Raine , Sheri Ch. 05

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Auntie arrived a day sooner than my Mother had said and I wondered if she had lied to me or if Auntie really did get the dates mixed up like the two of them claimed. I suspected it was the former and not the latter seeing as I couldn’t remember my aunt ever having mixed up anything but a drink. The fact that Mother had lied or was suspected of lying didn’t bother me in the least, after all I was pretty much beyond surprise. And we all had been keeping secrets hadn‘t we?

Auntie arrived with her attitude and heinous offspring in tow. Robin was my cousin and if I were some spandex clad super diva she would have been my arch nemesis. The bitch worked my nerves like that shit was a job. She was older than me by about two months and she had never let me forget it, not that it mattered now that we were both grown, but believe me in the times of Barbie’s and my little pony dolls she had ruled with an iron fist. When we’d gotten a little older our mother’s had kept us in constant competition or at least that’s the way I saw it, they would sit and compare us like purebreds at a dog show. Luckily I had grown out of the need to compete before I’d even entered high school. I could only be my best and no one else’s. Robin hadn’t grown out of that need and if she hadn’t stayed on my nerves so damn much I might have felt sorry for her or at least taken a moment to wonder why she had such an intense need to be or feel that she was better than everyone else.

The little bitch didn’t even acknowledge me when I answered the door. Auntie was still sitting behind the wheel of their huge ass SUV and appeared to be talking on a cell phone . Robin set her bags down on the porch and left them there as she pushed past me and entered without so much as a hello. If she expected me to bring them in she had clearly lost her monkey ass mind. I left the bags where they sat and closed the door leaving it unlocked for Auntie. Mother had gone shopping for all the thanksgiving fixins and Sheri was in her room, so for the moment I was stuck with Robin. She whipped her sunglasses off and flopped down on the sofa in the living room sighing. I looked at her wondering if she had eaten in the past year. She was so damn skinny it looked like a hearty sneeze might send her flying. In addition to being Skeletor she had dyed her once black hair to a frightening shade of auburn that made my retinas itch.

“Do you have anything to drink?” She demanded.

I’m sure , you do remember where the kitchen is don’t you?” I asked her settling on the opposite sofa. She looked at me hard and sighed again before getting up and heading into the kitchen. She was slamming shit around and generally acting a fool which I ignored. I would have retreated to my room except for the fact that I wanted to see Auntie. My stomach was already quivering with excitement over the many possibilities of seduction that played through my head like a streaming video file. I didn’t have to wait too long Auntie came in the house within moments as if my thoughts of her had summoned her.

I knew I was staring but that didn’t stop me from doing so. Believe me you would stare too, She was tall, full bodied, cocoa brown, and dark eyed. Her face was all cheek bones and full lips. Her hair was cut into a sleek stylish bone straight, jet-black bob. It was hard to imagine that she was the same skinny girl that had stood with my mother in those old photographs, with a mass of unruly black hair and a look that said “fuck you.” even way back then. I smiled at her when my lips decided to function again and was able to mutter “Hello Auntie.” She looked at me hard and for some reason I started to blush. Hoping she hadn’t seen I jumped up and brushed past her.

“Let me see to your bags.” I said walking right out of the room.

“Oh that’s ok Lorraine don’t bother I’ll take them up myself.” She had brought her bags into the house and set them at the foot of the stairs before entering the living room. I turned back not sure what to do, so like a fool I just stood there. Auntie was staring at me again in a way that wasn’t altogether familial. Had she always looked at me like that and I’d just failed to notice or did she know what I was thinking, or what I had done? I felt myself starting to blush again and wondered how the hell I was ever going to seduce her if she made me as flustered as a school girl with a simple look.

A slight smirk played across her glossed lips and she parted them as if to speak. She never got the chance because Robin walked back into the room. She glared at me and I glared right back hating her for making me miss whatever Auntie had been about to say.

Auntie turned away from me and looked at her daughter.

“Robi why did you leave your things on the porch?” Robin glared at me again. “I thought as our hostess Raine would have enough sense to bring them in. Obviously her manners are lacking.”

