Rainy Day Girl

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Author’s Note: My thanks to fellow Literotica writer ‘Rainy Day Girl’, who suggested the original story, and assisted with parts of the scenario and descriptions. This story is dedicated to her. The spelling mistakes and poor grammar are, however, all mine. GA.


‘Damn.’ I though, ‘I must have missed the turning.’

It was a Sunday afternoon and I was on my way to a hotel tucked away in the New Forest, where my company had sent me for a course on ‘Assertiveness in the work-place.’ I had been tempted to show my assertiveness by throwing the instructions away, but then thought ‘Why not? Three days in a country hotel at the company’s expense sounded quite appealing’. Six of us were due to take the course which started on Monday at 10.00am, but I was the only one who had elected to drive down the night before, the others driving down the following morning.

I pulled the car over to the side of the road, and fished the map off the back-seat. It had been a baking hot afternoon, but dark clouds were ominously gathering to the west and I switched the overhead light on to study the map. The map plainly showed that I’d passed a turning to the left 2 or 3 miles back. How could I have missed it? Perhaps I was getting tired, I thought. I’d already been driving for a couple of hours without a break, and I could do with getting out the car and stretching my legs. I checked the map again. There was another turning further on which, though it was a minor road, I could use to get where I was heading. ‘Turn back and look for the main turning or carry on and take the back road?’ I thought. I decided to drive on, take the next left and park somewhere for a quarter of an hour and take a break.

I switched off the light, threw the map on the back seat and moved off. The turning to the left was just around the next bend, and ten minutes later I was parked off the road, and out of the car admiring the scenery. This was my first time in the New Forest and rather than being forested as I had expected, the gentle slopes were covered in purplish heather. As it was a late Sunday afternoon, I’d expected families to be out enjoying the local beauty spot, yet there was no-one around, apart from a couple of ponies half-a-mile or so further on. They appeared completely disinterested in me. Perhaps it was the looming clouds that had sent the picnickers back home.

I opened the boot of my car and restacked the CD player. Much as though I listen to a lot of the modern stuff, when I’m driving I like to listen oldies that I can sing along to. I selected Bob Dylan’s ‘Greatest Hits’, The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’ album, and put them in the CD player, along with a few more modern selections. Despite the imminent showers it was still sweltering outside. Within a few minutes the humidity was getting to me, I could feel my shirt beginning to stick to my back. I clambered back into the coolness of the car, turned the ignition-key so that the music would kick in. Although I’d not intended to take such a long break, I sat there for half-an-hour my eyes closed, listening to Dylan. Apart from one lorry that passed me, whose rumblings made me briefly open my eyes, I didn’t see or sense anyone else there.

Ah well, I thought, I guess I’d better get going. Starting the car up, I moved down the road towards the ponies. The road was quite a narrow one, but it was a pleasant drive none the less. The ponies again ignored me as I drove slowly passed, and the road crested the next ridge and again dipped down into another glade of purple heather. As I eased round a bend I suddenly had to slam on the brakes as a woman jumped out at me waving me down. I wasn’t driving fast, but still screeched to a halt. I opened the passenger window, and she stuck her head in.

“Hi,” an American voice said, “look sorry to jump out like that, but, er, do you possible have a cell-phone I could use?”

She was strikingly good looking, long dark hair framing an oval face with soft hazel eyes, and high cheek-bones. I couldn’t see much of else of her, leaning in as she was, but her gorgeous face flustered me for a moment. “Um, yes, er, of course,” I said, reaching for the mobile attached to the dashboard. “Have you broken down or something?”

“Well, not exactly,” she said taking the offered mobile, “I’m sort of stranded here. I’d just like to phone a friend of mine and get her to pick me up.”

“Well I can gift you a lift,” I asked, “where are you heading?”

“No really, thank you. If it’s all the same to you I’d rather just call her and wait if you don’t mind. Listen, could you hold the phone a second, I need to get the number out my bag.”

She handed the phone back to me and withdrew her head, and straightened up, so that from my position all I could now see was the upper-half of her body, the rest of her hidden from view by the door frame. She was wearing a light cream-coloured summer dress, and I admired the swell of her breasts, there being little else of her visible from my position. I’d no idea how long she had been out in this sun, but beads of perspiration had caused the dress to become slightly transparent and I could see ankara escort the outline of a bra through the clothing, and the indentations against the dress fabric where her nipples pushed through. I watched her hands delve into a rucksack, emerging a few seconds later holding a little pocket-book. She flipped through the pages and found the number she was after. Once again those stunning features poked through the car window.

