. Everything was coming to gather for an orgasm when the sprays cut off. There was nothing for over a min the whole cycle started again. She was loving everything but one of the nozzles had never fire and she tried to remember if she had checked to see if they had all been plugged in. She was looking forward to the end of the cycle when the pussy and chest fired together again when instead of the spray pattern nozzle the jet nozzle fired instead. She had angled this one a little so it was spraying up in a solid stream. The jet of cool slime easy slipped between her lips straight on to her Clit. The force was too much and she rocketed into the orgasm she had been building towards ever since her bonds had tightened. After the orgasm the pounding on her now super sensitive clit had her tried to lift her hips to get away from it. She got her clit out of the line of fire but discovered the jet was now lined up with her honey pot and the high pressure stream easy penetrated her if she left her hips rotated up. This was a new feeling unlike anything else she had ever tried before. The water pick hand shower wand had long been her favorite toy but just water had nothing on the feeling of the thick slime being forced in and then oozing back out. She rocked her hips back to direct the stream back on her clit and enjoyed another screaming orgasm. Just as the nozzle shut off.

The next hour the pattern changed several times and at one point the nozzle over her head was on at the same time the clit jet and chest nozzle was on. She had to hold her breath as a massive orgasm built and exploded inside her. If the overhead nozzle had stayed on for even a little longer she was sure she would have passed out. “note to self she thought the overhead nozzle needs its own dedicated circuit so it can never stay on long enough to drown me”.

At the end of the 2 hours she heard the magnet released and she could pull her arms down again. She was so weak and her body so slick from the slime that it took her 4 times long to get free than it took her to hook everything. Once she freed her arms she was glad she had put the shoulder bar in because she needs it to lean on until she could stand on her own. The slime oozing from her pussy and slowly running down her legs had her fingers reaching for self but in the end as her fingers made contact with her abuse clit the jolt was both too much pain and pleasure. She tried again but she just could not bring herself to touch herself again. Her head so wanted to have just one more orgasm but her body was crying uncle so she just towel off as best she could and shut everything down so she could take a nap. “Hell maybe I could go again this evening” she thought.

As she walked to her bedroom she did not notice the answering machine light was on. If she had checked it she would have heard her friend BFF Ripley was planning to come over that afternoon.

Next: Ripley lets herself in when Rachel does not answer and finds the rig and watches the recording.

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