I wanted to run over there and shake the hell out of her skinny little ass gaziantep ofise gelen escort but instead I smiled.

“Technically this is my mother’s house which would make her your hostess, besides you’re family not guests which means you can get your own damn bags.”


She left the room in a huff and made plenty of noise opening and slamming the door, and then getting her lone suitcase off of the porch. She made even more noise dragging the damn thing up the stairs. Unless she had cadaver crammed in there there’s no earthly way that the bag was that heavy. Yes that’s right you guessed it drama queens run in my family.

Auntie closed her eyes for a moment as if saying a silent prayer. More likely she was cursing the demon that had impregnated her and with the succubus that was my cousin. She seemed to be proud enough to rave about her daughter to any family member who would listen and even the ones who wouldn’t but she couldn’t seem to stand the girl when it came to one on one interaction. Not that I could blame her much. Robin was selfish and spoiled rotten thanks mostly to her father. Auntie had been divorced from Juan 20 years but he had maintained a relationship with his only child. Robin had been to the most expensive schools money could buy and given every gift she’d ever him asked for, I knew for a fact that Auntie had never really been able to discipline Robin because her daughter had no idea what it was like to be denied anything. Juan met no phone privileges immediately with the purchase of a cell phone. No car just meant he’d call a car service to take her where she wanted to go. Because of that she had grown from a spoiled little girl to a spoiled woman who was in a word sickening.

After her moment of silence Auntie opened her eyes and graced me with a wide smile. We jokingly referred to her as the politician, because no matter what the circumstances she could produce that same brilliant smile.

“So what have you been up to?” She asked

“No good.” I replied being more of a smart ass than I usually was with her

She looked me up and down slowly. “Yeah right. You? The good one, I’ll believe that when I see it.” She said

” Well then I can’t wait to show you.” With that I walked out of the room I headed down the hall to my room and would have made it too if Sheri hadn’t opened her door and yanked me into her room. I hit my head on the doorframe but was otherwise fine. She glanced around the hallway before shutting the door, and pinning me to it. She kissed the place where I’d bumped my head before kissing my lips. When she pulled away I was breathless and a little dazed.

“Auntie and Robin are here.” I said

“Yeah I know.”

“Well aren’t you going to say hello?”

“No, right now I’m going to fuck you.”

“Sheri no.”

She leaned in closer so that her lips were close enough for me to feel her breath as she spoke.

“Are you telling me you don’t want me?” She asked running her fingers under my shirt, and letting her nails caress my skin.

“Of course not…” she cut my answer off with another question. “Are you telling me it’s not mine?” She ran her left hand downward over my abdomen and then between my legs to cup my pussy. “No Sheri, it’s yours, but…”

“Then let me have it.” She said cutting me off again, and staring into my eyes.

I wrapped my arms around her neck and closed the space between our lips. Pulling her bottom lip between my teeth I nibbled lightly as I ran my hands up and down the back of the satin robe she was wearing. She pressed herself closer to me still massaging my pussy with the palm of her hand. Breaking the kiss I pushed her away and then stepped around her, She turned to me and watched as I pulled the tight pink shirt I’d been wearing over my head. She kept on looking as I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down over my hips, thighs and calves and kicked them away. When I stood I took of my plain black bra and tossed it at her she caught it with a giggle and advanced on me. As she walked she undid the sash on her robe and shrugged the garment to the floor, then she pushed me onto the bed and we fell in a tangle of arms and legs both of us giggling like children

She pinned me to the bed, straddling my hips and grinding her pussy against mine as she pressed the backs of my hands against the mattress. There was no laughter now, just deep low moans as her wetness slid up against mine. The air was already thickening with the smells of and sounds of sex.

I could already feel the tiny spark of excitement in the pit of my stomach growing into a fire. She kept grinding her hips in slow tight circles letting her pelvic bone hit my clit.

“Who’s is it?” she asked me

I wasn’t much of a sexual talker and I didn’t answer, although I had heard her. Sheri’s question turned into a demand

“Who’s is it.” gaziantep öğrenci escort Again I didn’t answer her this time she got a little bit rougher with the motion of her hips and squeezed my hands harder pressing them more firmly into the bed.