“Right, I’ve got it. I’ll make the call as quick as I can,” she said.

“Before you do that,” I said, “it really would be no problem to drop you off somewhere. “I’m in no particular rush and …”

“Thank you, but no. I’m sure you’re being very kind, but the last guy who gave me a lift tried it on with me, and dumped me here I in the middle of nowhere.”

“Tried it on?”

“Well you know, he wanted some, er, fun. Now, where exactly am I? I’ll need to give Jane, my friend, some directions.”

I leaned over and retrieved the map again from the back-seat. Opening it up to the right page I pointed to where we were on the map.

“And where’s Christchurch?” she asked, “That’s where Jane lives.”

“Christchurch!” I said pointing it out on the map, “That must be close to an hour’s drive away, and I think it’s about to rain. You’ll be drenched before she gets here. Let me at least drive you as far as the next village, where you can wait for her in a pub or something.”

She gave me a doubtful look.

“Look,” I ventured one last time, “why don’t you call your friend, give her my name, and phone number, and then you’ll know you’ll I won’t try anything on.”

She thought about it again for a moment. “OK then, and thank you, you’re very kind. It does look like it’s going to get rather wet soon.”

Still with her head bent in through the window, she punched in the number and I heard her half of the conversation. “Hi Jane, it’s me. Listen I’m stuck somewhere in the New Forest, is there any chance of you picking me up?” There was a few moments silence and then “Well Matt gave me a life to Southampton, and from there I thumbed a ride off some lorry driver, and he’s dumped me here.” More silence. “Yes I know you warned me against thumbing rides but I’m fine, just stuck that’s all.” Another pause and she carried on “No, I’m not in a call-box, some guy stopped and lent me his mobile.” Yet more silence before “Hang on a second, I’ll ask him.” She turned to me and said ‘Jane wants to know exactly where we are.”

“Shall I speak to her?” I asked.

“Please,” she said handing me the phone.

“Hi,” I said taking the phone.

“Hello I’m Jane,” a voice said in my ear, “who’s this?”

“Hi Jane, my name’s Paul Oudenaar and we’re by Furzey Down on the road that leads to Lyndhurst. I think we’re close to a village called Minstead. Now I’m heading for Lyndhurst, but as I told your friend, I’m in no great rush and don’t mind taking her to Christchurch.”

“Well if you’re sure, that would be great,” said Jane. “I don’t really like leaving my daughter on her own. Can I speak with Lisa again please?” I handed the phone back to the girl who now had a name at least.

“Hi Jane.” Again there was a pause then “OK, I’ll see you soon, bye.”

Lisa handed the phone back to me. “If you’re really don’t mind taking me, that would be wonderful.”

“Honestly, it really is no problem,” I said.

Lisa opened the back-door and slung her bag on the back-seat, and got in the front. We set off, heading down the hill towards Minstead.

“So I guess your Lisa,” I ventured, “I’m Paul by the way. You’re from the States, Texas right? Here on holiday?”

“Er, yes, hi Paul, no I’m from Illinois and yes, in that order,” she said.

I grinned “So what happened earlier on?”

“Well, I’ve been in London for a just over a week now, and been meaning to go and stay with Jane for a few days, before I fly back to Chicago on Sunday. Anyway there’s a guy there I know who works in our London office called Matt, and he offered to drive me down as far as Southampton, as he was going that way, and I tried to hitch a lift from there.”

“And then what?”

“Well after Matt dropped me, this truck stopped for me and the driver seemed alright, although he was a big fat guy in this dirty white T-shirt, but anyhow he’s seemed OK. We’d been going, I don’t know, half-an-hour or so, and he pulls down this road and said ‘I guess it’s a ride for a ride.’ So I said ‘what are you talking about’, knowing full well what he meant, and he pulls over to the side of the road, back where you stopped, and said, ‘Lady, I gave you a ride, how about giving me one as a way of thanks.’

“Jesus, so what did you do?”

“I told him I already had one asshole in my panties and didn’t need another one in there, and opened the door to jump out.

I laughed, despite of the seriousness of what Lisa was saying and asked what he did next.

“Well I thought he was going to come after me, but he just called me a prick-teasing slut and drove off. I stood there for a few minutes, a bit shaken, and thinking, ‘God I haven’t a clue where I am’, and then fortunately you came along.”

“I’m elvankent escort glad I did,” I said, “are you sure you’re OK now?”

“Yeah, really I’m fine,” she said, “I just want to get to Jane’s place. And I’m sorry for being a bit standoffish earlier, I just, well you know…”

Whilst we talked I took the opportunity to glance scrumptiously in her direction. The lorry-driver may have been as an asshole, but he did have taste. She had a body to match her gorgeous face. The dress reached down to her knees, below which two lovely bare legs stretched out. Further up her breasts were threatening the material of the dress. I wonder what she’s wearing underneath, I thought. Stop it, I thought again, you’re as bad as that lorry driver.

Lisa’s voice cut into my reverie. “You’re a Dylan fan I see,” she said nodding towards the stereo.

“Well, I not fanatically,” I replied, “apparently you’re supposed to either love or hate Dylan, but I think he’s just OK, but nothing more than that. Some of his stuff his very good, but others ones leave me cold. This ‘Greatest Hits’ album I do like, particularly this track.” ‘Just Like A Woman’ was just coming to an end, and a sort of New Orleans type jazz piece heralded the next number. “This track is a strange track, are you familiar with it?”

“No, I’m not much into Dylan, “she said, “What’s this song called?”

“‘Rainy Day Women Nos 12 & 35,’ whatever that means,” I said.

“You’re kidding!”

“No, seriously, that’s what it’s called.”

“Oh, I believe you,” she said, “it’s just, well, my nickname is ‘Rainy Day Girl’!”


“Yeah, really,” she said, “a few friends call me that because I love the rain. Splashing in puddles, watching lightning flashing, that sort of thing.”

“Well I think you’re in for a good evening then,” I said. “It looks like the sky’s are about to burst.”

We drove on in silence down the long and winding road listening to the song and the following one, the final track off the album. The album finished and the machine automatically kicked in The Beatles, ‘Let It Be’ album. I had to smile to my self as the opening words to the album came on: ‘Two of riding nowhere, spending someone’s holidays’ sang Lennon.

‘That’s very apt,” said Lisa, as if reading my thoughts.

“Yeah isn’t it. Do you like The Beatles?” I asked.

“Doesn’t everyone?” she replied.

Ah, a woman of taste as well as looks, I thought. We listened in silence again as we passed through one of the picturesque villages of the New Forest. There was still little traffic on the road, but the dark clouds overhead meant I had to put my lights on. The song finished and we were into second track ‘Dig A Pony’.

“Even more apt,” said Lisa, pointing to a trio of New England ponies standing in the heather. I smiled.

“Paul,” she asked softly after a few more minutes of silence, “do you think I’m a prick-tease?”


“Well you know what that truck-driver said, about me being a prick-tease?”

“No, certainly not,” I protested, “I mean, well you’re very good-looking, but just because some dirty old man tries it on with you, that don’t mean you’re leading them on.”

“OK,” she said quietly still apparently deep in thought.

I stole another glance in her direction. Mind you, I wouldn’t mind if you teased me a bit I thought.

The Beatles sang on as we continued down the road, which now dipped and rose as it passed through a wooded part of the forest. The rain which had been threatening for some time, now started to fall. First a couple of thick wet drops landed on the windscreen, and they were soon followed by more. “Enjoy,” I said, gesturing to through the windscreen.

“Hmm,” she responded.

Suddenly I felt her hand on my thigh. This caused me to swerve the car momentarily. I looked over to Lisa. She had her eyes closed and was facing straight ahead but there was no mistaking the action. Her hand was deliberately lying on my thigh. We continued in silence for a few moments, and then I felt the hand creeping slowly further upwards. I slowed down and glanced in her direction again. This time her face was facing me, those soft brown eyes alert and staring at me.

“I’m really not a prick-tease,” she said, “in fact I can be a very horny person.”

I didn’t know what to say, but I could feel my cock stiffen, as her hand edged towards it.

“Really?” was all I could muster.

“Really. And wet weather makes me feel a bit horny,” she continued. Her hand was nearing my crotch, and I was very conscious of its edging upwards, but I had a more immediate concern to think about. We had just arrived at some crossroads. There were no sign-posts there and I didn’t know which way to turn.

“Left or right?” I asked.

“She looked up at the road. “Straight on,” she said.

There was nothing straight ahead but a small deserted woodland car-park for visitors to the forest. I drove into the car-park, stopped the car and switched the lights and engine off. There was no sound other than the rain drumming onto the roof. I turned to face Lisa.