“Who’s is it.” This time she said it trough clenched teeth and this time I answered.

“It’s yours Sheri, it yours.”

She smiled then laughed deep in the back of her throat. I was moaning her name and gripping her hands as she thrust me over the edge.

When I walked out of her room I was smiling, I made it into my room undetected and thanked God that the guest rooms were on the second floor. I had meant to take a shower but once I was in the room the bed drew me like a moth to the flame. I stripped and lay down across the comforter falling into the deep dreamless sleep of a well-satisfied woman.

I awoke a few hours later to the smells and sounds of the upcoming holiday. I didn’t bother with more than a quick wash up and a change of pants before joining mother Sheri and Auntie in the kitchen.

Everyone was busy cooking and barely spared me a second glance when I stepped into the room, I observed them all quietly. Sheri sat at the table crumbling the cornbread that would become the basis for our stuffing, mother was at the sink with her back to the others washing mustard and collard greens, so that they would be free of the grit and grime of the earth and auntie was standing at the counter cutting up the potatoes that would be used in the potato salad. Robin to the shock of no one, was sitting at the table doing nothing. In my youth I had resented her laziness in the kitchen, but now I thanked God for it because that girl couldn’t cook her way out of a paper bag and her slothfulness was probably at this very moment saving us all from botulism and salmonella. Sheri looked up and a smile started in her eyes and meandered slowly to her full lips.

“Hey Raine.” she said

I returned her smile and offered a “hey” of my own. We stared at each other for a beat to long and when I turned away I saw both Mother and Auntie smirking at the two of us with a knowing look. I just shrugged and smiled before heading over to the table to start helping to prepare for the holiday feast.

Even though it was still two days until thanksgiving we were already preparing for the single afternoon of gluttony. We cooked and nibbled and laughed in the way only three females bond by blood can. For as while we all forgave the petty animosities that lingered on the periphery of every family gathering and reminisced over the old times, that didn’t seem so bad right then. Eventually even Robin joined in the idle chitchat. We stopped cooking to eat sandwiches and drink a little wine, after that we were all going to continue with the preparations but in less than a quarter if an hour we sort of abandoned our stations and began wandering around and cleaning up. We were calling it a night although none of us admitted it.

After the kitchen was as clean as it could be at present I headed into the living room, Mother and Auntie were seated on the sofa talking in hushed tones, they quieted as soon as I walked into the room.

Laughing I walked out of the room and said “Carry on.”

I walked down the hallway headed to my room, I stopped for a moment at Sheri’s door and even raised my hand to knock but paused at the last minute.

Stepping away from her door I continued the short journey to my room. I had a seduction to plan and Sheri’s presence wasn’t likely to help one little bit. I was sitting on the foot of my bed thinking when I heard a knock on the door. I suspected it was Sheri and the very thought brought a smile to my face. When I opened the door I was surprised to see Mother standing there. I stepped back allowing her to enter the room before shutting the door behind her. She looked at me for a few moments with a hint of a smile playing across her lips. I wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted so I waited for her to make it known.

She never had the chance as she opened her mouth to speak there was another faint knock on the door, without waiting for an invitation into the room Sheri opened the door. I was glad I wasn’t modest or anything what with Sheri constantly barging into my room and all. Sheri glanced at Mama and then her eyes were on me again. She leaned forward and I opened my arms to embrace her. Our lips met and kissing her felt like home. When she stepped back I knew she had felt at least some of what I was experiencing. We were still chest to chest and I could feel her heart racing right along with my own. I should have taken my beating heart and shortness of breath as a sign but as usual my all around stubborness and willful igonorance allowed me to dismiss the tangible feelings that would have given me an introspective look into my emotions. My mother however had no such reservations abd oğuzeli escort when I looked at her she narrowed her eyes as if she would be able to examine me more closely through her almost closed lids. I looked away and focused my attention on everything but her eyes. I could still feel her looking at me although I I couldn’t see her expression I could sense her discontent. Sheri hadn’t looked away from my face for even a moment and I felt suspended between their gazes. Without speaking a word Mother stood and walked past the two of us and out of the room. I didn’t have time to ponder her actions nor did I wish to closely examine her parting look. Sheri was all over me before mother’s foot steps faded on the hard wood floors of the hallway.

I accepted her advances willingly and submitted to the waves of lust that seemed to be ever present between the two of us. She kissed my lips as if she intended to consume me then moved her lips to my neck leaving trails of wetness on my skin as she licked kissed and sucked. She undressed me as she moved lower. foreplay wasn’t on her mind just then and I can’t really say that I cared. With Sheri I was almost always aroused long before she even touched me so there was no need to work me up. It seemed being in her presence for any extended period of time was foreplay enough. She was kneeling between my legs now, spreading my pussy lips apart and running her tongue up and down in hard fast strokes. My hips were moving in motion with the rhythm of her tongue. Then she had two fingers in me as she sucked my clit between her lips and nibbled the flesh lightly. I was panting and moaning as she took me over the edge. She wound me up until I almost forgot myself and screamed her name. Sheri found this to be highly amusing and from time to time would emit a sound that was part low moan and part laughter. She didn’t stop until I grabbed her hair and pulled her away all but begging her to stop. It didn’t help that I could barely breathe let alone be bothered to construct coherent sentences. Still she got the message and laughed once more before sliding up and lying next to me on the bed. When I recovered my breath and most of my senses I tried to return the favor Sheri had so vigorously bestowed upon me but she laid her hand on my upper arm and stopped me.

“No” she said “What?” I asked. I had certainly heard what she said I just couldn’t understand what she meant, in the short time that we’d been together she had never once refused my touch, so this was altogether new.

“Just hold me Raine.” She said, as if that was enough of an explanation, and surprisingly it was enough. I had never been the type who was prone to non sexual touching and certainly nothing as ridiculous as cuddling. As usual though Miss Sheridon Regina Lane was redefining the kind of person I had always thought I was.

Because she had asked me too and also because I genuinely wanted to, I held her in my arms. I was able to look into her hazel eyes for long uninterrupted moments and what I thought I saw there made my heart skip a beat then beat double time as if to make up for the lapse. I didn’t know if it was joy fear or an acute heart attack.

Sheri smiled as if she could somehow look in my face and read the thoughts racing through my brain, then she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek before reaching to turn of the beside lamp. When the room darkened I immediately missed the sight of her eyes. I had it bad for her and that shook me up a bit. Still I drifted off to sleep entangled in a naked embrace with Sheri that was anything but sisterly.

I woke the next morning feeling as though I was being watched, I opened my eyes and scanned the room. Mother was standing across the room with her back pressed against the door as if barring the only exit, or entrance. Her arms were crossed beneath her breasts and she looked tired and weary. It occurred to that I should have locked the door the previous night before falling asleep. Should haves tend to be nothing but regrets so I dismissed the thought and rose from the bed. Sheri didn’t even stir as I disengaged myself from her embrace. She was a heavy sleeper and probably wouldn’t have stirred if I’d stood up and jumped on the bed like a toddler.

Mother obviously hadn’t come to exchange cookie recipes with me and so I could only assume she was there to talk to me. I grabbed my robe and put it on tying the sash tightly at the waist , when I was properly covered she moved away from the door so that she could turn and open it. We left the bedroom and walked silently to the kitchen. The coffee was already brewed which meant she had planned all this. I sighed quietly, if this talk required coffee it wasn’t going to be fun, amusing or even pleasant. Mother poured us both a cup of coffee and after it had been flavored to our respective likings I started to take a seat at the table. She shook her head. I hated it when she went all-quiet like this. We were too much alike in that aspect. When she made her features unreadable and suppressed her emotions I could depend only upon verbalization, which she was currently withholding.

We ended up on the deck the sun was bright enough to keep the coolness of the ocean air from being chilly. Mother finally spoke and although her voice was soft it still startled me after all the silence.

“You can’t love her.” She said.

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