“Very horny,” she whispered, otele gelen escort her hand now resting on my bulging jeans. Her fingers now started to stroke me through the material. She leaned towards me and brought her mouth to mine. A long passionate kiss followed, her tongue sliding into my mouth and tracing the edge of my teeth. We finally broke, and I unbuckled my seat-belt and brought my arm up to her left breast.

“No.” she whispered, her voice barely audible above the noise of the rain, “Outside, in the rain.” She removed her hand from me, unbuckled herself and opened her door. I followed suit.

Outside the rain was lightly falling. I went round to the other side of the car where Lisa stood leaning against the door. She was unbuttoning the blue buttons down the front of her dress. The sides of the dress gaped open partially revealing the inner curves of her ripe breasts, encased in a blue and white checked bra.

“Come here,” she said, “I want you.”

I stood in front of her and bent my head slightly to kiss her again fully on the lips. Her arms reached behind me pulling me in towards her. Still with our mouths together, my hands start exploring her luscious body. Starting at her sides I brought them up and inwards to touch those glorious breasts, but our bodies were too close together. We broke off creating a small space between us. My hands now moved inwards to encircle them through the dress which was hanging limply off her shoulders. Tears off rain were trickling down her face, but those hazel eyes were open looking directly into mine, imploring me to explore further. Her hands, meanwhile, were busy on their own journey of discovery, tugging the T-shirt out of my jeans, and sliding up underneath onto the skin of my back. I moved both hands inside the two folds of her dress and firmly grasped each breast, as she arched her back to thrust them into my palms. My fingers traced the outline of their curves, then moved to the bottom seam of each cup and nudged their way under. Easing the still clasped bra up and off her globes, I exposed their full nakedness to my eyes at last, and cupped the underside of each breast in my hands, flicking the thumbs across the erect nipples.

She gasped, and closed her eyes momentarily. Her left hand was still roaming my back, but her right was now on the small of my back trying to worm its way under the waistband of my jeans. Finding little room for manoeuvre, she extracted her hand and brought it between us, searching out my belt. Again the closeness of our bodies made it difficult for her frantic fingers.

“Damm it,” she murmured.

I grinned, stepped slightly back, and unbuckled the trouser belt so that the two ends hung from the loops. Lisa reached out, unbuttoned the stud at the top of my jeans, and lowered the zip. The two sides parted slightly, as my stiff cock prodded the boxers out, but for the moment she wasn’t interested in that. Her hands reached back around me again, both palms delving under the now loose waist-band, reaching inside my shorts. She pushed her hands further down gripping my ass, and sliding the jeans down to my knees. I could feel the warm air and the spots of rain against the back of my thighs, as her hands kneaded the flesh.

I needed her flesh too. I moved my hands back to her breasts, again cupping the undersides as my thumbs repeated the circular motion across the nipples.

She moaned softly and then again slightly louder as I brought my mouth down to her left nipple. I licked, and sucked the erect tissue, flicking its supple head across my tongue. Her left hand let go of my ass, and planted itself on the back of my head pulling me deeper into her softness, whilst her other hand continued to roam across my ass cheeks. I could feel her fingers spread as with thumb and fore-finger on my right cheek, and the two little digits on the other, her middle finger probed deeply along the cleft between my buttocks. I brought my head back up to hers.

“I want to taste you!” she exclaimed, and squatted down on her haunches, in front of me where my jeans were already at half-mast and my shorts were tenting out in front. She pulled the waistband of the boxers forward, and my cock sprang free.

“Hmm,” she whispered, before taking the head between her lips. For a few moments she just teased me, with only the tip between her lips, her tongue flicking back and forth across the sensitive part.

“Hmm,” she said again, “taste’s good.” She took me in her mouth again, this time engulfing me, her lips sliding slowly up and down the shaft, the warmth and wetness of her mouth nearly driving me crazy. I stretched out on arm above her bobbing head and leant against the side of the car, my other hand immersed in the soft brown hair of her head. I could feel the raindrops in her hair, as I eased the movement of her head. Her warmth, her wetness was all too much for me and I feared I was about to come. She held still, my cock still embedded in her mouth. Slowly, gently, I thrust forward, setting the tempo now, fucking her mouth. For a couple of minutes I stayed with the movement, easing slightly out and then back between her lips. Lisa kept her head perfectly still, the only movement she made being with her tongue which continued to pleasure the tip. I could feel that tingling in my groin, and I knew I was close to coming. I pulled out of her mouth, and pulled Lisa upright.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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